The Best Exchange offers During Diwali and Amazon Great Indian Festival (2019)

A lot of brands want you to test their products and one of the ways in which they attract customers is by providing additional exchange value for their product. In this post, I’ll be sharing out the Best Exchange offers on Amazon during this Diwali and the Amazon Great Indian Festival.

It is that time of the year again when we undo our purse threads and go on a spending spree as a lot of products we want and don’t want are available at an ‘unbelievable’ prices. From electronics to cars to home furnishing and home appliances, mobile products, etc., the list is infinite, as we find it difficult to fight the urge to buy the products we like, run out of money and ‘conveniently’ disclose that we are ‘shopaholics.’ However, this may not be true, as there’s always a front to the coin. Exchange offers are always given during festive seasons and especially during Diwali because people want to redo their homes during important festivals and what can be more important than Diwali.

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The tendency is to dispose of away old products and make your home look new and freshly filled with new products ranging from electronics, home furniture and furnishings, décor, appliances and whatnot. Every online and offline store has a sale and gives away discounts asking you to purchase things at an affordable price.

All the sellers work a couple of months ahead in understanding consumer needs and plan for their exchange offers before the actual time. Selling away vehicles is also a very popular thing these days as the car dealers also started with Diwali launches and offers. These offers are most often tempting and the reality is a lot of people end up buying things we don’t want with an attraction towards the lesser cost of the product.

It’s not easy to overlook the newspaper ads with Diwali offers of homes, cars, user durables, home decor, and so on. Many are already piercing into these. Many during this period want to buy all kinds of things because of low prices and, of course, it is fortunate.

Common Exchange Offers During Diwali

Diwali is maybe the most profitable period for industries around the country as clients spend a lot on gifts and new items for the house. Every time during this festival, giants like Amazon and Flipkart prepare for another massive sale.

1. Amazon

The site is advertising its sale on more than 8-10 crore products every year. Amazon also offers 0 interest EMI’s on many brands and products; and cash backs for a few banks. The sale is mostly concentrating on gadgets and electronics and give away up to 20-40% off on mobiles, and mobile accessories are more than 50% off. Similar discounts are provided on air conditioners and TVs. This isn’t it, there are also exchange options available on its site. Amazon lists most of the products in that category that are applicable for exchange. You can also look forward to offers on laptops, its accessories, cases, and bags. It takes back several laptops in exchange for the new ones.

There are more than 30% exchange offers on washing machines, home appliances, and refrigerators. Yes, exchanges are available in this category also, pick up for large appliances will be arranged. Amazon also has exchange offers on jewellery. There is an overall discount on kitchen and home appliances where exchanges can be made online. 

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s first e-commerce market. The online site will give earlier access to the Flipkart Plus Members before opening the offers to rest. This is the general pattern of Flipkart exchange and sale days. Over the last few years, Flipkart has seen a high rise in its sales and the number of new customers buying on the site. Flipkart recently introduced the concept of buying insurance for their products to ensure safe functioning and delivery of the same. This is mainly to safeguard customers buying at large quantities or prices.

Flipkart’s exchange offers are most known and famous across the country because of its valued offer prices. It also has exchanges available on many products, listed in the consumer durables category that includes, electronics, mobile products, home appliances, etc. 

3. Traditional Retail Outlets

Not to forget the direct stores that have several exchange offers in all categories like vehicles, mobiles, electronics, and consumer durables and appliances. Most of these offers have become more convenient over time. They have online booking for pick up, and there would be someone from the company to examine and quote a price for the product, and they give an equivalent in exchange for a price. Smaller products can be directly taken to the store and exchanged within no time.

Car exchange is something that has become very easy in the last few years, unlike several days of meeting and examining the vehicle. For example, Cars 24 has a new Diwali offer which says you can take your car and drop it at one of their centres to take a price in return. Similarly, stores like Tata Croma, Big Bazaar, Home centres, and similar markets also offer to drop off old and used items against new ones. 

This is a very attractive and beneficial offer to consumers most often when we want to purchase something new; we do not know how and where to dispose of the old. Hence, the exchange offers during Diwali that is available in most stores are very convenient and also the stores reuse the raw materials of the products to sell back in second-hand goods stores, so there is very minimal wastage of the end product.


The exchange offers discussed here are very convenient and attractive. Most often, these work well on mobile products when purchased online and other appliances for offline and some online. To conclude, here are few tips to follow during an exchange. Initially, you need to decide which product to buy and make sure the exchange offer is available for the same. If the exchange facility is accessible, you will find an option ‘Buy with exchange’ listed on the product page if this is an online purchase.

Click on the ‘Buy with Exchange’ option and provide details of your old product in the Exchange Offer lines. Check for the offer price or the product and ensure it is in line with a fair expected deal. Ensure you look at all online and offline stores for getting the best deal. Next, you should check for the availability of the bargain in your town or city. Even before you hit on the ‘Buy Now’ button, make sure to check your pin code for suggestion availability in your place. 

The exchange offer online will be available only in the eligible pin codes. Once all is in place, you can find the reduction amount for your old product. If you are ok with the bid, go ahead and place your order. Once the order is placed, your new product will be shipped to your delivery address. 

You should keep your old product ready in a working state, which needs to be handed over to the delivery executive who comes to deliver your new product.

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