8 Best Mini Fridges in India (2021)

Fridges are one of those bare necessities that Indians have to have in their lives. While once upon a time fridges use to be a summer thing, they have, over the years, gained an all year permanence that makes investing in a good fridge a financially sound decision. With an increase in nuclear families, student population, and a single population, the rise in mini-fridges is palpable.

More and more people are looking for small fridges and for one person, instead of getting family size mega fridges. If you are on a lookout for a similar fridge then, here is a list of some of the best mini fridge in India:

Here Are The Best Mini Fridge in India (2021)

1. Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity – 52 liter
  • Energy- not mentioned 
  • Rating- 3 star
  • Dimension- 49.5 X 50.5 X 46.5 cm
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor

Haier has been for a long time now a remarkable name in the market when it comes to cutting edge technologies and high-quality appliances. The Haier Direct Cool Refrigerator is one of the popular models of mini-fridges that the brand has launched in recent years.

This 52-liter capacity fridge is popular amongst college kids who need a mini-fridge to maintain their chilled cans of cold drinks and need fresh milk to pour in endless cups of coffee.

With a compact design and expansive exteriors, the Haier Direct Cool Refrigerator is a great option to pick from an array of mini-fridges that have flocked the market in recent years.

Many mini-fridges have a very loud compressor that creates a constant hum or buzzing sound, which can be disturbing for many people. But with Haier Direct Cool Refrigerator, there are no such sounds.

This appliance has a 32 dB mute and low vibration compressor, which keeps the noises at the minimum. This feature has made this particular model of Haier mini-fridge popular amongst students.

With 19 kgs in weight, this mini fridge might be deemed too heavy for some people, but overall it’s durable built justifies its weight which can be considered to be more than other mini-fridges.

Features like an anti-fungal gasket, recess handle, and ability to run without a stabilizer are the reason this product has gained much acclaim in customer feedback as well as expert reviews.

If you have doubts about investing a lot of money in a product and fear that repairs will be too expensive to take care of then one year warranty period that comes with this product makes sure that all repairs and replacements are taken care of.

  • Can run stabilizer free operations
  • Creates low noise
  • Has an Anti-Fungal Gasket
  • Comes with a recessed handle
  • Has a very efficient fridge layout
  • Heavyweight
  • There is no light inside the fridge

2. Mitashi Single Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity – 52 liter
  • Energy- 230 Volts
  • Rating- 2 star
  • Dimension- Not Available
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor

Having a good refrigerator can greatly expand the quality of one’s life. A good fridge means you no longer have to worry about spoilt milk, and you can preserve your pizza for an extra two days, keep a fresh stock of milk, and have cool and comforting bottles of water and cold drinks at your disposal. One such fridge is Mitashi single door refrigerator.

With Mitashi single door refrigerator, you don’t have to worry about having a stabilizer because this appliance is greatly capable of operating without one.

This mini refrigerator is equipped with 2 stars that make it very environmentally sound and energy-efficient, which leads to great savings on the electricity bill. This saving on electricity bills makes this brand a sound investment for future returns. 

The Mitashi single door refrigerator comes with R600A refrigerant that has zero effect on the ozone layer and is a great substitute for other refrigerants that may negatively impact our ecology. This eco-friendly technology goes to show the eco-consciousness of the makers at Mitashi and make you a responsible citizen of the world.

Equipped with a separate freezer and an ice tray, this small but highly efficient mini-fridge is perfect for getting ice and holding ice creams. Freezers are not a common presence in mini-fridges, so this feature distinguishes Mitashi’s single door refrigerator from others.

The customer reviews and ratings left on webpages of major online retailers show that this product lives up to the legacy of all Mitashi electronics. These glowing reviews and ratings are a testimony to the great performance and user experience given by this appliance.

  • Comes with R600A refrigerant
  • Has 0% ozone depletion potential
  • Has easy temperature control feature
  • Comes with a freezer
  • Comes with an ice tray
  • Has manual defrost operations
  • Does not have a light inside the fridge

3. Godrej 99L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity – 99 liters
  • Energy- 140-260 volts
  • Rating- 1 star
  • Dimension- 56.7 x 48.7 x 85.1 Centimetres
  • Warranty – 1 year on the product, 10 years on compressor

Godrej is a very reliable and trustworthy brand in India. It has been making refrigerators since 1958 and, over the years, has served thousands of customers. Godrej Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is one of the products that live up to the reputation of Godrej as a brand.

