Crisis of water is a very common problem in Maharashtra. The residents of Melghat area are facing this kind of problem for ages. They don’t have any other ways without going 40 feet deep inside the well. Maharashtra has various districts which already have dried water supplies and ponds. There is no water supply.

According to ANI, Shivraj, who is a villager stated that they have to go down 40 feet deep inside the well. After going down, they have removed the unhygienic water and wait till the clean water comes up. He also said that it is very time consuming and sometimes they have to wait for a day or so.

According to him, the situation is the same for several years. No NGO and government are coming up to help them. It is getting very difficult as the days are passing. Some residents use to sleep near wells so that they can easily collect the fresh water in the morning.

A villager named Shivkala Nagle has raised a doubt on the safety of the villagers who are going 40 feet deep inside the well. Nishant Sarap is a health co-worker in Sonarpur who has advised the villagers to use boiled water to stay away from diseases.

The authorities have already informed the senior officials about the problem. They have already suggested boiling the water before using in any form. They should stop using the water of the well, which is prohibited.



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