Best Gas Stoves in India

A recent report mentions that the Indian market for different kinds of cooktops in 2017 exceeded US $468 million. That translates to more than 3,300 crores in Indian rupees. The projection is that the market size will exceed US $747 million by 2023. In Indian rupees, that will be more than 5,300 crores.

Cooktops include induction cookers, other electrical cooktops like a coiled heater and other hybrid models. However, it is not difficult to estimate the share of gas stoves in that overall cooktops market. Taking into account the growth of household-level LPG connections makes that easy.

A 2018 report in The Economic Times reflects that 56% of Indian households used cooking gas in 2015. By early 2018, that increased to 79.2% of households.

With such an increase in household LPG connections, the sale of gas stoves is bound to have increased also. Gas cylinders are useless without a stove to which it can be attached. The share of gas stoves in that market size of over 3,300 crores Indian rupees is likely to have far exceeded all the other varieties taken together.

Gas stoves constitute an essential item in Indian households, but with the growth in brands and varieties, choosing one has become increasingly more difficult. Whether one needs to buy a new one to set up a house for the first time, or an old one needs to be replaced, making a decision becomes tough with too many choices and little guidance, except in the form of company promotion.

We present to you the top 10 best gas stoves in India along with 5 best brands. We’ve culled the results through careful research of product descriptions, sales statistics, and customer reviews.

We don’t sell gas stoves. Nor have we been commissioned by one or more companies to write this article. You could say, it is the collective experience of some of us being confused with too many choices. That’s why we researched in-depth and details. Since we now know, we want to share it to help others.

You can trust us. Our aim is not to practice publicity stunts on you, but simply sharing what we have learned.

Top 10 Best Gas Stoves in India for 2020:

Different considerations determine the purchase of gas stoves, not least of which is the number of burners one needs. Average urban middle-class families have a preference for four-burner gas stoves while smaller family units prefer two or three burner ones. We present here the top 10 products that cover different burner preferences and suit all varying patterns. 

ImageNameFeaturesCheck Price
Prestige Marvel Plus Glass

  • Dimensions: 64 X 59 X 16 cm

  • Weight: 9.62 kg

  • 4 high-efficiency tri-pin brass burners

  • 2 years warranty

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Elica Glass 4 Burner

  • Dimensions: 58.5 X 50 X 7.5 cm

  • Weight: 12 kg

  • 4 heavy-duty brass burners

  • 7 years warranty

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Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

  • Dimensions: 69 X 41 X 13 cm

  • Weight: 6.7 kg

  • 3 brass burners

  • 1-year warranty

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Elica Vetro Glass Gas

  • Dimensions: 58.5 X 56 X 13 cm

  • Weight: 9.4 kg

  • 4 high performing brass

  • 2 years Warranty

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Prestige Royale Plus Gas

  • Dimensions: 81 X 41.5 X 15.5 cm

  • Weight: 10.3 kg

  • 3 Brass Burners

  • 2 years warranty

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Prestige Edge Schott Gas

  • Dimensions: 65 X 45 X 10 cm

  • Weight: 6.84 kg

  • 2 Burner Gas

  • 2 years warranty

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Glen 3 Burner Glass Gas

  • Dimensions: 72.6 X 44 X 11.8 cm

  • Weight: 9.3 Kg

  • 3 Auto Ignition Forged Brass Burner

  • 5 years warranty

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Pigeon Spark Series Gas

  • Dimensions: 70 X 36 X 13 cm

  • Weight: 8.6 kg

  • High-quality brass burners

  • 2 years warranty

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Lifelong Top 4 Burner Gas

  • Dimensions: 58.5 X 56 X 13 cm

  • Toughened black glass top

  • 4 high-quality tri-pin brass burners

  • 1 year warranty

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Prestige Marvel 3 Gas

  • Dimensions: 81.5 cm x 47 cm x 15.5 cm

  • Weight: 7.54 kg

  • 3 tri-pin brass burners of varying sizes

  • 2 year warranty

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1. Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove (Black)

With a 4.3 star overall rating at Amazon and featuring in the top 10 list of five other sites, this four-burner gas stove from TTK Prestige effectively combines elegance, convenience, durability and efficiency.

  • Model # 40280
  • Dimensions: 64 X 59 X 16 cm 
  • Weight: 9.62 kg
  • 4 high-efficiency tri-pin brass burners
  • Manual ignition
  • Spill-proof vessel support
  • Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Black toughened glass top
  • 2 years warranty

The shatterproof black glass top makes this gas stove quite an eye-catching item. Inside, it has a tough, rust and corrosion-proof aluminum body. The tri-pin brass burners are of different sizes. That facilitates the use of cooking vessels of varying sizes as per need.

The vessel support frames are spill-proof, which takes away the worry of the cooking vessel toppling over. Its knobs are specifically designed for ease of operation. This manually ignited gas stove can be used with pipeline gas with minor modifications that Prestige customer care is ready to do for you.

You can loosen the screws and remove the drip tray for cleaning. The compact size makes it suitable for modern kitchens without compromising cooking efficiency. The gas pipe hole is located at the centre behind the burners. 

