Best Sandwich Makers in India
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Sandwiches are loved and enjoyed across the world. They’re the dependable retreat of the busy mom, the delight of the bread lover, and the recourse of the weary office goer who barely has steam enough to cook an elaborate meal.

Sandwich makers have now become an indispensable kitchen appliance today thanks to their ease of use and maintenance.

The plethora of options available in the market makes the job of choosing the ideal sandwich maker a tough nut to crack.

If you have decided to purchase a sandwich maker, it is imperative to make an informed choice.

1. Best for Home Use: Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker (Black)

Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker (Black)
Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23
  • Product Size – 41 x 37.6 x 15 cm; 3.64 Kg
  • Wattage – 2000 watts
  • Power Indicator – No
  • Handle Lock – Yes
  • Colour – Black

The Borosil Super Jumbo Grill is a smart sandwich maker for Indian homes, as it is easy to use and very convenient to make sandwiches in minutes.

In our testing, we found that one can prepare four grilled sandwiches together with the help of this Borosil Super Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker. There is an oil collector tray that enables you to remove excess oil, thus making your sandwiches healthier.

The thing that makes this product better is the thermal fuse, which promises extra safety. The non-stick grill surface is something that we loved, as it makes sure that the grilled sandwiches don’t stick. This ensures that the sandwiches are yummy and the making process hassle-free.

No, the sandwiches won’t get burnt, as excess heating is controlled through the temperature control knob. This sandwich maker can be easily used even to prepare club sandwiches.

With just a little adjustment, one can prepare four jumbo grilled sandwiches and that too within minutes. There is a warranty of 2 years with the product, which makes the sandwich maker truly one of the best among all others.

You can use it non-stop for several hours, and we have used it for more than 3 hours for a party, and it worked fine. No complaints and no issues came up. The best thing is that the power is cut-off automatically once the sandwiches are ready.

  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Saves time
  • Adjustable heating options
  • Worth the money
  • Suitable even for large families
  • Temperature control doesn’t always work
  • Doesn’t offer anything exclusive, it’s just like all others

2. Value for Money: Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel)

Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel)
Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel)
  • Product Weight – 3.28 kg
  • Wattage – 1500 watts
  • Power Indicator – No
  • Handle Lock – Yes
  • Colour – Steel

With the Electric Grill Toaster from Prestige help you cook tasty Indian food without using oil, in a hassle-free manner.

Prestige is a brand that gets you their Electric Grill Commercial Toaster for making tasty food with no oil. The powerful motor of 1500 watts can help one cook sandwiches, sizzlers, and juicy steaks. Throw a barbecue party, and this toaster will help you at all levels.

It’s a big favourite for its non-stick coating that prevents any food from sticking and thus makes cleaning easier. Again, the non-stick coating makes it convenient to use regularly and without creating a mess.

Cook anything at ease and without much hassles, which made this product lovable. Preparing sandwiches or steaks at one-go for parties or get-togethers becomes more comfortable with this Grill Toaster.

In our testing, we found that you can use it non-stop for several hours and we have used it for more than 3 hours for a party, and it worked great. No complaints and no issues came up. 

The grill comes with a temperature control knob, and thus we could adjust the temperature as per our needs. While preparing thick sandwiches, the hinge design makes it possible for us to close the grill. Therefore it’s safe and extremely comfortable to use.

The detachable oil collector ensures that the food is not greasy, and the cooking is healthy.

  • Can toast 4 slices of bread with a little adjustment
  • Equal heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Heats quickly doesn’t take time
  • Very little oil used – thus, very healthy
  • Not for commercial use, only for families
  • The cord is short

3. Best without Teflon: Bajaj Majesty SWX400 700-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster (White)

Bajaj Majesty SWX400 700-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster (White)
Bajaj Majesty SWX400
  • Wattage – 700 watts
  • Power Indicator – Yes
  • Handle Lock – Yes
  • Colour – White
  • Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts           

The Bajaj Majesty Grill Sandwich Toaster is a compact toaster with a sleek look. It’s a modern-day Kitchen appliance that can be used by Indian families to make delicious sandwiches anytime and anywhere.

It is a must-have kitchen appliance if you are a sandwich lover. Although small in size, it has an anti-skid blade to ensure it is steady in place while toasting bread. The non-stick surface is coated to ensure the bread is toasted quickly and the crumbs don’t stick. 

