10 Best Oximeters To Measure Oxygen Levels [Top Picks By Doctors]

Having a reliable pulse oximeter at your disposal can help you measure the oxygen levels of your body or your loved ones without visiting a hospital or a clinic. Also, according to a video by Dr. Mike Hansen, it is one of the early indicators of the COVID-19 infection.

Measuring the oxygen levels is one of the first steps performed by Doctors before testing a patient for coronavirus, that’s why many of us who are self-isolated or are facing other symptoms prefer keeping a track of their oxygen levels.

The ideal range among healthy individuals is between 95 to 99 percent, instead of purchasing a small device like this, you can visit a doctor and get your oxygen levels measured, but it’s not safe to go to hospitals/clinics/test laboratories unless you’re having other symptoms (as there’s a chance that you could catch the infection due to your visit.)

Although having a good quality oximeter at your household could be helpful during emergencies or when feeling unwell, there’s no point in buying it if you and your family members are safe and healthy. However, if you are in contact with outsiders, we suggest you to get one because you never know if you’ve crossed paths with an infected person.

The oxygen levels are quite important for your body to function properly, but they are one of the MANY OTHER INDICATORs for the COVID-19 infection, so even if the levels are normal, if you or your family members have other symptoms then it’s best to get tested.

If you’re in regular contact with the outsiders or travel for work or other reasons, then we recommend you to reduce unnecessary travel (ofcourse, we’re not talking about work or other issues) and also get an Oximeter.

With so many Oximeter options available, choosing the right one could be a daunting task (especially when brands are crazily spending on their marketing budgets and are selling cheap quality products that aren’t accurate). But what makes us trustable?

Best Pulse Oximeters in India (2020)

We aren’t health experts and recommending a product without experience is something we would never do (especially when a product is in regards to health). That’s why our team conducted a ZOOM interview with 11 doctors to make this list of best quality pulse oximeters in India and all the products recommended in this list are personally used by them.

1. Best Overall: Dr Trust Professional Series Oximeter

Dr Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm and Respiratory Rate(Blue)
Weight99.8 grams
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionIP22
Doctor Rating4.9/5
Warranty15 days limited

If you are looking for an oximeter that has a feature of audio-visual alarm and respiratory rate, this is the device you’re searching for!

Dr. Trust’s devices are some of the very best in the industry. They are taken well by the public, and this is evident from their thousands of positive reviews. The Professional Series Pulse Oximeter is one such device.

It comes with a display that will show you all of your readings. You will not have to connect it to any smartphone, as you will be able to see everything in real-time. Just put your finger inside it, and it will display the results.

The sensor inside it is capable of tracking your Pulse Rate, Respiratory Index, and SPO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation). Its perfusion index is just 0.2% which means that it will detect even the weakest of pulse strengths. All other devices have this index around 0.6%, which is significantly higher.

This oximeter is very compact and tiny, so it can be used by mountain climbers, pilots, and other sports persons who go at high altitudes. It will continuously tell them their blood oxygen level, and thus reduce the chances of Hypoxia.

The finger chamber of this oximeter is coated with high-quality ABS material that keeps it hygienic and durable. So, people with sensitive skin can use it easily without any irritations, whatsoever.

You can get the Dr. Trust Professional Series Oximeter for about 4800 Rupees from the link mentioned above. It comes with a limited warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase.

2. Best Runner Up: Dr Trust (USA) Pulse Oximeter

Dr Trust (USA) Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter - 209 (Blue)
Weight90.7 grams
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionNo
Doctor Rating4.5/5
Warranty10 Days Replacement

Dr Trust 209 is a cheaper oximeter than the Professional one that we just discussed. If you can not afford that, take a look at this variant. Most of its features are the same in the form of measuring pulse rate and SPO2, but its price is lower.

The design of this oximeter is effortless. It is made from high-quality plastic, which you can count on to last for a long time. A fall now and then will not affect its body.

On its tiny TFT LCD, you will be able to see your real-time heart rate, the level of oxygen in your blood, and the Plethysmograph. Skip to the FAQ section in the previous to know more about these medical terms.

