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11 Best OTG Ovens in India – 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Oven toaster griller, OTG in short, is a must-have kitchen appliance for most Indian households. Anyone enthusiastic about baking cakes or trying a tandoori chicken recipe at home meant getting an OTG. Or, you want to buy a high-quality OTG Oven simply because you wanted this new gadget in your kitchen and could afford it.

You can use an OTG for baking even if it does not have a convection option. In fact, professional bakers suggest that baking without convection is better for cakes and bread. However, the convection option is better for baking other items like meat and vegetables.   

They have now lost somewhat to the later invention of microwave ovens with a convection mode option. But there are still purists who swear by the OTG as far as cakes and bread are concerned.

Then there are others alarmed by regular publications on the supposed health hazards of microwave ovens. The result is that there is no dearth of OTG in the Indian market. The choice is good, but too many choices also make decisions more difficult.

We know how a good oven in your kitchen space can help cooking easier. Preparation of kebabs, cakes, baked lasagna, tandoori chicken is no longer a tough task when your kitchen space is accessories with a convection oven.

11 Best OTG Ovens in India (2021)

This is why we have researched thoroughly and come up with a list of the best-rated OTG Ovens available in India. This small kitchen appliance can help you cook the yummiest dishes in a jiffy. You get to save on LPG cylinders and electricity by opting for auto-cook options in an oven.

So, without taking any more time, let’s jump to the first product!

  • Dimensions of the product: 57.2 x 38.5 x 44.9 cm 
  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Capacity: 52 litres 

Morphy Richards Oven Toaster gets everything that a master chef requires. Convention technology is used for cooking Indian food uniformly and quickly.

The Morphy Richards 52 RCSS toaster grill makes the heating faster and it also saves energy while cooking. We tested and found that it doesn’t use much oil and the non-stick baking tray makes the food to be cooked quickly and easily without oil, butter, or ghee.

There is a cooking timer that gives precision to cook. Ideal for Indian kitchens as this product can bake, grill and toast food with minimum time. With a huge capacity of 52 litres, it can help in cooking meals for 5 to 8 people without adjustments.

You will find specially designed tongs that can be used for hauling the baking tray or the hot wire rack. Along with this product, you will get crumb tray, Rotisserie tong, Rotisserie rod set, tongs, wire rack, guarantee card, instructional manual and even customer care list.

Not only Indian foods, but the oven can also be used to cook Italian and Mexican meals in a jiffy. The product has a galvanised inner chamber that does not rust. This energy-efficient feature helps to maintain heat for a long time and also minimizes any kind of heat loss (thus saving energy).

The Motorized rotisserie comes with forks to drill kebabs, paneer tikka or roast chicken and prepare other food delicacies without hassles.

It has a stay-on functionality that helps to keep the food warm for 2 hours without compromising on its flavour and freshness. To conclude in short, it’s a reliable OTG considering the vast amount of features it has.

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for using daily 
  • Great for heavy usage
  • Can handle long hours of baking with efficiency
  • Accessories like tong, rod set, wire rack and all are supplied with product oven
  • Cord is too short
  • The temperature control thermostat might give trouble
  • The glass door doesn’t shut properly
  • Product Dimensions: 34.8 x 32.4 x 46.5 cm
  • Wattage: 1600W
  • Weight: 6.3 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Capacity: 25 liters

A member of AGARO’s OTG ovens line-up is this oven with 25L of capacity and an array of other essential as well as convenience features that offer a ton of utility, especially for budget buyers.

The black cuboid looks like any other standard OTG, but seemingly more durable. The heat-resistant window glass does an acceptable job but will heat up eventually if you run the machine for a long while. But that probably won’t be a frequent occurrence given that the OTG comes with a mighty 1600W heater which heats your delish meals quickly.

If you want to bake your sweet granny a birthday cake, go right ahead with the AGARO OTG that heats up to 250-degrees. Although, the optimum temperature for baking cakes would be about 200-degrees. You also get 5 heating modes on the OTG: Bottom Heating, Top Heating, Top and Bottom Heating, Rotisserie with Top, and Rotisserie with Top and Bottom Heating. Impressive, right?

The auto-thermostat on the AGARO OTG eliminates the hassle of having to revisit the temperature knob often during operation to prevent overcooking. The auto-shutoff and ready bell are also welcome features, although most OTGs in this price segment do provide these features.

You can get a whole lot done in your kitchen with the AGARO Marvel 25L OTG, and all this at an acceptable price point. Get yourself this AGARO OTG and start heating and baking your lip-smacking recipes.

