Diwali Offers on Home Theatre Systems in 2020 (Grab Deals)

Diwali is the time for people to come together and celebrate in joy. The earthen lamps in the evening, decorative lights, creating artistic Rangoli at the door of our home, exchanging boxes of sweets and savory with our loved ones, and basking in the fun of looking at the colorful sparks of rockets in the sky and wishing upon the sky lanterns.

People wait around all the year for the days of Diwali to finally arrive and the excitement leading up to it is just as fulfilling as the day of Diwali itself. It also brings a grand opportunity to shop in the Amazon Great Indian Festival & fulfill your wishlist at a discounted price.

Some of these wishlists have been made during the year with a ray of hope that this Diwali, we will get it. This happiness of making lists and getting nervous about what to buy and what not elevates the level of satisfaction.

From laptops, smartphones, LED television, Air Conditioners, or even products like refrigerators and washing machines, they all are bought in Diwali as it is believed to be auspicious for the household.

If you love watching films, home theatres are the best way to have the cinematic experience right at your home! They add a real-life effect to the on-screen content. So, we are here with the best ones that too with deals!

Note: Before we jump to the deals section, it is important to know the card offers, and here we go! (we will update this as soon as other card offers get confirmed)

HDFC DC & CC10% Off (Max discount: XX00 INR)
Amazon Pay ICICI CC5% Off (Max discount: Unlimited)
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Diwali Offers on Home Theatre Systems in 2020

The waves of the offers are sure to boggle your mind and so many of them being offered together make it difficult for people to keep track of every single one of them. The Amazon Great Indian Festival is coming up from 17th October with an unbelievable discount of up to 60% off on Home Theater systems!

The most important factor in which the home theatre we buy depends is on our budget. The price determines which product suits our budget and the features we need. And for that reason, we have divided them into High-end, Mid-Range, and Budget ones!

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s just begin!

Offers on Branded Home Theatres

Since home theatres can be quite expensive and they are for long-term use, people are quite conscious about what they invest in more than they usually are. From an extensive list of brands, trust becomes an essential factor while trying to decide which product to buy. Sony, JBL, Samsung, and many other brands with a stellar reputation in the Indian market have their products for sale at huge discounts during Diwali.

Here are the top picks:

Offers on High-End Home Theatres

Starting from the high-end home theatres, the JBL Bar Real 5.1 channel 4K UHD System is a sure-shot way of choosing the best home theatre system in India. Another great option is the Yamaha YHT-3072IN from the brand Yamaha. The combination of 5 speakers and subwoofers provides the best audio resolution and frequency, which is beyond normal expectations. And last but not the least, we have one fro Logitech.

Here are the top picks:

Offers on Mid-Range Home Theatres

Sony HT-RT3 is the best mid-range home theatre system one can get. Its 5.1 channels produce excellent sound quality for the people who love to watch movies in high picture quality. It comes with quick connect to NFC, Bluetooth and USB. We also have other two options to grab under Rs. 20,000 segment.

Here are the top picks:

Diwali Offers on Budget Home Theatres

If you are looking for the budget home theater that cost under Rs. 10,000. They sound great and comes with enough connectivity ports.

Here are the top picks:

Offers on Affordable Home Theaters

Are you looking for the cheap yet best ones? Well, we get you! here are the options that will suit your needs and come handy in your budget at the same time! Yes, you can get a good quality home theater under Rs. 5000 segment and trust us, they come with excellent sound quality!

Here are the top picks:

Things to Consider

If there is one thing that Diwali seems to boost the sales of, it is electronic gadgets. With Dhanteras leading up to Diwali, the year-round wish of buying high technology electronic goods comes true without making it a financial burden.

Nowadays, we do not have homes; we have ‘smart homes.‘ With readily available electronic devices, our lives have not just been made easy but also our need to go out to seek fun has been placed at our fingertips.

A tech guru resides within all of us. Whether we have a deep understanding of the working and features of different home theatre systems, do we ever shy away from forming up an opinion and putting it in front of other people? Of course not! As is our right, we take into account different factors of various home theatre systems available in the market under different brands.

After a point of time, it becomes confusing as to which brand to choose and which one to let go. They all have their unique strengths which make their products different from that of the other brands. These discounts on different brands are available both online as well as offline modes. It is up to the judgment, choice, and preference of the buyers to go for whichever mode increases their feasibility.

The features of the home theatre systems are not precisely the same, though they remain quite similar to one another. Whether to go for 5.1 Dolby surround sound system or for the greater number of speakers and subwoofers or pay more attention to clearer picture quality or the depth of audio output and sound vibrations, the choice is entirely up to the buyer.

There are too many features to choose from. From the endless offers each store, site, and brand is offering makes it even more challenging to pick one out from the ocean of offers which will best suit our needs the best. We don’t blame you. If we were you, we would be scratching our heads, scrolling through our phones, and taking a third, fourth, and even fifth opinion on which home theatre system would be the best value for your money.

So here are several home theatre systems to choose from as per your budget. None of us has an endless supply of money and we know how hard it is to earn every rupee. That is why this will help you to make sure you are spending it right.

What is more in the store?

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Do you know what is in the store? Everything that you wish for! Diwali offers flood into the stores and hoarding are put up in different parts of the city yo let people know that the pre-Diwali offers have been started so that people do not have to go through the rush of Diwali with busy roads and still buy all that they want to be paying a lower price.

We put everything into place before the first day and make sure we buy or at least order what we want so that it comes before Diwali. Roaming the streets and stores all across town to pick out the best home and home theatre systems is the social part of the Diwali fun. Being among the crowd to experience the same kind of rush and excitement that you are going through is a different feeling altogether. This feeling binds even strangers together.

Physically going from one store to the other to compare the prices of the home theatres is a way some people prefer. They mostly believe in the long-standing relationships and trust they have built up through the years with particular store-owners. Their loyalty and faith in the quality of the products lie with them as they believe that in case of any problem with the electronic system, these people will make the rectifications required without much effort.

While some believe this, the majority of the people nowadays prefer comfort over running from one store to the other. Sitting at home, cooped up with the entire family, can be completed by adding the collective choice of the home theatre, which would be the best one to buy and check these online.


The ease of comparing the prices, features, brands, and reviews with just a tap on the phone screen is unparalleled. With so many reasons that have come up with different ways of buying these home theatres, what is stopping you? Pick your ideal mode of buying it and get a brand new sound system to change your cinematic experience forever.

All of these products are available readily in the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale. They have got huge offers and price cuts, and with HDFC card, you can avail extra 10% instant discount as well. This is why it is the most lucrative time of the year to buy electronics. Apart from the auspicious factor of Diwali, these offers usually end up saving thousands of rupees on the retail price of the products.

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