Geek Glantoir A9 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

In today’s busy world, keeping ourselves safe from diseases gets difficult. But is it enough? The answer is no! Keeping ourselves safe from bacteria and other germs are as important and necessary as it is outside. There are many allergies and diseases that can make your lungs suffer by just inhaling the dust present in your homes. Therefore a house needs to be ‘neat and clean.’

Well, cleaning the house can sometimes be a very exhausting task. To reduce your workload, you can then hire a maid and depend on her ‘regularity’ or just buy a high-quality vacuum cleaner and save money too! “Also a study at the Ohio University also suggests that consistent vacuuming can kill 96 percent of flies from penetrating” But then using a vacuum cleaner and cleaning the whole house with it can again be a big task because of its heavyweight which leads to its less portability.

Sometimes, the vacuum cleaner is not able to reach the small areas too and clean them there. Wireless handheld vacuum cleaners provide you with the best solution to all your household problems. Being lightweight and small, it is surely great for quick cleanups.

Geek, a home appliances product brand established in New York, presents the American essence with its manufacture. The company emphasizes on customizing every product with technological innovations for making them more customer-friendly. The brand holds an extensive range of cleaning solutions with easy to use vacuum cleaners.

The tech-based vacuum cleaners provide easy control, and with every single product, Geek assures to always be at your service. The company’s functionality depends upon the principle of “what is good for the customer, is good for its firm” keeping the consumer’s point of view the foremost priority. The vacuum cleaners of Geek are very much satisfactory for your home and also commercial places.

The amazing Geek Glantoir A9 is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner as it is a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner that gives a hassle-free cleaning to you. This product always proves to be the best in providing cleanliness with efficiency and makes cleaning fun.

Features of the Geek Glantior A9 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Geek Glantoir A9 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

1. A Handy Tool: Having a vacuum cleaner and having a wireless vacuum cleaner are two different things. We need to keep stretching the wires to every room with a wired vacuum cleaner or finding electricity sockets in every room. Still, it’s very easy to transfer the vacuum cleaner from one room to another without any wire.

2. High Suction Power: The Gleek Glantoir A9 comes with a powerful inbuilt motor of 120 W D.C. which gives the machine a high 10 kPa suction power which allows it to swallow more dust particles every second.

3. Good Storage Capacity: The Geek Glantoir A9 comes with a filter cup dust bag of 0.5 L, giving the machine to store more dust and debris in every use.

4. Reaches Every Corner: The 2 in 1 brush heads of microfibre allow the cleaner to reach tough corners adding more cleanliness to the dirty places very quickly without any extra efforts.

5. Strong Battery Backup: The Glantoir A9 comes with a strong 2200 mAh Lithium battery which takes just 4.5 hours charging time by a wall-mount, and when done, it provides 22 -30 mins of uninterrupted cleaning with two different speeds.

6. Customer services by Geek: This product comes with a 1-year warranty by Geek. If any problem prevails after the product is bought then contact the customer care on 18448018880.

7. Simple to Preserve: Being a wireless cleaner, it does not require any special maintenance. The filters are easy to change, and most parts do not require cleaning or repairs easily. This also sums up the long-lasting life span of the product.

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Applications of the Geek Glantoir A9 Vacuum Cleaner

The Glantoir A9 being a very portable vacuum cleaner can be carried to every place you go, whether your bedroom or your car or even to your workplace. This essential product can be operated for house uses, in vehicles, workplaces, in hostel rooms or small flats, etc.

Using this product at your home can help you deal with all the house’s dusty and dirty floors. The dust particles are trapped over carpets and small floor mats, making your toaster insect proof by cleaning the bread crumbs stuck inside by putting the cleaner over the top. Finding those small items that fell below the bed months ago, the dust present in the corner and under the cabinet.

Deep cleaning the chairs of the couch, spider webs on the walls also the ones in the corners where you couldn’t get to, if you have a pet and are sick of wiping off all their hair from several places then the Glantoir A9 is at your service for it also.

Clean the dusty car with this tool. Take care of all the dirt trapped in the seat covers, clean the under-seat treasures that have been hiding there for a long time. You can also clean all the dashboards inside the car within a few seconds with the 10 kPa high suction power.

If you own a small office or want to keep your desk at your office tidy at all times, then the Glantoir is here to swallow up all the waste bits of paper and all the mid-day snack wrappers, dust staying inside the drawers with the important documents.

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In order to keep your house, a healthy living space by removing all the diseases caused by dust, by using the effective cleaning provided by the wireless handheld vacuum cleaner with best in class features from Geek is a must-buy! Give your house, a gift of cleaning with the high -standard innovative technology of handheld cleaning in a very effortless manner with the battery-powered high-speed suction system of the Geek Glantoir A9 from Amazon very economical price.

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