Diwali Offer on Flight Tickets

Are you planning to visit your family or friends during this Diwali? Do not worry, our list includes the Best Diwali offers on flight ticket booking in 2019. Shall we begin?

Festivals are no fun without family to celebrate. Most people live away from home, be it within the country or abroad. It is a necessary step to achieve what they want in life, but for a couple of days of the year, when festivities begin, people tend to feel more homesick and lonelier than they usually do. The joy of spending time with family and reliving the good, old childhood days around the people you love the most becomes a vital part of wanting to visit home. Though one cannot put a price tag on happiness like these, the cost of coming back home is quite high.

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Ticket prices of airlines can be a bit too much when one is traveling only for a couple of days. The airlines nowadays have proven to be more efficient than in the past, and as a result, there has been a reduction in airfare in the recent past. Supplementing affordability of tickets to the general public boosts their will to travel back home and have their family around them. Different airlines in India have various services included in their flight charges. The accessibility to the Internet has made a cumbersome process of booking tickets into a simple task of a couple of minutes at most. 

Diwali is one of the most religiously followed festivals in India. The entire country unites in celebrating this festival of light and hope. With the holidays being given on the occasion of this festival in most offices, banks and educational institutions, people long to get back home during this time. Airlines have positively monetized this urge of homesickness. Reduced ticket prices give incentives to people for traveling and reaching their destination in a short duration of time. Some of the most popular airlines in India which facilitate this are:

1. IndiGo

It is a shorter version of the name InterGlobe Aviation Limited which is a privately owned airline based in India. With its headquarters at Haryana, it is the fastest-growing domestic airline in India. It is also currently holding the largest market share in terms of passengers’ choice of airlines with nearly half of the total flier choosing it over any other airline, for domestic and international trips. The cheap tickets are the main reason for the attraction of the crowd towards them. The nominal value of the airfare adds to its appeal to become probably the most used airline by Indians in recent times. Though food is chargeable as extra and separately on the flight, the prices this company offer are incredibly reasonable and the services are standard. With 66 destinations as of yet in its mettle, it is a growing company with several domestic and international flights being ready to open for diversification.

2. Air India

While talking about airlines in India, the flag bearer cannot be ignored. Air India is the official government-owned airline. With its base or headquarters at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi which is the capital of India, it is the largest airline in India for international flights. It holds a market share of the aviation industry of nearly 18.5 percent in total. Apart from affordable tickets, food charges are included in the cost of the tickets. As a result, boarded passengers do not have to worry about their meals. They can fly to their destination without any hassle. It has 94 international as well as domestic destinations that are reached by Boeing aircraft. There are over 60 countries that the airline flies to in the international part of flights. 

3. SpiceJet

It should come as no surprise that airlines with the most affordable tickets have secured their spot as the forerunner in the aviation industry. SpiceJet is yet another economical option for traveling in and outside India. It’s the market share of passengers carried and the choice of the people has grown to be 13.2 percent since it started operations in 1993. In terms of domestic passengers who prefer this airline, SpiceJet holds the second-largest share in the country. Started initially as Royal Airways in 2005 for operations, it caters to 47 domestic destinations and 7 international destinations daily. Though the number of destinations it has stations in is lower than the aforementioned 2 airlines, its domestic hold, and dominance is pretty strong. 

4. GoAir

Owned domestically by Wadia Group, GoAir is the airline to look out for. It is the biggest competition of Indigo when it comes to the affordability of tickets and the quality of services. Its cheap tickets attract most of its customers who are on the lookout for the cheapest fares before traveling. Being the 4th largest airline in use in India (since Jet Airways has closed operations), it has managed to hold a market share of nearly 8.5 percent when it comes to people’s choice of airline. With a profit of more than 30 million in the year 2017, it has based its headquarters in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. It has stations in a total of 27 destinations out of which 23 are domestic destinations and 4 are international destinations. 

5. AirAsia India

AirAsia India is one of the best airlines for budget airline tickets in India. It started operations in India in the year 2014. In this short period of just 5 years of an ongoing operation, it has earned a market share of 6.5 percent in terms of people’s choice of airlines. It has set up its base in the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. It is jointly owned by the Tata Group and AirAsia Berhad with the majority shares of 51 percent being held by the Tata Group and 49 percent being owned by AirAsia Berhad. This airline flies to more than 20 states within the country daily, covering all the major states in India. 

6. Vistara Airlines

The Tata SIA Airlines Limited, also known as Vistara Airlines, is an Indian airline. Its hub is at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. It started operation in 2015, and within 4 years, it has built a customer base that holds a market share of 4.7 percent, which is quite huge when the number of years since its inception is to be taken into account. This is the 6th largest domestic airline in which passengers choose to travel. Its leading parent company is Tata, but it is owned in a joint venture by the Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines. Vistara airlines currently connect 24 destinations which are all domestic. It also has a frequent flyer program called ‘Club Vistara.’

7. Air India Express

The name of this airline has originated from the parent company, which is ‘Air India,’ and the Air India Express Limited controls it. Air India completely own Air India Express as a subsidiary. With its base or hub at the Cochin International Airport in Kerala, it commenced its operation in the year 2014. In its 5 years of existence, it has managed to make a reputation for itself, the credit of which mainly goes to its parent company, Air India. It connects 33 domestic as well as international destinations with catering to 4.2 million passengers each year. 

8. Star Air

This is the most recently started airline in India which commenced operations in 2019. It is a commuter airline which is owned by a domestic company- Ghodawat Enterprises. It has set up its base in the Enterprises International Airport in Bengaluru, Karnataka. This airline offers its aviation services mainly in the state of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat in support of UDAN. Star Air connects 5 destinations within the country, primarily focusing on the southern and central parts of India. It does not hold as much recognition as the other aviation companies because of its novelty. It is likely to take a couple of years to judge how it fares in India.

9. Zoom Air

This Dubai, UAE based airline is easily one of the most recognizable airlines in the world. It is a government-owned airline and named after the Emirates Group. It commenced operations in the year 1985 and 34 years of operation. It is the dominating airline of the aviation industry of the world. With its base in n the Dubai International Airport, it also has a number of its subsidiaries which are Emirates Tours and Emirates Holidays among others. It covers 161 destinations all over the world and provides some of the best services you can expect from an airline.

10. Qatar Airways

Just like Emirates, this is a top-rated international airline with its prominence in India as well. Its tickets might be on the expensive side, but it makes up for the price in service and comfort while traveling. It started operations in the year 1994 and has its base in Hamad International Airport in Doha. It has one of the highest numbers of connecting destinations among airlines reaching up to 150. 


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