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Do you have to often travel to work? Does the fast draining of your mobile battery frustrate you? It is practically inconvenient to charge your phone with the charger everywhere. Especially when you are travelling by public transportation, it becomes impossible for you to charge your devices. An alternative to getting rid of all this hassle of charging in public charging stations is resorting to a great power bank from a reputed brand. Yes, they are portable and handy for any long route travelling. Keep in touch with your family and friends or hearing your favourite music as there is no risk of running out of charge anymore!

Top 10 Best Power Bank Brands in India – 2020

1. MI

MI mobile phones have been ruling the Indian markets for the past few years. The power banks manufactured by this company is not an exception. A great device to carry on your travel days or even to your office. You are relieved of the stress of charging all your devices before leaving the house like this little storehouse of power becomes the source.

The power banks manufactured by Mi (India) come with two power storage options. You can avail power bank of 10000 mAh capacity or 20000 mAh battery capacity as per your requirement. The design is slick and slim, making it very convenient in terms of portability. They feature super lightweight models that will fit into pouches without adding that extra burden on your shoulders. Besides, you simply can’t miss out on the fast charging capability of the power banks designed by MI. They come with 9 layers of chipset protection. This protects your devices from any dangers such as overcharging, short circuit, discharging or over voltage when you charge the bank.

Thus, you get a significant advantage for comfortable prices. The power banks are also designed to have dual outputs. Hence, you can quickly charge both your phone and tablets at a go! It is compatible with a variety of brands of mobile and tablets, including iPhone8 but with iPhone cables. We believe this is the best power bank brand in India.

  • Offers a budget-friendly range of devices
  • Slick design with multiple colour options
  • Fast charging support (QC 3.0)
  • You can avail a warranty of 6 months only
  • The USB cable doesn’t support iPhone charging

High-Quality Power Banks from Mi:

2. Philips

Philips is one of the most trusted brands in India. The power banks they manufacture also live up to their expectations. There are various models of Philips power bank that you can choose from depending on the mAh requirement. Thus, you have the option to choose according to the specifications, from a variety of models of power banks that Philips manufacture.

The size offered by this brand is compact, and the design is sleek enough to slide into your bags easily. They provide lightweight power banks, which are a travel-friendly option for you. Besides, you can’t miss the excellent compatibility it offers. Be it your laptop or phones, and this charger is compatible with diverse brands with various devices. Essentially you can recharge any USB chargeable devices such as Bluetooth equipment using this power bank anywhere and anytime.

The power banks are manufactured from Lithium Polymers and can charge all your devices very fast with utmost efficiency. All you need is to get the power bank charged and packed into your baggage instead of all the devices you are carrying. Hence, you are all set to travel miles, without any tension of running out of power for your devices. Philips’ power banks generally come in black and white shades with a premium matte finish making it a great chic and stylish accessory to travel with!

  • Charges every possible USB chargeable device including laptops
  • Gives a great fast charging facility
  • Philip’s is a trusted brand in terms of service in the country
  • Bit pricier than the MI varieties
  • Doesn’t come with two USB outlets

Top 3 High-Quality Power Banks from Philips:

3. Ambrane

Is your phone’s battery degrading in charge of keeping capacity? Does it run out of charge very fast? In that case, a great power bank is a definite rescue. Life seems impossible without a properly charged tablet and mobile, and the power bank from Ambrane gives you the privilege of charging your devices anywhere and anytime at a minimum cost. 

The product manufactured by Ambrane assures high durability and efficiency in its performance. Batteries used in this power bank is much safer than the non-branded lithium ones. Besides, the exterior of the power banks is curated out of ABS plastic, which is durable, giving a stylish finish to the outer surface. The bodies of Ambrane power banks are designed to prevent any scratch or damage easily. To make the portability convenient, Ambrane presents an ergonomic design to the bank. They generally come in a capsule shape, making it easy to slip in your purse or carry in hand while charging the devices. You also get a great aesthetic look for the price you pay!

These come in various mAh capacities, and you have the freedom to choose as per your requirement. Power banks come with 9 layer safety assurance giving the ultimate safety for use. Moreover, you get two USB ports along with an LED display for indicating charge. Thus,

  • Best purchase under Rs1000
  • Two USB ports
  • Ergonomic design giving great efficiency in the use
  • Does not come with a micro USB cable
  • It is heavier than the other brands of power banks in the market

Top 3 High-Quality Power Banks from Ambrane:

4. Syska

Syska features a wide variety of models in power banks, which allows you to choose from a vast range of budget options. Whether you want to invest more or have a minimum variety to offer, Syska gives you an array of power banks. They generally feature black, grey and white colours giving that chic look to your accessory. In case you want your charging device to slide in your pocket easily, you are reading through the perfect brand!

You can rest assured that this brand will give you a great buy for the money as they are designed to run for years. The battery life is prolonged and it can be an excellent one-time investment to get your devices charged. Fast charging facility is enabled, giving it a privilege to charge the devices fast and efficiently while you are heading to your office. There is a multiprotection circuit design which is curated to cut off electricity flow if there is any chance of overcharging or short circuit in the device. Hence, you are assured of complete safety while using this power bank.