It is an ideal kitchen appliance for working couples who need instant sandwich makers and do not have time for cooking. With a heat resistant handle, the power consumption is also less, as there is the thermostatic controlling piece to control the temperature of the toaster.

As per our testing, it is convenient to use as there is a power indicator. This helps to keep an eye on the sandwich heating while other work responsibilities can be handled.

The plates of the sandwich toaster are non-stick and highly durable. It removes excess butter and oil during cooking, which in turn makes the food healthier. The product is extremely safe to use with a non-toxic coating that provides healthy food with less fat in minutes.

Inside of the elegant white sandwich toaster, the black sleek grill plates with its non-sticky finishing makes cooking hassle-free and is quite easy to maintain and clean.

  • Doesn’t take much time
  • Easy to prepare thick stuffed sandwiches
  • Easy to carry and easy to store, because of the small size
  • Easy to clean up
  • Can handle four small sandwiches at a time
  • Delicate product
  • Only suitable for toasting sandwiches, nothing more
  • Can burn-up sandwiches due to overheating

4. Havells Big Fill 900-Watt 2 Slice Sandwich Maker (Black)

Havells Big Fill 900-Watt 2 Slice Sandwich Maker (Black)
Havells Big Fill
  • Product Size – 31.9 x 27.3 x 12 cm
  • Wattage – 900 watts
  • Power Indicator – No
  • Handle Lock – Yes
  • Colour – Black

Havells Sandwich Maker is one of a kind with non-stick grooves in the plates that enables more fillings. Sleek looking, it is a must-have kitchen appliance for Indians who love sandwiches.

The non-stick coating made the sandwich maker a great hassle-free way to prepare sandwiches without hassles. There will be no sticky bread crumbs that will bother one with the cleaning. The toasting and grilling can be done quickly and without any hiccups.

The fixed plates ensure that the sandwich doesn’t slide while you are toast or grilling the bread. It is a quick and effortless way of making sandwiches and an ideal buy for working individuals like us: no hassles and easy way to get sandwiches for breakfast.

It has a sturdy built and can be used quite effortlessly. The look is sleek and elegant, and the stainless steel cover makes it a good fit in the kitchen. There are two power indicators (one for on and the other for ready function). These make the product all the more functional. 

As per our testing, we can say that the product is safe to use and comfortable too, because of the hinged lock and the handle that has a cool-touch. The product comes with a 2-year warranty and can make two sandwiches at a time. 

The automatic power cut-off is highly useful as sandwiches do not get burnt, and thus the preparation process is simplified. It is a durable product, lasts long and nearly about 2 kgs in weight.

  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy built
  • Quickly heats up 
  • Good size
  • Lasts long
  • Uneven grilling, sandwiches can get burnt
  • Very short electrical cord. Have to use an extension

5. Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker (Black)

Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker (Black)
Philips HD 2393
  • Size: 226 x 120 x 25mm
  • Handle Lock: Yes
  • Power Wattage:820 Watt
  • Power Indicator: Yes
  • Colour: Available in white and beige variants

The Philips HD 2393 820-Watt sandwich maker is an ideal companion for your cooking.

It comes with non-stick heating plates that make your sandwich crispy without a layer of butter or oil sticking on the surface.

It also comes with a cut and seal mechanism which seals your sandwich with your chosen ingredients and gives it the classic triangle shape.

In addition to this, the sandwich maker comes with a secure lock which makes the device snug and keeps your sandwich intact.

The appliance heats up quickly, ensuring that you don’t have to wait too long to dig into your favourite sandwich.

The rubber handle stays cool despite the high temperature making it easy to clean and use.

For your convenience, it comes armed with different coloured indicators for cooking and heating up.

Once you are done, you can lock it away vertically making storage hassle-free. This product comes with a one-year warranty. Philips also offers product servicing at home.

  • High operating temperature making it quicker to cook sandwiches
  • Rubber feet which ensure that the product doesn’t move while cooking
  • Easy to store
  • Non-stick plates
  • Easy to wind cord
  • Clear heating and cooking indicators
  • Higher price than other sandwich makers with the same features
  • No grill option

6. Top Rated: Nova NGS 2449 1000Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker (Black/Grey)

Nova NGS 2449 1000Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker (Black/Grey)
Nova NGS 2449
  • Size: 25.3 by 17.8 cm
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Power Indicator: Yes
  • Handle Lock: Yes
  • Colour: Black or Grey

Nova NGS 2449 is a grilled sandwich or panini maker. It is an electrical device and does not have a stove-top option. The body of the sandwich maker is made of stainless steel. The design is compact and portable.