This easy to clean product comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturers. Our research on different sites reflects mostly happy customers.

  • Compact size
  • Easy to clean shatterproof black glass top
  • 4 tri-pin burners of varying sizes add to ease of cooking
  • Sturdy and durable body
  • Spill-proof pan support
  • Manual ignition
  • Some customers have found the smallest burner to have a whistling sound

2. Elica Glass 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Patio ICT 460 BLK AI S)

If you’re looking for a touch of Europe in your kitchen, go for this one. With their parent company being Italian, all Elica products come with some special touch of the home country.

  • Model # PATIO ICT 460 BLK AI S
  • Dimensions: 58.5 X 50 X 7.5 cm 
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • European gas valves
  • Euro coated grid
  • 4 heavy-duty brass burners
  • Autoignition
  • Designer knobs
  • Black toughened glass top
  • Stainless steel support plate
  • 7 years warranty on the glass top and 2 years comprehensive warranty

The 7 mm thick toughened glass top adds strength and elegance to this gas stove. It also comes with 7 years warranty, which is no joke. It is also easy to clean. 

Below the glass top are a stainless steel support plate and a body made of high quality non-magnetic stainless steel. That makes this gas stove strong, durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

The burners are made of high-quality brass that retains heat better and reduces LPG consumption as a result. The burners are of two different sizes for cooking convenience: two medium and two small.

The brass naturally changes color quickly because of the fire. But cleaning with any standard brass polish revives their original shiny golden look. 

The designer knobs also work for auto ignition, with electricity or battery. AA type batteries are necessary for the autoignition function. However, if you wish, you can light the stove manually also.

When you switch any of the knobs on, the other three will also spark. But do not worry; they will not all get kindled. Also, gas needs a little time to travel to the burner to be ignited. You have to rotate the knob a few times to get it going.

The gas inlet pipe is at the center at the backside. Installation is very easy. You need to fit the gas tube to the nozzle — no need to call a technician.

  • Tough and durable
  • Beautiful to look at and easy to clean
  • 7 years warranty on glass
  • Faster cooking
  • Autoignition
  • It is expensive
  • Some customers have complaints about poor customer care

3. Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black (Glass Top, ISI Certified)

We have not chosen this one because it is in between two and four-burner gas stoves. This features the top-ranked on several websites. It has earned the right to be written about first.

  • Model # LLGS18
  • Dimensions: 69 X 41 X 13 cm 
  • ISI certified
  • 3 brass burners
  • Manual ignition
  • Anti-skid feet for easy operation
  • Ergonomically designed knobs with heat resistant nylon cover
  • Black toughened glass top
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects

There is something really interesting about this gas stove: the company has improved the product based on customer feedback. The first lot of feedbacks after its launch at Amazon is all negative. Especially about the brass burners.

Consumers found out that the burners were actually of wrought iron, colored golden. Several people did a magnet test and posted photos on Amazon. 

That was for the first three months. After that, most reviews are positive. Consumers have done a magnet test based on earlier reviews and confirmed that the burners are of genuine brass. So there!

The 6 mm thick toughened glass top makes it strong, good looking and easy to clean. The three burners are placed at a distance that allows big vessels to be put on the stove simultaneously. However, all the burners are of the same size.

There is thick pan support around the burners so that vessels don’t topple over. The knobs have heat resistant nylon cover for ease of operation. Its skid-resistant feet are an added advantage. 

To top it all, it comes with ISI certification and a very pocket-friendly price tag.

  • Tough, good looking and easy to clean glass top
  • Three brass burners to reduce cooking time
  • Ergonomically designed heat resistant knobs
  • ISI certification
  • Low pocket pinch
  • Poor customer service
  • Some customers have said the bottom of the burner catches fire

4. Elica Vetro Glass Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove with Double Drip Tray (594 CT DT VETRO 1J)

This square stainless steel body glass top model comes with a number of convenient features. This Elica product has mostly positive reviews on several sites.

  • Model # 594 CT DT VETRO 1J
  • Dimensions: 58.5 X 56 X 13 cm
  • Weight: 9.4 kg
  • Toughened glass top finish for durability
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel body
  • Double drip tray to absorb spills
  • 4 high performing brass burners of different sizes 

Like all Elica products, this gas stove also has a touch of elegance. The toughened glass top combined with a sturdy stainless steel body makes it strong and durable. The glass top is also easy to clean.

The double drip tray is an added advantage as far as cleaning goes. One of these trays is removable. Just take it off and rinse out all the spills and grease marks.

The euro-coated grids have euro-coated pan support for the company in this model. No fear of vessels toppling over, therefore. The euro coating adds to their endurance and durability.

The knobs are easy to operate and the varying burner sizes are a bonus. There are one jumbo and one mini burner, with the other two being medium-sized. Ideal for different sizes of vessels for cooking. The spacing between the burners is adequate for all the burners to be used together.

The burners are of high-quality brass which retains heat and lessens cooking time. They are also longer lasting than aluminum burners. This model can be used for both LPG and PNG. You will need a technician to make it PNG converted, however. 

