Best Earplugs for Studying in India – 2020 [Reviews & FAQs]

Best Earplugs for Studying

These days students tend to live tiring lives. A healthy balance between entertainment, exercise, and studying is on-demand, yet not one person can accomplish it. Out of these, studying is definitely not easy. And living in a city, just makes it a thousand times worse. With the deafening noise of the construction machines, little kids … Read more

Best Mosquito Bat in India – Best Brands & Reviews (2020)

best mosquito bat - racket in india

Mosquitoes can be damn irritating. The monsoon season in India welcomes the prolific growth of these annoying species. Additionally, they can infect people with dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, zika, etc. There are many solutions to get rid of mosquitoes in your surroundings. However, the best way out is getting an electric mosquito bat. They … Read more

8 Best Ball Pens in India (Expert Recommendations)

Best Ball Pen in India

In search of a good-quality ball pen for your writing needs? Whether you need one for writing assignments or for writing exams or for just business purposes, this list includes the best ones available in the Indian market, that’ll surely take care of your writing needs! Exams are an essential part of student life. They … Read more