The entire device is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which you will find within its box. On 100 percent, they will give you continuous monitoring of 30 minutes. If you want to improve on this number, I recommend you to get better batteries.

Dr. Trust will also send a carry pouch within its box so that you can carry it around easily. It is made from high-quality material and will protect your little device from dust and sudden impacts.

The only downside of the Dr Trust 209 device is that it doesn’t come with a warranty but has 10 days replacement policy.

3. BEURER PO80 Pulse Oximeter

Weight340 grams
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionNo
Doctor Rating4.2/5
Warranty10 Days Replacement

Beurer PO80 is probably the most advanced oximeter available in India. No other device comes close to its features and accuracy. It will be perfect for people who want absolutely precise readings regarding their health at all times.

Unlike all the oximeters that we have discussed until now, this one offers 24 hours of continuous monitoring. This feature will be suitable for people who have had heart failures or other pulmonary diseases. People who are involved in high altitude sports such as aviation, mountaineering, or trekking will also find it pretty useful.

PO80 will allow you to keep an eye on the SPO2 level of your blood, heart rate, and heart pulse. It will show all this data on its OLED display. You can also connect it to a computer using a USB cable to see these insights in detail, thanks to its unique software.

Within its box, you will find its USB Cable, Charger, Retaining Strap, Belt Pouch, and a Metal Storage Box. So, it is safe to say that carrying it around will not be of any problem to you. Anyone of its accessories can be used for this purpose.

You can buy the Beurer PO80 for about 10k Rupees, which I know is a bit expensive, but you will have to pay big money for the best devices. Click on the button below to know more about its details.

4. MEDITIVE Finger Pulse Oxygen Meter

MEDITIVE Finger Pulse Oxygen Meter, SPO2 Blood Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate, Perfusion Index (PI) and Respiratory Rate(RR) with OLED Display
Weight100 grams
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionNo
Warranty10 Days Replacement

Meditive Finger Pulse Oximeter is designed to be used by doctors in clinics and patients at home. It is a useful device that you can use to keep an eye on your health at all times. It will measure your Pulse Rate, Pulse Wave, Respiratory Rate, SPO2 Level, and display them on its large display. So, you can take a glance at it and know your essentials in no time.

To use the oximeter, place your finger inside it and close the lid. Press the power button on top of it and wait for 5-8 seconds to see your readings.

Meditive has made sure that the user can use this device as conveniently as possible. It has 6 display modes and a four-directional display. So, you can read stuff on it from any orientation that you want.

Overall, It’s the best pulse oximeter for doctors in India. The accuracy of all of its readings is as follows, SPO2 Resolution: 1%, Pulse Accuracy: 2 BPM, Perfusion Index: 0.1 – 30 %. If you think these are sufficient, you can order this device which will cost you about 2700 Rupees.

If you have any technical difficulty with the device, feel free to contact the customer care team for the Meditive. They provide 24 x 7 call services for these medical devices. They will listen to your query with the utmost importance and solve it in no time.

5. Newnik Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Weight95.3 grams
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionYes
Warranty1 Year

Newnik PX701 is high-quality fingertip oximeter. It will give you invaluable data in real-time, which is related to your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and pulse strength. It will display all of it in two colours on its large OLED display. This panel is quite bright and easy to read, even under direct sunlight.

The size of the oximeter is quite small, and it will fit on your palm with ease. You can carry it inside your pocket without any problems. Mountaineers and pilots will love its tiny build and less weight.

The LED display of the PX701 is paired with accelerometers and gyroscopes. So, it will rotate on its own, no matter where you read it from. It can be read from all the 4 orientations.

Newnik has not designed the PX701 for continuous monitoring, so do not use it for that purpose. It uses just 2 AAA batteries, and they will deplete very quickly if you choose to do otherwise.

Other key features of this oximeter are Auto On/Off features, Perfusion Index, Low Battery Indicator, and Alarm Settings for low/high PR/SPO2. When the alarm goes off, make sure you talk to your doctor immediately.

Starting price of the Newnik Fingertip PX701 Oximeter is 4300 Rupees, and it comes with a warranty of 1 year.

