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10 Best Non-Stick Tawas in 2022 [Expert Reviews]

Are you missing out on the delicious Dosa in your diet? Days are gone when your cravings for that crispy Dosa and Parathas were left dissatisfied. With the rise of science and technology in India, we now have a host of kitchen appliances like sandwich maker, mixer grinder, roti maker, and juicer, that are useful when making breakfasts.

If we talk about the market share of non-stick cookware, according to the report presented by Grand View Research, it’s expected to reach $12.5 Billion by 2025.

The non-stick Tawas are all set to give you your favorite breakfast. Over the few years, it has become a necessary kitchen appliance and is a perfect way to make delicious dishes. They can work perfectly without a touch of oil, thanks to the non-stick coating surface! Be it the Parathas or the Dosas you get the same taste without any grease; which is great, isn’t it?

Moreover, your everyday cooking experience is improved using this innovative kitchenware. They not only look appealing in your kitchen but come with a variety of different benefits. Thus, check out the following Tawas for making Dosa and get the ideal one for your household or gifting purposes.

Best Non-Stick Tawas in India (2021)

Whether you are a health freak or running short of time as your pan takes longer to heat, all these problems are quickly addressed as you resort to these exclusive Tawas from trusted brands. It is time that you cook and eats healthily, and these products offer you just the same. Now, let’s dive into their detailed reviews!

1. Best Overall: Pigeon Wondercast Flat Tawa

  • Premium three-layer German coating
  • Great handle design for ease of use
  • Long-lasting and durability
  • 280mm diameter base
  • Metal spoon compatible coating

Pigeon is one of the oldest utensils in the country, providing high quality and great looking cookware for your kitchen. The design that they provide gives that modular edge to your kitchen. Wondercast Flat Tawa manufactured by them is no exception.

The Wondercast is a new range of non-stick cookware launched by the company in which this tawa is included. This product is the ultimate help for that perfect dosa on your plate. When on a diet, you don’t need to miss out on the delicious dosa for your breakfast, as this tawa allows you to cook oil-free and yummy dosas!

No more batter sticking to the base of your pan. The non-stick surface of Pigeon Wondercast tawa features a three-layer Greblon coating, and the technology used in developing this is called cast die technology. This process of manufacturing ensures that the tawa is highly durable and involves minimum oil requirements during cooking.

Get your family that healthy breakfast of dosa and tikkis without any grease intake! The aluminum base ensures that the heating of the pan is much faster than any other local tawa. The thick base makes the tawa resistant to warping, and the surface is also compatible with a metal spoon. So, no more hurdling around for that wooden spatula!

You simply can’t miss out on buying this product as it gives that contemporary look with premium design technology. The spiral base ensures uniform heating in all corners of the tawa, making the food evenly cooked. The coating is devoid of PFOA coating, and the three-layer German technology makes the non-stick surface durable.

You’ll be a fan of this product as it makes cooking efficient and comfortable. Enjoy cooking in style with this beautifully designed tawa! It is a combination of beauty and convenience, giving you a tasty meal with a great look all in one cookware.

  • Extra thick base
  • Trusted brand
  • Convenient pricing
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • ISO certification on the product
  • Heavier handle than the base
  • Comes only in black colour
  • Press Aluminium technology ensuring proper heat distribution
  • Non-stick marble surface
  • Durable, corrosion and scratch-resistant, non-stick, five-layer surface with excellent release capability
  • Bottom layer ready for all heat sources

Nirlon is designed with Press Aluminium Technology making it an excellent buy for the price you pay. This modern technology uses compressive force to design cookware from sheets of aluminum. The press aluminum technology makes heating much faster, reducing extra use of energy.

Thus, for that fast cooking experience with high quality, you can easily opt for the Nirlon Induction Marble Tawa. Be it a gift or a purchase for personal use, and this non-stick tawa is ideal for everyday use. Make your cooking experience all exciting with this great looking product in your kitchen. This is lightweight kitchenware making it easy to handle as you flip your dosa or paratha.

The marble layer ensures an appropriate non-stick coating. It not only minimizes the use of extra grease and oil in your food but also keeps the equipment clean and tidy even after cooking. The granite or marble coating features in this dosa Tawa make the surface non-stick, and the performance is readily improved. Your cooking gets more efficient and fun as you purchase this tawa for regular use.

You need not scourge the surface using the regular scrubber to taint the surface, making it lose its non-stick nature. For that healthy meal in your house, this is free from lead or cadmium. Use it at your pleasure to prepare a delicious snack for your child and family.