It has immovable grill plates made of double Teflon coating. Teflon coating needs less oil for non-stick cooking. Double layer of Teflon ensures consistent heat. It also avoids burning food. It makes panini, bread, or sandwich grilling easy.

The Teflon coated grill plates are easy to clean with a wet wipe. The steel body has this advantage too. 

The quick heat griller consumes 1000 watts of power. The unique design of the body traps the heat inside. Thus, the outer body remains cool to touch. The grey and black body looks attractive.

Any electrical device must be safe to use. Nova NGS 2449 1000W panini sandwich grill maker comes with a power indicator. It indicates the electric supply as well as the temperature within the device. 

There are both red and green light indicators. These help consumers to realise the temperature of the food item and switch off if needed.

The non-skid feet attached to the device adds to the safety of use. Another safety benefit is the lid-locking system. This keeps the hot food inside the two jaws of the machine and reduces accidents.

Our survey revealed many users were grilling meat and other food items in this device. That makes Nova NGS 2449 a multi-utility device for any Indian household.

  • Easy to cook and clean
  • Safe to use 
  • Efficient usage of power
  • Short power cord
  • Can accommodate two regular-sized sandwiches

7. Best under 2000: Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 750-Watt 2 Slice Grill Toaster (White)

Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 750-Watt 2 Slice Grill Toaster (White)
Morphy Richards SM3007(G)
  • Size: 26.9×28.8×12.3 cm
  • Wattage: 750W
  • Power Indicator: Yes
  • Handle Lock: Yes
  • Colour: White

Morphy Richards SM3007(G) is a light-weight, portable sandwich maker for urban Indian kitchen. The design of the handle is shaped for easy storage option. There is a strategic plan for even cord storage and detangling. 

The device has a cool-touch body making it safe to touch while in use. Another safety feature is the red and green indicator. The red neon-light indicates a power supply to the machine. The green indicator shows that the machine is hot enough to start working. 

Anti-skid feet help keep the machine in place. The two years warranty is a mark of dependable customer service from the company. 

This device has a unique oil-drip feature to encourage healthy eating. The added benefit is that the sandwiches do not get soggy from below. Also, the grill plate doesn’t turn untidy.

The grill plates have a non-stick coating for easy clean as well as uniform heating. Mild greasing is enough to add crispness to the food. The preheating option reduces the actual cooking time.

One may opt to use Morphy Richards SM3007(G) for grilling other items and toasting bread. But it is not as efficient in toasting bread as in grilling sandwiches. 

It cannot accommodate thick, chunky items. So, burgers and club sandwiches are not for this device. Also, meat or paneer needs to be thinly sliced before grilling. Greasing of the plates will need adjustment for other food items.

Average power usage comes to approximately 700watts, according to our survey. For any nuclear Indian family, this is value for money.

  • Value for money
  • Efficient and quick grilling
  • Easy storage
  • The non-stick coating tends to chip with harsh usage

8. Best for Students: Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-Watt Grill Toaster

Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-Watt Grill Toaster
Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4
  • Size: 25.7×27.6×11.3 cm
  • Wattage: 750W
  • Power Indicator: Yes
  • Handle Lock: Yes
  • Colour: White

Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 is a compact sandwich maker with options of toasting and grilling. It has a neat white look. It is portable with a cord winder at the base. 

The design and size of the device, along with the cord winder, makes storage easy. The body is designed to stand upright to conserve space in a small kitchen. Our survey finds this ideal for any Indian home.

The Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 has a cool-touch body for safe handling during use. The design includes a buckle clip on the handle to ensure proper closure of the lid. The buckle clip traps the heat between the plates reducing cooking time. Also, it applies the right pressure on the sandwich while grilling.

The LED indicators provide signals at the various stages of cooking. This keeps energy efficiency intact.

For efficient grilling, the fixed plates have a non-stick coating. This provides uniform heat with no fear of burning or stuck food. These are easy clean grill plates. Only wiping is enough to remove grease and dirt.

