The Brain Functions can be altered by the Internet
The Brain Functions can be altered by the Internet

The internet can easily manipulate human body parts like different brain regions. A study has elaborate that the attention capacity and memory ability can start malfunctioning. A journal was published on World psychiatry, which says that the internet can give sustained and acute alterations.

The researchers of Harvard and Oxford University are examining the alterations which can be done via the internet by a cognitive process.

Joseph Firth, who is a senior research fellow at Western Sydney University of Australia says that:

 “The key findings of this report are that high levels of Internet use could indeed have an impact on many functions of the brain.”

Streaming on the internet for hours and watching different videos can decrease the attention and it also reduces the capacity of concentration on a single work. Later, it can give a huge headache.  This was explained by Mr. Firth. He was leading this research work.

He also added that:

 “Given we now have most of the world’s factual information literally at our fingertips, this appears to have the potential to begin changing the ways in which we store, and even value, facts and knowledge in society, and in the brain.”



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