Best Glue for Shoes in India – 2021 (Reviews)

How often have you been left looking for a shoemaker or a mochi on the streets of the city? And not finding one! It is a pain to find someone who could fix that little broken sole of your shoe in the vast city. Especially when you are about to go for some important event and then your shoe breaks. You either try fixing it or end up buying a new pair of shoes.

While trying to fix your shoes, there are different kinds of adhesive glues. If you try doing that with a fevicol, it won’t fix up and will surely break off again. This doesn’t mean that you always end up throwing off your shoes – even if they are your favorite pair! Thankfully, there are a handful of products that are doctors in taking care of such shoe injuries. This list of some of the best glues for shoes in India will bring out those mere-ly dead ones back to life…

We had invested a lot of time and checked various products for you, so let’s take a look below and pick the best one.

Here are the 6 best glues for shoes in India:

1. Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix Adhesive

Fevicol has been the most commonly used adhesive. Most of the households will have at least one fevicol pack at their homes. But that fevicol works on sticking papers, stickers, etc. When it comes to fixing up the shoes, you need something even stronger.

Fevicol Shoe Fix is something that you should be looking for. It is a fast setting adhesive that helps in repairing footwear materials like rubber, canvas, leather, etc. When you apply a fevicol shoe fix on the show, it dries up. It forms into a water-resistant, transparent bond.

There are specific directions for using this product. The surface to be joined should be clean and dry to avoid any dust, oil or grease. Then, you need to apply the adhesive on both surfaces. After using, do not stick it right away. Wait for about 2-5 minutes and keep them apart. As mentioned above, the adhesive takes time to form into a water-resistant, transparent bond. After a couple of minutes, align the two surfaces and firmly put pressure on them for a few seconds. Do not disturb the shoe and allow it to stay idle overnight. It is probably the best shoe adhesive for soles. 

  • Fevicol Shoefix comes in 20ml pack
  • Mediums: synthetic leather, canvas, plastic, rubber, etc.
  • Works on sports shoes, leather shoes, and sandals
  • High strength durability
  • Works in about 10 minutes
  • Need to follow the given instructions
  • Need to avoid any skin contact

2. LOCTITE FT 220 – Henkel’s Adhesive

Loctite ft 220 is said to be flexible, resistant, and efficient. It is a multi-utility adhesive glue that is designed for repairing shoe defects, metal embossing on leather bags, and sticking articles/logo stickers on footwear. There is no need for any heating or pressing machine, as this provides quick bonding and gap repair.

There are a few set instructions to bee followed while using this for repairing the shoes. After identifying the gap area and applying the glue on it, wait for about 15 to 20 seconds and press it tightly. Check whether the bond between the two surfaces is strong enough to withstand the pressure. It’s indeed one of the best glue for shoes in India.

This adhesive glue can also be used for sticking different materials like metal and rubber, accessories for bags and ladies’ footwear like sandals, etc. For different materials, the wait time is various. So ensure that the two mediums are stuck firmly before pressing it out.       

  • Adhesive for shoes/footwear, leather goods
  • Super adhesive glue
  • Quick bond Gap repair
  • Need to clamp or apply pressure for sometime

3. Shoegoo Repair Adhesive

What happens when your shoes get holes in them? Sometimes, due to rough use of shoes, there are chances of it tearing off from some places. These look similar to the small holes that come up in old clothes. The Shoe Goo Repair is a multi-functional adhesive glue that can not only reaffix the sole of your shoes but can also patch up and fix the holes in your footwear. This glue offers additional protective coating for your leather, rubber, vinyl or canvas footwear apart from just fixing and mending them. It not only sets and repairs the defects but also ensures longevity and durability of your footwear. When it comes to a handy tool, this glue can be quite useful.

It is waterproof, temperature resistant and that’s why it can be used for extensive workouts as well – whether it is hiking or river rafting, etc. You do not have to worry about your shoes getting torn off when you are out for some adrenaline rush activities that require rough and tough use of shoes. Just carry this glue with you. The Goo, takes around 24 hours to cure but will remain strong once set, and will even offer you more traction on your athletic sneakers than before.