The sleek look provides space for two regular-sized sandwiches at a time. If one needs to prepare a jumbo size, try one at a time.

With 750watts, power consumption is minimum. Yet, it delivers optimum functions.

Our trials came out with restaurant-style crisp grilled sandwiches every time. Temperature control may take some practice. Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 is a smart choice and value for money.

  • Very compact storage options
  • Quick and efficient cooking
  • Easy maintenance
  • Non-stick coating chips easily
  • Delicate outer body

9. Best under 1500: Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates (Black)

Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates (Black)
Prestige PGMFB
  • Size: 25.7 x 23.8 x 11.1 cm
  • Wattage: 800 
  • Power Indicator: Yes 
  • Handle Lock: Yes 
  • Colour: Black

Prestige brings you a handy sandwich maker in India with all the advanced features. Its salient features include fixed grill plates, 800 watts of power, and a non-stick heating plate. 

The sandwich maker comes with a one year warranty. With this product, you can easily make grilled sandwiches at home. The non-stick heating plate needs much less oil which makes sandwiches healthier and less oily. The plate is straightforward to clean, as well. The voltage of the product is 230 volts. 

The non-stick coating on the grill plates is much more durable than other sandwich makers. This automatically allows you to make healthy food. The non-toxic coating provides low-fat sandwiches in minutes. It takes only two minutes to grill delicious sandwiches. 

You can easily hold the sandwich maker using its ergonomic handle. The handle prevents your hands from burning as it is resistant to heat. 

The sandwich maker comes with an indicator light that lets you know when the grill is preheated and when it is plugged in. The green light is for “cut off” and “grill ready.” The red light is for heater and power. 

The sandwich maker needs very little power to run. It can work on as low as 859 watts. The thermostat controls the temperature automatically. There is no fear of the device heating up for no reason.

  • Consumes very less power 
  • Preheating function is fast 
  • Temperature controlled
  • Can be used only for making sandwiches 
  • Is quite small in size

10. Amazon Brand – Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker (Black)

Amazon Brand - Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker (Black)
Amazon Brand – Solimo
  • Size: 27 x 25 x 12 cm 
  • Wattage: 750 
  • Power Indicator: Yes 
  • Handle Lock: No 
  • Colour: Black

Amazon Brand Solimo brings to you a sandwich maker in India which is loaded with features. It’s best features include non-stick heating plates twice coated with Teflon, hinged locks and fixed grill plates. Other features include a 1.2-metre long cord for convenience, a power indicator, and thermostat control. 

Make deliciously crunchy sandwiches with this sandwich maker in India. The double Teflon coated plates make it very easy to use. The automatic thermostat control lets you know when the device is ready to grill sandwiches. It takes only around 30 seconds to heat up and only a minute to grill sandwiches.  

The long power cord enables you to grill sandwiches even at places with no nearby power points. The double Teflon coating prevents the grill from rusting up, increasing its durability. 

The sandwich maker comes with a power indicator which makes use of two lights. The red light indicates power, and the green light means that the product is heating up. You can take out your sandwiches once the green light turns on. You can also choose to grill it further. 

The sandwich maker in India comes with a hinged lock which makes for better grilling. It also allows you to store the product upright. This saves a lot of kitchen space. 

Other than sandwiches, you can also grill chicken and fish with the help of this sandwich maker. Make sure that the chicken is boneless before cooking.

  • Needs very little space
  • Lightweight 
  • Fast grilling function
  • Can grill only two sandwiches 
  • Made of plastic

The Top Sandwich Makers In India

Here, we have put together a list of brands you should consider before buying a sandwich maker. Sandwich makers are no longer limited to cafes but have inched closer to the everyday Indian household.

Plug it in, place two slices of bread with your preferred stuffing, and within minutes you have piping hot sandwiches.

Now, a customer is often confused about whether or not to include a sandwich maker in their kitchen due to lack of information or the inability to understand technical jargon.

But don’t let that put a damper on your decision. Choose a well-fitted sandwich maker for your use from our detailed list of models.

1. Bajaj

Bajaj is a household name for manufacturing home appliances in Indian homes for many years now. It has a wide array of products including but not limited to lighting solutions, fans, and generators.

A seventy-year-old organization, it has now expanded to manufacturing sandwich makers as well. The brand’s familiarity with the Indian audience ensures that their sandwich makers are designed to function adeptly in an Indian kitchen.