The ergonomically designed handle is curated for the secure tackling of the tawa while cooking. It works efficiently on any hobs installed in your kitchen, be it induction or a halogen, and the tawa is bottom ready for any heating technique. The company provides a full year warranty on the product in case of any issues as an added advantage. This product hence offers:

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Rich appearance with marble coating
  • Efficient cooking experience
  • Works on any heat source
  • One year warranty
  • A wooden spatula is required
  • Avoid using steel wool scouring pad

3. Best for Dosa Making: Wonderchef Granite

  • Pure aluminum base making heating faster
  • The ergonomic design of handles
  • Two years warranty on the product
  • Bottom compatible with induction cooking

Wonderchef brings in a range of cookware, which can brighten up your kitchen. The designer stone finish cookwares manufactured by this company has made itself a family favorite of all those who love cooking.

It not only looks good as your Tawa is put on display, but the cooking mechanism also becomes much easier and swifter with its use. If you are struggling to make that perfectly crisp and delicate dosa, this Wonderchef Granite Dosa Tawa from Wonderchef will do wonders. The brand not only boasts of great customer satisfaction but offers service 24 x 7.

The Wonderchef Tawa is a perfect blend of beauty with utility. Indulge in making a traditional tikki or dosa with this fantastic non-stick equipment. It has that chic look to give your kitchen a modular look with their finely finished stone appearance. Make all those delicious dishes with minimum to no oil.

The non-stick Tawa makes life healthier as they function spontaneously without any grease. Toss in the dosa batter, getting the perfect crispness with absolutely no oil! Among all these facilities, the 3.4 mm thick rim and bottom gives that added advantage of durability. Use this Tawa for years, as they are long-lasting, and prepare those oil-free delectable south Indian delicacies like a professional chef.

Wonderchef boasts of stamped and forged cookware. This indicates that the tawa is curated from cold-rolled sheets of 99.9% virgin aluminum. Hence, circles are cut and cast with absolute accuracy, and they are given a non-stick surface in which attractive designs and hues are incorporated.

Thus, they are light and thin while retaining their strength. Five-layer coating added to the non-stick surface is applied after intense cleaning with chemicals and sandblasting. This is done to ensure that the coating stays intact even after repeated use, unlike the ones attached with rollers.

Moreover, the coating’s quality is of superior grades and is free from harmful chemicals like PFOA. Besides, Wonderchef Tawa has:

  • Worth the value
  • Completely chemical-free coating
  • Long-lasting guaranteed
  • Beautiful design and chic look
  • Excellent customer service by the brand
  • Wooden handles not provided in the pack
  • Missing the non-stick friendly scrubber
  • A wooden spatula designed to cook on a non-stick surface
  • A cookbook giving you delicious recipes
  • German non-stick technology made Dosa Tawa
  • Ideal scrubber suitable for maintaining the non-stick surface
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum as the base of the Tawa

Make the perfect dosa in the morning with the Hawkins - Q41 Futura Tawa. Making your life easier; this Tawa is designed with unique technologies. Cooking those shallow fried tikkis are much easier than you think with this non-stick cooking surface. With little to no oil, you can just prepare your authentic recipes within minutes.

The flat 33-centimeter diameter surface offers enough space for getting that perfect huge and round dosas or three small uttapams in a go! Too many guests in the house? Don’t worry; the surface can also accommodate at least nine proper sized tikkis for shallow frying. So, you are completely relieved of the hassle of repeating multiple frying processes.

Not just this, the perfect curvature endorsed by this product prevents the spilling of oil, which can be dangerous. The right flatness makes spreading the dosa batter faster and simpler. Besides, it is curated with a unique locking design with German coating. The premium quality non-stick is locked firmly with the lower Anodised surface. This ensures that this product is deemed to last longer than any other tawa in this range if appropriately maintained.

The surface provided by Futura is optimum for a huge dosa or multiple cutlets. With the handles firmly riveted to the surface, there is little to no chance of the tawa becoming wobbly with use. The surface of this tawa is 4.88 mm thick with an extra gauge, which is thick and heavy simultaneously.

This feature allows proper heat distribution throughout the surface very fast, escalating the cooking process and preparing a delicious meal for your family and friends. This also saves energy as the heating up is much more spontaneous than regular skillets. As you decide on investing in a Futura Dosa tawa, you must know that they sport:

  • Make a properly sized dosa at ease
  • Premium quality non-stick surface
  • Strong riveted handles
  • Amazon choice product
  • Trusted brand
  • Not functional on a convection cooktop
  • Seeks adequate maintenance for lasting longer
  • Non-stick surface
  • Great functionality with proper heat distribution
  • 310mm diameter surface
  • 4mm thick base for uniform heating
  • Environmental and health-friendly materials in use

Get your parathas ready, oil-free! Sounds impossible? To make your paratha meal healthier and tastier, Tosaa Multi Tawa is at your service. Prepare those tasty shallow fried tikkis or the perfectly crisp dosa using this flat base cookware.