  • Heat-resistant window glass
  • 1600W heater offers quick heating
  • 5 Heating modes
  • Auto-thermostat, auto-shutoff, and ready bell
  • No convection fan

3. Best OTG for Baking: Borosil Prima 42L

  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 47 x 32.8 cm
  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Weight: 9.5 kgs
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Capacity: 42 litres

The Borosil Prisma Oven Toaster Grill with motorised rotisserie and the convention functionality is one of the best kitchen appliances to prepare your favourite dishes.  

We tested and found that this oven can be used for multiple purposes like toasting, grilling, baking and rotisserie. The 6 stage heating functionality makes the heating process more efficient. The user of the oven can pick from the six heating combinations to prepare the meal by baking or toasting.

The OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) is designed aesthetically with an elegant silver finish and has an adjustable temperature control ranging from 90 to 230-degree centigrade. There is a 60-minute mechanical timer that makes cooking easy.

The power indicator turns on automatically when the timer is set for cooking and there is a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning easy.

Along with this OTG, you will get a rotisserie rod set, grill rack, cooking tray, rotisserie handle, removable crumb tray and also another spare handle.

You can use the OTG to bake cookies, croissants, pizzas, bread, muffins and with the rotisserie feature, you can even roast a whole chicken. It can prepare excellent Indian dishes without getting messy and without any hassles.

The added accessories with the OTG ensures the cooking to be smarter and simpler. Along with the accessories, you will also get a cookbook to make cooking easy.

The best thing we found in this OTG is that it can cook at lower temperatures and saves energy than the regular ovens. So, overall, it’s the best oven for baking and grilling.

  • Large and spacious oven
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Accurate heating
  • Convention fans
  • Too big product
  • Time knob malfunctions

4. Best Oven Toaster Griller: American Micronic 36L

  • Product Dimension: 40 x 52 x 32 cm
  • Wattage: 2000W
  • Weight: 7.5kgs
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Capacity: 36 litres

The American Micronic OTG is a wonderful purchase for Indian homes for preparing delicious delicacies within minutes and without hassles.

You can bake yummy cookies and mouth-watering cakes or even toast papads, roti and also grill the vegetables, chicken with this OTG. The product can heat the food quickly and with efficiency.

The 0-120 minute timer is automated in the functioning and will stop heating the food when it’s done. This also enables baked food to be prepared easily. The OTG has a double glass door through which you can see the food being processed and heated.

It is an American product but imported with an Indian warranty.

The motorised rotisserie of the OTG also has a convection heat transfer with six heating elements that makes the food to be prepared fast, no matter what dish you wish to prepare. The front top and bottom have a 400W heating element and there are 2X300W heat elements at the top and bottom of the rear end.

As per our testing, the thermostats ensure independent variable heat control, both at the upper and the lower heating elements of the OTG.

The OTG has dual temperature control that enables a variety of foods to be cooked. You will also get a free wire rack and baking tray inside along with the product. There is a drop crumb tray that makes the cleaning of the OTG convenient for the user.

The package contains an instruction manual along with tongs and the warranty card. The glass door of the oven is thick and sturdy to ensure safety and energy efficiency.

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Sturdy built
  • Best for baking
  • Steady heating
  • Grilling chicken takes time
  • Timer knob malfunctions

5. Best with Light: Borosil Prima 30L

  • Product Dimensions: 51 x 43.5 x 30.8 cm
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Weight: 7.4kg
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Capacity: 30 litres

The Borosil Prima OTG comes with convention and motorized rotisserie and is apt for Indians homes to bake, grill, toast and rotisserie food items. Completely hassle-free, it’s has been a top favourite after testing.

A simple and smart way to cook, Indian families will love the OTG that is multitasking and can cook, bake, toast, grill with equal efficiency. There are six varied combinations of heat to choose from depending upon which dish you wish to cook for the family.

The 60-minute mechanical and automated timer helps to adjust and control the temperature while cooking and the convection heat control feature also helps to save on energy consumption.

The convection functions well to maintain the dryness of the OTG. It is easy to cook meat or vegetables at a lower temperature and save energy too. The rotisserie rod helps the grilling to be evenly done.

The OTG product comes with other accessories to make cooking simple for Indian families. We found a removable crumb tray that helps in easy cleaning, a grill rack and a cooking tray that comes with a handle. Also, there is a rotisserie rod set and handle, along with an axis fork.