Charge your phones on the go as they have a super-compact design easily sliding into your pocket or purse. Be it your digital camera or smartphone, the new variety of Syska power bank also features a Type C input facility with two outputs option. Get your camera and phone charged simultaneously as you are out for a trip! To add to all the privileges, the recent models also feature the current shunt option allowing the power bank to self-charge while charging your mobiles and tablets at ease. No doubt, Syska is one of the best power bank company in India.

  • Charge shunt enabled
  • Medium priced variety
  • Come with 180 days warranty
  • Bit on the heavier side

Top 3 High-Quality Power Banks from Syska:

5. Lenovo

Scale up your smartphone using the premium quality power banks from Lenovo. Consumers have appreciated the power banks manufactured by Lenovo over the years. They, too, offer you various capacity products and a wide range of models which will give you a scope to choose from. If you are thinking of buying a high durability power bank, then Lenovo offers the sturdiest varieties among all.

They come with a powerful Lithium-ion battery, which can make charging fast and well protected. The batteries incorporated in these power banks are capable of repeated charging and is universally compatible with different brands of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Fast charging gets an entirely new edge in the Lenovo power banks. You can charge multiple devices swiftly and simultaneously as there is an intelligent power control feature that regulates any charge overflow or mishap that might occur!

Lenovo power banks have been tested following international standards and have pressure relief technology that safeguards the internal circuits of the power banks. These power banks will lower your electric bills as they promise to provide high energy efficiency and long-dormant technology as a part of its inbuilt feature. Whether you choose a lower mAh or opt for a higher one, the Lenovo power banks will ensure great user-friendly devices.

  • New long-dormant technology is available
  • Fast charging of devices ensured
  • One year warranty on purchase
  • Lenovo power banks are on the heavier side
  • Service by the brand is not great

Top 3 High-Quality Power Banks from Lenovo:

6. Sony

If you are seeking an advanced technology power bank for your daily use, Sony will deliver the best among the lot. Sony is a premium brand in the Indian market and is trusted by a large number of people. The power banks by Sony come in medium-range and you have the provision of opting for as low as 6100 mAh capacity. Thus, if you have a shallow requirement and trying to get high technology, you might be satisfied with the products from Sony!

Unlike other brands, they feature a premium hybrid gel-based technology in their power banks. The electrolyte in these power banks is ‘Hybrid gel’ which creates better contact between the cathode and anode, ensuring better charge and discharge characteristics. This feature makes Sony unique in the charging facility they provide to the customers. The premium hybrid gel technology gives great durability having the ability to store around 90% of the charge. It provides the traditional charging method a boost with their great technology and ensures that your electronic apparatus is charged at lightning speed. 

Safety is a significant concern while opting for any electronic equipment, and you can trust Sony power banks as they promise no swelling and leakage. You can imagine the lithium-ion battery, which will serve you the best in the long run.

  • Hybrid gel-based technology
  • Universal compatibility
  • Fast charging facility
  • Dual ports not available
  • On a pricier scale than the other brands

Top 3 High-Quality Power Banks from Sony:

7. Pebble

Get that pocket-sized portable power bank from Pebble in a budget-friendly range for charging all your USB enabled electronic devices. This is a lightweight, compact-sized power bank that keeps your smartphone charged anywhere and anytime. Pebble designs a palm-sized miniature charging device that you can easily carry in your pockets or keep in your hand as you travel from one place to another.

Just don’t go by its size! Despite the compact size, you can get beautiful features in an affordable range. It comes with dual USB output allowing you to charge two devices in one go! The power banks are designed to automatically detect your device and provides the fastest charging possible. The LED display enables you to know the amount of charge your power bank has in store, such that you can recharge them as and when necessary. It features 10-way circuit protection enabling complete safety to the device and ensuring that you can travel tension free with this small and compact power bank design.

Thus, a Pebble is an ideal choice for a great portable power bank device. Get the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a regular power bank in the compact designs offered by this brand.

  • Pocket-friendly both in terms of size and budget
  • Has 10-way circuit protection for safety
  • Offers universal compatibility with Android and iPhone devices
  • Has liquid-based technology as an electrolyte
  • They are compact but heavier than other brands of power banks

Top 3 High-Quality Power Banks from Pebble:

8. Intex

If a powerful battery is your requirement, then Intex offers the best power bank among the lot. The Intex power banks come in white, black and grey shades offering a wide range of models to choose from! You have the opportunity to select from of budget less than 1000 INR ranging up to 2000INR and more. Thus, the budget is not an issue while opting for Intex power banks.

Are you struggling with multiple gadgets and don’t know how to get them charged when you are on a trip? Intex offers three 2.0 USB ports such that you can comfortably charge your devices without bothering about running out of battery. Moreover, they also provide a torch facility attached to the power bank. So, if you are out in the wilderness or the dark, this power bank also works as a source of light. The modern state of the art design of the USB cable makes it compatible to use with several devices. 

