Diwali Offers on Gift Items: Find The Perfect Gift for a Good Price

The traditions of sending gifts and receiving gifts during Diwali is age-old. Almost 70% of the Indian families still follow it. Back then one simply gave “currency notes” or sent sweets or dry fruits. But these days, it’s about sending gift items that’ll actually be used by the receiver. There are so many gift items one shall purchase from sites like Amazon. But since you won’t be purchasing a single item, why not use the Amazon’s Great Indian Festival or the upcoming Diwali offers on Gift items to save money on the gifts?

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Diwali is the most important Indian festival and also around some countries too. Diwali means celebration and meets-&-greets, spending time together and giving presents to your loved ones. Gifting today has so many options whereas in the past it was restricted to sweets or making food from home. 

Diwali gifts now range from sweets, electronics, dry fruits, bags, utilities, coffee, and tea hampers, etc. The list is a never-ending one with so many options available to us online and offline.

Giving away gifts or exchanging something meaningful among friends and family has become very important in recent years to maintain a good and healthy relationship and also to make them feel that they are valued and thought of. Diwali gifts originally were shared amongst people as a symbol of goodwill, and for auspiciousness; however, that trend now is more towards socializing and networking. 

The custom of gifting is also very popular among business relationships to strengthen the bond and also to maintain a cordial future relation. Also, it becomes a customary action of reciprocation over the years to ensure no one is left unhappy during a festive season. Also, corporate gifting to employees and directors of the company is done so ensure employee satisfaction and retention. 

Presenting a gift to a person on the joy-filled eve of Diwali indicates how much that person means to you. A gift is a very peak of all your thoughts and good wishes, packaged elegantly. It is guaranteed to make a person feel unique and joyful when it is presented to him or her.

There are so many stores and online markets with offers on electronics, phones, accessories, home décor, idols, gold & silver items, etc. Diwali gifts are mostly packaged into a nice gift box or a group of things which has a mix of many wishes. 

Options of gifting for Diwali

Gift hampers range filled with delicious goodies, organic delights, or your favourite teas have become a kind of a current Diwali ritual. And each year, striking hampers start doing the rounds around this period. Gifting can range from any product to sometimes even an experience. Diwali occasion brings in offers and discounts in all stores online and offline. Gifting is not restricted to a certain product. 

For example, someone might want to gift an amazon coupon while someone wants to gift a home appliance. So, gifting can be anything and definitely Diwali is the best time as it saves up some cost and you also end up buying something for your loved ones.

The tradition of gifting started in the early years where people visited each other only during festivals and hence everyone made sweets and savouries at home and greeted their friends and relatives with them. In the newer generation, the gifting idea though has remained the same; choices on what to gift have changed drastically. People are very innovative with their gifts, and it ranges from home décor things to utilities to experiences to FMCG products, etc.

10 Unique Diwali Gifting Ideas

1. Experience

Gifting products or food items has always been usual. The latest idea that is cropping up is the idea of gifting experience to your loved ones or friends and family. Experiences can be in any regard like gifting someone a scuba diving class or a spa voucher or dinner at a fancy restaurant etc.

2. Personal Care Products

Personal care products can be anything that is to do with one’s personal usage goodies that can be fragrances, body lotions, and moisturizers, handmade soaps, organic scrubs or shampoos, and home-made things.

3. Art

Handmade art is also a very growing interest in gifting in the newer generation. Gifting someone painting or a drawing of something that means of importance to them or a portrait of themselves is also a tremendous personalized gifting option.

4. Home Utility

This section is for those people who think that a gift should be something that is used by the receiver almost in their day to day activities as it brings them memories of each other. Such gifting ideas can include personalized or handmade home decor things or copper bottles and jugs that are more for the health-conscious folks.

5. Diyas

There are a lot of fancy and hand made diyas available across the market today. There are a lot of artistic small and home entrepreneurs who make customized candles and diya’s based on the taste and choice of each person. This can be an extremely personal and usable gift as candles and diyas can be used to light up your homes during the festival.

6. Home Baked Food

Sweets are old fashioned, and hence people are coming up with unique and healthy ways of gifting during festivals that are more personal and based on the likes and dislikes of who they are gifting to. Home bakers are available in plenty and they make stuff based on your requirements. There are also healthy options available without flour and sugar.

7. Herbal Tea & Coffee Beans

Tea & Coffee are premium gifting options during a festival. Tea and coffee are consumed almost every day in every household. However, people are looking for better quality and premium packages in these products that are mostly imported from other places and have a very authentic taste to it. So gifting these is a great idea.

8. Books

Everyone has a friend or a family member that is a book lover. Books are very special and are considered one of the best gifts. The core idea is to make them happy and add good books to the collection as it is an ever remembering and cherished the gift.

9. A Game Night

Find a place in the city where there are game nights within cafes or organize a family gets together as a gift to bring your family together to spend time playing and having some fun on the occasion of Diwali.

10. Fragrance Oils and Holders

Essential oils are great gift ideas because every home these days wants to have one to increase the aura of the house. These oils with their diffusers, come in various options of shapes and types and also flavours. Gifting one of these is also a great idea.

Offers are available in the markets on all these products, and some small vendors customize it too. For example, discounts are available on Amazon & Flipkart on most of the known FMCG products stated above. The offers are mostly like – buy one and get the second at an offer or buy a pack of things to get at a lower price. Most of the offers around Diwali gifting are mostly on bundling the products to take away at a much less price. This could, for example, be buying a candle for 100Rs and buying it with the holder at 120Rs where the holder individually if purchased, would be 50Rs.


There is a huge thought process around gifting to ensure that it is as personal and memorable as possible to let people remember your kind gestures and also cherish the same. Ensure to put a list of people well ahead you want to gift and write down each of their likes and preferences and try and think as much to gift them something of maximum usage and importance. Also, keep looking online for offers on Diwali gifting ideas and bundles. There are so many stores, both online and offline, for innovative Diwali ideas. Here’s the thing, the festivities can be as joyful as always, but the gifts don’t have to be as always. 

This Diwali, reject the old ideas and the same old ordinary gifts. Your choice of a Diwali gift signifies who you are and how much you care about your relations! So, fill all your creative time while selecting gifts for your dear ones. Your gifts must be covered with your thoughts and reactions and should be a vision of your warm moods. Invest your time in a gift that is creative, valuable and is respected on this pleasing occasion.

Diwali and Amazon Great Indian Festival offers on other products

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