You will also get a recipe book with this purchase. The oven has an ergonomically designed handle that remains cool irrespective of the temperature inside, making the OTG safe to handle and operate while cooking.

The inside chamber of the OTG is illuminated for you to look and watch how the preparation comes alive. The outer body is designed aesthetically with a silver shiny, elegant look.

  • Convention fan is not powerful
  • Temperature only till 230 degrees, while others have till 250.
  • No readings of intermediate temperatures
  • Sturdy built
  • Lightweight
  • Illuminated inside chamber
  • Basic but good quality cooking accessories included for free
  • Sleek looking
  • Convention mode
  • Convention fan is not powerful
  • Temperature only till 230 degrees, while other have till 250.
  • No readings of intermediate temperatures
  • Product Dimensions: 50.4 x 40.4 x 34.9 cm;
  • Wattage:  1200 watts
  • Weight: 5 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Capacity: 22 liters  

The Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22L is large enough to cook meals for 4-5 people and is ideal for Indian families. With a 22-liter framework, this oven is great for baking, grilling and toasting food at the same time. Plus, the fact that the equipment is energy efficient is an added advantage

Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22-Litre OTG is also a very healthy alternative to other kitchen gadgets as it consumes less oil. Whether one wants to grill chicken tikkas or bake pizzas, the oven doesn’t disappoint. It is the perfect companion for all your culinary experiments and can be customized as per your needs.

The grill rack and baking trays are all made of stainless steel and hence well protected from rusting. Advanced features like the timer option and the element selection switch make cooking a lot more fun for us. Plus, the rotisserie skewer rod is long and sturdy enough to cook BBQ.

We especially liked the cooking technique of the oven- the food is cooked consistently on all sides, effectively locking all the aromas and flavors in the meat. The trick is to preheat the oven and leave the dish for an extra 5 minutes for the heat to spread evenly. 

We even tried baking cakes and cookies in the oven and were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful results.

  • User-friendly and compact
  • Great for outdoor BBQs and everyday cooking alike
  • Versatile and even cooking
  • Supports baking, toasting, and grilling
  • Suitable for families
  • Some customers have complained of a gap in the oven’s body via which heat escapes leaving the food undercooked.
  • Product Dimensions: 43.5 x 34 x 32 cm
  • Wattage:  1200W
  • Weight: 4.74 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Capacity: 16 liters  

The Bajaj Majesty 1603T 16L is a good OTG Oven choice for first-timers who have little to no experience with cooking. The toaster oven grill is versatile and large enough to cook all kinds of dishes and is suitable for urban Indian households.

The sleek white and stainless-steel framework complement the kitchen space. It is also durable enough to withstand excessive heat and moisture. The door handle is cool to touch even at extremely high temperatures. We found the oven very intuitive and user-friendly. There are 3 dials using which one can control the temperature, element, and timer during cooking.

The Bajaj Majesty 1603 comes with a set of baking trays, grills and skewer rods that you can use for outdoor BBQ parties. The heat spreads evenly and quickly throughout the surface, keeping all the flavor locked in. Plus, the oven is super easy to clean and doesn’t need any extra maintenance.

The oven is energy-efficient and requires less oil for cooking, thereby helping families adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can cook from cakes to pizzas, chicken tikkas to roasted papads to perfection with the Bajaj Majesty 1603.

  • Great for beginners and professional cook alike
  • Rust-free and sturdy construction
  • Compatible with aluminum and steel utensils
  • Fast easy and even cooking action
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors  
  • Comes with different accessories like a skewer, rods, baker trays, etc.
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Doesn’t support glass utensils
  • Customers have complained that the oven overheats quite often
  • Product Dimensions: 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 cm
  • Wattage: 1200W
  • Weight: 4.9 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Capacity: 16 liters

The Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS serves the triple function of an oven, a toaster and a grill in a single device. You can now bake pies, cook grilled chicken or roast veggies for 2-3 people at the same time with this kitchen equipment. 

Our experience with this oven-toaster-grill was quite satisfactory. The heat is distributed evenly across the surface, cooking the food properly and also preserving its flavors and aromas.

We found the product to be very user-friendly and convenient. It doesn’t require any complicated installation or maintenance. Modern Indian nuclear families would find this equipment to be extremely useful for everyday cooking.

The stainless-steel body is rustproof and unbreakable. The thermostat works well in regulating the temperature, while the baking trays and grills are wide enough to cook elaborate meals. The Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS is excellent for cooking non-veg cuisines like chicken tikkas and roasted muttons.