Not only that, Bajaj sandwich makers come with a warranty period of one year. Post that should any issue arise, Bajaj has several authorised service centers that cater to them.

They also have a service at home option where the personnel comes to your home to address any concern with the appliance.

2. Borosil

Borosil has long been associated with robustness and sturdiness. More often than not, whenever glassware is mentioned, the term is synonymous with Borosil.

Now, Borosil has expanded its horizon and started manufacturing quality sandwich makers. Its sandwich makers can grill large slices of bread efficiently catering to the busy Indian family.

The USP of Borosil is the easy cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. They also offer a one-year warranty on their equipment and have several authorized service centres.

3. Philips

After making strides in the healthcare and lighting industries, Philips has now become a household name. Philips has inched its way closer to the Indian hearts by being a prominent brand in kitchen appliances as well.

Philips sandwich makers offer quick heating plates to cook sandwiches faster for busy families. Customers vouch for the compact size and ease of storage of Philips sandwich makers, as compared to other devices in the market.

From our research, we found that the sandwich makers of this brand are priced higher than similar sandwich makers from competitors. Philips sandwich makers come with a year’s warranty, and the company offers free servicing of the appliance at home during this time frame.

4. Prestige

Anyone who has ever purchased a kitchen appliance is familiar with Prestige. It has been catering to the Indian audience with their robust kitchen appliances, and now their sandwich maker also joins the league.

Prestige sandwich makers come with non-stick plates which make it easy to clean and use. It also comes with a perfect grill feature which gives it an edge over its rivals in the same space.

Customers vouch for the durability of the product and the value for money. Prestige sandwich makers come with a default warranty of one year. Should any issue arise after that, they have many authorized service centres throughout the country.

5. Havells

After keeping your rooms cool with quality air conditioners and fans, Havells has become an esteemed player in the kitchen appliance world as well. Its sandwich makers are large and sturdy, making it easier to cook large slices of bread.

Havells comes with deeper grooves on the plates, which makes grilling possible on this sandwich maker. Customers strongly felt that the steel body of this sandwich maker added to its appeal and also promised robustness.

The users we interacted with advocated for the crunchiness of the sandwiches made from this device. Havells offers impeccable service and offers a two-year warranty on their sandwich makers.

6. Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards is an esteemed UK brand that has a strong customer base in India thanks to its quality kitchen equipment.

Being the market leader in toasters, it is not surprising that they have emerged as a popular brand in the sandwich maker category.

Morphy Richards sandwich makers come with an oil drip feature that prevents leakage or clogging of oil on the plates. The non-toxic plates are removable, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The cool touch feature incorporated into their sandwich makers ensures that cooking at high temperatures does not heat the outer body.

This feature makes it safe for the user to handle the device with the utmost ease. Morphy Richards sandwich makers come with a two-year warranty on their product. This makes Morphy Richards an excellent brand to buy.

Sandwich Makers in India – The Buyer’s Guide

Buying guides are an offshoot of the online marketplace. But they are a bonus, we believe. In physical shopping at a brick and mortar store, you have nothing other than the product description on the packet and the seller’s pitch to guide you. 

Buying guides are a distinct improvement on that. They supply potential customers with the necessary know-how of what exactly to look for in a particular product. So, here’s our carefully researched buying guide for sandwich makers. 

This is everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

1. Setting the Record Straight

Best known for his invention of the electric bulb, Thomas Alva Edison was a remarkable person indeed. After being unsuccessful 10,000 times in his attempts to invent the electric lightbulb, his response to public mockery was: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

This doggedness resulted in the invention of the electric bulb, an item we take entirely for granted today. This all-time great of America’s scientists invented many things. Among them, the first sandwich maker in the early 1920s. 

Before Edison’s discovery of these two concave metal plates hinged together, people had to toast individual slices of bread one after the other. Edison’s invention made it possible for the first time to get two slices of bread toasted simultaneously.   

For reasons unknown, Edison’s sandwich toaster failed to become famous. Their production was discontinued when the Great Depression hit in the early 1930s. 

The Edicraft Sandwich Grill, as Edison had named it, is still on display at the museum at Edison’s property in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. But the world has forgotten all about it. 

