10 Best Thermal Wears for Snow & Winter in India (2021)

Temperatures are reaching great extremes with each passing year. Winters are getting colder. In such a situation, making smart clothing choices helps in achieving maximum comfort. The chilly winters and snow of India can be braved with the right thermal wear.

Thermal is a piece of cloth, top or bottom, that provides insulation and keeps the body warm. It is a source of comfort because they soak up any perspiration and keep you safe from cold. It is lightweight and allows you to easily do your work even during winters. Choose the right thermal wear, and you will be able to conquer the chilliest times with minimal clothes.

Since the plethora of thermal wear brands available in India, we researched and reviewed the top-10 options that are made of good quality materials. We have ensured to include wears for everyone; be it men, women, young girls, or adult boys so that you can find all of them in one place with peace!

The decision of buying a thermal depends on your needs and preferences. There are some professional thermals that are custom made for mountaineering or extremely cold weather. But those are not suited for Indian snow and winter’s temperatures. Before buying, you should consider its size, fitting, fabric, rating, and other properties.

And to help you with everything, let us begin!

Best Thermal Wears for Snow in India (2021)

Thermals are a great investment in terms of clothing. They can be a life-saver during the chilly days and nights of winters. They have an insulation quality that allows heat to be trapped to keep your body warm at all times. They also soak up the sweat produced by your body to prevent you from catching a cold and falling ill. We took all such important things into consideration, and present to you a list of our favorites:

1. Best for Men: Thermal Set by Alfa

  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 57% as expected
  • Size: 80 cm – S, 85 cm – M, 90 cm – L, 95 cm – XL, 100 cm – XXL
  • Colour: Black, Navy Blue, and Brown

This thermal wear set for men by Alfa comes with a top and a bottom. It is made with super-soft thick blended cotton fleece that guarantees warmth as well as comfort. The lycra rib fabric used in This product by Alfa gives it strength and stretchability.

The zero shrink property of this fabric makes the product long-lasting and durable. The product is available in 5 different sizes from S to double XL. It comes in a slim fit, so it is advisable to buy it in a size larger than the one you usually wear.

All the components of the lower in this set are made of premium quality. High quality elastic is used in the welt for durability and comfort. The lower has a fly front, which means that the buttons on the lower are covered with a layer of cloth. This ensures maximum protection.

This extremely under-budget product comes with 3 different colour options- black, navy blue, and brown. It is stylish and can be worn as an inner or outerwear. As a bonus, you also get a pair of socks free with the thermal set!

The high-rated thermal set by Alfa comes with a lot of rave reviews and positive experiences. The quality is dependable and worth the money. The fabric is comfortable, long-lasting, and will keep you warm in the lowest of temperatures.

Dads, grandfathers, sons, brothers, boyfriends- this thermal wear is the ideal winter wear for all the men out there.

  • This product is available in a wide variety of colours
  • It comes as a full set including a top and a bottom
  • The lower has high-quality elastic which makes it durable
  • Front fly opening in the lower ensures protection
  • The product has received a high rating and positive reviews
  • Choosing the right fit can be difficult
  • The product comes in size smaller than expected

2. Best for Women: Lux Inferno Ladies 3/4

  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 82% as expected
  • Size: 80 cm – S, 85 cm – M, 90 cm – L, 95 cm – XL, 100 cm – XXL
  • Colour: Grey and White

The brand of Lux resonates with most Indian households. It holds a special place in our hearts and very rightfully so. It is known for its premium quality and comfortable. And what doesn’t hurt is that this brand is extremely affordable.

This Lux Inferno Thermal wear for women contains a 3/4th sleeved top and a bottom. Both these items are made with 100% cotton fabric. They are extremely comfortable and light. At the same time, they provide maximum warmth.

This thermal set is ideal winter wear for all women. It comes in 5 different sizes ranging from Sm to 2XL and is available in two colour options including grey and white. Both these colours can suit any skin tone and will form the perfect base for any clothes that you want to wear on top.

The fitting of this product has been as expected and perfect for many of the buyers. It has a high 82% as the expected fit rating. The product is gentle, and thus it is better to wash it with hands and avoid machine wash. Also, make sure that you do not bleach the items in this set. That can have an impact on their quality.

This product is lightweight and skin-friendly. The 3/4th sleeves of the top make it easy for the wearer to do any task while wearing this piece of clothing. And at the same time, it looks stylish. It is the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort.