Whether for breakfast or dinner, you will be completely overwhelmed by the service that this tawa assists you with! As you hurry for your office, this tawa helps in faster cooking as they get heated up faster than any ordinary utensil. You can make an array of dishes using this as they are user-friendly.

What more? This tawa has 4 mm thickness making the heat spread evenly while cooking. So, no more uncooked portions of your roti for dinner. The non-stick coating added to this product is PFOA free, and you are free from any harmful side effects of chemicals.

The surface is tightly sealed and layered on a heavy aluminum gauge, making the base of this tawa. The exterior of this is straightforward to clean. You can clean up the surface within minutes after preparing your dinner. Your money is invested in great cookware as they are long-lasting, functioning efficiently for years.

Materials used in manufacturing this tawa are not just like any local tawa but boasts of exclusive quality. The German coating to this product gives a smooth non-stick surface to toss in any batter of your choice minus the grease. Life becomes healthier and easier with this modern cookware for your kitchen.

According to the manual provided, this tawa will serve you for years without any hassle with a little maintenance.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Takes care of your health
  • Ensures faster cooking
  • High-quality German coating
  • 12 months warranty
  • Incompatible with metal spoons
  • Regular scouring pads cannot be used as it chips off the non-stick surface
  • Heat resistant handle for cooking convenience
  • Dishwasher safety materials
  • A bottom which is both gas and induction friendly
  • Metal spoon compatible non-stick surface

Prestige is a widely acknowledged cookware brand in India, catering to all needs of a homemaker. The utensils designed by this brand are not just good looking but also won customers’ appreciation far and wide. The Omega Deluxe Granite curated by this company is no such exception.

They have maintained their reputation as a trusted brand with this great cooking equipment. Believe it or not, your cooking experience will earn a boost with this advanced technology tawa in your kitchen. Omega Deluxe by Prestige is a range of 5 layers of non-stick cookware that has been the first of its kind in the Indian market.

This product is designed with premier German technology and boasts of its superior non-stick surface. Being the first of its kind, this has been ruling the market ever since its launch. What has made this product popular? Well, the unique design with its long-lasting feature has made this a perfect choice for the customers. Besides, you just cannot miss out on the features that are instilled in this tawa.

The top layer’s initial or top layer is very efficiently designed with PTFE coating, which provides an attractive granite finish to the cookware. The succeeding layer is a dual layer of a spatter coat. The technology of spatter coating ensures that the tawa continues to look new and retains its smooth finish. This layer is also responsible for making it compatible with the metal spoon.

The intermediate coating comes next and helps in equal distribution of heat. It also makes the cookware retain its non-stick characteristics and ensures its durability. Finally, the final layer functions as an abrasive between the non-stick coating and the base metal.

Thus, the cookware is designed with innovative technology, enabling it to be the perfect kitchen experiment apparatus. Make that oil-free galactic kebabs with this super non-stick surface.

  • Worth the price
  • High durability
  • 300 mm diameter surface 
  • Chic granite look
  • Needs conditioning with a thin layer of oil before first use
  • No warranty on the item
  • A sturdy bakelite non conducting handle for a comfortable grip while cooking
  • Non-stick exterior
  • A year warranty on purchase
  • 3mm thick body made of aluminum
  • Metal spoon compatible surface

This tawa from Amazon’s brand, Solimo vouches for a premium quality tawa for your household. Be it preparing the dosa or the regular chapatti, and you can use it at your pleasure for your regular cooking tasks. Solimo Concave Tawa will keep up with the promise made by the brand.

It is curated, keeping in mind the regular cooking needs, and the brand primarily focuses on using premium quality materials for its production. Be it a much-awaited paratha dinner or a regular Tikki for your child’s lunch, and cooking becomes much faster and healthier using this concave tawa.

What more? This tawa is designed using the Teflon Select 3 layer non-stick coating, making it perfect daily use cookware. Teflon layer also guarantees that the non-stick surface is highly durable, scratch-resistant, and compatible with a metal spoon, making it an everyday use apparatus. Besides, this Teflon coating also abstains from the food you cook from sticking to the base.

