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Best Laptop Brands in India – 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

Desktops are great for everything from basic to heavy computing needs. You can use them to watch videos, edit documents, browse the internet, play games, create content, and a lot more. But when it comes to portability, these devices fail miserably. There is no way to carry these devices to the office or while travelling. That’s where laptops come in.

The laptops are lightweight, sleek, and run on battery, making them your perfect travel companion. Since the advent of the pandemic, laptops have become increasingly popular as an alternative to desktops for home and workplace users. These devices are almost equivalent to desktops in terms of performance and occupy little space.

When you are in the market for a new laptop, there is a lot of confusion regarding the specification and brand to go for. There are hundreds of different options to consider, each offering a completely different set of features. There are personal laptops, ultrabooks, convertibles, gaming laptops, business laptops, slim laptops, and many others too. A lot of times, the same brand releases multiple devices in one category. This is where things start getting more complicated.

So, here’s your guide to the best laptop brands in India. We will cover the topics related to purchasing a new laptop in addition to the detailed analysis of some of the best laptop companies in India.

How to Pick the Right Laptop?

Picking the right laptop is an art. For starters, it is necessary to clearly list down your requirements and expectations from the device that you are going to buy. Try to think about what you will be doing in the next 3-5 years and what features you might require in a laptop.

Next up, you have to determine the specs required to meet your requirements. Processor, RAM, Graphics card, Storage, Display, and scope for future upgrade are the things that you should take note of before you begin your laptop hunt.

Once you are done with preparing a list of your requirements, you would now be able to shortlist some of the best devices in your budget that fulfil most of your needs. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t tick all the boxes. So, try to get a device that ticks the most.

Best Laptop Brands in India (2021)

Understanding the specialities of every brand helps customers make an informed decision before the purchase. After going through this section, you will be able to find out what various brands offer and possibly shortlist a few of them for your future purchases. So, let’s find out the best laptop brands in the Indian market, as of today.

1. Lenovo

Lenovo is a leading personal electronic gadget brand that came to existence in 2004 after being renamed from Legend holdings. The company went on to acquire IBM’s personal computer division the very next year. The brand believes in making new collaborations, associations, and investments for research and development in the tech space.

Lenovo Ideapad: Flexibility is the central idea behind IdeaPad devices. The laptops have made working and learning from home easier and more fun. You can find everything from performance-centric laptops, convertibles, lightweight devices, and a lot more. IdeaPad laptops are suitable for a variety of different uses.

Lenovo Thinkpad and ThinkBook: ThinkBook and ThinkPad laptops from Lenovo are built for business but designed for you. For businesses whose work depends on computers, these laptops by Lenovo are the best. ThinkPad in particular is a series of laptops that focus a lot on software security. Features like the camera cover and an extended battery life enhance the experience even further.

But again, who said work cannot be fun? ThinkBooks come with crisp Full HD displays and amazing sound systems (that too by the likes of brands like Harman). All in all, there are enough work and entertainment features to keep you hooked.

Lenovo Yoga: Yoga devices are design and craftsmanship at their best. Whether it’s to express or to impress, these laptops come with a unique and attractive design for content creators and multimedia-related work. Yoga series laptops are small, lightweight, and portable making them easy to carry anywhere.

Lenovo Legion: If you are fascinated by RGB lights and want to play games on your laptop, then you should be looking for devices from Legion. With devices that offer the best thermal design, you can be assured that when you game, there’s no throttling.

In addition to being beasts, Legion laptops look truly amazing. The colour schemes and LED combinations the brand uses to make the device shine with a different glow. If you take out your Legion laptop out in the crowd, it will surely make some heads turn.

2. Dell

For decades, Dell has been a market leader in the world of computer-related products. The company puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of its products. If you are purchasing something from Dell, you can be sure of getting a trusted, stable, and long-lasting device. The Dell Laptops are also the first choice of numerous business owners when it comes to powering their work with computers. Along with HP, Dell is probably the best for after-sales service as well.

Dell Inspiron: Inspiron is a series that includes Dell’s entry-level laptops for students and home users. There are dozens of different models in this series. Though you may not get all the bells and whistles with these laptops, what you get is enough to manage everything from web browsing, document editing to watching videos.

Dell Vostro and Latitude: For businesses, Vostro and Latitude series laptops offer the best security and raw power. These devices come with the best and latest processors available in the industry. You can breeze through work with these laptops.

Laptops belonging to either of the series come with a powerful processor, lots of memory, an ample amount of battery life so that you can keep working even when there’s a power cut.

