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Raj Kumar Singh (Power Minister) is hoping to achieve a target of 175GW renewable energy

Raj Kumar Singh has already taken the charge of Power Ministry in the second Modi Government era. He has said that they have already achieved the target of 80GW and the installation process for next 24GW is going on

The Minister of Power and Renewable Energy,  RK Singh has gained the confidence that the target of getting 175 GW energy will be done by the year 2022.

He stated that:

“The overall renewable energy established capacity has reached 80,000 MW level. 24,000 MW is under installation. For 42,000 MW, bids are at different stages. So, the total is 1,46,000 MW and the target is for 1,75,000 MW (175 GW).” And he also added that “We will achieve the target.”

The most important thing is to fulfill the targets which have been planned by the government.

They have already planned to produce 175 GW of renewable energy by the year 2022. The plans are to get 100 GW from solar,  10 GW from bipolar, 60GW from the wind and 5 GW from the hydropower.

But a few research reports say that achieving the wind and solar power targets are impossible. It is going to be a dream project.

Macro report of Fitch Solution states that India can only get 54.7 GW of wind energy. The target is to get 60 GW.

The agency also added in this that there are several issues like grid bottlenecks, a land acquisition which will delay the target of achieving wind energy by the year 2022.

A research report of Mercom India says that India can achieve 71 GW by the end of 2022. It is approximately 30% lower than the target which is 100GW.

Different types of problems like tariff caps, required approvals, payment issues were the main reason behind the loss of 49 percent of 1737 MW on the period of January to march in the year of 2019.

They also said that the auction of 800 MW was canceled which was planned on the first quarter of this year.


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