  • This set is made with 100% cotton which ensures maximum comfort
  • This product comes as a set which includes a top as well as a bottom
  • The items in this set are lightweight and skin-friendly
  • Both the colour options, grey and white, can suit any person and any clothing
  • Lux is a trusted brand for Indian clothing
  • This product cannot be machine washed
  • You will have to take extra care of this product while storing

3. Best for Young Girls: Vimal Jonney Blended Set

  • Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 59% as expected
  • Size: 2-3 years, 6-12 years, 8-9 years, 9-10 years, 10-11 years, 12-18 years
  • Colour: Black, Grey, Blue, White, and Brown

Vimal Kids Thermals have been in the market for the past 40 years. It has continued to serve people gloriously. As the name suggests, Vimal acts as a savior in the chilly winter days of India.

This thermal wear from Vimal Jonney is made for children, especially young girls. It comes in different sizes, depending on the age category. The price of the product is different for different categories. It consists of a top and a lower to provide full warmth and coverage for your young ones.

Based on the reviews, it is advisable to buy the product in size larger than your kid usually wears.

This Blended Thermal Top & Pyjama Set for Girls is made with special soft blended fabric to cater to the soft and sensitive skin of children. The top and bottom are of full length and come in a plethora of colours. Your little girl has a variety of options to choose from- black, grey, blue, white, and brown.

If your girl has to brave the chilly weather of winters, be it in school, on a trip, or simply on her bed, this product will have her back. This product will keep her warm and comfortable.

  • This product is made for kids especially young girls
  • This product is soft and perfect for the skin of children
  • It comes in a plethora of colour options
  • It comes as a set including a top and a bottom that provide full coverage to your young ones
  • It is a comfortable thermal wear for any location or occasion
  • The size of this product is usually smaller than expected
  • Customers have expressed concern over the mismatch in the size of the top and the lower

4. Best Bottom Wear for Men: Jockey Thermal Pant

  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 82% as expected
  • Size: 80 cm – S, 85 cm – M, 90 cm – L, 95 cm – XL
  • Colour: Charcoal Melange and Off White

When we hear the name of this brand, then we instantly think of elegance and luxury. Jockey is a brand that is attached to class and sophistication. You cannot really go wrong while buying a Jockey product.

The Men’s Cotton Thermal Pant by Jockey is made of a unique blend of fabrics, including 56% cotton, 21% polyester, and 23% viscose. This astounding material blend retains dampness to prevent you from catching any cold, and it gives you warmth. The product has a “cotton rich brushed interlock” quality, which means that it is thicker than a single layer of clothing, and it traps a layer of air. This air acts as an insulant to prevent the loss of body heat.

Jockey has made sure that all the elements of this pant are of the utmost quality. The waistband is made of durable and soft fabric. The pants have elastance ribbed cuffs at the end that prevent them from riding work. The seams on this product are blind and barely noticeable. All these qualities make this product a great fit for any man.

This men’s thermal pant comes in 4 different sizes ranging from S to XL. It comes in a tailored fit that can give anyone wearing it a stylish figure. Charcoal Melange and Off White are the two colour options. The price of this high-quality product depends on the size you pick.

The style, the look, the quality, the fit, the fabric, the protection this product scores high marks in all the parameters. It has a high customer rating of 4.1 stars.

  • The product uses a brushed interlock technology that traps body heat and keeps you warm
  • The waistband is soft as well as durable
  • Elastance ribbed cuffs at the ankles prevent the pants from rolling up
  • You can choose from two classy colour options- Charcoal Melange and Off White
  • The product has a high rating and rave reviews from customers 
  • It is not a set and does not contain a top
  • The price of the product depends on the size that you choose

5. Best Warmer Wear for Women: Zimfit Cotton Wear

  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 86% as expected
  • Size: 76-83 cm – XS , 83-89 cm – M, 89-94 cm – L, 94-99 cm – XL, 99-104 cm – XXL, 104-109 cm – XXXL, 109-114 cm – XXXXL
  • Colour: Dark Grey and White

This is a highly versatile product despite being one of the cheapest thermal wear for winters on our list. It comes in a large variety of seven different sizes ranging from S to XXXXL. The Zimfit Cotton Wear is affordable and caters to the body sizes of all women. It is a public favourite, in our opinion.

The particular product on our list is a half sleeve thermal top. It comes in two colour options- dark grey and white. You can also get the full-sleeved thermal tops and lowers for women by Zimfit in the same price range. In terms of size and style, the options are multiple!

The half sleeved thermal top is made with cotton. It can be easily worn inside any cloth to allow maximum mobility of hands and body. It comes with unbelievable softness and comfort. It is advisable to wash the product gently by hand and to avoid bleaching.

