Diwali Offer On Watches

Diwali is around the corner and we know you are very much excited about it. If you’ve missed deals on the watches earlier, worry not, there’ll be offers on watches during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale too. Not only we will help you find the best watch for your needs, but we will also share the best deals of the year which will help you save huge money.

Diwali is the festival of joy, lights, and delight; it’s not just the most significant and brightest festival in India but it’s also celebrated all over the world; making it the largest celebration. It calls for spreading joy and cheer to all and there is no better way to spread happiness than a well thought out Diwali gifts.

A watch is an ever charmer when it comes to gifting someone or buying for self. A watch has been a sense of status more than utility right from the time it started being used. The specialty of this product is no age or gender is restricted so anyone can wear it.

Whether you’re planning to get one for yourself or gifting out to your parents, siblings, cousins, clients, employees, colleagues, or any other connection you can think of – a pleasant, considerate, unconventional gift will always spread joy and bliss and continuously remind them of you as it is still on the hands.

So, without wasting any more time, shall we begin?

Best Diwali offers on Watches in 2020

Diwali and its aura around hit every one of us a month in advance at least. From the old age of analog watches to the new age of smartwatches and fitness brands, everyone starts looking online for offers around these products.

Watches are a market that is spread across a varied price range to cater to every section of the market. However, the smartwatch market is now going up, and everyone is getting conscious of their society and wanting to own one. Some want to own this type of watch for health monitoring benefits.

Let us list out some great offers on watches for everyone!

1. Offers on Men’s Watches

Want to buy a watch for your husband, father, or brother in the house? Or is it for your friend? Find the best deals on watches for men available on various designs and brands. Here are some deals that are currently live and we wouldn’t want you to miss them!

2. Offers on Women’s Watches

How about gifting a watch to the females in your life. It’s the classic gift which never goes out of trend, and everyone’s looking to have a new one almost all the time. Check out the deals and offers on the online stores before you hit that buy button.

3. Offers on Smartwatches

Smartwatch is a digital wearable that can track your day-to-day physical activities like steps covered in a day, calories burnt, heart rate, etc. It is pretty similar to a smartphone that consists of various apps through which a person can access his/her health and workouts data.

Smartwatches in 2020 come with various workout modes, built-in sensors, and a lot of modern features like making calls, responding to the texts on social messaging apps.

It is certainly a better gifting idea considering the utility value of the data. It presents to the user. It can be a huge plus and helpful to health-conscious people. These watches also come with IP ratings, hence, can be an excellent gift for a friend who is a swimmer.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one from the below options and you’ll surely love it!

4. Offers on Couple Watch Sets

These sets of watches can be perfect Diwali gift idea for a girlfriend and boyfriend on many occasions as it consists of a man and woman watch set that has a similar design and goes well together. It isn’t out of trends yet it gets quite difficult to get the right set of watches that you like and fits in the budget as well. But Diwali sales provide the right opportunity to looks at your options and grab them at a low cost.

Diwali Offers on Reputed Watch Brands

The watch market in India has manifolded exponentially in the last few years due to its attractive looks and features that have been introduced by several brands. There are several buckets under the time market; they include wall clocks, watches, small clocks for tables, etc.

The market for hand watches contribute to the maximum sales of the industry due to its high demand and also being a product of necessity. The next highest sales were observed on the market for wall clocks, followed by table clocks and digital.

The watch market in India is classified into 3 main categories based on budget – mass, mid-range, and premium. Mass watches generally start from Rs.1000 and are preferred by most of the Indians. Then comes the mid-rangers which fall between Rs.5000 – Rs.10,000. And lastly, there are the premium watches that start from Rs.20,000 and can go anywhere in lakhs of rupees.

1. Premium Brands

Brands in this category, for example, can be Rolex, Rado, Tissot, Omega, etc. These brands cater to the premium section of the society where discounts or offers are not much popular as the consumers of these brands are not very price-conscious, and hence there are no offers on these brands mostly. However, Amazon does provide offers during Diwali which usually ranges between 10%-20% and not beyond.

2. Midrange Brands

Brands in this category cater to most of the young section of the society who are brand and price-conscious. It is easiest to attract this group with offers as they long to wear brands to uplift their status in society and will benefit the most to this section.

Brands in this category would mostly include Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil, Casio, Amazfit, etc. These watches are priced around 10K to 30K range mostly and giving away a 10K watch for 10% or 20% lesser will definitely drive the volume sales for the brand.

Also, these brands have festive offers, especially during Diwali in both online and offline stores. These brands are not only sold in their direct name retails but also in sub retails like Lifestyle and shopper stop. You can mostly see the offers in these superstores.

3. Affordable Brands

The brands in this category would be Fastrack, Titan, Timex, etc. These brands have prices starting from 1k, which mostly caters to the teenagers and older sections of the society. The offers on these products would be high during Diwali because it highly helps in volume sales for the company.

This section would generally buy new things for home and themselves during important festivals like Diwali either for themselves or the children in the house. Hence, offers on this range of brands would be higher, like buy one get one or buy the man and get the woman watch for free, etc.


Festivals are definitely worth enjoyment but at the same time, they also put a hole in your pocket as there is a lot of expenditure for self, family, and friends. Such people need to plan their gifts and ensure they buy the right options through offers.

A striking watch as a gift or a purchase during the festive season would mean a long-lasting memory of it and also it would be available at an affordable price. Many stores like Titan, Fastrack, Simson, etc. came up with deals on their watches during Diwali starting from 10% and up to 30-40% depending on the terms.

Buying online through offers by exploring all the options is what saves money for you, and at the same time, you are buying something that is what you wanted to. These Diwali offers are too tough to resist and they do not just light up your homes but also light up your life with starting your new day with an original purchase you have wanted to have for so long.


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