First moon Lander of this century will be designed and made in India

According to the latest update, the first moon lander, which NASA will be using will be designed and made in India by a private aerospace company called Team Indus. The company has been part of the Orbit Beyond consortium for quite some time and they have been finally awarded the contract till 2021 lunar mission.

NASA has spent a total of $250 million on giving contracts to all the private companies for transportation of all the scientific missions to the moon. This includes Orbit Beyond, Intuitive Machines, and Astrobotic. This initiative from NASA is basically a part of CLPS which is a Commercial Lunar Payload Services program.

This Orbit Beyond has a total of nine companies which has Team Indus in it. The company was formed in the year 2010 and has been taking part in Google’s Lunar XPrize which has the goal of sending a robot to the moon. This will be the first time that NASA will be using a lander, which will be made outside the United States of America.

Steve Clark, who leads NASA’s exploration programs said:

“When I say we are buying a ride, that’s literally what we are doing.”

He added that the private companies would be responsible for both launching and landing the moon lander.

Narendra Modi, the Prime minister of India has announced that he will be adding two more cabinet committees who will be responsible for the Economic growth and employment issues, that the country of India is facing.

There will be five-member Cabinet Committee on the Investment and Growth which will include Amit Shah, who is the home minister and Nirmala Sitharaman the finance minister. Some other people in the committee will be railway minister Piyush Goyal and MSME minister Nitin Gadkari. They will also be joined by the road and transportation minister to complete the team.

There will be a 10-member cabinet committee who will be responsible for Employment and Skill development. All the members of the investment and growth committee will be present except Nitin Gadkari the MSME minister.

The economy along with employment is one of the most sensitive issues which the county of India is facing now. The drop of GDP by 5.8 percent was one of the reasons why Prime Minister Narendra Modi took such a big step.

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