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6 Best LED Tube Lights in India: Is it Safe To Buy Them Online?

LED tube lights are quite popular in many Indian households, offices, shops, etc. Not only do they improve the visuals, cost less, last-long, but having the right model consumes less watts thereby reducing your electricity bill. But how to find the right one for your needs?

Proper lighting can instantly enhance the beauty of your place (house/office.) Meticulously planning it is essential for various reasons. It also define the looks and usage of your room. While the bright white lights are important for your study rooms, yellow dims can do aesthetic wonders for your drawing halls.

It doesn’t matter what your requirements are, whether you’re looking for a tube light that has high brightness levels or have preference for power efficient light. Not only have we listed out the best-rated lights, but we’ve also added detailed information which shall assist you while making a purchase.

The wattage consumption for most of the LED lights is between 10-25 watts which makes it highly suitable for long-hours of usage. In fact, you can find at least one of them in 97% of Indian households. We tested the reputed brands like Philips, Syska, Wipro and researched their energy consumption, luminous flux, etc.

However, is it safe to purchase a delicate item like a LED Tube light from online stores like Amazon or should you prefer purchasing them offline? This is a question one of our readers asked us 2 weeks back. It’s actually much safer to purchase them online, thanks to high-class delivery service (We’ve ordered 13 of them in past two years, none of them had any issues.)

So without wasting any more time, let’s begin with our first product!

6 Best LED Tube Lights For Home, Office, Shops

1. Best For Home Use: Philip’s T Bulb

  • Wattage: 10 Watts
  • Luminous Flux: 1000 Lumens
  • Colour: Cool Day Light White
  • Dimensions: 20 cm length, 30 cm breadth, 20.5 cm height
  • Rating: 4.5 stars

T Bulb, an invention of Philips, uses a futuristic design to enhance the experience of users. It has a flexible head and a swiveling body, which provides a better and broader spread of light as compared to conventional light bulbs. Unlike the traditional tube light and round bulbs, the T bulb does not require ample space for installation and does not restrict its light in a single direction. It redefines the bulb format that has been unquestionably used for a long time. 

Philip’s T Bulb is 20 cm long and 30 cm wide in breadth. And it weighs 60 grams. The swivel body of the T Bulb lets you adjust the light source towards the direction you desire. It can move 90 degrees vertically and 35 degrees horizontally. A simple twist and rotation can brighten the area of your choice instantly.

This aesthetically shaped bulb is white and produces cool daylight. It is glare-free and easy on the eyes. It has a B22 base and can easily fit into your existing LED bulb socket. It is a match made in heaven for your house, especially the study areas.

The T Bulb uses less energy and works effectively. It can instantly reduce your electricity expenditure. It lasts up to 15 years or 15000 hours, depending upon your consumption. The T Bulb comes with a warranty of 2 years.

The sleek shape of the T Bulb makes it perfect for small rooms. It can also be used as a mirror light or a night lamp. Your hall will look beautiful if you light it up with this bulb.

  • It is easy to install and compatible with all LED bulb sockets
  • It has a unique and sleek design
  • The swivel body of the T Bulb allows the direction of light to be adjusted according to the user
  • It is energy efficient and uses less electricity
  • The light produced by the T Bulb is glare-free and easy on the eyes
  • There is a lack of colour options
  • Higher wattage options are not available

2. Best For Brightness: Wipro’s High Lumen

  • Wattage: 22 Watts (also available in 20W, 10W, and 5W)
  • Luminous Flux: 2400 Lumens
  • Light: Cool Day Light (also available in Warm light)
  • Dimensions: 113 cm length, 30 mm breadth, 40 mm height
  • Rating: 4 stars

The High Lumen by Wipro is a great durable tube light. It comes integrated with its holder in one piece inside its packaging. Remove your old tube light, and you can easily install Wipro’s High Lumen. The package comes with the light and its cover. It also has clams, screws, and a handy instruction manual. No need to buy anything else; the light can be fixed to your wall right out of the box just by connecting two cables.

The non-yellowing diffusion property of the High Lumen enables it to provide spot-free lighting. Its high performance ensures that there is no strain on the eyes of the users. It resists the effects of voltage fluctuation and gives the feel of natural light. 

Wipro’s High Lumen weighs 290 grams. It comes packed in a slim body which has decorative side caps. This body helps to keep the light away from any damage. It also keeps the light safe from dust and insects.

You can choose the size, weight, wattage of this LED light based on your usage preference. It is available in the cool daylight and the warm light options. It can provide perfect and uniform lighting to your drawing room, bedroom, and kitchen.

The High Lumen is a good investment for your house in the long run. It is strong enough to brighten up any 20 feet by 20 feet room easily. It saves energy and power, thus limits your expenditure. It can deliver 2400 lumens of light for just 22 watts energy.

