10 Best Thermal Wears for Snow & Winter in India (2020)

Best Thermal Wear for Snow in India

Temperatures are reaching great extremes with each passing year. Winters are getting colder. In such a situation, making smart clothing choices helps in achieving maximum comfort. The chilly winters and snow of India can be braved with the right thermal wear. Thermal is a piece of cloth, top or bottom, that provides insulation and keeps … Read more

9 Best Routers Under 1000 Rupees in India [Seamless Connectivity]

Best Routers Under 1000

The internet is influencing our daily lives in an unprecedented manner. Our appetite for internet-run devices doesn’t seem to shrink. It provides us with smart solutions to our modern issues. It lets you turn on your air conditioner even before entering your house for an on-the-go optimum temperature. Similarly, you can turn on the LED … Read more

9 Best Fitness Bands Under 2000 (INR) in India [Expert Picks]

Best Fitness Bands Under 2000

Fitness bands are powerful and handy devices that enable you to take accountability for your fitness. This nifty gadget has risen to prominence and is here to stay, given our constant need to simultaneously manage our fitness as we go through our schedule. While smartwatches do offer features beyond fitness-tracking, they can rip through your … Read more