Brain health in older adults improve by participation in musical activities

Participation in musical activities throughout life may contribute to enhanced brain health in older adults, as revealed by a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter.

The investigation, part of the ongoing PROTECT study involving individuals aged 40 and above, scrutinized data from over a thousand participants in this age group. Specifically, researchers examined the impact of playing a musical instrument or participating in choir singing on cognitive function. With over 25,000 participants enrolled in the study over its decade-long duration, the findings shed light on the relationship between musical engagement and cognitive well-being.

Analysis of participants’ musical backgrounds and lifelong exposure to music, coupled with cognitive assessments, unveiled a correlation between musicality and cognitive prowess, particularly in memory retention and executive function – the ability to tackle complex tasks. Furthermore, the study suggested that engaging in singing also yielded positive effects on brain health, potentially attributed to the social aspects inherent in group musical activities.

Professor Anne Corbett, leading the research, remarked on the significance of their findings, suggesting that musical involvement could bolster cognitive resilience, termed cognitive reserve. While further investigation is warranted, the implications suggest that promoting musical education and encouraging musical pursuits in later life could serve as preventive measures for brain health.

The narrative is further enriched by the testimony of Stuart Douglas, a 78-year-old accordion player from Cornwall, who underscores the lifelong commitment to music and its impact on brain vitality. Stuart’s personal experience aligns with the study’s conclusions, emphasizing the role of music not only in personal enjoyment but also in contributing to community engagement and potentially mitigating cognitive decline in older age.

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