Best Mobile Camera Lens in India
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Hasn’t the craze of photography increased after the launch of smartphones? Well, indeed, it has! Many smartphone brands boast on having impressive photographic abilities, but if you want to take your smartphone snap to a higher notch, then you must consider the best mobile camera lens available in India. We bet you won’t need a DSLR when you have these mobile camera lenses enabled on your phone.

Why do you need a mobile camera lens?

Imagine, you are amidst the serene beauty of mountains capped by snow & heaven, celebrating that moment with clear skies & glitter of sunshine. Wouldn’t you be tempted to capture those once in a century moment? You surely will! So, for all those travel enthusiasts & those with a passion for photography, the mobile camera lens is a must-have for such a picturesque moment.

It is well said that the best camera for photography is the one that is always with you. This is gold as; it is highly convenient to carry smartphones anywhere than the professional DSLRs. Moreover, the price tag also suggests using a smartphone as a tool for capturing those moments.

Surprisingly, what these lenses do the best is that they superbly filter a simple image taken on a smartphone camera into a well-defined gallery of moments. Even for the budding social media influencers, these lenses can aid them in gaining the best of their collections & hence, popularity all over. Whether it be a wedding celebration or a bachelorette pool party, these versatile mobile camera lenses are persistent in providing the best captures of life.

Therefore, don’t wait for more now & get your own personalized mobile camera lens to create an ocean of memories. So, for all those photography enthusiasts, here’s a list of Best Mobile Camera Lens in India to capture all those priceless moments within your smartphones imbibed with tons of features.

1. Best Lens for Photography: Aukey Ora 140° Wide Angle + 10x Macro Clip-On Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit For Android & iOS Smartphones

Aukey Ora 140° Wide Angle + 10x Macro Clip-on Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit for Android & iOs Smartphones
Aukey Ora
  • Brand: Aukey
  • Material: heat-treated aluminum
  • Weight: 168 grams
  • Model: PL-WD07
  • Dimension: 5.5 x 5.5 x 3 cm

Aukey Camera Lens is known for one of the best quality of the lens. The lens kit includes a 140° wide-angle lens for a panoramic view with a 10X magnification Macro lens. This deadly combination is well suited for group selfies, enhanced close-ups & landscape views. 

The effects of beauty can be added with the help of CPL filters that reduce the reflections to a mere 1%. Fabrication of aluminum material exhibits durability & sturdiness of the lens that can be swiveled at any angle without any bends & scratches. 

With a warranty period of 24 months replacement, the lens is easy to fix & place on the smartphone camera just by a clip & nut. Along with the lens, a carrying pouch & cleaning cloth is also accompanied in the lens kit.

  • Excellent quality of lens
  • It comes with a stylish fish eye lens with 10X magnification
  • Problems of Chromatic Aberration are common in these type of lenses
  • Generally, it is not compatible with Xiaomi phones

2. Best for Android: Skyvik Signi Pro 2 In 1 (Wide+Macro) Clip-On Mobile Camera Lens Kit For iPhone, Samsung, and Other Smartphones

SKYVIK Signi Pro 2 in 1 (Wide+Macro) Clip on Mobile Camera Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung and Other Smartphones
SKYVIK Signi Pro 2 in 1
  • Brand: SKYVIK
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 240 grams
  • Model: CL-PK2
  • Dimension: 13.3 x 10.3 x 5.3 cm

The SKYVIK SIGNI PRO 2 in 1 lens is the highly adjustable lens in the market, accompanied by 0.45X Wide Angle Lens & 15X Macro. The versatility of this lens is proven with the inbuilt feature of a 2 in 1 lens facility that captures 50% more view without glare. The stylish convex lens is considered as best for newcomers & advanced photographers.

Glass coated covering on the lens is best suited for uninterrupted photography from light flares. Apart from the fabrication, the lens is also accompanied by a rubber that keeps it scratch resistant always.

This type of lens accomplishes the trending wide range photography through the 15X Macro lens that gives a great feel of thrill amidst serene nature. With a rating of 4 stars out of 5, this lens comes with a warranty period of one year.

