10 Best 1 Ton Split ACs in India – 2020 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Best 1-Ton Split ACs in India

Are you looking for an air conditioner which can keep your small room or office cool? A 1-ton AC is recommended for small spaces under 800 sq ft. But not all 1-ton ACs are the same, and that’s the reason we’re here to help you. Longer and harsher, summers are becoming a regular occurrence with … Read more

11 Best Air Conditioners (AC) in India (2020): Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best AC in India

Due to the rising heat and climate changes, there is healthy growth in the number of air conditioners sold, especially in hot countries like India. However, you shouldn’t JUST buy any random AC, as not only does it costs huge, but it shall be at your home, office, bedroom, etc. for around 5-7 years. You … Read more

12 Best Window ACs in India: Expert Reviews [2020]

Best Window AC in India

Although, Split ACs are quite popular in the modern houses in India, but a lot of you might consider getting a Window AC because it requires low maintenance, costs lesser, when compared to the Split air conditioners. Besides, they’re perfect for small rooms. If you’re planning to purchase a Window air conditioner, then you must … Read more

10 Best Inverter AC in India: Expert Reviews (2020)

Best Inverter ACs in India

Having an Inverter AC at your place could reduce your power consumption significantly. Although, it costs slightly higher, but if you’re someone who are tired of paying high bills due to an air conditioner, it’s time for you to get an inverter model! The cost of an Inverter air conditioner is slightly higher than the … Read more