Thus, cleaning becomes way easier. You can easily prepare a delectable recipe with minimum grease and oil using this high-quality tawa. The base is designed with a 3mm spiral layer, which makes the distribution of heat equal. It also makes the tawa retain heat longer, giving a perfect base for you to cook. The energy is less consumed, and your food does not get overcooked.

Solimo Tawa is provided with a dual non-stick coating. This is a bonus for your purchase. The dual coating makes cleaning a lot easier and keeps the product free from any unwanted stain. The handle is designed with bakelite and is firmly riveted with the tawa making it readily convenient to cook. It is a bad conductor of heat; hence, there is no chance of getting burns as you touch the handles.

  • Great design
  • Warranty on purchase
  • Ergonomic bakelite handle design
  • Teflon 3 layer coating
  • Easy cleaning facility
  • Only gas stovetop compatible
  • Requires maintenance
  • 100% nontoxic non-stick surface
  • Excellent heat efficiency while cooking
  • Two ergonomically designed bakelite handles
  • Three layers of non-stick coating
  • High-quality aluminum as a base metal

This brand makes your roti preparation easy. All those nights are gone when making that roti on an old tawa used to be a tedious task. Anjali brings you a tremendous Platinum Flat Tawa with a new look. The tawa has handles for grip on both sides, such that you can easily lift it with both hands.

The handles are curated from bakelite, which makes them heat resistant. Bakelite, being non-conductor of heat, will not give you burns as you pick up the hot tawa from your stove! Those days are gone when hot tawas burnt your skin. This is designed using three-layer technology.

Are you wondering what makes it unique? The innovative technology involved in preparing the surface’s non-stick coating is ideal for hassle-free, healthy food preparations. The non-stick layer is safe from chemical contamination.

It is 100% safe to prepare all the delicacies with this tawa with no edge. The aluminum surface is made to ensure that there is proper heating in all corners of the tawa. Make that perfectly cooked dosa with even crispness in the exterior on this tawa from Anjali.

Tawa manufactured by Anjali has a perfectly flat surface and boasts of healthy, low-calorie cooking every day. The bottom is designed specifically keeping in mind the necessity of heat efficiency. It lasts longer than any other product and will provide you with a stress-free and fast cooking.

The non-stick surface with reinforced three-layer technology prevents any scratches on the surface, making the tawa look all new and premium.

  • Uses lesser energy to cook
  • High efficiency in heating up the surface
  • Perfectly flat bottom
  • Scratch-resistant technology
  • Excellent buy under 1000 bucks
  • Incompatible with a metal spoon
  • Avoid using steel wool scourge pad for cleaning the surface

9. Best for Modular Kitchen: Nirali Cherry Pathiri Tawa

  • Thick base for even heating
  • Premium quality aluminum in use
  • Great handle design for efficient use
  • Non-stick surface with Teflon coating
  • One year warranty on purchase

If you are passionate about vibrant cookware in your kitchen and want the same, Nirali comes with a cherry red color tawa. Yes, it is one of the products of the cherry range and has a bright red hue. Cook your amazing meals in the Nirali Cherry Pathiri Tawa which is a balance of beauty and productivity.

Kitchenwares are not just utility requirements but also demands an attractive appeal. This tawa is perfect for the same! Give your modular kitchen that extra edge with this elegant tawa manufactured by Nirali.

If you think it is all about beauty, you might be wrong. Besides, the edgy look breaking the monotony of the regular grey or black non-stick Tawas. This tawa is fully functional for your daily cooking. Be it the regular rotis for dinner or the breakfast uttapam for your family, and you can efficiently cook them on this Pathiri Tawa.

Like any other non-stick cookware, this tawa also boasts of an aluminum base. The aluminum base is perfect for even heating the surface, making cooking way faster than before. The handle is curated with a matt finish, ideal for that grip you require while cooking.

Indian families are all for rigorous everyday cooking. The kitchen smells of different flavors thrice a day, and the tawa from Nirali is a perfect companion. The matt finish makes it look significant and distinct from the others of the same type; this tawa helps to cook effortlessly using very little energy.

It is designed to be compatible with the gas stovetop and has a 5mm thickness alongside. The non-stick surface has a Teflon coating making it perfect for preparing a diet dosa or kebab.

