Space’s largest Intergalactic Bridge discovered Scientists are busy solving this huge Dark Matter Puzzle
Space’s largest Intergalactic Bridge discovered Scientists are busy solving this huge Dark Matter Puzzle

Just try to imagine that a huge galaxy cluster, which has a big number of milky ways in it. What will happen if you allow them to merge? All the clusters contain a good amount of gases in it. The gas particles collide with each other and they create a huge amount of energies. The energy present in the form of radiation. All the dark matter can pass through this radiation. The particles which have charges can gain a rapid velocity, which can create a coherent magnetic field. The intergalactic bridge was created for the first time between two clusters.

All the planets and stars are a small member of this space. A terrific number of these members are needed to create a galaxy. But the galactic groups can contain huge Milky way sized galaxies which can collide between them and make a big one.

There are only two things the scientists can do. They can do an interesting measurement of the light which is emitted from the galaxy image and calculate which one is behind (the background galaxy or the foreground galaxy).

The concept of the foreground is very random. The scientists have assumed the size which should be like a disk, circular or elliptical. However, there is any kind of trace of masses on the front side of the light there should be an effect of gravitational lensing. The background images will be tempered. If you examine the background and the foreground galaxies properly, you will come to know about the positions of masses in the space.

The challenging part was to find the gas, which was only 13-15% of the overall mass. It was separated from all the effects of gravity.  So as per the result, the gas passed through all substances.

When a collision happens between two clusters–

  • The galaxy takes a small portion of volume from each cluster
  • The gas of each cluster interacts and heats up
  • The dark matter passes through the cluster without occupying any kind of space because no gravitational force works there

If you notice the Chandra pictures, you will be shocked. The realistic charged particles exist in each other clusters because of the large scale magnetic field. If this happened between the structure of Abell 0401 and Abell 0399, then it could give the solution of this anomaly. It is always a good step where you identify a new concept.



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