This manually ignited gas stove from Elica comes for a lesser pocket pinch than the other one. With its easy to clean and durable features, users say that it offers good value for money.

  • Durable and good looking
  • Easy to clean glass top and removable drip tray
  • Different sized burners
  • High-quality brass burners
  • Usable for both PNG and LPG
  • Some customers faced problems with the knobs
  • Some customers have faced problems with customer care

5. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove (Black)

Probably to match Elica’s European touch, Prestige has introduced some items which also have German and Italian connections. This is one of them. 

  • Model # 40177
  • Dimensions: 81 X 41.5 X 15.5 cm
  • Weight: 10.3 kg
  • Schott glass to with lifetime warranty from Germany
  • Three tri-pin burners with Italian sabaf valve
  • Ergonomically designed knobs for easy operation
  • Ignition system with precision flame control
  • Manual ignition
  • 2 years warranty on the product

“Add a touch of European excellence to your kitchen” is how Prestige introduces this product. The Schott glass for the top comes with a lifetime guarantee from Germany. Glass tops are also easy to clean.

The valves from Sabaf, Italy, ensure efficient flame control and reduce gas consumption. Their durability is a bonus.

The three brass burners with aluminum at their base are of three different sizes. That’s ideal for using cooking vessels of varying sizes. The spacing is good enough to use all three burners together.  

There is individual pan support with every burner which ensures that pots and pans will not topple over during cooking. The tri-pin burners are sturdy as they are made of high-quality brass. They also ensure uniform heating, which reduces gas consumption.

With a long-lasting iron body and knobs designed for easy operability, this product from Prestige combines elegance and efficiency quite effectively. Ignition is manual. 

The model can be made pipeline gas compatible. Technicians from Prestige will do it for a charge. The two-year warranty on the product will still be valid. 

Users say it is a great product and good value for money. The pocket pinch is high, though.

  • Combines good looks with efficient performance
  • The Schott glass has a lifetime warranty
  • Durable Sabaf valves for efficient flame control
  • Three high-quality tri-pin brass burners of different sizes
  • Strong iron body
  • Expensive
  • Some customers have received defective products

6. Prestige Edge Schott Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove, Pastel

If yours is a small family where you don’t need anything more than gas stove with two burners, go for this one. It will also add some color to your kitchen.

  • Model # PEPS 02 Pastel
  • Dimensions: 65 X 45 X 10 cm
  • Weight: 6.84 kg
  • Schott glass top with a lifetime warranty
  • Pan support with flame guard protection
  • 2 years warranty on the product

This gas stove is peach coloured. In case you don’t want a pastel shade gas stove, the same product is also available in black at a marginally lower price. But these details are about the peach colored one.

The Schott glass from Germany is durable enough to come with a lifetime warranty. It is also easy to clean. Aluminum encases this shiny glass top on all sides.  

There is pan support on both the burners, which means there is no chance of cooking vessels toppling over. The flame guard on both the burners also means that the flame will waiver minimally even if you have a fan on in your kitchen, or it is a windy day.

The stylish looking square-shaped knobs are easy to operate. The tri-pin burners are of high-quality brass as in all the gas stoves from Prestige. One is large and the other medium, which enables cooking convenience.

An overwhelming majority of customers are very happy with their purchase. It has four support feet that will keep your gas stove steadily in place. Ignition is manual. Prestige technicians can make it pipeline gas compatible at a charge.

The product comes with two years warranty. In case you are on a tight budget, this one is a great choice for you. It will not drill a hole in your pocket or purse. 

  • A sleek, colorful look
  • Lifetime guarantee on Schott glass top
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Pan support and flame guard
  • Budget buy
  • One customer feels its finishing isn’t good enough
  • One customer complained of the large burner knob getting jammed

7. Glen 3 Burner Glass Gas Stove 1033 GT XL Auto Ignition Forged Burners Double Drip Tray

This is a sleek looking product from Glen with a steel and black finish. Among the range of three-burner gas stoves from this company, this one is the top ranker with 4.2 stars.

  • Model # CT1033GTXLFBDDAI
  • Dimensions: 72.6 X 44 X 11.8 cm
  • Toughened glass top in black
  • Matte steel body
  • Three burners of varying sizes
  • Double drip tray for ease of cleaning
  • Extra strong pan support
  • Autoignition

This gas stove from Glen with three burners of different sizes comes with an 8 mm thick toughened glass top in black. The body is stainless steel with a rich matte finish. This combination of silver and black colors gives it an elegant look.

The glass top is both durable and easy to clean. The double trip tray feature adds to ease of cleaning. The top tray takes all the grease and grime spills. Remove it, clean it and place it back.

The burners come in different sizes for cooking convenience: one big, one small and one high flame. These are tri-pin burners made of forged brass for heat retention and durability. There is a five-year warranty on the burners.

It is possible to use all three burners together. The curved shape burners offer strong pan support. The overall warranty on the product is two years. 

This gas stove with multi-spark auto-ignition is also available with manual ignition if you prefer that. The auto-ignition works on battery. 

It is possible to make this gas stove compatible with pipeline gas. Technicians from Glen will do that for you for a charge.

