NASA studies finally prove the Black Hole Theory of Stephen Hawking was right

If you have some interest in the subject science, then you might have heard about the black hole phenomenon which was mentioned by Stephen Hawking. Previously, this was just a theory and NASA has finally ended up proving the entire theory.

According to the theory, gravitation generated by the gravitational singularity inside a black hole is extremely powerful and nothing can escape it, not even electromagnetic radiation or light. However, the theory could not be proved because of technological constraints as it’s impossible to track the radiation from a black hole which is over thousands of light years away from us.

There was a team of people who were working at the Technion, which is the Israel Institute of Technology who have proved Hawking’s theory and help people understand the artificial black hole which they created. Hawking’s theory has also said that the spectrum temperature needs to be measured and it has finally been done by the team.

Researchers have spent a lot of money in their research of black hole and there has not been any big progress in the last three years. Finally, they have successfully proved the Hawking’s theory without any problem.

All the experiments were carried out at BEC which stands for Bose-Einstein Condensate. In the research, the fifth form of matter was created by trapping a total of 8,000 rubidium atoms in a focused laser beam. After that, the second laser beam was shot at the other end of BEC so that the results of the experiment could be distinct in nature. They also tried the whole experiment with sound after they have tested it with light.

It was observed that the sound waves were able to move in different directions and they also moved further in the black hole and were not able to get out of it.

Professor Jeff Steinhauer, the lead researcher mentioned:

“Our artificially-constructed black hole provides confirmation of the thermality of Hawking radiation. In addition, we found that the temperature is determined by the artificial gravity at the surface of the artificial black hole, also consistent with Hawking’s predictions.”

“Remarkably, although their calculations were based on very different ideas, both Hawking and Bekenstein came up with the same conclusion that the temperature was determined by the gravity at the surface of the black hole. We confirmed their predictions,” said Steinhauer. Furthermore, researchers say that the study doesn’t just provide insights on the nature of black holes but also about Hawking’s information paradox that they plan on investigating in the future.



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