Dell XPS: XPS laptops come with brilliant displays. These devices are mainly aimed at multimedia content creators like graphic designers, video editors, game developers, etc. Having a vibrant and colour accurate display helps content creators optimise their work for the best results. XPS series laptops also offer great portability for those always on move.

Dell G series and Alienware: For gamers, there are two options to choose from. In the budget segment, Dell’s G series laptops are quite popular. These laptops come with entry-level/mid-range graphic cards and processors to let users have a casual gaming experience.

On the other hand, Alienware is a full-fledged gaming brand that offers enthusiast-level gaming laptops and other computer peripherals. These laptops come with great GPUs, efficient cooling systems and tons of lights but little battery life. Over the last couple of years, Alienware has emerged as the ‘true premium brand’ for gamers.

3. Apple

People say once you start using Apple devices, there is no turning back. The brand is popular for manufacturing products that offer the best level of privacy, integration with their ecosystem, and consistent user experience. With a buttery smooth UI and a plethora of applications, Apple MacBooks based on Mac OS has grown to be extremely popular in the mid-range and high-end segment.

Apple Macbooks: Macbook Air and Macbook Pro are the two devices that you get to choose from. As the name might suggest, Macbook Air is a slim and lightweight device built for portability. Whereas Macbook Pro is all about high-performance.

Both the devices come with different screen sizes and specifications, you can pick the best one for you according to your usage requirements and budget. If you own an iPad or an iPhone, you should definitely get a Macbook, Apple Watch, and other Apple products to enjoy the complete Apple ecosystem.


Asus is a popular consumer electronics brand based in Taiwan that develops a number of different gadgets including smartphones, laptops, computer hardware, and gaming peripherals. The brand has been on the list of Fortune magazine’s most admired companies in the world.

Asus Vivobook: Vivobooks are the go-to devices for productivity. With very modest specs and entertainment features, these devices make a perfect companion for day-to-day users. The best thing about owning a Vivobook is that you can use your device for work, entertainment, and a bit of gaming as well. The laptops come with a perfect balance between power, design, and affordability.

Asus Zenbook: Zenbook devices are made for content creators and professionals who prefer sleek devices. These devices come with best-in-class performance, vivid display, and other interesting features to unleash your true creative power.

Asus TUF and ROG: Gamers can choose between TUF and ROG laptops by Asus. TUF laptops are designed for the budget and mid-range segment whereas ROG is an independent brand of mid-range and high-end gaming laptops. The gaming laptops manufactured by Asus come with very capable cooling systems to keep the CPU and GPU temperatures in check while you sit back and enjoy playing on your device.

5. HP

HP (Hewlett Packard Inc.) is a multinational IT company known for manufacturing some of the best work laptops, desktops, printers, and other electronic appliances. The brand is known for offering great service for their products after the sale. Here is a list of some of the most popular series of laptops by the brand:

HP Pavilion: HP’s Pavilion is a series of budget laptops aimed at students and home users. These laptops offer great value for your money and come with decent specifications. You can consider buying a pavilion laptop if you require an all-rounder device for casual use.

These laptops offer well-balanced specifications so that you can carry out all your day-to-day activities with ease. No matter if it’s document processing, web browsing, or casual gaming, a pavilion laptop can easily handle these things.

HP Spectre, Envy: Spectre and Envy are both top-of-the-line series of laptops. These are some of the finest laptops money can buy. Spectre and Envy laptops have the latest processors, GPUs, touchscreen, 360° display, you name it. Yet, these devices are built to be ultraslim and ultralight. The devices that belong to these series are pretty expensive but still offer a good value for the price they come at.

HP Probook, Elitebook, and Zenbook:  Probook, Elitebook, and Zbook all fall in the category of HP’s business laptops. These devices come with the best security features like HP BIOS protection and client security. You can deal with sensitive information without worrying about anything with these laptops.

HP Zenbook series specialises in designing and content creation-related tasks. It’s a device built for creators who work with multimedia production. These devices are packed with memory and storage so that you never run out of space.

HP Pavilion gaming and Omen: HP Pavilion gaming laptops are for users who play games occasionally. These devices come with entry-level/mid-range GPUs and have enough strength to handle most new games at playable settings.

HP’s mid-range and high-end gaming laptops also sell under the brand name of Omen. Omen is a part of HP but operates as an independent brand. Their high-end devices can handle all current-gen games you throw at them.

6. Acer

Acer is unbeatable when it comes to offering gadgets on a budget. With a very aggressive pricing model, the company is among the top computer and computer peripheral vendors in the world. The reason why the Acer laptops are popular in new and growing markets is because of the mind-blowing specifications they come with.