  • Good looking
  • Durable
  • 5 years warranty on brass burners
  • Easy to clean
  • Autoignition
  • One customer has complained that big vessels wobble
  • One customer has complained about the big burner not lighting with auto ignition

8. Pigeon Spark Series Oval Glitter Full Size Two Burner Gas Stove (Stovekraft)

This is the top ranker with 4.5 stars among all the Pigeon gas stoves on Amazon. It is one among a special designer series from Stovekraft.

  • Model # 8906026978489 
  • Dimensions: 70 X 36 X 13 cm
  • Eye-catching looks
  • Durable glass and steel body
  • High-quality brass burners
  • Manual ignition
  • Two years warranty

This is an exclusive designer series launched by Stovekraft in 2018. It is quite dazzling to look at. It is also biggish for a two-burner stove. 

The toughened black glass top has sparkling color splashes in the middle. That sets it apart from other black glass top gas stoves. If you want to feel inspired with an attractive looking two-burner gas stove, look no further.

There’s a warning on the glass top, though. You are not to place hot pots and pans on it. Well, designer items tend to need pampering. 

The rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel body make it durable. The tri-pin brass burners are made of high-quality brass for heat retention and fast cooking. A convenience feature is that the two burners are of two different sizes.

There is no ISI certification mark on the product, but the seller says it is BIS certified. It means the same. The new name of ISI is BIS. 

The seller says it is PNG compatible, but a customer says it is not. Probably, it needs a little alteration that Stovekraft technicians will provide at a charge. It is a manual ignition gas stove. The gas inlet valve is at the back of the stove.

  • Very eye-catching designer cooktop
  • Toughened black glass top
  • Strong stainless steel body
  • Good quality tri-pin brass burners
  • Easy to clean
  • Warranty information not available
  • Too few reviews

9. Lifelong Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove, Black (1-year warranty with doorstep service)

This is one of the cheapest available products on Amazon in the four burners gas stove category. If you want to get a gas cooktop with four burners without too big a hole in your pocket or purse, go for this one.

  • Model # LLGS27
  • Dimensions: 58.5 X 56 X 13 cm
  • Toughened black glass top
  • 4 high-quality tri-pin brass burners of different sizes
  • Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Anti-skid feet for ease of operation

This is a four-burner gas stove compact enough for any standard size kitchen counter. But the size is fine to allow all four burners to be used together. There are two big and two small burners, which is ideal for different cooking needs.

The burners are of high-quality brass that ensures uniform heat for efficient cooking. Each burner has thick pan support to ensure that cooking vessels remain balanced when placed on the stove. 

The 6 mm toughened black glass top is shatterproof and easy to clean. The easy to operate knobs have a heat resistant nylon coating. The anti-skid feet are an added advantage to prevent an accidental imbalance of cooking pots.

The product comes with an ISI certification and a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Ignition is manual.

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Burners of different sizes
  • ISI certification
  • Very low pocket pinch
  • Pan support has sharp edges that can scratch and cut when cleaning
  • One customer had a terrible experience with a knob catching fire

10. Prestige Marvel 3 Brass Burners Gas Table with Glass Top

This is a good looking three burner gas stove from Prestige, the top-rated brand in the market. It has a 4.1 stars rating on Amazon. Its dimensions are not available, but users certify that it is a compact enough size that can suit a small kitchen counter also.

  • Model # 40162
  • Weight: 7.54 kg
  • Toughened black glass top
  • Stainless steel body
  • Three tri-pin brass burners of varying sizes
  • Ergonomically designed knobs
  • Spill-proof design

The toughened and the thick black glass top is shatterproof and easy to clean. The rust and corrosion-proof stainless steel body makes it durable.

The three tri-pin burners are of high-quality brass to retain heat and ensure uniform heating for efficient cooking. Each burner comes with pan support for ease of cleaning and has spill-proof features.

The burners are of different sizes: one large, one medium and one small. This is good for varying cooking needs. The spacing of the burners allows all three burners to be used simultaneously. The ergonomically designed knobs are easy to operate. 

This manual ignition gas stove comes with a two years warranty against manufacturing defects. Company technicians can make it compatible with pipeline gas for a charge.

  • Compact size
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient cooking
  • 2 years warranty
  • Some customers find the knobs too hard to operate
  • Some customers have faced problems with the medium-sized burner

5 Best Gas Stove Brands in India:

Thorough research involving several sites threw up these five brands as the top rankers where gas stoves are concerned: Prestige, Elica, Lifelong, Pigeon and Glen, in that order. Some of our team members familiar with kitchen settings also did a quick visual memory check and confirmed. These are indeed the brands that dominate the kitchens of the urban Indian middle class at least. 

1. Prestige

The full name of the company is TTK Prestige. It is one of the oldest Indian business companies that got established in 1928 as a distribution network. It started manufacturing post-independence sine 1949 from a newly opened unit in Bangalore. 

It got incorporated as a public limited company in October 1955 in Chennai (then Madras) under the name of TT Private Limited. Its headquarter has since shifted to Bangalore. From 1959, it started manufacturing pressure cookers, the product it is still best known for, in technological collaboration with the UK based Prestige Group. 