There is a controversial claim, as well. The patent records of USA mentions something called a ‘tostwich’ patented in 1925 by Charles Champion. That was a sandwich grill also. Champion is better known for his invention of the machine that mass produces popcorn.

The tostwich

The ‘tostwich’ has also been dumped into oblivion. Most sites talking sandwich makers will inform you that John O’Brien of the cookware company Breville from Australia invented the sandwich maker in 1974. His design popularized the device all over the globe for sure, but he didn’t invent it. 

It is essential to set historical records straight, don’t you agree?

2. Types of Sandwich Makers

The most popular sandwich makers that the contemporary world knows are the electrical ones. But there are different types of sandwich makers, as it happens. 

An earlier version of sandwich makers that campers and trekkers still use is the pie iron. It has several other names in different parts of the world: pudgy pie iron, jaffle iron, toasty iron or sandwich toaster. 

Whatever the name, this variety consists of two concave cast iron or aluminium plates hinged together with a long handle. You put two slices of bread with fillings of your choice inside, shut it and hold it over a fire to get your sandwich toasted.

The most prevalent sandwich makers in contemporary urban India are electric sandwich grills. There are different varieties of these also.

2.1 The Panini Press

This is a grill that also functions as a toaster. You put your sandwich inside, close the lid, and switch it on. Your sandwich will be ready in minutes. 

The advantage of the panini press is that it is more versatile than any other sandwich maker. You can also grill burgers and pancakes in this. You can even cook some kebabs. 

It also allows you to add more stuffing to your sandwiches, for space is comparatively bigger than in standard sandwich makers. 

But the panini press will not give you triangular sandwiches. It will not cut each pair of sandwiches into halves.

2.2 Common Sandwich Makers

Sandwich makers most commonly in use are the ones that will give you four triangles at one go. You place two pairs of square sandwiches and get four triangles when they are ready. A cutting ridge inside the square concaves makes this possible. 

This is the version that Breville introduced to the market. It will make your sandwiches look fancier, but they are not as versatile as the panini press.

3. How do Sandwich Makers Work?

If you have an open-coil electric heater that was quite common in the Indian kitchen till about 30 years back, then you know how sandwich makers work. The technology is simple. There is a coil inside the sandwich maker. When you put on the switch, the coil produces infrared radiation to heat the plate. The bread gets toasted and grilled as it is in contact with the heated metal plate. 

Both the panini press and the four triangle sandwich makers operate on the same simple technology. So does a toaster, incidentally.

4. Quality Assurance

Some certifications ensure the quality of a product. The two best-known markers of excellence in India are the ISI certification and the ISO: 9001 certifications.

The Indian Standards Institution, now renamed Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), issues the ISI mark. It is still the most recognized and reassuring mark of quality of industrial products in India.

 The ISO stands for the International Standards Organization of which the Indian version is a member. The ISO: 9001 certification is thus equally reassuring. 

The difference is that the ISI mark is a certification of the quality of that particular product. But the ISO: 9001 mark is a certificate of the quality of everything a company does. So, an ISO: 9001 certified company does not need an ISI mark on their individual products.

Many well-established brands do not bother to advertise their ISI or ISO: 9001 certifications. Do enquire about it specifically. If you post a query on Amazon, it is most likely that you’ll get a response from the seller or a user.

Or else, you can always do your own Google search.

5. Warranty

Do check the warranty by the manufacturers. A more extended warranty is another indicator of better quality. 

If you are buying at a brick and mortar store, remember to get the warranty card stamped. If you are buying online, preserve your invoice for the length of the warranty period. 

Without this document, the warranty will not work. You will not be able to have a replacement against any manufacturing defect in that case.

6. Quality of After Sales Service

Excellent customer care is essential. You may never need it. But just in case you do, you don’t want to be stranded with a company that does not respond to customer calls. 

Excellent after-sales service is necessary for longer than the warranty period. During that period, you need the company to respond promptly to any replacement need. But your sandwich maker may well outlast the warranty period.

It could be that something malfunctions post the warranty period. Maybe it is something that needs a simple part replacement or repair. You don’t need to change the entire machine.

The best person to inform you of what is wrong and what to do about it is a company mechanic. You may have to pay for the service, but it is always better to get a company person to check your machine.

So, look for brands with positive user reviews on customer care. More importantly, don’t forget to get the customer care number.