“It’s way better than I expected. Very soft and comfortable,” said one of the happy customers. A popular choice for its low price and size varieties, this product has a high 4.2-star rating and several positive reviews.

  • This product is extremely because of its low price
  • This product comes in the highest size options 
  • You can choose from two colour options- dark grey and white
  • The half sleeved thermal top allows mobility and comfort
  • It comes with a high 4.2-star rating and several positive reviews
  • This product does not come as a set and only consists of a half-sleeved top
  • This product cannot be machine washed or bleached

6. Best for Adult Men: Lux Cottswool Thermal Set

  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 73% as expected
  • Size: 80 cm – S, 85 cm – M, 90 cm – L, 95 cm – XL, 100 cm – XXL
  • Colour: Brown, Blue, and Black

The Men’s Cotton Thermal Cottswool Set by Lux is the most value for money product that you’ll ever come across when exploring thermal wears for snow in India. Why do we say so? Well, there are several reasons. A, it comes as a set, including a top and a bottom.

This product comes in a massive size range- from S to XXXXL- a long list of 8 sizes to choose from. Unlike the other products, this product also has a specific chest and waist size markings for each size. All of this makes the Men’s Cotton Thermal Set by Lux an extremely convenient buy for all men.

This set is 100% cotton. The top is full sleeved and round-necked. The set comes in 3 colour varieties- brown, blue, and black. Plenty of varieties to choose from!

Lux is a brand known for stylish winter wear. The cotton-rich fabric embraces your body in a perfect fir and shields you in the chilly days of winter. The price of the product varies with each size. The size you choose will decide what you pay for it. The sheer quality of this thermal makes it fit for hand-wash only. It is also advisable to not bleach it.

  • The product comes in a set including a top and a bottom
  • This product comes in 8 size options to choose from
  • The product is made of 100% cotton
  • There are three varied colour options to choose from- brown, black, and blue
  • The product comes with a high 4.1 rating
  • The product cannot be hand washed or bleached
  • The price of the product depends on the size you choose

7. Best Thermal Top for Men: Hanes Men's Top

  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 91% as expected
  • Size: 80 cm – S, 85 cm – M, 95 cm – XL
  • Colour: Black

The Hanes Men's Top is made with a unique blend of luxurious cotton, polyester, and viscose fabric. This gives the product an ultrasoft feel along with warmth and comfort.

The product gets the best fit because the contoured half-sleeve style of the product makes it snug and exceptional for every man. It is shaped to fit. The u-neck design ensures that the thermal does not show when worn underneath.

The product comes with the highest rating of 4.4 stars by its existing customers. And has a reasonable expectation of 91%. “I had gifted this to my dad. The product is nice and has lasted for four winters,” said one of the many happy customers of this product.

The product is available only in one colour option- Anthra Melange, which is a shade of black. It comes in 3 sizes. The high-quality fabric is easy to handle and store and can be machine washed with ease.

  • This product has the best fit for men
  • The unique blend of fabrics makes the product warm as well as comfortable
  • The u-neck design ensures that the product does not peep out
  • It can be machine-washed
  • It comes with the highest rating and a high fitting expectation
  • It is available only in one shade
  • It is available only in 3 sizes

8. Best Fit for Women: Women Thermal Top by Neva

  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 100% as expected
  • Size: 75 cm – XS, 80 cm – S, 85 cm – M, 90 cm – L, 95 cm – XL, 100 cm – XXL, 105 cm – XXXL
  • Colour: Dark Grey

Neva is a trusted clothing brand for women. It has been in the business for a long time. The brand is popular for soft, warm thermals that are a perfect fit for women of different sizes.

The Women Thermal Top by Neva comes in a wide variety of seven size options from XS to 3XL. The fitting is slim and sticks close to the skin. This property of the thermal makes it like a second skin and gives you a non-bulky look. It has the highest fit expectations of 100%.

The product is made with a 100% cotton fabric that makes it soft yet warm which makes it effective for snow in India. This 3/4th sleeved top has a deep round neck and back. This ensures that the thermal does not peep out when you wear it under other clothes.

The only disadvantage of this product is that it comes in only dark grey colour and cannot be machine-washed or bleached.