  • Excellent non-stick tawa for dosa or parathas
  • Brand promises warranty
  • Faster cooking 
  • Efficient use of energy with a thick bottom
  • Incompatible with a metal spoon
  • Needs all the maintenance demanded by a non-stick cookware
  • Great cooking surface
  • The proper iron cooking base for an iron-rich meal
  • Rustic and classic appeal to the kitchen
  • Completely rustproof and non-sticky as it is effectively treated with starch water and oil
  • A blend of tradition in modern technology

Are you suffering from iron deficiency? Do you think an iron intake is necessary for your diet? Then say goodbye to your iron capsules! It is not just the iron medication or green leafy vegetables, which will endow you with iron-rich nutrition. Perfect cookware also contributes to the same cause. Don’t believe it! Ask your physician, and you’ll get the answer.

The cookware, which is used to prepare your meals is an integral part of your diet. And to give it a boost, this Siva Naturals Cast Iron Tawa has come into being. Siva Naturals brings you pure iron tawa or skillet for that healthy morning dosa for you and your family.

This cast iron dosa tawa is nothing but “old wine in a new bottle”! Artisans from Tamil Nadu have handcrafted these iron tawas for years, and they must be an essential part of all Indian kitchen. The look of this cookware is rustic, giving that earthy feel to your kitchen drawers.

The artisans from rural Tamil Nadu has poured their heart and soul into manufacturing this iron tawa for your kitchen. It is not only an artistic creation but comes with a host of health benefits. Besides, the diameter of this tawa is 10 inches. Get the largest dosa served to your kid, and make them dumbstruck!

It weighs around 1.5 kilograms, and the thickness is perfect for even heating. You can make iron-rich roti, paratha, and crisp dosas in every meal using this iron tawa. It has no chemical or Teflon coating making it healthy cookware in your kitchen.

There is a specific method of conditioning the tawa with oil before use, which needs to be followed. This will ensure that your tawa functions just the way the Siva Naturals promises to.

  • Unique appeal
  • Healthy iron-rich food
  • Rust free surface 
  • Non-stick cooktop with no chemical coating
  • Moderately priced
  • Absence of heatproof handle
  • Heavy equipment for daily use

Frequently Asked Questions

Are non-stick tawas heavy?

The non-stick Tawas are designed for efficient use. Their design is curated, keeping in mind that you can handle them with ease. Thus, be rest assured that the non-stick Tawas are lighter than your regular Tawa at home! The design is perfect for helping you grab them quickly when you are in a hurry.

Are they environment-friendly?

All the brands make it a point that the Tawas and the non-stick cooking surface are PFOA free. This ensures that they are chemical-free and do not pollute the environment. Most of the Dosa Tawa is free from any chemicals which can cause a threat to the environment.

Is the coating good for health?

This a question often asked while opting for a non-stick surface. The answer is a definite YES! The coatings are designed, keeping in mind that the chemicals don’t interfere with your health. Besides, the grease-free surface ensures that you have an oil-free diet whenever you want.

Is specialized scrubber mandatory for cleaning?

Yes, to maintain the non-stick surface and prevent it from chipping off, you need to use the scourge designed for the non-stick Tawas and pans. The steel wool scrubbing material needs to be avoided for making the surface durable for years.

Can I use oil in the non-stick Tawa?

Of course. Oil can be used in preparing anything on the Tawa. It works like a pro without oil. But if you are craving that buttery Dosa on your platter for breakfast, this Tawa will address your purpose. Whether with oil or oil-free, they function spontaneously.

Can I use a metal spoon for cooking in a non-stick Tawa?

Only with the ones which are metal spoon compatible. Most of the non-stick Dosa Tawa is not compatible with a metal spatula, as there are chances of tarnishing the coating on the surface. So, most of these Tawas comes with a wooden spatula while a rubber spatula will also work!

Do they work on induction?

Some of the brands have made their Tawa compatible with induction cooking. While others still lack this advantage. If you are cooking on induction, read the specifications carefully before choosing the Tawa for your home.

How a thick base Tawa is beneficial?

The thick base of Tawa is a crucial thing to consider since it allows fast and secure distribution of heat. The thicker the base, the higher heat conduction occurs, giving you a perfectly crisp Dosa. Thus, the base must be either thick or spiral at the bottom for faster heating and cooking experience.


The above products indeed make life much easier. It is not only in fashion but is recommended by professional chefs for your daily cooking. They are compatible with your health, and the food prepared is much healthier than before. Grab on the ideal product of your choice with exciting offers for a great cooking experience.

If you’re still confused between multiple choices, let us sort them for you! If you are looking for the overall best product with a high customer satisfaction rate, Wonderchef Granite is the option to go for! Our second choice would be Pigeon Wondercast Flat Tawa.

If you don’t want to invest a lot, Siva Naturals Cast Iron Tawa is the cheap yet best model to consider.