  • Sharp image with great contrast
  • Sturdy & robust lens material
  • No issue of light glares & reflections
  • Formas black layers on corners during wide-angle photography

3. Most Sophisticated Lens: Moplatiro Camera Lens Kit 9 In 1 Set Macro Zoom, Super Wide Angle, Telephoto, Fisheye, CPL, Kaleidoscope, Starburst (Black)

Platiro Camera Lens Kit 9 in 1 Set Macro Zoom, Super Wide Angle, Telephoto, Fisheye, CPL, Kaleidoscope, Starburst (Black)
Platiro Camera Lens Kit 9 in 1 Set
  • Brand: Platero
  • Material: Copper Alloy
  • Weight: 132 grams
  • Model: PL-901 Clip-on Mobile Lens Kit
  • Dimension: 13.2 x 9.3 x 4.8 cm

These lenses are multi-coated with seven layers for waterproofing, scratch resistance & glare resistance. The ability of a lens to easily clip onto the phone with a rubber coating is extraordinary. The lens kit is accompanied by a black carabiner that aids in reducing reflection losses & capture great pictures. 

How can someone not fall in love with the sleek design of the fisheye lens that props up the image quality & enhance its pixels? Other specifications for the lens include 0.36X super range lens, 20X & 15X microlens, kaleidoscope lens for coloured patterns and starburst lens for night photography.

The history of this lens has been quite fruitful until now with very few manufacturing issues due to the fabrication of the German glass & metallic body. It has excellent compatibility with all types of smartphones in the market.

  • Use of layering concept to avoid overlapping of images
  • The featured kaleidoscope lenses create a high-quality image vision
  • Highly robust & easy for clipping
  • Blurred images due to macro lenses

4. Best in Build Quality: Ivoltaa Universal Mobile Lens iVMO-2PL Pro-Kit 2 In1 Wide Angle And Macro Lens (Black)

iVoltaa Universal Mobile Lens iVMO-2PL Pro-Kit 2 in1 Wide Angle and Macro Lens (Black)
iVoltaa Universal Mobile Lens
  • Brand: voltage
  • Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 86.2 grams
  • Model: iVMO-2PL
  • Dimension: 5.2 x 3.1 x 5.2 cm

Isn’t it great to have a mobile camera lens that can accommodate the maximum number of people in a single selfie? iVoltaa promises all the great features for a selfie in its mobile lens. It is a 2 in 1 lens with a clear view of 0.45X through a wide-angle for capturing sceneries, pets & landscapes. 

The adaptability by macro lens results in the capture of all the finest details of any script or a long-distance entity. Higrip lens present in tandem can speed up the lens action through cluttering for a perfect shot. A well-fabricated dura case always protects the lens from scratches & marks.

It has got a warranty period of 1 year for manufacturing defects only, but the problems are rare to occur as it is ideally suited for bloggers & social media influencers.

  • Fabricated from optical glass in conjunction with aluminum alloy
  • Distortion in colours is completely absent
  • Easy to operate for beginners
  • The padding of impure aluminum for avoiding image distortion
  • Blurring of images on the edges of the lens
  • A macro lens is absent

5. Best for General Use: amiciKart Apexel 10 In 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit Fisheye, Wide Angle, Macro Lens, CPL, Filter Kaleidoscope, and 2x Telescope Lens With Carrying Bag

amiciKart apexel 10 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit Fisheye, Wide Angle, Macro Lens, CPL, Filter Kaleidoscope, and 2X Telescope Lens with Carry Bag
amiciKart apexel 10 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit
  • Brand: Amicikart
  • Material: Cold-rolled Aluminum Sheet
  • Weight: 141 grams
  • Model: AMCI-2CL
  • Dimension: 12.2 x 12 x 5 cm

It is considered as the best mobile lens for beginners. This 10 in 1 camera lens by Amicikart has made mobile photography art for the users that easily converts an ordinary picture to the finest art. Lens kit is accompanied by 0.63X wide lens & 15X macro power.

The addition of a telephoto lens with 2X magnification recently has increased the sale of this lens to manifolds. Similar to Platiro lenses, it also has a kaleidoscope lens for avoiding chrome aberration & distortion. 

Plastic reinforcement with clip enhances the durability of lenses & connects more than one-shots. Unlike another lens, fisheye feature here is tailor-made for elevation points especially for adventure sports like paragliding and hiking.

