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There are only 150 Great Indian Bustards left, we need to save them

Deputy director of Corbett Foundation named Devesh Gadhvi said that: “State governments should take power lines underground.”

Researchers have mentioned “functionally extinct” for the koalas of Australia. It is on the number two position after peacock, which is going to be in the extinction list. They are known as GIB which stands for Great Indian Bustard is. The number of those birds has decreased to 150 which was 250 in the year of 2011.

The other birds are also going to slide very soon. The state and the central government are not taking care of those wild animals. This is the main reason behind it. IUCN has already categorized GIB into “critically endangered” in the year of 2011. It is too late for now.

Experts have also mentioned that the grassland should be protected to save the GIBs. Strangely, it is a big killer for them.

The main reason is when the birds collide with bare high voltage lines and windmills. They always love to fly in a place which has no obstruction. According to WII, four birds have died in Thar in the year 2018. The reason was the collision of power and turbo lines.

HS Singh, who is the member of the Standing Committee of National Board has said that:

“there has been a lot of talk about identifying critical area”.

The forest officials of Gujarat and Rajasthan have said that they have already chosen a few areas which should be under grounded. The expert said that this should be done very quickly.

Suresh Dutta, who is the WII and a Co-Supervisor of Bustard conservation project has said that:

 “Land has been allocated at Ramdevra near Jaisalmer. Houbara Bustard breeding center at Saih Al Salam in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which has successfully reared as many as 30000 chicks of Houbara bustards have been roped in.”

The chief conservator of forests C N Pandey has said that:

 “Gujarat did not have enough bustard eggs to start the center. There was a proposal to source them from Rajasthan, but the project was shelved.”

A few months back, GIB was distributed western India’s 11 states and different parts of Pakistan. The main region was the Deccan Plateau of the Peninsula and the Thar desert. Its population is concentrated in the region of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The largest population held by Rajasthan and then there is Gujarat with 6. The sub-adult flew away a few times back from the Gujarat region.



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