Acer Aspire, Swift, and Spin: Aspire laptops are probably the most popular laptops from Acer. These laptops have entry-level specifications suitable for personal use. The high popularity of the Aspire laptops is due to the value for money these devices offer.

Swift laptops, on the other hand, focus more on portability. The laptops belonging to the Swift series have a slim body and weigh a lot less than the other laptops with similar specs. If portability is your thing, then you can also check out Spin devices.

Acer Enduro and Travelmate: Completely different from Swift devices, Enduro laptops are engineered for durability. Built like a tank, enduro models can endure anything from a sandstorm and water splashes to a hard fall. Their rugged design makes them suitable for outdoor use in harsh environments. The specifications of these devices may not be awe-inspiring but good enough to get most office work done.

Acer Nitro and Predator: Nitro series laptops are somewhat more powerful than the Aspire devices. These laptops come with entry-level and mid-range GPUs and can handle light gaming at respectable FPS. You can not expect to play the latest games at ultra settings on Nitro devices, but considering the price that these devices are sold at, they offer a great value for money.

Just like HP’s Omen and Dell’s Alienware, Acer’s Predator too operates as an independent brand. Predator laptops are specifically designed to keep a gamer’s usage style in mind. These laptops come with powerful GPUs, equally capable processors, memories, and a cooling system to offer a buttery-smooth gaming experience. The batteries included with the laptop may not last you till the end of the day but the device will surely last for 4-5 years or even more if maintained properly.

7. MSI

MSI is primarily a gaming brand that makes powerful hardware for gaming enthusiasts. If you have ever built a PC, chances are, you have already heard a lot about the brand. Apart from gamers, MSI also caters to content creators requiring the best hardware and screen quality available in the market. Apart from laptops, the brand is a big player in gaming motherboards, graphic cards, PC cases, monitors, keyboard and mouse combos, and other accessories.

MSI Business and Productivity laptops: MSI’s business and productivity laptops have been consistently gaining popularity ever since they’ve launched. Design and performance are the two areas where these laptops shine. Being a brand that specialises in computer hardware and gaming peripherals, MSI does a great job with the design, performance, and battery life of their business and productivity laptops.

MSI Content Creation laptops: When a laptop features Nvidia Quadro RTX series GPUs, then it means business. MSI’s laptops for content creation come with professional CPU-GPU combos to offer the ultimate raw power that professionals need for development and content creation. As you might expect, these devices are among the priciest laptops in the market.

MSI Gaming laptops: MSI specialises in gaming laptops. There are several series and models that are a part of MSI’s range of gaming laptops. MSI loves to experiment with their laptops, which is why you can find a huge collection of devices each specialising in one or the other characteristic.

Which Brand is the Best for You?

Though it is very important to check out the detailed specifications and reviews of the exact model of laptop you’re buying, you can find out a lot about the device by just checking out the series it belongs to.

For work, HP, Dell, and Apple are the most trusted brands. A lot of IT companies use these devices at the office for maximum security and reliability. Of course, the business laptops by these brands are a bit expensive and do not come with the latest and the greatest features, this is the trade-off you have to make for getting a premium and dependable device.

Home users can explore a little and go for Lenovo, Asus, or Acer devices. All three brands are popular for manufacturing affordable laptops with all-rounder specs. If you get a basic home laptop, you can expect it to easily run some casual games at adjusted settings apart from getting the day-to-day tasks done.

Next up, let’s discuss the laptops meant for content creation. Here, making a choice is a bit difficult and completely depends on what you are going to do and what applications you are planning to use. Any laptop company that offers the right CPU-GPU combo at the right price should be ideal choice for content creation. Just make sure you get a large, high-resolution, and colour accurate display. We can not recommend any specific brand for this category as all of them are highly specialised in their own fields.

Finally, coming to gaming devices, Alienware, Predator, Legion, ROG, MSI, etc. are all very popular gaming laptop brands available in the Indian market. Again, it depends a lot on your expectations. Budget too is an important factor to consider when deciding which laptop and brand to go for. If money is not a constraint, do check out Alienware laptops. People with a budget for mid-range devices can go with other brands.

Finally, if you want the best value for money, you can get laptops brands like HP gaming, Asus TUF, Lenovo gaming, Acer Nitro, and Dell G series. Whatever you pick, just stay away from a Mac for gaming.


In this article, we had a detailed look at the 7 of the most popular laptop brands in India. Each and every brand has devices with its own set of key features that differentiate them from others. So which is your favourite brand for laptops? Let us know in the comment section below.