Diwali Offers on 4G Mobiles During Amazon Great Indian Festival (2020)

Indians are very culturally oriented people, and festivals always excite us for the grand celebrations. The last few generations, including elders, have been quite into updating technology day by day, and everyone wants to hold a smartphone in their hands.

Smartphones with 4G technology have become a necessity in everyone’s life rather than a luxury a few years ago. It has changed our day to day life in the form of communication, online shopping, video calling, watching contents, attending online lectures & meetings in times like COVID-19.

The last few years have not just been innovation into the technology but also ever-updating internet facilities and the offers around them. Every brand now advertises their phones and services with features like the fastest internet, 4G in remote areas, internal memory, etc.

Most often the prices for a lot of products are taken up before sales and slashed down during Amazon Great Indian Festival or any other occasion. But for smartphones with 4G technology, the costs are not taken up but are slashed down in the form of offers like a price drop, exchange, or card discounts due to Diwali.

This is done so because the mindset around festivals is to possess new things and off late most craze is around having the latest technology and a gadget in your hands to ensure convenience and also carry a particular reputation in the society.

So, shall we begin with the best deals?

Best Diwali Offers on 4G Mobiles

Owning a 4G mobile is a sense of necessity, prestige, esteem, etc. A smartphone holder with the fastest internet technology of 4G is nothing less or slightly more than a walking encyclopedia. Be it buying for self, or thinking to gift your loved ones, 4G mobile is definitely the best gift idea for this Diwali.

ImageNamePriceGrab Deal
Redmi 9A

  • Regular Price: ₹6,799

  • Effective Price: ₹5,850

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Redmi 8A Dual

  • Regular Price: ₹7,499

  • Effective Price: ₹6,570

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Redmi Note 9

  • Regular Price: ₹11,999

  • Effective Price: ₹9,900

Grab Deal

Redmi Note 9 Pro

  • Regular Price: ₹13,999

  • Effective Price: ₹11,700

Grab Deal
Samsung Galaxy M21

  • Regular Price: ₹13,999

  • Effective Price: ₹11,700

Grab Deal
Nokia 5.3

  • Regular Price: ₹13,999

  • Effective Price: ₹11,700

Grab Deal
Oppo A52

  • Regular Price: ₹16,990

  • Effective Price: ₹12,590

Grab Deal

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

  • Regular Price: ₹16,999

  • Effective Price: ₹14,400

Grab Deal
Samsung Galaxy M51

  • Regular Price: ₹24,999

  • Effective Price: ₹20,499

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Offers on 4G Phones Under 10,000 INR

Offers on 4G Phones Under 15,000 INR

Offers on 4G Phones Under 20,000 INR

Offers on 4G Phones Under 25,000 INR

Offers on 4G Phones Under 30,000 INR

Reputed Brands in 2020

The 4G market has no particular season, unlike home appliances such as Air conditioners. A smartphone is a necessity these days at any given point in the year, and hence offers are generally ongoing throughout the year on these. However, Diwali is definitely a season where most people who are conservative look at changing their essential and expensive products as it is considered auspicious to buy during the festival.

Several leading brands said that they have enough stock of high-end imported fridges, LED TVs, and washing machines to tide over the festive season and now especially 4G mobiles because changing a phone has become more frequent than what it used to be.

The phone was always considered a usage once upon a time, but now people get bored of their phone in one year as there are so many exciting new ones coming in the market in a concise period. So, if you prefer buying from reputed brands, have a look at exclusive options they’ve put on offers for this Diwali season.

1. Apple

Apple products have always been known for its premium pricing and quality. Apple has a very different way of promotions. Their direct stores don’t provide any offers during a festival or any occasion. However, online retail does give suggestions as they are directly sourced from the wholesalers or the primary dealers.

There is a standard offer that apple follows, which is they slash the price or give suggestions on the previous models when new phone releases. The latest phone in Apple that released in September 2019 is the Apple iPhone 11 basic model priced between 50-60k. The pro version is much higher. Due to the release of this phone, Amazon and Flipkart and a few other online sites have reduced the prices of previous year’s phones like iPhone XS, XS Max & XR. It is an excellent time to buy these as they are premium phones and you get for a discount of at least 10-20% and about 10,000 + rupees reduction.

2. Samsung

Samsung’s strategies have been slightly different in terms of how they market their products. They generally bring in series of their same brand of phones like the S series or the Note series. Samsung plays very well and takes advantage during season times. Diwali is one of their significant concentrations as they target to make volume sales during this season.

The Samsung Galaxy series is the most famous and also the one that gets the most sales for the brand. Samsung Galaxy A 70, a mid-range smartphone is currently gaining its popularity and so is the budget-phone  Samsung M 10.

They bring in similar features as their competitors in the market at a slightly lower price tempting the customers to go towards their product. Samsung also has a budget series that sells phones in the range of 10-20k. Diwali offers are mostly around this range with maximum price slashing than on the higher field.

The latest Samsung smartphone has now is the Galaxy M 30 and M20. These are priced at 19,590 and 13,390 with a current discount on Amazon & Flipkart at 15% and 10%. Samsung’s higher-end market has the new launch of Note 10 Plus Aura Glow which looks lavishing. The original price of the phone is 85,000. However, the Diwali offer currently is 79,999, which is about a 6% offer on the original price.

3. OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo & MI

Some of the most popular budget phone brands in the market for last couple of years have been these three brands that have high volume sales due to their affordable pricing and features that equal to high-end phones.

There are several offers for Diwali and other occasions on these brands. The sellers take every advantage of providing offers and discounts and cash backs on these brands. These are quite user-friendly and also cheap and best for those who wish to purchase a new phone every year.

4. Other smaller brands

There are several smaller players in the smartphone market which are brands like Redmi, Ikall, Nokia, etc. which provide 4G services at prices around 5-10k as well. These brands mostly slash their prices during Diwali as their concentration is on the lower end of the market, and they push pricing and volume sales in the local stores with standard hoardings.

After the online market has taken over most of the products, offline retailers have seen lesser footfalls. The online market is more convenient with the increasing pace of the people getting busy with their work and life.

Online sales are expected to grow higher every year, depending on the historic buyer behavior analysis. This is because of the lack of time in people’s hands and buying online becomes more convenient. A lot of things to contribute to the growing online or digital business which mainly includes big players’ investments into the Indian market like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. and their massive offers given to the public.

The online markets like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. are taking over the brick and mortar stores that have been into the dealership business for several decades.


Offers and discounts are something that excites everyone no matter their economic status. The smartphone market is spread across the price range of 6K to 1L. There are very few products that have such a wide price range. 4G mobiles have become essential and brands try every luck and occasion to sell their phones and also come up with new models with changing trends, consumer mindset, and behavior.

The offers on 4G mobiles is an ongoing marketing technique for brands because of the constantly changing trends and interests people develop for this product. Also, Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India, and people look forward to owning new things during this time of the year. It is also believed to be sacred to buy new items during this festive season.

Hence, Diwali is the best time to buy a 4G mobile or similar gadgets at the best prices, which is a win-win situation for all. The best idea would be to decide the budget you can go up to, check out the deals above, evaluate the exchange offers, card offers, and then purchase. The money you save on the phone while buying during the Diwali can be spent on something more useful.

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