This mini-fridge is ideal for a compact office kitchenette, small room, bedroom, a nuclear family of common hostel area, and a minibar.

It comes with a door lock that can help you keep it out of reach from children or if you want to keep the contents of your fridge out of bounds from prying coworkers or hostel mates.

Most mini-fridges are notorious for not having enough space, but Godrej Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator comes with extra storage that greatly expands the area of this mini-fridge.

Additionally, the presence of silver ions in the air duct of this refrigerator, alongside the antimicrobial resistance present in the gasket keeps the produce kept in this fridge fresh and intact. The Godrej Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator expands the life of food stock kept in the fridge.

Other than this, the Palladium carbon deodorizer delays down the decay and prevents odor, and this feature helps in maintaining about 24-hour freshness.

The wired shelves and metallic body give a modern outlook to this appliance. It’s toughened glass shelves have the ability to hold weight up to 250 kgs and can easily accommodate large bottles and jumbo size juice packs despite being a mini-fridge.

  • It comes with an aroma lock
  • It comes with toughened glass shelves
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Has door lock feature
  • Has good storage
  • Has manual defrosting
  • Is heavyweight

4. LG Direct-cool Single Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity – 45 liters
  • Energy- 240 Volts
  • Rating- No Star Rating
  • Dimension- 45 x 44.3 x 50.1 Centimetres
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor

LG is one brand in India that is synonymous with high-quality electronics. It is a household name that is trusted by thousands of people who form LG’s loyal consumer base that uses its exceptional products. The LG Direct-cool Single Door Refrigerator is one such product that stands true on all measures of quality and technology.

Made with steel material, this mini refrigerator has a capacity of 45 liters. This mini fridge has many additional options like door lock control, strong cooling, and ice trays. These features are not easily available in most mini-fridges.

It runs on the voltage capacity of 140 and 290 voltage that makes it suitable to run without a stabilizer. Not having a stabilizer to run these things can be a very convenient factor, often users have to worry about stabilizers when it comes to mini-fridges and other appliances that might have large energy intake.

Additional features like a fixed gasket make the LG Direct-cool Single Door Refrigerator a special and easy to use. People love how easy to use this fridge is. It has durable shelves and a separate freezer compartment, which is a rarety in mini-fridges. A different freezer compartment makes it easier for one to compartmentalize their fridge to produce and organize better.

A large door basket gives ample space to keep water bottles, cold drinks, and other important liquids that you use frequently.

If LG makes this product more energy efficient, then it will be a great upgrade and will be like adding a cherry on the top.

  • Comes with a fixed gasket
  • Has durable shelves
  • Can run stabilizer free
  • Has a separate freezer compartment
  • Has a large door basket
  • Has one-star rating
  • Looks can be improved

5. Kitchoff Aluminium & Glass Mini Refrigerator

  • Capacity – 50 liter
  • Energy- 1000 Watts
  • Rating- No star ratings
  • Dimension- 501 x 465 x 430 mm
  • Warranty – one year warranty, five years warranty on compressor

The Kitchoff Aluminium & Glass Mini Refrigerator is one of the best mini refrigerators in India. It is made up of a prime quality aluminum body and has a toughened glass door. The quality of the material used in this product is top-notch and adds durability.

With the capacity of 50 liters, it has sufficient space to hold food for a group of 2-3 people. This small refrigerator comes in a sleek and compact design that seamlessly merges with all modern decors, be it office or college dorm aesthetic.

The dimensions of Kitchoff Aluminium and Glass Mini Refrigerator are 501 x 465 x 430 mm, and its product weight is just 14 kgs. These dimensions and weight make it very portable and easy to shift around.

What is even better is there a one year warranty that comes with this product. The warranty with its compressor is of 5 years. All manufacturing or design defects are covered by the brand during the warranty period. Having a warranty period that gives coverage of a year shows that the brand is committed to serving its customers and is serious about maintaining quality.

Before running the refrigerator, one has to keep it on for 4 to 5 hours and then fill the mini-fridge. One must be careful and not forget to remove the polyethylene coverings that coat this mini fridge before switching it on for use.

