NASA has got funding from three companies for the mission of landing astronauts on the lunar surface

NASA, the most famous organization of the world has got a big fund of $254 M. The fund was raised through three companies’ sponsorship. The main mission of the space organization is to launch their machines on the surface of the moon. Probably it will be fulfilled by the year 2024.

Intuitive Machines of Houston from Texas, Astrobotic of Pittsburg from Pennsylvania and a prestigious company of New Jersey named as Orbit Beyond of Edison are the main three sponsors of this project. It was announced by NASA on the last Friday.

Intuitive and Astrobotic decides to launch their inventory in the month of July 2021 in the month of July and on the other hand Orbit aims to deliver after the month of September in the coming year.

The NASA payloads will be carried out by the commercial lander. The principal of the payload is to examine the surface of the moon and explain the situation to the scientists.

Jim Bridenstine   (Administrator of NASA) stated that:

 “Our selection of these US commercial landing service providers represents America’s return to the Moon’s surface for the first time in decades, and it’s a huge step forward for our Artemis lunar exploration plans,” and he also added “Next year, our initial science and technology research will be on the lunar surface, which will help support sending the first woman and the next man to the Moon in five years.”

NASA will declare the report of payloads by the end of July.

The new and supportive payloads have the capabilities which can perform the science of Lunar atmosphere can easily calculate and measure the temperature by its lunar radius. The exact positions of the lander and will also help to show the ways to the astronauts.

Thomas Zurbunchen is NADA’s associate science mission directorate which is based in Washington DC. He said:

“These landers are just the beginning of exciting commercial partnerships that will bring us closer to solving the many scientific mysteries of our Moon, our solar system, and beyond.”

The Artemis exploration of the moon was a mission of NASA. Including the returning of the astronauts, the mission is a two-phased.

The first phase will be to work on the velocity and landing on the lunar surface by the year 2024. The second phase starts with creating a presence of human around the lunar surface by the year 2028.

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