It went public in 1988 and shifted its name to TTK Prestige in 1994. It is one of the few Indian companies with a stamped international presence. It is a 6000-crore group today, with 15 manufacturing units employing more the 5000 people. It also has two dedicated R&D centers and 545 Prestige Xclusive stores across 305 cities.

The company has won many awards for its focus on trust, transparency and knowledge and its innovative marketing strategies. In the 1950s, the company used a helicopter to drop pamphlets as a publicity campaign. It later started the exchange scheme, which has now been adopted so widely that people have forgotten who pioneered it.

TTK Prestige started producing gas stoves since 2010 from its newly set up manufacturing unit at Roorkee, Uttarakhand. 

A fun fact about the company: TTK stands for Tiruvellore Thattai Krishnamachari, better known as T T Krishnamanchari, the finance minister of India from 1956 to 1958, and then again from 1964 to 1966. He was the founder of this prestigious Indian brand.

One important point to remember: Prestige got an ISO 9000 certification in 2013. The Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) gave Prestige this certification, covering all functions of the company.

2. Elica

A unit of Elica SpA, an Italian company recognized to be a pioneer in kitchen chimney manufacturing, Elica PB India Private Limited is a joint venture founded in 2010. Its manufacturing unit is located in Pune, Maharashtra. 

Elica offers products that combine technology and design support from Italy and the local market intelligence and insights of the Indian business partner. Elica produces cooktops in the form of gas stoves and cooking ranges specifically for the Asian market.

The parent company has been designing and selling kitchen chimneys since the 1970s. It has two plants in its home country Italy, and one each in China, Germany, India, Mexico and Poland. It employs a total of 3800 people, taking all its plants together. 

In 2017, the consolidated revenues of the company stood at 479.3 million Euros, of which 414.4 million Euros came from its cooking appliances. That means more than 3700 crores and more than 3200 crores respectively in Indian rupees.

3. Lifelong

In sharp contrast to Prestige and Elica, Lifelong is only three years old. Its full name is Lifelong Online and it has launched 70 products in its three years of existence. It sells its products purely through the online marketplace.

Lifelong Online is the latest unit of the Lifelong group which has more than 25 years of experience in a wide range of products and services. It is a strong brand with revenues worth US$ 200 million across a spectrum of businesses. In Indian rupee terms, it means more than 1400 crores.  

4. Pigeon

Pigeon is a brand, but not the company. It is the brand name for the entire set of kitchen appliances from non-stick pots and pans to kitchen chimneys produced by Stovekraft. This Indian company, headquartered in the Harohalli Industrial area, Karnataka, started as a manufacturer of kerosene wick stoves in 1994. 

By 1997, it had diversified and evolved as the largest producer of gas stoves in India. In 1999, it got incorporated as a private limited company. Two years later in 2001, Stovefraft launched its two famous brands: Pigeon and Gilma. 

After celebrating 50 years of existence in 2005 through the inauguration of the company owned 50th exclusive Gilma store, it tied up with Bharat Petroleum Corporation of India (BPCI), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) and Indian Oil Company Limited (IOCL) in 2006. 

In the financial year ended March 31, 2018, the company made a net profit of 293.56 lakhs in Indian rupees. This ISO 9001:2015 certified company can produce 4.20 million units of gas stoves annually. 

5. Glen

Located in Faridabad, Haryana, Glen Appliances Private Limited was founded in 1999. It is a leading manufacturer of kitchenware and functions as an online marketplace also. Financial and other details of the company are not open for public viewing, unlike the other companies we have spoken of so far.

Gas Stove Buying Guide

A recent report captures how much the use of liquid gas as a cooking medium has increased in contemporary India. The number of household connections in 2008-2009 stood at 105.73 million, which is close to 10.6 crores. 

Through a steady increase over the years except in 2014-2015, the number more than doubled to 234.61 million households in 2016-2017. Despite a fall in the growth rate in the next year, the total number of households with LPG connections stood at 263.08 million in 2017-2018. That is more than 26.3 crore households.

With this kind of growth in LPG connections, the market for gas stoves has also increased by leaps and bounds. Companies coming out new varieties of gas stoves have also naturally exploded in the Indian market. There are as many brands as there are varieties. To make your choice easier, we provide a complete buying guide for you here.

History of Gas Stoves

A person called Zachäus Winzler first produced a gas stove way back in 1802. But that remained an isolated experiment along with other similar ones.

James Sharp first patented a gas stove in 1826 in Northampton, England. The Smith & Phillips firm started marketing them from 1828. Sharp opened a factory to manufacture gas stoves in 1836, which suggests that their use had started becoming more accepted by then.

A renowned French chef named Alexis Benoit Soyer associated with the Reform Club in London was instrumental in making this new invention more popular. In 1841, he transformed his kitchen into one functioning on pipeline gas. He argued that gas stoves were cheaper as they could be turned off when not in use.

However, it took till the 1880s for gas stoves to become commercially successful in England. By then, the pipeline gas supply had vastly improved to become a cheaper domestic fuel option. Gas stoves became widely used throughout Europe only in the early 20th century. 