7. Features that Matter

Looks matter. So does the price. But other features are equally important to consider when you buy a sandwich maker. There could be variations in these features between two machines of similar looks in the same price range. 

7.1 Ease of Cleaning

Keeping all kitchen utensils clean is essential for hygienic reasons. Keeping the insides of your sandwich makers clean is super important because you place the food directly on them. So, pay particular attention to the cleaning aspect.

Some sandwich makers come with removable plates. Those are the easiest to clean. For any sandwich maker that doesn’t come with removable plates for easy cleaning, look for the cleaning instructions. Most sandwich makers can be cleaned with a piece of wet cloth or tissue.

7.2 Easy to Use

A sandwich maker is a labour-saving device to make your job of making breakfast and snacks easier. If such a device has complicated user instructions, it doesn’t make sense. Thankfully, most sandwich makers are simple to use. 

They don’t need you to do much more than placing the slices of bread with filling inside, closing the lid and locking it, and opening the lid again to take the toasted/grilled sandwich out. But the presence of a feature or two does make a difference.

Sandwich toasters with auto-off functions are the easiest to use. They allow you to do something else like getting the coffee ready while your sandwich gets prepared.

Even if you don’t go for a model that has the auto-off function, make sure that there is an indicator lamp to tell you that the sandwich is ready. Usually, there are two indicator lamps on a sandwich maker. 

One burns with an amber coloured light when switched on. It indicates that your sandwich maker is connected to a power source, and the coil inside is working. 

The other lamp is green, and it comes on to inform you that your sandwich is ready. This one is important as it relieves you of the trouble of learning through trial and error just how long it takes to get a properly done sandwich.

Sandwich makers are also a great device to encourage kids to make their food. For them, the green indicator lamp is even more critical.

7.3 Size

A majority of sandwich makers can toast two pairs of sandwiches at a time. You will get two square sandwiches or four triangles at one go. This is usually fine for an Indian family of average size.

In case you want to toast or grill more sandwiches together, some models can make more pairs together. The largest available size for domestic sandwich makers in India can make up to eight pairs of sandwiches together.

The size of the cavity also matters. Look for a model that will allow you to make a club sandwich if you want to. There are three layers of bread in a club sandwich. So, they need more cavity space than an ordinary sandwich that has only two slices of bread.

7.4 Type of Plate

Go for a model that uses a non-stick plate. That will ensure that you can pick up the sandwich easily once it is done. It will not stick to the sides. 

A non-stick plate will also be the easiest to clean. A piece of burnt cheese stuck to the sandwich maker can be a pain to clean unless the plate has a non-stick coating.

Teflon coated non-stick plates also last longer than cast iron plates.

7.5 Secure Lid Locking

Closing the lid of your sandwich maker tightly is essential to get your sandwich grilled evenly. Therefore the top must have a secure locking system.

Some models have a snap-lock system. The lids lock automatically when you shut it. There is usually a button to press it open.

Some other models have a buckle clip type lock on the handle. The panini press versions have an adjustable hinge lock that allows different quantities of bread slices to be grilled.

7.6 Heat Resistant Handle

This is a vital feature. It is not going to be a pleasant experience to burn your fingers, trying to open the lid of your sandwich maker. Make sure that the handles either have some heat resistant coating or are made of heat resistant material.

7.7 Power Efficiency

Most sandwich makers available India use anything between 700 and 1000 watts. The higher the wattage, the faster your sandwich will be ready. But higher wattage also means more electricity consumption. Make a wise choice, depending on whether you prefer speed or power saving.

7.8 Cord Length

It is often the last thing that one even thinks of when buying a sandwich maker or any other electrical device. But it’s important if you don’t want to be bothered with adding an extended cord in your kitchen to make your sandwich maker work.

If you are the super-organized type, go ready with the measurement of the distance between the plug point and where you mean to place your sandwich maker. If you are not that organized (you don’t need to be, really), look for a model with a long enough cord.

7.9 Multiple Functions

There is a difference between toasting and grilling. To toast is to warm something to make it crisp. In case of a slice of bread, to toast it is to brown it. To grill is to cook something on a metal plate on fire.

Most sandwich makers are enclosed sandwich grills. But there are some that both toast and grill. 

Some gourmets will tell you that a toasted cheese sandwich never matches up to its grilled counterpart. Other, more practical ones will argue that they taste the same.