Intex has slender dimensions and compact sizes, making it super convenient to carry while travelling. They are light in weight and offers a firm grip, not letting them slip when carried in hand. Thus, there are a host of benefits that you can enjoy with this fantastic purchase. The Intex power banks offer life cycle more than 500 times.

  • Powerful battery 
  • Slender and slick design ensuring portability
  • Conveniently priced with 3 USB ports
  • Might not be durable
  • Intex power banks have more weight than other devices

Top 3 High-Quality Power Banks from Intex:

9. Zinq

Zinq power bank comes with an intelligent chipset. You can conveniently carry the power banks from this brand with ease. They come in a smart and sleek design, which is excellent for portability. The intelligent chip design ensures that the device lasts longer and prevents it from getting damaged. This protects the charging devices from overcharging, short circuits, over-discharging and other damages, which decreases the life of the power banks. 

There are varieties oh mAh options, the best being of 10,000 mAh and the 20,000 mAh. Both these varieties feature dual charging options, which makes it convenient for you to recharge multiple devices simultaneously. Zinq power banks take approximately 6 hours to get ultimately charged. Hence, that is all you need to charge before heading out for your road trip. The 20000 mAh variety has a C type USB charger making it compatible with all the recent devices featuring C type charging ports. Thus, whether you have a standard charging option or a C type charger, Zinq power banks allow you to recharge all devices at ease. Be it your Apple or Android devices, it operates on all devices, like a pro! Moreover, the 20,000 mAh device has 3 USB charging ports in addition to all the facilities present in other models of the brand.

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Features LED torch and charging indicators as a bonus
  • Fast and efficient charging available for all the connected devices
  • Takes 6 hours for a complete charge
  • Service centers are rarely available

Top 3 High-Quality Power Banks from Zinq:

10. Micromax

Travelling out of the station? Worrying about charging ports in your vehicle? If you have Micromax power bank handy, you simply don’t need to worry about losing out the charge on any of your devices. Micromax brand is a household name as a great smartphone selling company. However, the power banks manufactured by them are equally innovative and convenient.

Micromax features power banks with vibrant colours giving you an attractive accessory to possess. You can avail power banks of as low as 5100 mAh and the highest being 20,00 mAh. The power banks offered by Micromax have a rubber finish exterior making it sturdy and firm. Hence, there is little to no chance of damage. Prices that this brand offer is convenient for any budget option. The high-quality LG chem cells make charging devices convenient and fast-paced. The body is designed with an anti-slip surface such that you can carry them in hand without any chance of slipping and scratching. 

What more? Micromax makes charging devices all more amazing as you can now charge two mobiles at a time. Two USB ports can help you keep your devices charged throughout the day. Thus, if you are planning to invest in Micromax power banks, you’ll enjoy music and videos without interruption.

  • Two USB charging ports
  • High-quality LG chem cells for supercharging facility
  • Conveniently priced
  • Older models come with a single port
  • Comes with only 6 months warranty

Top 3 High-Quality Power Banks from Micromax:

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FAQs About Reputed Power Bank Brands in India:

1. What does mAh stand for?

mAh signifies milliampere per hour. This is the charge carrying capacity of the power bank that you are purchasing. In other words, the more mAh the power bank has, it is capable of charging your devices a greater number of times than the ones with lower mAh.

2. Is charging multiple with power banks safe?

The power banks are designed to charge your devices as many times as you want. They have safety features to ensure that there is no short circuit or overcharging. Thus, you can quickly charge the as many times as you want without any worry!

3. What is the life span of the power bank?

The power banks are designed to serve you for several years if they are properly taken care of! You need to charge them regularly and prevent any overcharging for ensuring its durability. However, like any battery with time, the charge storing capacity gradually decreases.

4. What can I charge using a power bank?

Practically, any device having USB cable fits in the USB output of the power banks. While you can quickly charge your smartphones and tablets, the laptops or other significant devices may take much longer to get charged. Hence, you need to choose per your requirement of charging. The higher performance devices require more robust power backups.

5. How can I charge my power bank?

Most of the power banks come with USB port just like your regular mobile phone or tablet USB cable. All you need is to plug in the USB cable and get your power bank ultimately charged for use when you are away from your home.

6. Is it safe to use my phone while charging with a power bank?

There is no such difficulty in using your phone as the power bank charges it. However, prolonged use may inflate some issues with the USB cable that attaches both of them. Further, your phone will take a longer time to charge as you are using it during the process.


All of the above-featured power bank companies have been ruling the Indian markets for a while. They are not only high in terms of service but have been able to win the trusts of millions of customers around the globe. So, if you are looking for the best power bank brand in India, you must have got your answer. Be it for a long route journey or always find yourself in a hurry that you forget to charge your electronic devices, it is time that you grab one of these handy assets. You will be a clear winner as you can charge your devices on the road without struggling to find a charging point anywhere.


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