It would take almost a century more for urban India to switch to LPG cylinders and gas stoves. It’s a different story today, as we’ve just reflected.

How a Gas Stove Works

The fuel for gas stoves is some form of flammable hydrocarbon gas. There are tiny jets on the side of the burners through which gas shoots out when you switch your gas stove on. When you bring a flame to it, it ignites. Switching it off stops the gas from coming out of the burner jets.

Woking of Burner

That is the simple process for gas stoves with manual ignition. The process for auto ignition gas stoves is a little more complex. There are two kinds of auto-ignition system: pilot or spark. 

The pilot system keeps a thin gas flame, known as the pilot light, continuously burning under the cooktop.  There is a fame tube attached to the burner which carries the gas to the flame and carries it back to the burner when you switch on your gas stove. 

The problem with the pilot system is that the standing flame uses gas even when the stove is not in use. The spark system is more energy efficient that way. This system uses electric sparks to light the stove. 

The igniters are built on one side of the burners. The knob needs to be turned at a particular angle to light the burner with electric sparks. These sparks can either use the house electricity or a battery.

Most auto ignition gas stoves available in India work on the battery-operated spark system.

The Difference between LPG and PNG

LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas, which comes in cylinders. PNG stands for piped natural gas, which comes through a pipeline. 

One big advantage of PNG is that the supply is continuous and uninterrupted. With LPG, you need to wait for an empty cylinder to be replaced. PNG is also very safe as the pressure is 200 times less than that of a cylinder.

In addition, PNG mixes with the air and evaporates in case of any leakage, unlike LPG from a cylinder. The pipelines also have safety valves and pressure regulators installed at specific intervals to ensure there is no leakage.

However, most Indian households still depend mostly on LPG cylinders as PNG supply is limited to particular geographical locations. GAIL India Limited (known as Gas Authority of India Limited before) owns the country’s largest natural gas pipeline.

GAIL currently operates an 11,000 km long pipeline network of natural gas covering 22 states and union territories out of the total 29 states and union territories we have. But there ia s regional imbalance in the distribution of PNG. 

In 2018, the country’s overall coverage in the pipeline gas supply was limited to only 11%. The expectation is that it will increase to 24% by 2019-2020.  The population coverage of PNG stood at 19% in 2018.

Gujarat already had 84.31% of the state territory covered under pipeline gas in 2018. The population coverage in those areas was 87.37%. The expectation is that it will become the first state to be 100% covered by PNG by 2019-2020.  

Point to Remember

Most Indian households are still LPG dependent. A majority of gas stoves are LPG compatible, therefore. 

The good news is that it is possible to make most of them PNG compatible. Company technicians can do that for you. But the service is not free; it’s chargeable.  

Gas Stoves vs. Electric Cooktops

Between a gas stove and a cooking device operated by electric, such as an induction cooker, gas stoves are far more energy-efficient. A gas stove with manual ignition or the sparks dependenauto-ignitionon uses less than half the energy of an electric cooktop.

Gas stoves are easier to use also. Controlling the heat is easier in gas stoves than in electrically operated ones. If you leave a cooked item on an electric cooktop, it may dry up or burn even after you’ve switched it off. That is because electric cooktops retain heat for much longer. There is no such fear with a gas stove.

Another great feature of gas stoves is that you can pretty much use and cooking vessel on them. No restrictions whatsoever. From an earthen cooking pot so popular in Kerala for traditional cooking to the latest non-stick cookware – you can use them all on your gas stove. 

A traditional home remedy in India is to cook in an iron wok for some extra hemoglobin supply in your food. If you believe in it, go ahead and use one on your gas stove. Some believe that biriyani tests best when cooked in an aluminum pot. Your gas stove will have no issues.

No electrical cooktop gives you the liberty of using so many different types of cooking vessels. Gas stoves are much more chef-friendly than any electrical cooktop.

How to Choose The Best Gas Stoves in India?

There are many deciding factors to guide your choice. The most obvious determinant is the size. The dimensions of your gas stove have to fit the size of your kitchen cabinet where you mean to place it. 

Position of the Inlet Connection:

One thing to remember: gas stoves with the inlet point at the back need slightly more space. If the inlet point for the gas supply is on the side, they fit more easily in a small kitchen. This is especially true about households dependent on LPG.

Look for Sturdy Builds:

Durability is an important factor to guide your choice of a gas stove. Rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel body with toughened glass tops are among the most enduring. The Schott glass range from Prestige comes with a lifetime guarantee for the glass top. That is surely a big bonus.

Check for the thickness of the toughened glass. It should be 6 mm at least. This information is not always readily available on the product description. Ask the manufacturers or just leave a question on Amazon. The seller or user will surely respond.

As for the body of the gas stove, most products come with a stainless steel body. The Prestige Marvel Plus 4 burner gas stove has an aluminum body, though.

The comparative advantages and disadvantages of steel and aluminum are a perpetual topic of debate and discussion in the metal market. Both are extremely durable metals. But aluminum is more malleable than steel is. That is one of the reasons that aluminum is usually costlier than stainless steel.

