Russia and Pakistan have come up with their issues over the weapon handling problems of the outer space and promised themselves to stop them from becoming an arena for the military confrontation. After two months, India has shot down one of there satellites with an anti-satellite missile.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who is the Foreign Minister of Pakistan signed a joint statement on ‘No first placement of weapons in outer space’ with Russian counterpart named Sergey Lavrov.

The meeting was of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Council of Foreign Minister which was held on Bishkek of Kyrgyzstan.

The joint statement says that they should follow an international law for outer space. It will be an opportunity for all countries. They will also consider the scientific, technological, and economic developments.

The Foreign Office of Pakistan says that the two countries share the same position to prevent the arms race in the outer space which will work as a whole for different international towards the goal.

They said:

“The signing of the joint statement on No First Placement of Weapons in Outer Space is a reflection of convergence of views between the two sides,” and they also added that “We encourage other responsible space-faring nations to follow this example.”

The joint statement says that the achievement of the treaty which was internationally preventing the arms race in outer space and was banning the space or the using of weapons is very important for the international community.

They said that the two countries:

 “Declare that they will not in any way be the first to place weapons of any kind in outer space, that they will make all possible efforts to prevent outer space from becoming an arena for military confrontation and to ensure security in outer space activities.”

The Foreign Office stated that the use of the defense system against the space-based problems, the deployment and the development of Anti Ballistic Missile system and the equations of the space assets is going to give tensions to the issues which are situated in the outer space.

Pakistan had declared that there was an urgency to address the gap in the legal issues of international level which can create exploration. The use of the outer space is not at a small problem, it can be a big danger for the space technologies for socio-economic development.

The development will place after almost two months of India announcing the shot of the satellite on March 27. It was done with the help of anti-satellite missile. India is the fourth country after the US, China, and Russia who has shot down an enemy satellite.

Pakistan had said that it was against the law of militarisation.

Pakistan had already signed a treaty in which it was stated that Russia will train a troop of Pakistan.

The army of the two countries is already holding friendship with each other from the year  2016.

In the year 2018 on November, the two countries have already helped their third joint military party drill which is named as Druzhba-III.

On this drill, the countries’ army took part in various exercises.






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