NASA is going to open a space station for the visitors which will cost a $58 million for a round trip
NASA is going to open a space station for the visitors which will cost a $58 million for a round trip

Accept it, we all want to visit the International Space Station!

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which is known as NASA has already declared that the orbiting Outpost is open for the visitors. Hopefully, it will be open for the public from next year.

A round trip budget for the trip will be like $58 million. The accommodations will cost $ 35,000 per night. It is only valid for a 30 days long trip. An official of the organization named Jeff Dewitt has said that “But it won’t come with any Hilton or Marriott points,” DeWitt said during a news conference at Nasdaq in New York City.

If you are planning to visit, then it is not mandatory to be a U.S. citizen. People from other countries can also visit the space station as long as the organization is on a mission to fly the U.S operated rocket.

The space shuttle mission ended in the year of 2011. After that, NASA has already flown their astronauts to space by the Russian rockets. The agency is planning a contract with SpaceX, which will fly a future crewed mission in the space station. Any traveler can make their choice and contact those private organizations which will help them to make the arrangements to go to the orbit.

Dewitt said that:

 “If a private astronaut is on the station, they will have to pay us while they’re there for the life support, the food, the water, things of that nature.”

The agency has decided that they will allow the visitors depending upon the market rate. The private astronauts have to follow all the protocols as the crew members are following.

Friday, it was declared that the agency is allowing the private astronauts for the first time. They will not sell this service directly to the visitors. The spokesperson of NASA named Stephanie Schierholz said in an email that all the costs will be handled by the private ferry companies. The visitors should contact them if they wish to take the services.

It is an event of NASA, which will open many opportunities for many private organizations. It will prosper the orbit one day. The organization is hoping so.

NASA associate administrator named Bill Gerstenmair had said that will be very costly for the government to maintain the space station. So, they have decided to handover the services to other private organizations.

It will generate great revenue, which will be a great help for NASA’s next moon project which takes place in the year 2024. They have also said that it will reduce the cost of US taxpayers for the next moon mission.


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