Aluminum is more corrosion resistant than steel. Aluminum does not rust, but steel does. Stainless steel is usually rust-proof. There is chromium in stainless steel. When exposed to air, chromium forms an invisible layer of chromium oxide. That gives stainless steel its ability to resist rust.

However, the chromium oxide layer can get damaged. Even stainless steel becomes vulnerable to rust then. Continuous exposure to water, especially saline water, weakens the chromium oxide layer. 

In other words, continuous spills from your cooking vessel can damage the chromium oxide layer of the stainless steel body of your gas stove. Especially when you cook any traditional curry from any region of India: the spill will likely be saline water. 

Such spills won’t make any difference to an aluminum body. However, aluminum is more vulnerable to dents than stainless steel is. With reference to a gas stove, a stainless steel body is sturdy enough. You won’t be bathing it daily in curry spills, right?

Number and Kind of Burners:

How many burners you need on your gas stove is really context-specific. If you are into a single living or a small two-person unit, a gas stove with two burners is enough for you.  A three-burner gas stove is ideal for an average Indian family of four to five members.

If you have a large family or enjoy cooking and entertain often, you should go for a gas stove with four burners. The scope to use all four burners together will reduce your cooking time. You’ll spend less time in the kitchen and still charm kith and kin with mouth-watering dishes.

Gas Burner

Check for two things, however. When you decide to but a three or four-burner gas stove, check that the spacing between the burners is adequate enough. Otherwise, you won’t be able to put cooking vessels on all of them simultaneously. 

Also, check for the burner sizes. Different sizes of burners help in using different sizes of cooking vessels as per need. It is far more efficient to have small, medium and large burners on the same stove than just one size for all the burners.

Varying sizes of burners also have used other than just accommodating different sizes of cooking vessels. A jumbo or a high flame burner is most efficient for boiling water. It is good for cooking rice also unless you prepare rice in a pressure cooker.

A small or a simmer burner is best for food that you need to cook on low flame. Medium size burners are the best for most Indian styles of cooking.

Go for tri-pin burners. You can easily notice three-pin type knobs on the burner. Even if you buy online, zoom in the photo and you’ll be able to see if these pins are there are not. They are the best for uniform heating.

Go for brass burners when you choose your gas stove. Aluminum or cast iron burners come cheaper. But brass burners are more cost-effective in the long run. They are more durable and more efficient in conducting uniform heat.

Ask for sealed burners. They are the easiest to clean. They are fused with the cooktop and have a bowl surrounding them to catch oil drops and other spills.

One piece of information not readily available with product descriptions is the cooking capacity. British thermal units per hour (BTU/hour) constitute the standard measure for the heat output of a gas stove. 

Average gas stoves for the Indian kitchen have 3000 to 7000 BTU/hour per burner. The distribution is: for the jumbo burner, 7000 BTU/hour, 5000 BTU/hour or the medium ones and 3000 BTU/hour for the mini burner. 

You have to ask manufacturers to specify this information before you make your choice. Companies do not specify this information in the readily available product description.

Ease of Operation:

You need to check how smooth the operating knobs are. Unless the knobs rotate easily, flame control becomes difficult. Gas stoves in India come with two flame control marks on the operating knobs: high and sim. Sim is the shortened form of simmer, which means low flame. 

An operating knob is left in the off position when your gas stove is not in use. Most operating knobs typically rotate in an anti-clockwise direction for flame control. To switch on a burner, you turn the knob leftwards from off to high position. For low flame, you turn it leftwards again towards a sim position.

You can adjust the flame by putting the control knob anywhere between high and sim. To turn off the burner, in most gas stoves in India, you need to turn the knob clockwise to the off position again. 

It is important to check the smoothness of the knobs, therefore. When you buy online, look for user reviews on ease of operation. If the information is not readily available, you can always post your question. A customer or the seller will answer your question for sure.

Ignition Type:

Some people have a strong preference for auto-ignition. Some people feel manual ignition is fine. It really does not make that much of a difference. Especially with easily available gas lighters, you don’t even have to face the problem of matchsticks getting damp in the Indian monsoons. 

There is a safety aspect involved, however. Auto-ignition is a safer system than manual ignition. This is because an auto-ignition burner will not ignite unless you turn the knob of that particular burner.

Let us explain the issue. Just suppose you had turned off the cylinder regulator when you finished cooking and forgot to turn the burner operating knob to off position. When you next want to light your gas stove, you take a lighter or a matchstick to another burner – still missing that one of the other knobs is open. 

This may lead to an accident, as the leaked gas over the open burner will also catch fire. There is no such risk in an auto-ignition gas stove. 

Ease of Cleaning:

Not too many people like to leave their gas stoves looking dirty with spills and grease marks. That is not hygienic either. Stainless steel bodies are easier to clean and maintain. But they lose their shine over time and look dull.

Glass tops maintain their elegance for longer. You can also clean them easily if you use a little trick. Wait for the burners to cool down. Then spray some white vinegar on the glass top and wipe off with a dry cloth. Your glass top will remain impeccably clean.

Look for the spill-proof capacity of your stove in the product description. That is another aid to keeping your gas stove clean and healthy. Especially in the burner region. 