6. Choicemmed MD300C2D Oximeter

DisplayYes (LCD)
Weight99.3 g
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionNo
Doctor Rating4.1/5
Warranty1 Year

Choicemmed MD3000C2D is a fingertip oximeter that will not burn a hole in your pocket. It is one of the most inexpensive devices on this list, so if you are low on money, check it out. It does not offer any fancy over the top features and gets the job done.

It will take accurate readings of your Pulse Rate and measure your Blood Oxygen level in the form of SPO2. Both of these readings will be shown on its display at all times. It does not measure the breathing rate or create any pulse waves. Its functions are quite limited in this regard.

The display of this oximeter is multi-directional. This means it will show you readings in any orientation that you want. You can also change the brightness of its panel depending on your location. Under direct sunlight, turn it to the maximum to read easily.

The Auto On/Off feature of this oximeter will turn it off when the device is not in use. This will help you to save battery and use it in the long run.

There is also a low battery indicator on this oximeter. Even though it uses two AAA batteries, it still will tell you when they are about to die.

You can get the Choicemmed MD3000C2D for about 2900 Rupees, and it comes with a warranty of 1 year. It is available in a single Yellow shade.

7. BPL Smart Finger Tip Oximeter

BPL Medical Technologies BPL Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter (Black)
DisplayYes (OLED)
Weight45.4 grams
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionNo
Doctor Rating4/5
Warranty2 Years

BPL Smart Oximeter measures the Pulse Rate and Oxygen level in blood with high accuracy. It will give you the measurement of SPO2 with a minimum deviation of 2 % and the PR will be right within 2 bpm. These numbers are crazy when you look at its low price.

The display of BPL Smart Oximeter is quite small, and some of the users might find it hard to read the values on it. The Plethysmograph is almost impossible to read, as it barely covers any part of the display.

The best way to cope up with its small display is to use the oximeter in horizontal mode. That way, you can read everything on it quite easily. It can be turned around in any of its 4 directions, so doing that will not be of any trouble to you.

The company has given its users the option to set customized alarms on this device. They will turn on the moment your readings go up/below a particular value.

BPL will also send a carry case for your precious gadget. It is cushioned on all sides and zips up with the help of velcro. When in case, your oximeter will be entirely secure. Little falls now and then will not affect it.

You can get the BPL Smart Oximeter for about 3500 Rupees from the link mentioned above. It comes with an extended warranty of 2 years. This warranty period is one of the longest on this list.

8. Zovec Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

ZOVEC Pulse Oximeter Fingertip
DisplayYes (OLED)
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionNo
Rating3.9/5 (No replacement)
Warranty1 Year

Zovec Pulse Oximeter will enable you to accurately measure your SPO2 (Oxygen Saturation), Pulse Rate, and Perfusion Index. If you do not get the meaning of these medical terms, skip to the FAQ section of the article. I have explained everything there.

All the data that I mentioned above will be shown on the high-resolution display of this oximeter. It is huge, and you can read everything that is on it without straining your eyes.

To use the Zovec Pulse Oximeter, place your finger inside it, and press the power button. After 10-15 seconds, it will display your essentials with maximum accuracy. It is not designed to be used as a continuous monitoring device, so do not use it for that.

This oximeter is perfect for people who have Asthma, Hypoxia, or other pulmonary diseases. Pilots and sportspeople can also use it when they are at high altitudes.

The starting price of the Zovec Pulse Oximeter is 2200 Rupees, and it comes with a warranty of 1 year. It is the perfect device for its price, and I do not think you can get a better deal than this on at this cost. So, go ahead and place your order, before the stocks run out.

9. MIBEST Silver OLED Finger Pulse

MIBEST Silver Dual Color OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter - Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Color OLED Screen Display and Included Batteries - O2 Saturation Monitor
DisplayYes (OLED)
Weight91 grams
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionNo
Doctor Rating4.6/5
Warranty1 Year

MIBEST Pulse Oximeter is capable of tracking the SPO2, PR, and Pulse Bar Graph of the user. It displays all of these readings on its OLED panel with numerous colours, so you will be able to distinguish between them with ease.

