Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cooker Review: Is It Worth It?

Cooking is enthralling, but sometimes it can be exhausting and agonizing after having a long day. And not only that, after cooking, cleaning the kitchen appliances used is a whole another task. Also, the LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) used daily costs a lot as it is consumed more due to its low energy density, and sometimes it can get perilous.

Electric cooking can surely provide you with a way out of all these problems! Electric cooking provides you with higher heat than fuels do. Also, it performs better at low heat which can be extremely useful when making any sauce or chocolate. It heats your food more evenly than the conventional cooking methods do and is surely easier to clean.

Now talking about the pressure cookers, many times the conventional pressure cookers can get a bit notorious. The sudden venting of steam is one of the main problems of conventional pressure cookers and cleaning them after cooking is another big task. Also, sometimes you mistakenly leave the lid open and are oblivious to it.

Now is there a solution to it? Of course, there is! Electric pressure cookers provide a solution to all your daily cooking problems. Apart from saving fuel, it also saves your time and energy by preparing food faster. One more advantage of an electric pressure cooker is that it can prepare several dishes together in the same pressure cooker!

Geek Robocook Electric Cooker Review

Geek, a world-leading New York-based home appliance brand, is one of those you can count on. A believer in technical innovation, this brand looks out for its consumers and its quality.

Geek has a wide variety of appliances, including pressure cookers. The amazing services that they provide with every product make the brand a consumer-friendly one. The brand works on the principle that “what is good for the customer, is good for its firm” and tries to make decisions from the consumer’s point of view. Their range in pressure cookers is surely suitable for your home and even for the ones who are new to cooking.

The all-new Geek Robocook 5 litre electric pressure cooker is the innovation by Geek in the category of kitchen appliances. This product comes with the best in class and many options with the latest technology, which gives an easy method of cooking several delicacies in almost every cuisine, maintaining the original essence and the nutritions intact.

Features of the Geek Robocook Electric Cooker

Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cooker

1. Variety of Dishes: The Robocook pressure cooker has a 13 in 1 feather touch menu on its surface, where you get most of the dishes you wished to have on your plates but couldn’t get. Well, the Robocook brings all these dishes to your meals with just a touch of a button.

2. Chaos-free, fast cooking: With the help of a microchip inside the product, Robocook never fails to deliver your dish efficiently without any delay.

3. Comes with a 5-litre capacity: The Geek Robocook electric pressure cooker comes with a 5 litre Teflon (PTFE) coated NS container which is good for storing a sufficient amount of the food in a single run. The seven safety guards with the zeta cooker always make sure for the pressure to be released in upward direction ensuring the total safety of the food inside keeping the taste alive and the nutritions intact.

4. A Multifunctional Cooker: Not just steaming rice, the Robocook also helps you in baking your favourite cakes, stewing the meat, frying french fries, sauteing your healthy vegetable snack along with this Geek also provides a recipe book with every product which will help you in preparing the favourite dishes of your choice with more taste and precision with the robocook.

5. Smart Programmable Cooking: As the company suggests that its one of the smartest cooker, the reason being automated control over the pressure, heat, and temperature of the Robocook which means you do not need to stand always to look after the food because the intelligent cooking will be taking care of the food while being prepared.

6. Best services by Geek: The company promises to maintain its American spirit of innovating tech solutions for all its customers in every household aspect. Thus, the company also offers a 2 – year warranty with every new Robocook Pressure cooker.

7. Easy Maintenance: The product comes with a stainless steel/non-stick pot that does not require any cleaning after every dish as the company suggests using few vessels only so that no after cleaning is needed wipe with a soft cloth.

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Applications of the Robocook Electric Cooker

As the Robocook is a portable cooker, it can be carried to every place with just an electric plug point to get all the dishes. Some places with the major use of this can be listed as household purposes, a gift to a loved one, used dorm rooms or small apartments etc.

For household purposes, this product can be of great help in so many ways, such as preparing normal food for the days. Robocook can be used for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and even dinner times with the new recipes from the book. You can also find more tutorial videos on Amazon as well as the company site.

The product ensures a simplified way of cooking with very easy handling as it also comes with intelligent programmable cooking.

Overall, it comes with advanced features that make cooking an easy process. The ease of usage and additional features make it pretty convenient. So, yes, it is totally worth it! If you are willing to buy it, use this promo code to avail some discount: RCINDIANSCIENCE


Without a doubt, we can regard the Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker as one of the most efficient, portable, and easy to operate with its smooth functionality pressure cooker to purchase in India at a very affordable price of Rs. 5,499 only. It is easily available on Amazon. Thus, the robocook gives the opportunity to enjoy every meal with the advanced technology of cooking!

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