Diwali Offer On DTH

DTH is a regular expense, but if you want to buy a 6-month or 12-month pack? Then the Diwali offers or the Amazon Great Indian Festival is going to be a really good time!

If there is one electronic appliance everyone has in their home, television is the most reliable answer. Be it early morning political updates on the news with tea or a plate of warm dinner with a reality show at night; television has become an indispensable part of our daily routine. Its contribution as a recreational means is immense. Family members of all age groups can individually enjoy programs of their choice or come together to watch a show.

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Imagine a vital cricket match going on, and your channels are blurry, or there is no connection. It is an instant agitator for the entire family. This is why having an excellent cable service is very important. It serves the purpose of providing all the channels which the subscriber wants at nominal rates. It gives a much better quality of audio as well as video in comparison to general cable operators. Direct-to-home services refer to receiving satellite TV signals from the broadcasting satellites and allows the channels to appear on TV.

One of the best features of DTH service is that people can choose the channels they want and pay for only those. Earlier, the cable operators used to provide an entire set of channels irrespective of the choice of the payer. The payer had to accept all the channels and pay for those channels as well, which he never watched. For example,- Most people will not understand or watch regional channels of other communities because of the language difference. However, the current scenario has lowered the burden of payment on the shoulder of the payer and justified the cost of the subscribed channels.

With Diwali coming up, these DTH service providers give offers on the cost of the DTH box and the number of channels at a discounted price. This becomes economical for people to get these services and enjoy HD quality of audio and video on their TV. Some of the best and most popular DTH cable operators are:

1. DishTV

If you own a television, you must have seen the advertisement for this DTH service with Shah Rukh Khan’s face as the brand ambassador. It is easily one of the most recognizable and popular DTH cable services in India. It is a part of the Zee Entertainment Enterprises. After a merger with Videocon d2h in 2018, it collectively became the biggest DTH service in the country. With an annual revenue of 20.28 billion, this DTH service provider has proved the amount of trust and faith people show in this brand. 

Dish TV NXT HD Set top box with 1 month New family and full on HD
  • 290+ Channels and Services
  • 1 year on-site warranty
  • Free Inclusive of Standard Accessories and Installation Cost
  • 1 Month New Super Family HD subscription

A considerable part of the market share is taken up by this reputed brand. It was started in 2003, and in about 16 years, this brand has established a loyal base and positive response of its customers. With attractive package offers like the Swagat Pack which offers up to 117 channels in 14 categories and All Sports package for sports fanatics, the channels can be custom made to fit the needs of the people. 

2. Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV is a popular DTH service provider which is a subsidiary of Bharti Telemedia Limited. It is operated by Airtel, the popular network service provider for mobile phones. Its audience base in the north of 12 million subscribers. This service provider has brought in quality satellite TV channels to people’s homes. Since 2008, it has been 10 years of enormous expansion and domination of the Direct To Home service providing market.

Airtel Digital TV HD Set Top Box With 1 Month Hd Pack
  • 1 month Value Lite Pack Included
  • Record your favourite shows
  • Airtel technician will come with the product for Installation

Along with the package, an infrared frequency controlled remote is provided. It can control both the TV and the DTH box. Packages of services of various channels can be selected from a wide range of high definition catalog. The variety of languages and categories for all the members of the family is enough to keep everyone happy.

iDarshan for devotional channels, iKids for the growing and impressionable minds of the kids and iMusicspace for music lovers are the unique features of this DTH service provider. With more than 500 channels available on it, it is one of the most diverse service providers in India. Programmes can be recorded as well.

3. Tata Sky

This highly advertised DTH service provider gives a major throwback to all of us. With taglines like ‘Isko laga dala, to life jhingalala’ and the advertisement which taught the entire nation the correct pronunciation of the words ‘pronounce’ and ‘pronunciation,’ it quickly gained popularity. The Tata Group and 20th Century Fox came together to create this DTH service provider to create this medium of the excellent viewing experience in 2006. 

Tata Sky HD Set Top Box
  • Enjoy the high definition experience with 1080i resolution
  • Modify or make your pack based on the channels that are available
  • Device Type: High Definition, Compression Technology: Mpeg4
  • Picture Resolution: 1080I
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Tata Sky is the pioneer in a lot of cases in the DTH service provider’s industry. It was Tata Sky which first introduced the provision to pause and rewind live TV shows and record them as well for watching later. Before them, this feature was unheard of.

Apart from just the TV channels provided by most services, it has various shows and learning opportunities for children, cooking channels for adults, and dance videos. It has a wide range of channels at affordable rates for the middle-class Indian customer base.

4. Independent TV

This name might not be recognizable to most people. This is because it is a new name of ‘Reliance Digital TV.’ This DTH service provider is a subsidiary of Reliance Communications. Global recognition of Reliance automatically builds a foundation of trust among the customer base for Independent TV. But even before the name ‘Reliance Digital TV came into existence, it was known as ‘Reliance Big TV’ in the year 2008. 

The reach of this DTH service is distributed all over the country. There are numerous categories of channels that can be chosen for monthly packs as well as an option called ‘pay per view.’ Suppose you do not want a channel for the entire month and is only needed for a specific day or programme. For such situations, a particular amount of money can be paid for that specific viewing of that show on a channel. The DTH provider sets the rate, which is feasible for both parties. 

5. Videocon D2H:

You might know the brand ‘Videocon’ from its market popularity in television, washing machines and refrigerators. Though it no longer exists independently because of its merger with DishTV, it was a forerunner in the service provider race. With Essel Group of its parent company, it held high respect in the community of DTH service providers. After the merger with DishTV, they now hold the most extensive customer base of nearly 30 million. Together they are the leaders of the DTH service providers.

‘Dish TV Videocon Limited’ is the new name given to the merged service provider with a combination of the names of both parties. In this merger, the majority stake is held by DishTV at 55.4% and Videocon holds the remaining stake of 44.6%. This merger has now emerged as a way of mutual benefit for both of them with a shared customer base and profits with each other.

6. DD Free Dish:

The idea of this service provider is attached to one of the oldest channels on cable TV, Doordarshan. There was a time when Doordarshan was the only channel available to the Indian audience as a means of recreation and news. Technology has come a long way from that phase. Initially, this service provider gave access to its channels without charging money, and it still exists free of cost to its customers. The only price is the initial installation of the DTH box and other hardware. No monthly payments have to be made further to subscribe to the channels. 

It has a small number of channels in its network, which are only restricted to their company’s limited channel list. Some regional channels are available mainly for news, performing arts and sports. It is ideal for low to lower-middle-class income groups. No financial burden is put on their shoulders other than the small expense at the time of installation. 

7. Sun Direct TV:

This DTH satellite service provider is mostly subscribed by the families in the southern part of India. It has the most share of regional language channels like channels in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. Apart from the regional language channels, it also provides a clear set of English and Hindi channels. It was started in 2017 by the Sun Network of India in a joint venture with the Malaysian Astro Group. 

One of the most significant advantages of this DTH service is that the service provider gives the required hardware free of cost. It is incredibly economical for low-income groups who cannot shell out big bucks for network channels. Nearly 6 million customer base shows their success. 


There is quite a range of DTH services available in the market. With the upcoming festive season, it just makes it all the better to grab one or to switch to another with the ongoing discounts! 

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