The framework is durable, compact and very lightweight. We tried using the product for outdoor BBQs and were pleasantly surprised by its performance. The indicator is well-lit, intuitive and easy to read, displaying accurate readings of the temperature and cooking time.

  • Ideal for everyday usage
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Small, light, portable and easy to work with
  • Great for beginners who want to experiment with non-veg recipes
  • Effective baking, toasting and grilling action
  • Quick and energy-efficient cooking
  • The outer surface gets heated very easily
  • Not suited for large families and large-scale cooking
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 29 x 27 cm
  • Wattage: 1380W
  • Weight: 5.8Kg
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Capacity: 18 Litres

The Morphy Richards 18L is a multi-functional OTG. Its body is made of stainless steel. So, the body is sturdy and rust-proof. 18 litres capacity is space enough for a standard-sized dinner plate. The capacity is just right for a nuclear family in India.

This device comes with multiple cooking options. Besides the usual baking, toasting and grilling, rotisserie too. This is its biggest draw. The motorised rotisserie grills and roasts at restaurant quality. It gives out evenly cooked food.

There are three different adjustment knobs. One is for temperature control for various baked and roasted dishes. The second knob is to select cooking options. The cooking options offered are baking, toasting, grilling, roasting and heating.

The third knob is a timer. Different food items need different timings for preparation.

You can set up the timer and do other tasks. It gives you the freedom to concentrate on other jobs simultaneously.

One convenient feature is the removable crumb tray. Here the tray collects food particles and dripping oil. Also, the tray can be taken out to clear and clean. This leaves the OTG chamber spotless.

Morphy Richards 18 RSS has a temperature indicator. This goes on and off according to the low and optimum temperature desired for the dish.

Our extensive survey on user satisfaction shows approval for Morphy Richards 18 RSS. The verdict is that it is a sensible purchase.

  • Sturdy and small device
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Outer body heats up with continuous usage
  • Product Dimensions: 47.5 x 35.5 x 33.7 cm
  • Wattage: 1280W
  • Weight: 5.6Kg
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Capacity: 19 Litres

The Wonderchef 19L is an oven with a toaster and grill. It runs on electricity only and does not have a stove-top option.

It has a black metal body with a tempered glass front. The glass window is heat resistant and has a stainless-steel handle attached to it. It is a compact OTG for any nuclear family in India.

The grill stand and wire rack have chrome finish whereas the baking tray has a black coating for better heating. The material used in making the OTG is stainless steel. Cleaning the inside of the oven and the attachments is easy.

The heat is generated from both top and bottom for uniform temperature. The maximum temperature for the machine is 250 degrees. After this, the auto cut-off becomes active. There is no temperature indicator, but the power cut-off is automatic. It is fitted with a fan inside.

The compact structure retains heat well. This feature also helps in reducing grilling and baking time. Also, heating the food is quickly possible with this device. And that’s the reason we have included it in the list as one of the best oven toaster grillers out there.

The consumer should use utensils made of heat-resistant glass, ceramic and metal only. With proper handling, it can bake at a dual-level.

With 1280 wattage, power consumption is 220volts. This is not too high for an urban Indian household. Armed with timer bell and power indicator, this is a very convenient home gadget.

The company offers 2 years warranty with the replacement of defective products. Wonderchef 63152143 19-liter OTG is a real steal at this price.

  • Small and light enough to fit in cramped spaces
  • Reasonably priced
  • Multiple cooking options
  • Short connecting wire
  • Front handle is flimsy
  • Product Dimensions: 41.5 x 30 x 24.5 cm
  • Wattage: 800W
  • Weight: 3.4Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Capacity: 9 Litres

The Prestige POTG 9 PC is a smart, handy and portable kitchen gadget. It is a baking machine with added benefits. Benefits include toasting, grilling and heating food items. It’s grey in colour gives it a dynamic look.

The front has an extensive view glass door. This makes keeping an eye on cooking items easy. The sturdy door handle has been ergonomically built to keep it heat resistant.

The machine comes with a stainless-steel wire rack for toasting and grilling. An enamel-coated tray makes baking efficient.

Two manual knobs for time setting and temperature, make operation easy. The power indicator is a safety feature.

The maximum temperature for the machine is up to 250 degrees. The consumer can adjust the temperature according to the requirement. Again, the manually set timer can cook each dish as needed. At 800W, it uses less power for quality heating.

The company has provided two quartz heaters of supreme quality. These heaters give quick yet uniform, efficient heating.

These features add up to the durability of the device.

