11 Best Top Load Washing Machines in India [Expert Reviews]

Best Top Load Washing Machines

It’s believed that top load washing machines are much better than front-loading washing machines when it comes to usability. Because they are easy to use, do not put pressure on the user’s back, and can be moved around comfortably. Apart from that, top-loaders are more affordable compared to front-load ones. Though we advise you to … Read more

9 Best Washing Machines Under 15,000 INR in India [2020]

Best Washing Machine Under 15000

A budget of Rs. 15,000 isn’t enough for getting a feature-rich washing machine, but it surely can get you a reliable option that’s suited for most of the Indian households. There used to be a time where people were skeptical about getting a technologically advanced device for basic purposes such as washing clothes, but with … Read more