  • It can brighten up any room as it is more powerful than a 40 W tube light
  • It is light in weight and durable
  • It gives non-glaring brightness that is soft and comfortable for the eyes
  • It provides value for your money
  • It is a substantial long term investment
  • It requires you to remove your old long tube lights and then install it in their place
  • It costs a little higher when compared to others in its category

3. Best Design: Crompton’s Light Linea

  • Wattage: 20 Watts
  • Luminous Flux: 2000 Lumens
  • Light: Cool Day Light 
  • Dimensions: 116.5 cm length, 48 mm breadth, 38 mm height
  • Rating: 3.5 stars

The Light Linea by Crompton consists of a slim LED batten. It can be the perfect replacement for the lamp fittings of the past. It is 116.5 cm long and 48 mm wide in breadth. It weighs 290 gm. Under its long size, it can light up any room easily and in an instant.

With a wattage of 20 Watts, the Light Linea by Crompton can be an alternative for the old-styled fluorescent lamps. It is available only in white colour and produces cool daylight. And it can produce a glare-free, ultra-wide, and evenly distributed brightness.

It is covered in a long box made out of engineered plastic. This gives the LED light a clean and modern look. A look that can improve the aesthetics of any hall, drawing room, kitchen, or bedroom.

The Light Linea comes in a package that consists of the LEB light, some tool, and an instruction manual. To fix the light, you are required to make 2 holes wherever you want to mount it and then fill those holes with clamps. You then plug the tubes into the clamps. Mounting accessories, including the clamps and the screws, come along with the light. Just attach it to an electricity source that ensures a 220 V AC supply.

  • The bright cool daylight that is produced out of the Light Linea can light up all your rooms
  • The boxing gives it an aesthetic and modern look
  • The light produced by the Light Linea is strain-free for the eyes
  • Light distribution with this LED tube light is very even
  • For its size, this tube light is very lightweight
  • The installation process of Light Linea can be a bit difficult as it requires drilling of the walls
  • Effective power consumption is not its plus point, and this can cause stress to your wallet

4. Best For Power Efficiency: Eveready’s 20 Watt LED Batten

Eveready’s 20 Watt LED Batten
Eveready’s 20 Watt LED Batten
  • Wattage: 20 Watts (Also available in 18 Watts, 10 Watts, and 5 Watts)
  • Luminous Flux: 2000 Lumens
  • Light: Cool Day Light (Also available in Warm White Light and Pearl White Light)
  • Dimensions: 113.5 cm length, 25 mm breadth, 36 mm height
  • Rating: 4 stars

The 20 Watt LED Batten by Eveready is a sleek, long LED tube light that comes in different Watts and colour. Eveready designs its battens to match your requirements. It has the 20 Watt batten for your living room, 18 Watt batten for study room or kitchen, 10 Watt batten for your bedroom, and the 5 Watt batten for your bathroom.

Eveready’s 20 Watt LED Batten is a long and sleek aesthetic looking light source. It is 113.5 cm long and 25 mm wide in breadth. And it weighs 240 gm. It can instantly and easily fill any room of your house with bright cool daylight.

This LED tube light has a fire retardant poly-carbonate body. It produces endurance and durability for the tube light. It prevents the light from getting damaged by any external force. Eveready’s 20 Watt LED Batten, with its strong exterior, can be your source of light for years.

Buying this light can be a good investment for the long term. It proved the optimum functionality at rates that are pocket-friendly. Eveready claims that this light is low maintenance and can bring 50 percent more energy savings when compared to the conventional tube lights.

The Eveready LED batten certified to ensure that the light it produces is safe for your eyes. It is rigorously tested to ensure that the user’s avail an easy and flicker-free lighting experience.

  • The sleek, clean look of the light can give a modern touch to any room in our house
  • The light is budget-friendly and generates substantial power conservation
  • The light is available in different sizes and shades; it provides lots of options
  • The covering of the tube light makes it resistant to external damage and extremely durable
  • The tube light produces wide evenly light brightness that is comfortable for the eyes of the users
  • Eveready’s 20 Watt LED Batten can be difficult to install without the help of an electrician
  • It can be too long for some rooms

5. Best For Shops: Philip’s Tarang Bright

Philip’s Tarang Bright
Philip’s Tarang Bright
  • Wattage: 20 Watts (Also available in 18 Watts, 10 Watts, and 5 Watts
  • Luminous Flux: 1900 Lumens
  • Light: Cool Day Light (Also available in Warm White Light and Pearl White Light)
  • Dimensions: 112 cm length, 26 mm breadth, 30 mm height
  • Rating: 4 stars

Another great LED tube light by Philips is its Tarang Bright. This light source is 112 cm long and 26 mm wide in breadth. It weighs 1.32 kg. It is available in different sizes and colour temperatures.

This LED batten is rectangular in shape and white in colour. It comes with a superb finish on top of its surface. Its sleek design can offer a modern touch to any room of any household. 