Each of these features helps save power usage. The company has also prioritised consumer safety. Our survey reveals that most dishes turn out perfect if the consumer follows the instruction manual.

The user manual comes with easy cleaning instructions as well. One-year warranty from the company ensures excellent after-sale service.

At this price, Prestige POTG 9pc 800-watt OTG is an ideal convenience device for any Indian kitchen.

  • Really compact and inexpensive
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Reliable company
  • Not meant for large dishes and commercial use
  • Lower rack is not removable

The Best OTG Oven Brands in India

The busy city life will not give you enough time to cook. The result is that more and more people are eating out and eating junk. A healthy way out is to cook at home, but where is the time to cook. That’s when we thought of introducing you with the best ovens in India.

However, before selecting any brand, it’s essential to know what they are offering. Is the oven user-friendly, easy to clean, durable? Can the oven be used for long hours? Is it sustainable? Getting the answer to all such questions is essential before making a choice.

Well, several manufacturers are offering all such efficiencies, but we have hand-picked the best brands for you to choose from based on their reliability, quality and technology.

1. Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards is an eight decades-old home appliances company with its headquarters in the United Kingdom.

In India Morphy Richards sells a wide range of cooking appliances, Oven Toaster Grill, Mixer Grinder and Food Processor.

Morphy Richards offers a range of OTGs, right from the economical 18L to the huge 60L ones capable of fulfilling the needs of different households. The consumers can choose between black and silver colours.

The OTGs come with a 2-year warranty, stainless steel body and features such as Motorized rotisserie, bake mode, removable crumb tray, temperature controller and keep warm function all designed to provide a pleasant experience to the end-user.

2. Borosil

Borosil is one of the finest brands in India and is a market leader for microwavable kitchenware in India. It is a well-known brand for coming up with strong, robust and sturdy kitchen appliances. The products are a perfect fit for large Indian families and by delivering quality products, the brand has created a niche for itself in the Indian arena.

The best thing about Borosil is that the OTGs manufactured by them are priced reasonably and the quality is of the highest grade. The product comes with a 2 year warranty period that’s also quite a reasonable deal.

The USP of this brand is that it’s a top favorite among consumers and their customer services are extremely professional and friendly.

3. Bajaj 

The Bajaj Group is an Indian conglomerate that is close to completing a century of its existence. It’s synonymous with excellence and it has interests in automobile, financial services, home appliances, electrical, iron and steel and insurance products.

The economical Bajaj OTGs come with a 1-year warranty and stainless-steel body and are specially designed for the Indian style of cooking. The transparent glass doors enable the consumer to supervise the cooking process.

The OTGs are available in a range of shades like white, black and silver. The OTGs are compact with a smooth finish and easy to clean. The products also have features like unique heating element selection and cool-touch handles.

4. American Micronic Instruments

American Micronic Instruments (India) Private Limited is a new entrant in the household appliances market. It has an impressive portfolio of products ranging from home appliances, kitchen appliances to cleaning appliances.

American Micronics offers OTGs in the range of 15L to 46L. The unique feature of American Micronic OTGs is the timer with an audible alarm which reminds the user to switch off the OTG. The OTGs also have a 2-year warranty.

The double-layered robust glass door adds to the safety and energy efficiency of the OTGs. Another unique feature is the six heating elements and temperature control facilities for upper and lowers heating elements.

5. Prestige

TTK Prestige is India`s largest home appliances company. A trusted brand in pressure cookers, the company has over 600 products in its portfolio.

Prestige OTGs are highly economical and suitable for preparing Indian dishes. The OTGs have a capacity starting at 9L to 46L ideal for different family sizes. Prestige OTGs are equipped with the convection function which ensures uniform cooking of food. The glass doors provide a clear view of the cooking process.

The OTGs have a 1-year warranty and additional features such as temperature control with timer, stay-cool handle, rotisserie function and high-quality stainless steel heaters which ensure a high degree of safety and efficiency.

The Buyer’s Guide

This buying guide based on our rigorous research will inform you about the essentials you must know and check when you buy an OTG.

The Amazing History of Ovens

So, what is an oven, really? An oven is a chamber with thermal insulation. Thermal insulation simply means the property of reducing heat transmission. 

When heating is the primary function, why would one need a heat transmission reducing system? Just to ensure that the heat transmission is even and not more than the desired level.

A kiln, for example, is an oven that can bake bricks or temper ceramic products. Too much heat can burn the bricks or ceramic item.

