Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

As October comes, the air is filled with the vigor of festivities that will follow. Diwali, the festival of lights, will be welcomed and cherished by one and all. We all await this festival with a twinkle in our eyes and a spark in our hearts.

Diwali brings with it the joy of giving and sharing. This is what the Diwali gifts are all about. Be it for your girlfriend, family member, or your employee; a thoughtful Diwali gift will mean a lot to anyone!

Your Diwali gift to your employees will be welcomed as a kind gesture. Not only will it keep them motivated, but it also conveys the feeling that the organization truly cares for their hard work. However, we know that choosing the perfect Diwali gift is not an easy task.

With a myriad of options present in the Amazon Great Festival sale, selecting the right Diwali gift for your employees must be confusing. To overcome this, we present a few gift ideas for your employees that will surely make their Diwali even more special.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started!

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Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees in 2020

1. Lantern Candle Holder

What better than starting the festivities with a token of light and love? A hanging lantern candle holder can do wonders. They are handy and come in varying sizes, colors, and designs. They are made of metal, and so are sturdy and safe.

The four sides of the candle holder have glass sides so that when you light the candle inside, its flame can be visible near and far. Accompanying the lanterns are small candles to complete the set. The best way to spread more light around you, this lantern candle holder will make the perfect gift for your employees.

2. Dry Fruit Hamper

Dry fruits are the nutritional replacement of sweets. They are not only pro-health but also rich in taste. You can present a wide range of rich dry fruits like cashews almonds, pistachios and dried dates, and apricots presented beautifully in well-crafted gift boxes. For a festive touch, you can also include a pair of clay diyas or a set of 2 tea-lights with the hamper.

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a preferable choice of gift by many employees. This is because these cards are not tied to a specific gifting item. They provide the person who receives them an opportunity to exercise his free will. You can either gift a physical paper gift card or even an email code one. The balance on the card can be easily converted to brand vouchers. Some companies also provide gift cards with amazing cashback deals or discounts on their products.

4. Home Fragrances

Who does not like to have a well-scented home? Sweet fragrances not only keep you fresh and stress-free but also add a signature touch to your home. Available in assorted fragrances like apple cinnamon, jasmine, lavender, and lemongrass, these fragrances delivery systems are available in all shapes and sizes.

There is a pouch of fragrant reed grass in a ceramic pot, or organic beads dipped in essential aromatic oils, that can add a heavenly touch to your house. The ceramic container pots come with a cork so that your gift doesn’t lose its magic when not in use. You can place these home fragrances in a distinct corner of your home, where they can fill the corner with their magic.

5. Aroma Oil Burner Lamp

Diwali is all about light and fragrances. This aroma oil burner lamp will combine both the elements together. Oil diffuser lamps are available in many beautiful contemporary designs. They are durable and built of ceramic and have a crevice at the back to support a tea light. There is an oil burner that can be placed just above the tealight.

You can pour a few drops of the aromatic oil that accompanies the lamp, and the oil burner above the light will burn to spread a rich fragrance. It will fill your room with the essence of Diwali.

6. Potpourri

This is the age-old mixture of dried natural flowers and fragrant plant material and spices. It adds a luxurious scent to your house when placed in a bowl. The scent of this gift can last from about two months to a year. It depends upon what blend you have chosen. You can select a single aroma or a blend of a couple of fragrances in a net or satin box or even a small basket.

7. Aromatic Candles

Candles have now become more specialized and unique. Plain old white wax candles are now replaced by natural aromatic and colorful wax ones. These candles are handcrafted to suit the occasion. Some of them have dried flower petals molded with the wax for an exclusive look. The bright hues with a blend of novel essential oils give them a unique touch.

The best part is, they are non-smoky and dripless and continue to give their aroma till the end. They come in beautifully designed packs for an added appeal. You can choose an assortment of colors and designs for a more appealing gift pack.

8. Set of Designer Diyas

Diwali is incomplete without Diyas. The twinkle of an earthen Diya on the Diwali night is a beauty in itself. Since ancient times, Diwali has been associated with the lightening of clay Diyas with oil in them.

These days these earthen lamps come in bright colors and vivid hues. Some of them have been cast and molded into the most beautiful designs and shapes of lotus, conch, stars, peacocks, and many more. You can choose an assortment of brightly painted and decorated clay Diyas and gift them together as a pack.

9. LED Tea Light Candles

Tea lights have a fairy charm of their own. Candles can melt and lose their charm, but these LED tea light candles will continue to illuminate your home with their appeal. These candles are just like the traditional ones but without flames.

Yes, they are battery-operated, and so are non-smoky and environment-friendly. You can select either the plain golden light ones or if you want, you can even choose the colorful LED light ones.

10. Chocolate Hamper

Chocolate hamper with a collection of handmade chocolates in varying flavors will serve as a sweet gesture of your affection. You can select an assortment of chocolates-milk chocolates, chocolate covered dried fruits, and even dark chocolate candies. You can also include the sugar-free versions for a more health-friendly approach.


Gifts are many, and so are our choices. The gift ideas presented above for your employees are excellent and they will like it for sure. The festive aspects of Diwali are to make the festival a happy and memorable one for all of us. So make your choice and be ready with your gifts.

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