There are 5 different temperature settings that can be changed and shifted by an adjustable button. These settings are from 1 to 5, while 1 stands for the warmest temperature setting; the coldest stands at number 5. Having varied temperatures makes this fridge not just useful for the summer season but can be used in winters as well.

  • Comes with 5 temperature settings
  • Comes with 5-year compressor warranty
  • Compact size
  • Stylish looking
  • Easy to use
  • Does not have internal lights
  • Does not have start ratings

6. Godrej Qube Personal Cooling Solution

  • Capacity – 30 liters
  • Energy- 230 Volts
  • Rating- Not mentioned
  • Dimension- 47 x 44 x 46 Centimetres
  • Warranty – 1 year

Are you looking for a stable, secure, and easy to move around a mini-fridge? Do you want a high-quality mini-fridge for your hostel room to preserve leftovers or want small storage in the office to keep your iced coffee intact? If yes, then Godrej Qube 30L Personal Cooling Solution is a great pick for you.

The Godrej Qube Personal Cooling Solution is a 30-liter mini fridge that is made of steel body and has aluminum shelves. Unlike many mini-fridges, this one does not need defrosting.

The perfect cool and diverse temperatures are maintained in this product without the hassle and constant maintenance of defrosting.

Its superior quality construction makes sure that Godrej Qube Personal Cooling Solution is running its operations without making much noise.

Another great factor about this product is that it can run on the home inverter and does not need a stabilizer. This quality is very rare in most mini-fridges, and Godrej is one of those brands that keep these small things in mind, this attention to small details and knowledge about what their customers seek makes Godrej a good brand for electronics.

It comes in the free-standing installation type and is very lightweight. With just 11 kgs in weight, one can easily carry it to different places without much help. This highly portable mini fridge is also energy efficient as it consumes 208 kilowatt_hours annually. People who are looking for a cheaper and eco-friendly option can pick this fridge as their number one choice.

Additionally, this product is also super easy to maintain and has LED lights that illuminate the interior, which makes it perfect for nighttime use. Mini fridges without interior lights can be inconvenient.

  • Comes with Advanced thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Has illuminated interior
  • Power-efficient
  • Easy to use
  • The looks can be better
  • Not optimum use of the interior space

7. Whirlpool Mini Refrigerator

  • Capacity – 46 liters
  • Energy- 230 Volts
  • Rating- 3-star ratings
  • Dimension- 47.4 x 44.7 x 49.6 (cm)
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

The Whirlpool mini-refrigerator comes in not one but 7 different temperature settings. These 7 cooling ranges give one great selection to choose from and make this fridge relevant for not just summers but around the year.

This Whirlpool Mini Refrigerator comes with a capacity of 46 liters, which is perfect for 2-3 people or even holding cold drinks and snacks for a small team. One can stack up to 11 full water bottles, 90 tetra packs with a capacity of 200 ml, and up to 30 cans.

For ease of use and better organization, there are 2 door racks in this refrigerator. Godrej gives its users a warranty of one year on this product and 10-year warranty coverage on the compressor. The compressor is the most important part of a refrigerator. A lot depends on the safety and health of the compressor that ensures the quality and durability of a fridge.

Godrej Mini Refrigerator should be the go-to product for anyone who is seeking an environmentally sound and sleek mini-fridge. This product fits perfectly in office spaces, private hostel rooms, and apartments of a nuclear family or a spinster who needs a mini-fridge to store their snacks, soda, ice-cream, dairy, and medicines.

The three-star energy-saving feature makes sure that you save up on your energy bills in the long run. Even if you think the MRP for this product is more than those mini-fridges that do not have 3-star ratings, the fact is every bit that you put in the one time purchase of this product will be recovered by the savings that one makes on electricity bills.

  • Has 3-star ratings
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty on the compressor
  • Comes with a special chocolate tray
  • Has inbuilt ice maker
  • Can store up to 11 water bottles
  • Does not have an inbuilt stabilizer
  • Does not come in many color options

8. Koryo Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity – 45 liters
  • Energy- 230 Volts
  • Rating- 4 Star Rating
  • Dimension- 48.26 x 45.72 x 48.26 Centimetres
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor

Our world is increasingly becoming more and more environmentally conscious, and people are now moving to eco-friendly products and appliances.