Our concern here is with ovens used in kitchens for cooking. That is not by any means a new invention. The earliest ovens used for cooking date back to 29,000 BCE (Before the Common Era), which means more than 31,000 years before. These have been found in central Europe. 

These primitive ovens were pits dug in the ground. These were used to roast and grill animals including whole mammoths, experts tell us! By the 17th century BCE, ancient Greeks were already using portable ovens for baking different kinds of bread.

France has the first recorded history of an oven being constructed with bricks and tiles. This everyday cooking appliance then went through various stages of modification and newer fuel usage. The electric oven, the precursor of the familiar OTG, made its appearance only towards the end of the 19th century.

Thomas Ahearn, a Canadian, has the credit of inventing the first electric oven. This was used in the kitchen of the Windsor Hotel in Ottawa in 1892. But a person named William Hadaway got the first patent for an electric oven in June 1896.

Hadaway also designed the first horizontal toaster-cooker operated by electricity. Beyond that, there are no historical records to inform us how and when exactly the modern-day OTG made its appearance.

OTG vs. Microwave Ovens

An engineer named Dr. Percy Spencer invented the microwave oven in 1946. A microwave oven with grill and convection options is a more sophisticated version of an OTG. 

An OTG is for toasting bread and for grilling fish, prawns, meat, vegetables or any other item. You can also use an OTG to warm food and to keep food warm. But the most important function of an OTG is to help you bake. 

Whether it is cakes and muffins, or any other baked item, an electrically operated OTG was the commonest equipment to use till the advent of microwave ovens.

A microwave oven with grill and convection options can perform all the functions of an OTG. What is more, it can perform these functions much faster and with less power consumption. In addition, you can cook a lot more variety of food on your microwave oven than you can on your OTG.

Should you then buy an OTG at all? Well, the World Health Organization (WHO) certifies that food cooked in a microwave oven does not become radioactive. So there is no health hazard that way. But microwave cooking is not entirely hazard-free.

Using just any plastic for cooking in the microwave can melt the plastic and release harmful chemicals in the food. Even microwave-safe Tupperware dishes display a degree of corrosion when you heat oil in them in the microwave. That indicates some degree of melting, which is a serious health hazard.

You use only specific metal containers in an OTG. So the question of melted plastic in your food is out of the question. With reference to other related health issues, a 2011 study demonstrates that just one minute of microwave heating can destroy the anti-cancer properties of garlic. It would need 45 minutes for that to happen in an OTG.

A much earlier study conducted in 1992 demonstrates that heating frozen human milk in a microwave destroys its antibacterial properties. But then, we don’t have any study results on what heating human milk in an OTG does to the milk.

The bottom line is, if you want to do some serious baking, there is no alternative to an OTG. You can bake your own bread in your OTG, but not in a convection microwave oven.  

How an OTG Works?

An OTG is an electrical appliance with an insulated chamber, a rack on which the item to be baked/toasted/grilled is placed, a control panel and a removable crumb tray below the rack.

Inside the insulated chamber are electrical coils that get heated up when you switch on the power. Food gets cooked by this heat. There are heating coils both at the bottom and on top.

Depending on what you want to cook, one or both the coils work on converting electrical energy to a high temperature to cook the food. For grilling, only the top coil works. For baking, only the bottom coil gets switched on. 

For baking meat and vegetables, it is best to use the convection mode so that both the top and bottom heating elements get switched on. Using the baking mode works better for cakes and bread. For toasting bread, you simply put the slices directly on the rack.

The control panel options direct whether one or both the coils will work. Simply place the food container on the rack, close the front door, switch on your OTG and select the appropriate command on the control panel.

Depending on the size and model of your OTG, there may be one or more ridges inside. That is for simultaneous baking. More ridges are especially helpful when baking cookies. You can slide in two or more baking trays simultaneously and have more cookies baked together. 

OTGs with the convection option will usually have a fan to circulate the warm air inside. That is why this mode is not good for baking cakes and bread. Heated air from the top may cause the outer layer or crust to be ready while the inside is not yet fully cooked. 

One important jargon you need to remember when you buy an OTG is the thermostat. A thermostat is a kind of sensor necessary to regulate the heat inside. It can sense the degree of heat produced and switches off the heating if the heat level is more than what is necessary for cooking.

The other important technical term to remember is rotisserie. A rotisserie is a cooking appliance used for grilling or barbecuing. It is basically a skewer or a metal rod that rotates on its own.

Part of an OTG Oven

When you grill something on an open fire or in a barbecue machine, you need to manually turn whatever you put on the skewer. A rotisserie is a motorised skewer that will turn on its own for even grilling.

