The country’s unbearable heat wave makes Venkaiah Naidu appoint scientists to address extreme weather, drought, and warming

M Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President said that it is time that the scientists end up addressing the problems related to extreme weather and drought and how it is affecting the lives of people and animals on a day to day basis.

Addressing a gathering of scientists, young researchers and students at the National Atmospheric Research Laboratory (NARL) near here, Naidu said:

 “As we all are aware, weather and climate were posing new challenges with each passing day and as a result we experience global warming and its effects in the form of extreme weather, cyclonic storms, intense thunderstorms, torrential rain, and droughts.”

He also added that the weather is one of the biggest factors behind the agriculture and economy not progressing.

“After visiting some of the major experimental facilities here, I got a fairly good idea on the ongoing work and the activities identified for the future,” the vice-president said. “Also, I have been apprised of the technological developments that have taken place and the knowledge we have gained in the broad domain of atmospheric and space sciences,” he said.

NARL was started about 25 years back as a facility for high power MST radar so that they can research on the mysteries of the atmosphere. The vice president also congratulated the team of NARL on updating their new system and making new technologies available to them.

Naidu also reached Tirumala and worshiped Lord Venkateswara on his two-day visit. He will be visiting the shrine on Tuesday and after that, he will offer worship. Once everything is done, he will be back. He will be there at Tirumala staying in the hills till Wednesday, an official from his team updated.


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