The quality of air in the Delhi NCR region has increased. The bad quality of air has decreased up to 33 percent.

The minister said on the World Environment Day which was on June 5 that it is not that bad as media portraying in front of the masses.

Mr. Javedkar stated that:

 “Media reports are always creating a picture that lakhs of people are dying of air pollution but it is not as bad. Yes pollution is there but efforts are on,” and he also added that “Number of poor air quality days in Delhi in 2016 used to be 246, and in 2014 they used to be around 300, in 2017 it came down to 213 and now it has come down to 206. I am confident that when 2019 figures will come, the number of poor air quality days will further come down. This is a tremendous success. The days of poor quality air have reduced. It is a significant improvement.”

According to him, the moderate to good air quality has increased. It was 108 in the year 2016 and after a calculation, in the year of 2018, it is 159.

After monitoring the air quality index (AQI) and monitoring the environment report, Mr. Javedkar said that:

 “Moderate to good days have increased. 108 days of moderate air quality in 2016 have increased to 152 in 2017 and now they have gone up to 159 days. This progress in good air days is the result of concerted efforts of the last four years for the capital and NCR.”

When the AQI is between 0 to 50, it is good, when it is between 51 to 100 it is satisfactory, 101 to 200 moderate and 201 to 300 poor, 301 to 400 very poor and 401 to 500 is a very severe condition.

He said on a ‘Beat Air Pollution’ event that:

“Just wearing masks won’t help. People have to actively participate and act responsibly towards the environment. We have to save water and electricity, take a cycle for a distance up to two km, use public transport, maintain vehicles. All these activities will help reduce pollution. We will do better.”

Minister of State Environment Babul Supriyo said that the masses should use their personal vehicles once in a week. The use of public transportation should increase.

He also added that this ministry has become a 24 hours active ministry. As the ministers wake up at 4 am and go to sleep at 4 am.

Babul said in an interview that:

 “My daughter studies in Bombay and she has a WhatsApp group to which I was added and I am amazed to see the ideas they all come up with to protect the planet.”

Different official of different state pollution control board and Central Pollution Control board chairman S P S Parihar and other senior ministers of environment had attended the event which was going on about the pollutions.

MoU was signed between different IITs to fight against the air pollution in this event.

Different types of publications related to this journal were also released on that day, which includes Orchids of India. It is a journal by Botanical Survey of India, which has the details of more than 700 Orchids.

Plant Discoveries was also added in this collection.

At last Mr, Javedkar said that:

“I want to congratulate Botanical Survey of India and those who have identified 438 species of plants. I also congratulate the Zoological Survey of India for identifying 179 new species and I appreciate their research. National Tiger Conservation Authority has also made an immense contribution to tiger conservation.”


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