What to Look for When Buying an OTG

There are several features that you need to consider when buying an OTG. We present our well-researched guidelines on the factors you need to consider.

1. Size or Capacity

OTGs starting from 9 litres to 60 litres are available in the Indian market. Which size you need is an important consideration. There are two aspects to think of when deciding on the size of your OTG: your family size and the space available in your kitchen to place the OTG.

There is no hard and fast rule, but a 15-25 litre OTG is sufficient for an Indian family of up to four members. If you have a larger family size, it is best to go for an OTG with more capacity.

If you want to take up baking as a serious pastime, or as a small business to cater to private parties, look for an OTG in the 50-60 litre range. If on the other hand, you are into a single living, an OTG of up to 10 litre capacity is fine for you.

2. The Look

We believe that a good-to-look-at cooking appliance adds value both to your kitchen and your cooking delight. The utilities that come with an OTG are the main features to consider for sure. But the look of it also counts.

Look for an OTG that looks smart and matches well with the rest of your kitchen. There is also a matter of personal preference. Some may like a stainless steel finish while others may prefer a black or red finish. 

The metal with which an OTG is made is almost inevitably stainless steel. It doesn’t make much of a difference to the efficiency whether it has a colour coating or not. You can choose your preferred colour without any worry.

There is one definite advantage in choosing an OTG in black. It is easier to maintain than one with a stainless steel finish. The blacktop coating is an oxidised layer that reduces corrosion. It thus adds a layer of protection to the steel.

You may be wondering what happens if the black coating gets scratched. Well, nothing much will happen unless you get into some serious scratching with a fork or any other sharp object like a knife. 

You’re unlikely to do that, we presume. So, the chances of the outer black body of your OTG getting scratched to reveal the stainless steel underneath is remote.

3. The Body

It is important to ensure that the body of your OTG is made of stainless steel rather than aluminium. It is a matter of durability. Stainless steel is stronger than aluminium. It is also more corrosion resistant than aluminium. 

A galvanised interior will keep the insides of your OTG rust and corrosion-free. Look for this feature in the product description.

But the most important factor is that aluminium is more reactive to food. When exposed to acid, aluminium can corrode and affect the taste and flavour of food. So, ensure that the internal rack and the rotisserie are also made of stainless steel.

4. Functions

OTGs are available with or without the rotisserie. You need to decide what all you want to cook in your OTG. If you want it primarily for baking, you may choose one without the rotisserie.

If, instead, you want to use your OTG for grilling also, choose a model that comes with the rotisserie. OTGs with a motorised rotisserie can churn out the most delectable grilled dishes, vegetarian or nonvegetarian.

  • Temperature Control:

Other advanced functions to look for are temperature control, the timer and auto shut. The average temperature in an OTG ranges from 0 to 250 degrees Celsius. An OTG with a temperature control knob allows you the option of choosing a particular temperature for cooking the food.

If you are new to baking, an OTG offering the temperature control option is particularly helpful. You’ll find many recipes that ask you to preheat the oven for certain minutes at a certain degree. Without the temperature control knob, you’ll be lost.

Brownies and bread, for example, need a temperature of 210 to 220 degrees Celsius for the best results. Cakes and muffins bake better at 180 degrees Celsius. This is why a temperature control knob is important.

Temperature control is important for grilling also. The temperature you need for grilling red meat will be different from the temperature you need for grilling chicken. The heat needed for grilling vegetables or paneer will differ from that need for any kind of meat.

 An OTG with a temperature control knob and an informative user manual that mentions the recommended temperature levels for different ingredients is of huge help. Unless you are already a cordon bleu cook, needing no mechanical or informational help, of course!

  • Timer:

OTG ovens with the timer option also have the auto shut function usually. You set your timer for the desired period of time and forget all about it. The cooking will automatically stop once the set time is over.

If there is an auto shut option associated with it, the oven will also shut off on its own. Or else, it will keep reminding you with recurrent beeps that your food is done. You need to manually switch the power off anyway.

This feature is important for newbies and experienced cooks alike. If you are new to baking and grilling, you are likely to follow recipes meticulously. Most cooking directions will mention a specific time. Set the timer and relax, or do something else.

If you are an experienced cook with a fair idea of how much time it takes to bake or grill anything, a timer is still an important feature. It allows you to multitask.

Some OTGs come with the advanced function of keeping the food warm after it is done. The baking or grilling will stop when the set time is over. The oven will then automatically switch to the “keep warm” mode till you switch off the power. This is an additional advantage. 