The build quality of the Mibest Silver Dual is fantastic. It is made from hardened plastic which is resistant to scratches and light falls. To get the best out of your investment, keep the sensor inside its pouch while carrying. It will protect it from dust and rain, ensuring its longevity.

The device is powered by 2 x AAA batteries that you will find within its box. So, it will be ready to use the moment it is delivered to your doorstep.

People of all kinds can use this oximeter. Let them be sportsmen, pilots, or patients. However, keep in mind that this is not a medical device, and will just give you an idea of your essentials. To get the most accurate results, you will have to go to the hospital.

The company will also send a Lanyard case along with this oximeter so that the user does not forget it anywhere. This will be suitable for people who have trouble remembering things.

You can get this one from the linked button below, and it comes with a warranty of 12 months.

10. AccuMed CMS-50D Pulse Oximeter

AccuMed CMS-50D Pulse Oximeter Finger Pulse Blood Oxygen SpO2 Monitor w Carrying case Landyard Silicon Case Battery Blue
DisplayYes (OLED)
Weight45 gram
Pulse RateYes
Water ResolutionNo
Doctor Rating4.6 out of 5 stars

People of all ages can use Accumed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. It takes just 5-10 seconds to show you the results of your readings. So, children, infants, and the elderly, all can use it with ease.

The device will show your Heart Rate, SPO2, and Pulse Graph on its LED display. It gets the power to do all these activities from its 2 x AAA batteries. On continuous usage, they will last just 24 hours. So, make sure you turn the device off, when not using it.

Its display panel is capable of showing results in all 4 directions. So, you can look at it from any angle that you want. Mountaineers will find it very helpful, as they will be able to see their readings easily.

The weight of this device is less than 50 grams, so carrying it is very simple. You can put it in your pocket and go on about your day.

Other key features of the AccuMed CMD-50D are Auto On/Off, Auto Screen Rotation, Brightness, and Adjustment. It will come with multiple accessories in the form of 2 AAA Batteries, Lanyard Silicone Cover, and a Travel Case. Click on the link mentioned above to check its price and see its other details.

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Best Pulse Oximeters in India – The FAQs

What is the meaning of the Perfusion Index?

Perfusion Index is the ratio of your Pulsatile Blood Flow to the Non-Pulsatile static blood flow. It simply shows the strength of your pulses at the site where your sensor is located. Its value is different for every person, and it can vary from 0.02 % to 20 %. If your PI is below 4%, then your sensor is working very well, and you can trust its readings.

What is the meaning of the Plethysmograph?

Plethysmography simply shows you the graphical representation of your Perfusion Index. It will show its variation against time that you can study easily.

What is the meaning of SPO2?

SPO2 is a measure of the oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in the blood relative to the oxygen not carrying blood. Just remember that your SPO2 should always be above 90% and when it falls below that, you should see your doctor immediately. Healthy people will have SPO2 above 95%, and people with breathing problems will have it between 90 and 95%.

How accurate are the oximeters that have been discussed on this list?

All the oximeters that we discussed are quite accurate and will give you results with an accuracy of 5%. However, they do not come close to the dedicated medical devices that are used for making these measurements in the hospital. These are just for use at home, and I would not recommend you to rely on them 100% for your health.


Purchasing an Oximeter should be done with right research, you shouldn’t go online or to a medical and blindly trust what the person is saying. You should also look in at all the features you want in it and make sure that model you’re getting it has them.

According to our research, 8/10 doctors recommended using the Dr. Trust’s Oximeter (It’s a bit pricey than other options, but they said that when it comes to the usability, there’s nothing as good as it.) It’s highly suitable for everyone and is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to Oximeters so there’s less chance of getting a faulty unit.

Not that the other options aren’t worth, all of the other options are equally good, but if one had no budget issues and is looking for a reliable model, then that’s the model we would recommend. The other runner up to it is the Beurer PO80 which provides great health monitoring features with accuracy and precision.

In case you have any queries and want suggestions from our team, feel free to get in touch using the comment form below. We can’t guarantee response to every comment/email we receive, but we always read them and shall try to help.

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