The testing procedure of NASA’s mars helicopter enters the final stage
The testing procedure of NASA’s mars helicopter enters the final stage

The Mars helicopter of NASA will be the first heavyweight vehicle which will travel the space. The vehicle has already passed all tests. It was declared by the space agency of the US.

Mimi Aung is the project manager of the Mars helicopter at NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory has said that:

 “Nobody’s built a Mars Helicopter before, so we are continuously entering new territory,” and he also added that “Our flight model — the actual vehicle that will travel to Mars — has recently passed several important tests.”

The space agency’s team has already operated the vehicle in a Martian environment which was created on a virtual scenario. The vehicle was easily moving towards the Lockheed Martin Space in Denver. It was done for the compatibility testing with the help of the Mars Helicopter delivery system. It will hold the spacecraft, which is 1.8 kg against the middle of Mars in the year of 2020.

The US space agency said in a statement that the helicopter does not carry any kind of equipment which is related to science. The main motto of this aircraft is to see whether it is possible to control the flight from the earth on an interplanetary distance. The atmosphere of Mars is almost one percent dense than earth.

The vehicle also carries a high-resolution camera which will capture good quality pictures of that red planet.

An aerial dimension will be added to the direction of the future Mars missions’ vehicles. It will help the scientists to examine the difficult portions of the planets like caves, cliffs, and deep craters.

The delivery system of the Mars helicopter is checked very properly if it is done with proper mechanisms and connections. These things will experience vibration while the flight is launching and taking off.

The thermal vacuum portion was made so that it can bear the high-temperature change which is almost going down  129 degree Celsius. If it does not work properly then it can make components malfunction.  It can cause a huge failure while it is on the space.



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