  • Cooking Mode Selection:

OTG has multiple options for cooking. The control panel must have a knob or buttons that allow you to choose what you want to set the oven for. Bake, convection and grill/rotisserie are the basic minimum operation control options that an OTG with rotisserie must-have.  

OTGs with the “keep warm” option will usually have an extra button that says “bypass time”, “stay on” or simply “keep warm”.

5. Power Usage

OTGs available in India use anything between 800 to 1500 watts of power. Remember that the higher the power usage, the less time you’ll need to cook something on your OTG. But higher wattage usage also means higher power bills. 

For the average baking and grilling needs in a standard Indian family of four to five members, OTGs operating at 1200 watts are ideal. But if you have a larger family or buy a large OTG of 30 litres or more, higher wattage will be better to reduce cooking time.

6. Accessories

If you decide to buy an OTG with convection and rotisserie options, check how many of the following accessories come with the oven:

  • One or more grilling racks, depending on how many ridges your OTG has.
  • A baking tray. If this is made of non-stick material, that is the best.
  • A baking pan for cakes, but you are lucky if you get it with your OTG. Most OTGs will just give you a single baking tray.
  • Tongs for the baking tray.
  • A rotisserie set with skewers, a rotisserie fork, a rotisserie tong and a rotisserie rod. Usually, there should be four skewers and two rotisserie forks.
  • A removable crumb tray, 


Check that the handle is cool to touch even when the OTG is in use. This is an important feature to save your hands from burning. You might just forget to wear heatproof gloves when you want to open the oven door.

7. Cord Length

A longer cord length is useful as it increases your option to place the OTG. A shorter cord length will mean you can only place it near the plug point. Or you’ll have to use an extension cord, which will clutter your kitchen. 

8. Warranty

Don’t forget to check the warranty when you buy your OTG. Also, remember to activate the warranty card if you buy it from a physical store. That means you need to get the seller’s stamp with the date on your warranty card.

If you buy online, your invoice is your warranty card. Remember to preserve it carefully for the length of the warranty period. Most OTGs in India come with one or two years of warranty.

9. Budget

That is the ultimate decider. Look for an OTG that fits your budget. However, our advice is that you invest in a good OTG with advanced features if you want to take up baking and grilling seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, OTG or microwave?

That really depends on several factors. If you want to bake and cook only occasionally, a microwave with grill and convection is enough for you. But if you want to take up baking ore seriously, go for an OTG. Remember, you cannot bake bread in a convection microwave. Also, baking purists insist that cakes and cookies bake best when heated only from the bottom. A convection microwave does not have that option. The fan will spread the hot air around.

Why is it important to preheat an OTG?

Preheating the oven is necessary for good baking. The baking powder or baking soda or yeast you use in your batter for cakes, muffins or bread is a leavening agent. They react well to heat. Remember to switch your oven for preheating while you prepare your batter. Once the batter is ready, it should go into the oven immediately. An OTG will usually take about 15 minutes to be preheated. Calculate accordingly.

If you want to be absolutely sure that the inside temperature of your OTG has reached the desired degree, you may consider buying an oven thermometer.

Which is better for grilling, OTG or microwave?

OTGs are meant for grilling. OTGs with rotisserie options grill exceptionally well. And they are far cheaper than a microwave with the grilling option.

Which is better for making pizzas, OTG or microwaves?

When it comes to making pizzas, OTGs beat microwaves, hands down. There’s no argument on this one.

What kind of pots and dishes can I use in an OTG?

Stainless steel, aluminium and non-stick coated metal utensils. It is safe to wrap food in aluminium foils for use in an OTG. You can also use ovenproof glass or ceramic utensils. But please remember not to use any kind of plastic utensils, including Tupperware. They will melt in an OTG.


I would have gone for American Micronic, Imported OTG because it has 6 heating elements making the cooking simpler. It is excellent for baking cakes and the temperature control ensures that the baking, grilling or toast doesn’t take much time. It has a long cord and with two thermostat control, it’s easy to switch it on and off, without hassles.

My second choice would be Bajaj Majesty 1603 T, as it will be an economical buy. It is white and looks aesthetic and is excellent for preparing cookies. Due to its small size, it can fit in any corner of the kitchen and won’t take up much space.

A good OTG can surely come to the rescue when it comes to cooking, in modern Indian families. Hope our reviews and guide helps in making choice for the best-suited OTG oven for your needs.

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