  • Minimum distortion and glare due to HD glasses
  • Compatible with any type of smartphone & accepted universally
  • Highly durable with sturdy casing
  • Easy to port and detach
  • Absence of any warranty period with this lens
  • The use of flashlights is restricted whenever the lens is in use

6. Cheapest Lens: Moblios Camera Lens Monocular Telescope Mobile Lens 40×60 HD Telescope With Mini Tripod and Mobile Camera Clip For All Android, iOS Devices

Moblios Camera Lens Monocular Telescope Mobile Lens 40x60 hd Telescope with Mini Tripod and Mobile Camera Clip for All Android, iOS Devices
Moblios Camera Lens
  • Brand: Mobilos
  • Material: Hot Rolled Aluminum Sheet
  • Weighs 121 grams
  • Model: MOBI-3CL
  • Dimension: 5.2 x 3.3 x 5.2 cm

It can deliver 40 x 60 optical magnification which is very close to the 40X range. The multi-coated optical screen promises excellent light transmission & glow. The power of the phone is unmatched with the lens used & it is reflected through the clear image formation & powerful sharpening features.

The flexibility of the lens is complemented by the phone clip attached to an adapter that has an ability to hold eyepiece firmly over camera & enables free viewing. The common physics term of the line of sight is associated with the lens as it is 150 m from the camera & can capture at an angle of 90 degrees using the telephoto lens.

Special features of this lens include its resistance from moisture & dust. The brands of Oppo, iPhone & Samsung are prominently used with this lens.

  • Accompanied by a tripod stand for producing stable images
  • It is suitable for creating portrait images with blur background
  • Excellent for use in adventure sports events
  • Produces HD images with zoomed pictures
  • Absence of any warranty period with this lens
  • This lens is not suited to the OnePlus brand of smartphones

7. Best for iPhones: Sbezy Phone Camera Lens Macro Lens & Wide Angle Lens & Fisheye Lens Clip-On Cell Phone Camera Lens For Smartphone

Sbezy Phone Camera Lens Macro Lens & Wide Angle Lens & Fisheye Lens Clip-On Cell Phone Camera Lens For Smartphone
Sbezy Phone Camera Lens
  • Brand: Sbezy
  • Material: Stainless Alloy ff Aluminum
  • Weight: 18.1 grams
  • Model: SBE-2KL
  • Dimension: 16.1 x 9.7 x 2.8 cm

The mobile lens by Sbezy is one of the bestsellers in the market currently. It has a perfect blend of a macro lens & fisheye lens for producing sharp and contrasting images. The fisheye lens has 160 degrees frame view, giving a royal look to the pictures. 

Its 0.58X wide-angle view is absolutely perfect for capturing an image with a bunch of friends on a trip or a big joint family. The 15X magnification macro lens can focus on blur images & make them picture-perfect through the filters.

To keep the lens clean and away from dust, a soft microfiber towel is provided with the lens kit. Though, with all these excellent features, it doesn’t have a warranty period on manufacturing defects.

  • Accompanied by telescopic eye cover
  • Ability to enhance transmission of light
  • Lighy weight & easy to carry
  • Absence of vignetting and blackening
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones
  • The flashlight will not function when the lens is attached to the camera
  • Phone case needs to be removed before using this lens

8. Best Value for Money Lens: Apexel 10 In 1 Phone Lens Kit 198 Degree Fisheye + 2x Zoom + 0.63x Wide + 15x Macro + CPL + 2 Kaleidoscope + Flow + Radial + Star Filters

APEXEL 10 In 1 Phone Lens Kit 198 Degree Fisheye + 2x zoom + 0.63x Wide + 15x Macro + CPL + 2 Kaleidoscope + Flow + Radial + Star Filters
APEXEL 10 In 1 Phone Lens Kit
  • Brand: Ape xel
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 136 g
  • Model: APL-DG10
  • Dimension: 11 x 11 x 5cm

Ape xel presents you with a 10 in one phone kit which is perfect for any situation. Whether you’re traveling or sight-seeing, it is an ideal companion for your phone. It consists of two in one design of 0.63x wide lens with a 15x macro lens, but fits together for compact storage. To use either one, unscrew them and equip them with the clip.

