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Symphony Movicool XL 200i Air Cooler Review: Should You Buy?

Having good air circulation and a cool temperature at the workplace ensures that the environment stays comfortable for the staff. According to the report, a comfortable and positive work environment gives a boost to the overall productivity of the entire workforce, which is an essential factor contributing to the growth of any organization.

Symphony is one of India’s most trusted brands for Air Coolers. The multi-national company was founded in Gujarat in 1988 and now has its presence all over the world. The brand has been a pioneer in the air cooling industry. The brand has introduced several innovative products to the market that have received widespread appreciation.

Symphony’s Movicool is a series of high-performance Air Coolers mainly designed for industrial and commercial uses. The coolers offer a large cooling capacity at an affordable price. In this article, we are going to review the latest Symphony Movicool XL 200i.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of this series of air coolers.

Features of Symphony Movicool XL 200i

Symphony Movicool XL 200i Air Cooler

1. Weather-Resistant Body: By just looking at it, you can guess how well the product is built. It has an attractive look and a robust weather-resistant body. The cooler can take on even the harshest outdoor/indoor weather conditions and still stay good as new.

2. Digital Remote Control: The cooler comes with a digital remote control that lets you control the cooler from a distance. This is something that a lot of commercial and industrial coolers miss out on. You can adjust the fan speed and swing of the cooler via the remote control.

3. Powerful Airflow: It is also interesting to note that the device is capable of doing wonders even at a low fan speed. The cooler has an airflow of 30 meters which is simply awesome. A single unit of Symphony Movicool XL 200i is enough to cool an entire hall.

4. High-Quality Honeycomb Cooling Pads: It comes with honeycomb cooling pads on three sides that provide maximum area for water to evaporate and cool down. The material used to make the pads is of high grade. The one thing that distinguishes the coolers belonging to the Movicool series from the other Air Coolers is the rate at which they cool the area. Once a Symphony cooler is turned on, you can feel its effect within a matter of a few minutes.

5. Portable and Lightweight: Even though the XL 200i is large, it is rather lightweight and portable compared to some of the sub-10,000 INR air coolers. It comes with lockable wheels to let you position the cooler firmly wherever you want.

6. Auto-filling Water Tank: The air cooler also comes with auto water filling technology which means you never have to wait for the humongous 200 L water tank to fill up. The inbuilt float valve automatically starts filling the water tank when it’s empty. Once the tank fills up, the water supply is cut off.

7. Hassle-Free After-Sales Services: When you purchase an air cooler from a world-renowned brand like Symphony, you get the best-in-class after-sales service.

Application Scenarios

Being a high-performance air cooler, the Symphony Movicool XL 200i is highly suitable for industrial and commercial applications. The cooler can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions. It is best suited for restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, indoor stadiums, exhibitions, outdoor events, gardens,  assembly lines, and a lot more. No matter whether you want to bring down the temperature indoors or outdoors, the air cooler will get your job done.

When it comes to calculating the price of a product, we must also consider the running and maintenance costs to get a better idea of how much you may have to spend.

Symphony, as a brand is known for its affordable pricing. With the Movicool XL 200i, the company has set a new milestone for all commercial Air Coolers. The product comes with an introductory price of Rs. 45,990 which in our opinion, is a great deal. The product offers a value that is worth a lot more than what it costs.

Compared to other industrial or commercial Air Conditioners in the Indian market, the Symphony Movicool XL 200i is extremely power efficient and saves up to 90% electricity when working. Another great thing about Air Coolers, in general, is that they require less frequent maintenance when compared to Air Conditioners.

Also, according to the government guidelines for the current health situation, it is important to have your workplace well-ventilated. Symphony Movicool XL 200i is the perfect choice when you want to cool your workplace while keeping your doors and windows open.

The overall cost of purchasing an Air Cooler is a lot less than an Air Conditioner so if you are looking for an eco-friendly, affordable, and long-lasting cooling solution, you know what to look for. Click here to check out the complete range of Movicool Air Coolers by the company and learn more about them.


The Symphony Movicool XL 200i is among some of the finest high-performance Air Coolers that you can buy in India. The features that you get with this Air Cooler are simply outstanding. The product is a must-buy for anyone who wishes to have a cool working environment with adequate airflow. You can purchase the product directly from Symphony. It will be available on Amazon and Flipkart soon.