Mirror Universe

There may be another universe, precisely like our own — then again, actually it’s an ideal identical representation.

Physicist Leah Broussard is:

 “O the hunt for a universe that is identical to our own, but flipped so that it contains mirror atoms, mirror molecules, mirror stars and planets, and even mirror life,” according to a fascinating New Scientist profile of Broussard’s work. “If it exists, it would form a bubble of reality nestling within the fabric of space and time alongside our own familiar universe, with some particles capable of switching between the two.”

Dark Matter

The hypothesis could clarify dark matter — the hereto-in secret substance which, considering perceptions of gravitational impacts, researchers trust represents a significant part of the issue known to man.

The thought — reinforced, Broussard accepts, by trials with neutrons — is that a few particles may almost certainly stage forward and backward between our well-known universe and the identical representation one.

To test that hypothesis, Broussard and associates are getting ready for a trial in which they’ll fire a light emission at an invulnerable divider — and afterward check whether any staged through to the opposite side.



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