  • Quite handy and effective
  • Seals holes and repairs soles
  • Waterproof
  • Temperature resistant
  • Bonds to leather, canvas, and most of the shoe materials
  • It takes around 1 day to fix

This is one of the best glue for shoes in India, especially for sneakers and sports shoes that tear off easily and quite often. The only thing that setbacks is that it takes about 24 hours to completely fix-up., but it is quite useful afterward. So if you need a quick remedy for your shoe repair, then this might not be as fast.

4. Gorilla Original Glue

As the name suggests, the glue has the strength of a gorilla. The versatility of the glue allows it to be secure once set. It binds strongly and resists water to avoid any breakage or loosening of the strength. This makes it safer for regular use as well as rough conditions. It can be used to fix any footwear, leather, canvas or rubber soles, etc.

For best results, make sure that there is pressure intact between the two materials after the glue is applied for at least 1 to 2 hours. Instead of holding, it is better to clamp them together or put some weight on it so that it exerts the pressure evenly. The glue is temperature resistant, water-resistant and can fix your shoes or fill the holes in the boots quickly – perfect glue for fixing sports shoes that are defined for rough usage. The glue can expand up to three times and this is what creates the strong between the torn parts.

  • Bonds firmly to any foot material
  • Temperature and Water-resistant
  • Takes 1-3 hours

It is easy to use this glue and quite handy to carry while going on adventure treks and hikes, especially. It can be used for fixing daily-purpose footwear as well.

5. Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive

Fix your boots without any hassle and in no time. With this glue, you don’t have to worry about messing up the glue and damaging your shoes. It bonds quickly and without any need for clamping. It dries clear, so you don’t have to worry about the glue showing up, just freely apply it on your favorite sneakers or sandals and be care-free.

The bond is strong and unaffected by temperature, and it is also water-resistant. It can quickly bond and fix footwear made of rubber or vinyl materials, making it ideal for sports shoes, sneakers, etc. The clear color will make the footwear as new as when you bought it. It is a long-lasting adhesive hassle-free adhesive that will fix all your footwear needs.

  • Dries instantly and is clear
  • No clamping required
  • No cons

6. Shoe-Fix Glue

This is similar to boot-fix glue, it bonds instantly and there is no need for clamping. This can be an alternative to choose from. The adhesive is also clear and doesn’t show up when dried. So you can fix your shoes hassle-free and without worrying about any dark residue showing up on your footwear. As there is no clamping required, you wouldn’t have to worry about damage to a shoe that might have been mistakenly caused in action.

It is also resistant to temperature and water, making it a durable and reliable product. This will ensure that you are care-free while using your footwear, whether it is for regular chores or adventurous activities. Fixing shoes and other footwear hasn’t been this easier. With shoe-fix glue, all you have to do is apply it on the area and it will instantly fix it up. It can quickly bond with rubber and vinyl, and most of the other shoe materials.

  • Instant bonding without clamping
  • Temperature and water-resistant
  • Clear and hassle-free usage
  • Works on most of the shoe materials
  • No cons

FAQs on Glue for Shoes:

1. What is the best glue for shoe sole repair?

We tested over 10 different glue of shoes and found that Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix Adhesive works best. It fixes the shoes instantly and doesn’t get broken again so easily.

2. Can you repair rubber soled shoes?

Yes, you can repair even rubber-soled shoes. From our list of shoe glues, Shoegoo Repair Adhesive is ideal for rubber-soled shoes. Check our review on the list.

3. Is Gorilla Glue good for rubber?

Yes, Gorilla Glue is pretty good for rubber-soled shoes. It can also be used to fix any footwear, leather and canvas.


These glues are handy and comfortable to carry. All of them ensure a strong bond and are surely very useful at times of need. It can be hard to find someone to repair them, even harder to throw them off!

So next time, do not give it a second thought. Take out your Shoe fixing doctor and bring back the life of your footwear. However, make sure to choose the right kind of glue based on your needs – like if you need the shoe fixed instantly or if you are okay with it taking time, but it should be thoroughly fixed, or you want something multi-purpose sort of glue. Based on that, this list should give you the options to choose from some of the best glue for shoes in India.

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