  • This product has the best fit for women
  • It comes in 7 size options
  • It comes with the highest fitting expectation
  • The deep round neck and back keeps it hidden under clothes
  • The slim-fitting of the product allows you to not look bulky
  • It is available only in one shade
  • It cannot be machine washed

9. Best Under Rs. 500: OSWAL JBI Body Warmer

  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 68% as expected
  • Size: 80 cm – S, 85 cm – M, 90 cm – L
  • Colour: Black and Maroon

The thermal upper set of two by Oswal gives you pack of 2 body warmers under 500 Rupees. A great bargain! The set consists of two thermal tops- in black or brown. It comes in 3 size options.

This set is made with soft thick polyester and viscose. The thick fabric layering has a zero-shrink property. This makes the product extremely warm and long-lasting. That is the reason that this product has a high customer rating of 4.2 stars.

This set of two full-sleeved V-necked thermal tops looks perfect on anybody. It can be worn outside or inside other clothes. Men looking to stock up your winter wears with affordable thermals, should choose this thermal set by Oswal as their first choice. On days when doing laundry seems like a task, having these two thermals will come as a blessing!

This product, however, comes in only three size options currently. It needs to be gently washed in warm water and cannot be bleached.

  • You get a set of two thermal tops in under 500 Rupees
  • The zero shrink property ensures that it stays in good quality for a long time
  • The combination of polyester and viscose makes the product warm and comfortable
  • The full-sleeved and V-neck design of this product makes it look very stylish
  • It can be worn as an inner or an outerwear
  • The product is available in only 2 colours
  • It is available in only 3 sizes

10. Thermal Bottom by Dixcy Scott

  • Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars
  • Fit: 68% as expected
  • Size: S, L, XL
  • Colour: Black and Maroon

Dixcy Scott is a popular inner-wear brand for Indian men. This Thermal Bottom by Dixcy Scott is a popular and cost-effective option for winters in India. It will go well with all your thermal tops.

The brand ensures that the product is of high-quality. It is made with 62% polyester and 38% cotton. This mixture traps heat and provides moisture transport to keep your body warm day in and day out.  The anti-odor technology used in this product prevents the growth of foul smell and odour causing microbes.

The flat seems on this product give it a smooth finish against the skin and also prevents chafing. It has an a4-way stretch system that allows maximum mobility. The waistband is covered with a soft fabric and has a drawstring closure that gives it a comfortable fit.

The extremely high-quality of this product makes it easy to maintain and store. It allows the product to be fit for machine-washes. This product, however, is available in only three sizes- S, L, and XL. And comes in only two colours- black and maroon.

  • This thermal wear is of a high-quality and comes under 50 rupees
  • It has an anti-odour technology
  • Flat seams prevent chafing
  • The a4-way stretch system allows maximum mobility 
  • The product can be washed in a machine
  • This product is available in only 3 size options
  • This product has only two colour varieties

Best Thermal Wear Brands in India

1. Alfa

Alfa is one of the very known brands, especially for its Thermal wears. I personally use Alfa’s thermal wear for winter or snow. The pricing and quality are maintained very well by this brand. Also, their products are good and suitable for all categories of consumers, be it children, men, or women.

2. Lux Inferno

Lux Inferno from Lux innerwear is one of the finest products of the Indian household brand. Known for its uncompromising quality and comfort, the brand is best for your needs around the year. For winters, thermal wears from Lux inferno has unmatched quality with comfortable and cozy fabric, low prices, and high-quality. Made from the finest cotton, their products and the brand is value for money.

3. Vimal Jonney

From Vimal’s makers, Jonney is one of the finest offerings in the range of thermals and warmers. Products of Vimal Jonney is apt for chills of the winters and also for your pocket. Quality and style under a reasonable price are what Vimal Jonney makes possible for masses. Vimal Jonnet offers luxurious, warm, and cozy fabric with design practical for use and is available for men, women, and kids.

4. Jockey

Jockey is a synonym of innerwear and sportswear worldwide, and its thermal range is also in its class category. Comfort, fit, and design is what Jockey is widely recognized globally. Premium, rich, class-apart designs with skin-friendly fabrics, make the thermal products highly suited for everyone out there. The brand provides a wide range of designs, patterns, and for both men and women at budget-friendly prices, which takes into account quality.

5. Zimfit

Zimfit offers a wide range of quality products at budget-friendly prices. The mass loves Zimfit’s thermals for both men, women, and kids for their quality, comfort, and warmth. The quality provided in the price range makes the brand loved by many. The quilted design, subtle color, and cozy material of the Zimfit thermals are its unique selling points.

6. Hanes

Hanes from Hanesbrands is America’s one of the oldest and reputed clothing brand known for its consistent quality. Its range of thermals have a modern design and fit ideal for modern clothing to be seamless under them. Available for both men and women, the brand offers a wide range of variety of products under a competitive price range.