The rubber base of the clip makes sure your device does not retain any scratch or damage. It is compatible with most of the phone models. The fisheye lens allows one to experiment with circular pictures. It supports wide-angle shots for landscapes and groups. CPL prevents the reflecting light from affecting the quality of the image and captures colourful shots. The macro lens allows one to take detailed pictures. 

The filters like Klaedioscope, blow, radial and star allow one to experiment with the concepts of photography and capture quality images with the device. It might be ideal for actual photography enthusiasts.

  • Composite lens storage
  • Multiple filters for experiments
  • CPL is optimal for anti-reflective shots
  • Fisheye lens for circular and broader shots
  • No warranty
  • The filter models may not get used much

9. Best Lens for Portraits: iVoltaa Universal Mobile Lens iVMO-2PL Pro-Kit 2 In 1 Wide Angle and Macro Lens (Black)

iVoltaa Universal Mobile Lens iVMO-2PL Pro-Kit 2 in1 Wide Angle and Macro Lens (Black)
iVoltaa Universal Mobile Lens
  • Brand: iVoltaa
  • Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • Weight: 86.2g
  • Model: IVMO-2PL
  • Dimension: 5.2 x 3.1 x 5.2cm

This iVoltaa lens has a great 0.45x wide-angle which captures 45% wider pictures making it ideal for groups and landscapes. The quality of the lens is enhanced to prevent dark corners in the picture and deliver beneficial results.

Its 15x macro lens is excellent for precise and highly detailed images, optimally used .5 inches away from the subject. The lens is perfect for photographers who seek to experiment and capture the essence of their visions in the cameras.

The clip provides a comfortable and sturdy fit of lens on the phones, compatible with the latest smartphone models. It is excellent for the grip of the user and prevents accidental slips. The entire kit is made up of aviation-grade aluminum for strength. It allows one to capture high definition photos and videos by enhancing quality. The lens comes with a durable case that protects your precious lens and preserves the class for longevity. 

  • Duracase and durabile manufacture
  • Prevents dark corners in pictures, ensuring colourful pictures
  • HD recording and photography
  • Compatible with the latest smartphone models
  • Only a one-year manufacturing defect warranty
  • Requires case removal on phones for the best fit

10. Best in Functions: Adcom Wide Angle + Macro Clip on Mobile Phone Camera Lens – Compatible with All iPhone & Android Smartphones (Black)

Adcom Wide Angle + Macro Clip on Mobile Phone Camera Lens - Compatible with All iPhone & Android Smartphones (Black)
Adcom Wide Angle + Macro Clip on Mobile Phone Camera Lens
  • Brand: Adcom
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Weight: 249 grams
  • Model: AD-16MM
  • Dimension: 12 x 7 x 4 cm

Capture the full pictures without deformity by using the Adcom Wide Angle lens. This lens provides 120-degree expansion. The 12x macro lens provides exceptionally detailed results for closeups to capture the essence of nature like insects, flowers, and texture in general.

Its high-quality optic glass prevents reflections and glares from distorting the pictures and ruining the quality. The highly durable construction is made up of anodized aluminum for prime durability. 

Its compatible design allows it to fit with almost every smartphone model and provide it with an optimal grip. The palm-held device is ideal for beginners as well as pro-photographers. It produces high 4K quality outputs with the two in one lens, which can be separated for the intended purpose. This particular masterpiece comes with a one-year product replacement warranty, which makes it a great bargain at such a feasible price. 

  • 120 degree wide shots
  • Distortion-free pictures
  • Anti-glare and anti-reflection lens
  • High-quality 4K output
  • The macro lens requires 1.5 inches distance from the subject for optimal performance
  • It does not provide durable storage like many other lens kits in the market


Become a master of photography with these camera lenses. No need to invest in the expensive camera models because these lenses will deliver similar quality at the ease of your camera. Explore extensive options and collections for various effects and filters. Take snaps with crisp quality and exceptionally high definition details. With wide angles, do not miss the vast landscapes, and cover every friend in your group. Capture the essence of nature, and ambiance of the moment to relive them through pictures.


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