Let the experts argue. The point is, if you want a fancy sandwich maker, go for one with combined toasting and grilling functions. But be prepared for a higher pocket pinch. 

Some high-end sandwich makers also give you multiple heating options, like a toaster. That allows you to determine the exact level of crispiness you want in your sandwich. But again, such a machine will burn a bigger hole in your pocket.

Most sandwich makers come with a preset heating option, which is generally good enough for most Indian palates.

7.10 Storage Space

Sandwich makers that can be stored upright need less space. It means you don’t always have to keep it in the position in which you use it. If it can stand vertical on the hinge side when not in use, it does not unnecessarily occupy more space when not in use.

8. How to Use Sandwich Makers?

Sandwich makers are easy to use devices. A read of the user’s manual is usually adequate to alert you to the do’s and don’ts. In case you want to know before you buy one, here is a simple guide.

  • When you use your sandwich maker for the first time, wipe it clean with a clean piece of cloth or tissue. That is necessary to free it from any accumulated dust. We believe it is a good practice to repeat that every time afterward also. 
  • Preheat the sandwich maker while you get your sandwich ready. If there is an indicator lamp, when that green light is on, switch it on. It is time to put your sandwich in.

If there is no indicator lamp, switch it off after three minutes. 

  • Open the lid, place your sandwiches inside, shut the lid, and lock it. Put on the power switch for your sandwich maker to start working. 
  • If there is an indicator lamp, your task is much simpler. Just wait till the green light is on. Open the lid and take out your sandwich.
  • If there is no indicator lamp, switch off after three minutes and check. Your sandwich could well be done. If not, shut the lid, lock it, and put it on for another two minutes. It should not take any longer than five minutes. 
  • Remember that the sandwich maker is hot inside. Use a wooden spatula or a pair of tongs to pick up your sandwich.
  • If your sandwich maker does not have a heat resistant handle, wear a glove, or use a piece of folded cloth or tissue to open the lid. Make sure that the piece of cloth or tissue is thick enough to protect your fingers.
  • If you have a non-stick plate in your sandwich maker, you don’t need to grease it before putting in the bread. If there is no non-stick coating, grease the plates lightly first. 

Or else, you could butter your bread slices on the outside for a sandwich maker that does not have a non-stick coated plate.

Whatever kind of sandwich maker you use, buttering the bread slices inside or outside will make your sandwiches crispy. If you make a sandwich without putting any butter on the slices of bread, you will get a more chewy kind of sandwich.

  • After use, leave the lid open to allow your sandwich maker to cool down. Then, take out the plug from the power socket. Wipe the plates clean with a damp cloth or tissue. Wipe it with a dry piece of cloth or tissue once more.

Your sandwich maker will then be ready to be stored till the next use.

FAQs on Sandwich Maker:

1. What is the difference between a sandwich maker and a toaster?

A toaster browns individual slices of bread. You may have a toaster that takes in four slices of bread together, but they will all have to be put in singly. 

The toaster will not have space to accommodate two slices of bread with filling. A sandwich maker is to get a sandwich heated up to be crispy. They accommodate two or more slices of bread with filling to be put in together.

2. What is the difference between a sandwich maker and a grill?

A grill is usually an open device where you place food on the iron grill to cook them on fire. Most sandwich makers are enclosed grills that make your sandwich warm and crispy.

3. Do sandwich makers toast or grill the bread?

Most sandwich makers grill the bread — some toast your sandwich — a few high-end models, both toast and grill.

4. Can sandwich makers be used for grilling any other items?

If your sandwich maker is of the panini press variety, you can use it for several other items. You can grill burgers and make pancakes. You can also grill other items like kebabs, grilled vegetables, etc.

If your sandwich maker is of the standard variety, it will not have much space to make too many items in that. But you can still use it to grill small quantities of vegetables, chicken or fish.


The Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 Grill Sandwich Maker would be our first choice, as it can prepare four jumbo-sized grilled sandwiches within minutes. It is straightforward to use and is easy to clean up too. You would be able to use this sandwich maker for non-stop 3 hours – that is amazing.

However, since it’s a bit expensive, we would also consider the Solimo Non-Stick Grill Sandwich Maker (Amazon Brand) that takes only 30 seconds to heat up and grills sandwiches within a minute. This one is an economical buy, lightweight and requires very little space.


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