7. Neva

Thermals from the Neva are warm, soft, and comfy, along with being reasonably priced. The range of thermals and other garments from Neva Garments are reliable and of quality. The range offers different types of thermal inners for both men and women and also in various color options. The fabric used by the brand is cozy and thin despite being extremely warm.

8. Oswal JBI

Oswal is a go-to grab brand for winter apparel, warmers, thermals, and more. It is a brand heavily relied upon for winter clothes and what could better than their body warmers and thermals. Oswal JBI offers a wide range of body thermals and warmers in styles and colors. A household brand, used by many, and from years, also provides price competitive and highly affordable.

9. Dixcy Scott

Dixcy Scott, a lifestyle brand started as an innerwear brand is prospering from the last three decades. Its range of innerwear is a favorite of Indian consumers, and the thermal range is loved by many with its approach to look cool, stay warm. Adequate thick, simply warm, and in various styles, design, and for men and women both, the Dixcyy Scott thermals and range of products are a sure choice.

10. Selfcare

Selfcare brand of thermals offers one of the best crafted thermal wears with practical design, wide range, and details. The range from Selfcare includes unique products like thermal blouses, thermal camisoles, tank tops, and colorful tops as well. Ask for a set, sleeved top, sleeveless top, pajamas, lowers, and a lot more from the thermal range of Selfcare brand and also under pocket-friendly prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know my thermal size if I know my shirt size?

You can easily know the size of your thermal wear if you are aware of your shirt size. The distribution is like this: 76-83 cm for XS , 83-89 cm for M, 89-94 cm for L, 94-99 cm for XL, 99-104 cm for XXL, 104-109 cm for XXXL, 109-114 cm for XXXXL. In some brands, there is a bit of a size-discrepancies, so it is always better to check and wear the product or go through the reviews once. Some brands also offer the thermals based on age; in such cases, it is better to confirm the sizes corresponding to each age bracket before purchasing.

What are some trusted brands for men’s thermal wear?

There are many brands that make thermals for men. Your choice should depend on your preferences. You should consider the fabric, price, rating, fit, and other qualities before making the purchase. Some of the most favourite thermal brands for men in India are Alfa, Jockey, Lux, Hanes, Oswal, and Dixcy Scot.

What are some trusted brands for women’s thermal wear?

Several brands make thermals for women in India. Your pick of thermals should be based upon your body type and personal preference. You should always analyse the fabric, price, rating, fit, and other qualities before making the purchase. Here are some of the brands which are famous for making thermals for women in India: Jockey, Neva, Zimfit, and Lux.

Are body warmer wears important in winters?

As the years go by, temperatures are reaching new extremes, and winters are getting chiller. In such a situation, having the right thermal wear can keep you warm in the winter cold. Thermals provide insulation and keep the body warm. They soak up any perspiration and keep you safe from cold. They allow you mobility and ease. Choose the right thermal wear, and you will be able to conquer the chilliest times with minimal clothing.

Do thermals help in extreme winters or snow in India?

How warm will the thermal keeps you completely depends on its properties? You have to analyze the fabric used to make this judgment. A mix of cotton, polyester, and viscose is the best for winter wear. But if the temperature is very extreme, it is always better to wear some clothes on top of the thermals as they are light-weight and easily layer-able.

Can I wear thermals outside?

Whether a thermal is outerwear or innerwear depends on its properties. While some thermals can be worn alone, they can be worn on top of other clothes or underneath. The finishing of the thermal and its look will help you make your decision. Also important to consider is its colour and fitting. You will want to choose a thermal in the colour that suits you and in a fit that does not make you look bulky.


Like any other daily-wear, thermals are an article of low-maintenance clothing. Once winters get over, thermals can be packed and stored easily and can be ready to use whenever needed. You do not need to take special care of them. Just wear them, and you are good to go and fight the cold.

In this article, we have reviewed top-rated options that are best suited for snow in India. If you’re still confused with the multiple choices, let us quickly help you get the right one for yourself. If you are looking for a good set of thermal wear for men, Thermal Set by Alfa is our top pick.

If you’re a woman who is looking for the best top and bottom wear for the coming winters, the Lux Inferno Ladies 3/4 is the option you should consider. It’s made by Lux and you must have used one of their products so far. Last but not the least, if you’re a parent who is exploring options for your girl, the best pair, in that case, would be Vimal Jonney Blended Set.

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