Watamate Turbo+ Water Dispenser Review: Is It Worth It?

Water is the basic need for the sustainability of life. Clean drinking water is vital for all living beings. A study shows that today, 57% of the population is dependent on packaged drinking water. Proper filtration is the need of the hour. But sometimes this clean water can create high expenses. With all the plumbing and installation of filters and purifiers, it becomes a hectic task with installation and maintenance.

Water dispensers are a great way to get away from these problems. No plumbing is required here, and it is also easy to use. But the main problem that arises here is that if they are not cleaned regularly and properly, they can become breeding ground for diseases and the demand for regular and frequent change of their filters.

Moreover, lifting the canister and then turning it over your dispenser or camper can be very strenuous. Thanks to technology advancing each day, you got a solution for this also! Wireless automatic water dispenser pumps are something you can count upon.

It requires no plumbing at all. Moreover, the installation costs of these pumps are zero. With their portability and easy to use functionality, these pumps can be used by everyone from children to elders!

Watamate Turbo+ Water Dispenser Review

Watamate, a startup that defines numerous ways of new-age water drinking solutions, is a reliable brand for clean drinking water. This brand provides its consumers with the best quality products having the working principle, “every drop is precious.” They work on the motto of solving every human need related to water most simply and easily possible.

They have a wide variety of products in water management solutions. The brand is a believed one with regards to water filtration. It is a customer-friendly brand and provides amazing services with every product that they manufacture.

They try to make decisions from the consumer’s point of view and that of the environment. They work for environmental sustainability and social consciousness. Their range in water dispensers is surely suitable for your home and offices. Watamate Turbo+ the latest and the most efficient and the best product by Watamate in the water dispensers category promises clean and safe drinking water for all.

This is a 460 gram dual motor-powered wireless water dispenser pump claimed to be the most successful product by Watamate.

Features of the Rechargeable Watamate Turbo+ Water Dispenser

1. Fast and Easy Water Dispensing: With the power of a double motor in the dispenser, this product helps fetch water out from a water canister at a very fast 16 seconds per litre speed.

2. Adequate Battery Backup: Turbo+ comes with a strong 1200 mAh Lithium battery which provides sufficient water dispersion of working three to five 20 litre water bottles with a full charge.

3. Battery Charge Indication: The power button has a blue light and a red light. A red light indicates charging while blue light indicates that the machine is running at present.

4. Convenient to use: This product is very easy to handle as it provides water with just the press of a button after it is installed above the can. You do not need to pump out the water because the double motor present in the Turbo+ does it all.

5. Portable: Turbo+, unlike conventional filters, is highly portable and can be placed anywhere inside your room or outside. It suits every area of your house, your office or even your school.

6. Keeps water safe to Drink: The dispenser keeps away all kinds of dust and flies. It is also waterproof, baby and children safe.

7. Company support: Watamate promises to maintain its environmental spirit. It also offers a 1 – year warranty with every new water dispenser pump with free shipping and in case of any query you can contact the company on 1800121553333.

8. Trouble-free: The product does not require any maintenance. The only thing to take care is to change the battery 3 hours before using the pump.

Applications of the Watamate Turbo+ Water Dispenser

Watamate Turbo+ is a very useful product for all people who use packed 20-litre water bottles from any company. The best feature of getting water automatically by this product makes it functioning at your household, at offices, factories, hospitals, for sports or even works when on a trip. All you need to do is fix the adapter, fix the silicon tube inside the pump and then in the water can. Fix the dispenser on the top and get water with the push of a button.

This product can be of great assistance at your home once you attach it to the 20 litres can then, you don’t need to put in extra efforts for fetching the water out. You just only need to transfer the dispenser from one can to another once it is empty. It is also very helpful for the senior citizens at your homes.

You need not find a peon at your office every time who picks up the bottle and turns it over a filter.

Fix Turbo+ and get your water bottles filled.

Turbo+ can also prove to be of good use in factories for providing water to all the hard-working labourers in their work hours. This product can also work at sporting events where a number of these dispensers can be used to provide water to the audience and the players.

While you are out on a trip, you can also carry the 450 gms lightweight Turbo+ dispenser for having water at all stopping points of the trip.

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