Tarang Bright offers excellent voltage protection of 160-360v along with a 2KV surge protection. This makes it a great choice if you are looking for something that can keep your power consumption at a lower end of the spectrum, and that can provide relief to your expenditure.

The light it produces is evenly spread and comfortable for all kinds of users. To avoid eye strain, it ensures glare reduction, provides protection from UV and UR radiations and prevents flickering of the light.

  • The long and sleek design of the Tarang Bright makes it fit for all kinds of households
  • Its shape also allows it to brighten a wider area as compared to the others
  • It produces even spread light that provides comfort to the users of the people in the room
  • It also ensures protection from glares and radiations
  • You have lots of options to choose from because it comes in different sizes and colour temperatures
  • Compared to the other products, the Tarang Bright by Philips does not offer as much brightness
  • Unlike the other products, this LED tube light is under warranty for only one year

6. Best For Color Switching: Syska-SSK-SQ-2201-22W-3IN1

  • Wattage: 22 Watts 
  • Luminous Flux: 1900 Lumens
  • Light: Three Kinds
  • Dimensions: 122 cm length, 23 mm breadth, 23 mm height
  • Rating: 3.5 stars

Our list cannot be completed without mentioning the SSK-SQ-2201-22W-3IN1 by Syska. This tube light is different from the others because it changes colour on switching the light on or off. It lets you choose from three different colour temperatures- cool white, warm white, and warm yellow.

It is the perfect replacement for your old and boring fluorescent lights because it can give a new look to your house in just a click. Be it a crazy party, a romantic date, a family dinner, or a business meeting, and this light can set the perfect mood for all the situations. 

This Syska 3 in 1 tube light is 122 cm long and 23 mm wide in breadth. And it is made of aluminum. It contains features that can lower your power consumption and save energy. 

The tube light is packaged along with a holder. You simply need to take off your old tube light and put this holder onto the wall. It comes with supplies that give it an easy-to-install quality.

  • A trait of this tube light that undeniably sets it apart from the others is its 3 in 1 function
  • SSK-SQ-2201-22W-3IN1 is built in a long thin rectangular manner that gives it a clean look
  • It is known to reduce CO2 emissions
  • It is quick and easy to install
  • It has high power-saving capabilities
  • This tube light is more prone to a shorter life
  • Because of its unique feature, the product is priced higher than the others

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are LED tube lights better than other lights?

LED lights to provide more than 80% energy efficiency when compared to others like fluorescent and incandescent lights. This is so because, in their case, only 5% of energy is let out as heat while 95% of energy is retained and converted into light. 

Are LED Lights Environment Friendly?

LED lights are also better for the environment as they do not use any toxic elements and have minimal carbon emission. They can be an excellent long term investment for your house: low cost and long life. Choose the right light, and you can find a source of brightness that will last you all your life. 

Is LED light bright enough?

The LED tube lights are brighter than other lights. They produce a greater amount of brightness in a lesser amount of wattage. Their lumen efficiency is much higher, they are flicker-free, and they provide broader and even brightness.

What is colour temperature, why does it matter?

The light produced by LEDs can be of different colours based on their colour temperature. It is measured in units of Kelvin. Higher kelvin equals cooler colours and lower kelvin means warm colours. Cool daylight, warm light, pearl light are the different examples.

What is the average lifespan of an LED light?

The life expectancy of LED lights is approximately 20000 to 50000 hours. It can last 17 years if consumed for 8 hours per day. The last 30 times more than incandescent bulbs and five times more than compact fluorescents.

How to install the LED light?

Different LED lights are installed in various manners depending upon the base of the LED. Lights with a B22 base can fit perfectly well into your existing bulb sockets. Some of the LED lights mentioned above have to be installed in place of your existing tube lights. They come with an entire installation kit, including the light case, hooks, screws, and an instruction manual.  

Do LED lights come with warranty? If yes, how much?

All the above-LED lights come with a particular warranty period. However, the warranty period of an LED light depends upon the brand of the LED light. It applies from the day of the purchase to its expiration. You must ask your supplier for a warranty card.

What does all the warranty cover?

The warranty of a product is limited to only manufacturing defects. This means that a product’s warranty does not cover loss caused during installation, by wear and tear, or by accident, natural or otherwise.

The Verdict

LED lights to come in different types- size, price, specifications, and brightness. Your choice should be based on your needs. Decide what size and colour of light you want. Where will you use it? And for what purpose. What is your budget? How much energy and money do you want to conserve?

Based on all the factors mentioned above, you can choose the right light for your usage. Besides, most of the models in our list offer advice on all those factors making it easy to make an informed purchase decision.

After all, you cannot go wrong with an LED light as they’re power-efficient, budget-friendly, good for the environment, long-lasting, and are suitable for all purposes, be it using it in a study room, kitchen, hall, or using it at offices/shops, etc.