It is next to impossible for the urban population of India to live without electronic devices, but by purchasing devices that are energy efficient, we can reduce the impact our lifestyle has on the environment. The Koryo Direct Cool Single Door Refridgerator is one such product that is highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

This mini refrigerator has a capacity of 45 liters, and it consumes just 75 kilowatt_hours electricity on an annual basis. The freezing capacity of Koryo Direct Cool Single Door Refridgerator is 5 liter which is a great number. Its exterior is made of high-quality metal and toughened glass.

The Koryo Direct Cool Single Door Refridgerator is a very efficient device that comes with a drip tray as well as an egg tray. While mini-fridges are notorious for having permanent shelves, this one comes with removable shelves that help you compartmentalized and organize this mini fridge better. These features might seem small, but they vary significantly alter the user experience substantially.

Most mini fridges need an external stabilizer to deal with fluctuating voltages but not this one. This appliance can simply run without a stabilizer. The Koryo Direct Cool Single Door Refridgerator is compact in size but in terms of weight, it is on a heavier side in comparison with other mini-fridges. With 17 kgs in weight, this mini fridge is on the heavier side.

A one year warranty period and a 5-year warranty on compressor give reassurance to the customer in case the fridge does not function up to the mark. The warranty ensures that all costs of repairs and replacements will be covered by the brand.

  • It comes with an egg tray
  • Has 4-star ratings
  • Comes with a one year warranty period
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Comes with removable shelves
  • Plain looking
  • Heavyweight

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Mini Fridge in India with FAQs

What are the dimensions of a mini fridge?

Common mini fridge dimensions are between 1.7 cubic feet up to 4.5 cubic feet. There is a wide variety of mini-fridges between these two dimensions. The size of the smallest cube-shaped fridge is 18 and a half inches deep, 20 and a half inches tall, and 17 inches wide.

Do mini-fridges leak water?

Mini fridges like all types of fridges perform condensation, and if you are not careful, then this condensation can get leaked. Mini fridges also build up frost very quickly that can make them more susceptible to leaking.

How long does a mini fridge last?

The durability and longevity of a mini-fridge depend mostly on the quality of its construction and maintenance. A good quality mini fridge that is regularly maintained and clean can last up until 14-16 years easily.

What is the energy consumption of a mini-fridge?

The energy consumption of a mini-fridge depends from model to model. Many mini-fridges are more energy-efficient than others. Mini fridges with five stars are highly energy efficient. On average, a three-star a mini-fridge consumes 80 to 100 watts a day.

What is one simple feature that a college student should keep in mind while looking for a mini-fridge?

A simple feature that a college student should keep in mind while looking for a mini fridge is adjustable shelves. This is a very underrated feature, but over the year reviews have shown that adjustable shelves are very useful during college life when the size of leftovers is different each time you get takeout.

Is a mini-fridge safe when it is put on a carpet?

Yes, a mini-fridge can be kept over a carpet. College students who live in dorms and have limited space or people who have studio apartments and lack a designated place to keep a mini-fridge can use a mini-fridge that can be accommodated over a carpet area. One just needs to be particular about regular cleaning and maintenance.

Do mini-fridges have a separate freezer?

Some mini fridges have a separate freezer while some don’t; it all depends on the model that one has. Most mini-fridges are too small to have a separate compartment for a freezer, and their systems are also simple, not complicated enough to house a distinct segment for the freezer.

What are some qualities of a good mini-fridge?

A good mini-fridge is first and foremost good with temperature maintenance. If your fridge doesn’t do cooling or warming as per your needs, then it’s not a good purchase. Secondly, your fridge should not get overheated and be easy to use. A mini-fridge should be lightweight and compact in size.


All products mentioned in the list of the best mini fridge in India have put emphasis on being energy efficient and environmentally good. However, while most of these products are energy efficient, the best pick out of these products is those appliances that have 3 or 4-star ratings that are given by the Bureau of Emergency Efficiency.

Some other major features that make some mini fridges stand out is whether or not they are functional without a stabilizer. Having a well compartmentalized and well-designed fridge layout is an impressive quality. Simple things like having interior lights and adjustable shelves radically change the user experience of mini-fridges.

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