Some gas stoves come with double drip trays. This is a feature that adds to the ease of cleaning. The top drip tray is removable and easy to clean. Since all the oil spills and debris will land on this top tray, you can simply remove and clean it. The fixed drip tray thus remains cleaner.

The ISI/BIS or ISO 9000 Mark:

You need to check for one of these certifications. That is important. But first, let us explain the difference.  

ISI stands for the Indian Standards Institute. Its new name is the Bureau of Indian Standards. So what was ISI certification before is now BIS certification. The name changed in 1986. Popularly, though, most people still look for the ISI mark.

ISO stands for the International Standards Organization. This got established in 1947. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.

Its new name is the International Organization for Standardization. But the short name ISO continues. ISO explains that the name has different counterparts in different languages. But ISO is a short name rather than an abbreviation. It is common in all languages.

ISO has 164 member countries. The standardization bodies of all these countries are affiliated to the ISO. India is a member country of the ISO. The ISI/BIS is attached to the ISO, therefore.

The function of these bodies is to control the quality of industrial and commercial products. Their stamps are thus a stamp of safety and security. 

There is one important difference between an ISI/BIS stamp and an ISO certification. An ISI/BIS stamp means that a particular product meets all the recommended quality standards. An ISO certification is about the company. 

An ISO certification is thus much broader. It implies that all the functions of a company, from governance to the production process and product quality meets international standards. 

Some companies announce the ISI/BIS mark as a salient feature of their products. For some other companies, you’ll only see the mark when you ask or get the product.

Lifelong, for example, boldly declares that its products have an ISI certification. It is really a BIS stamp as the company is only three years old. But BIS certification remains ISI in popular parlance.

Prestige and Stovekraft do not expressly mention on their products that they have an ISO certification. This information is available in fine print only. But their products remain trustworthy, therefore.

Prestige, incidentally, also has a BIS certification for its Marvel series glass top gas stoves. 

Elica India also has an ISO certification, but they do not advertise it. The same goes for Glen. An ISO certification actually makes an ISI/BIS certification redundant.

So, how do you know if a product has the necessary stamp of quality if they do not advertise that? There are two ways to go about it. You can check out the company website.

Or else, you can directly ask the seller if you are buying physically. If you use the online marketplace, leave a question. Some users or the seller will most likely answer it.  

If all of that proves too time-consuming and troublesome – safely depend on this buying guide. We have provided the most comprehensive buying guide possible.

Physical vs. Online Buying

The online marketplace is gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds. But there are still people who think it is safer to physically check things out. Especially when buying something like a gas stove.

But trust us, online buying is equally. You’ll find an answer to most questions on the product description page. What is not there is here in our exhaustive buying guide for you. And you can always ask questions on the product page. Someone or the other normally responds.

There are several advantages to online buying also. Firstly, you choose and order when and where you want to. There is no pressure to match your schedule to the opening days and hours of a store.

You save yourself a journey and get the product in the comfort of your home. On a site like Amazon, you get incredible discounts as well. Most products also have a return option for up to 10 days, in case you don’t like it. Tempting, right? 

FAQs Regarding Gas Stove

Which brand is best for the gas stove?

Even though there is no set brand name that can be uniquely considered as the best gas stove brand, but Prestige has consistently made its name in the market. This brand often has the most successful products that have a great reputation in terms of technology as well as customer acclaim.

Which is better, a gas stove or hob?

It all depends on your needs and house infrastructure. If you move a lot and like to redecorate or change your kitchen frequently, then a stove is more convenient but if you are looking for a permanent and stable option, then a hob is perfect for you.

What is the difference between a Gas Stove and a Kitchen hob?

The difference between a gas stove and a kitchen hob is that the former is an independent and separate device, while the kitchen hob is integrated into the kitchen counter seamlessly like its a part of it.

What should be the distance between the Gas Stove and the Chimney?

The distance between the Gas Stove and the Chimne should be minimum 26” and maximum 30”. For over the gas distance, this difference should be 24″ and 30″. One must maintain this gap regardless of how they cook.

Is it important to look for ISI marks?

Yes, it is very important to look for ISI marks because it ensures that the product you are looking for has passed all manufacturing and design clearances applied by the government. The lack of ISI mark shows a lack of quality control.

What are the makers of a good stove?

The first thing that one should look in a good stove is the ISI mark. One should check this to make sure that the product has passed all quality check markers. Secondly, they should check if it comes with at least a one-year warranty.

What is the good construction material for a gas stove?

The good construction material for a gas stove is stainless steel because it is immune to rusting. Besides, stainless steel is easy to clean and is durable. High-quality fiber and glass are also good construction materials for a gas stove.

What stove size is appropriate for a nuclear family?

A stove size of 2 to 3 burners is sufficient for a nuclear family of 3 to 4 people. This size will be easier on your pocket as well.  Stoves with built-in cooktops are also more convenient for nuclear families.


With the kind of extensive guidance we’ve put together in the buying guide section, you are now well equipped to make your own choice of the best gas stoves in India. Still, we would like to declare our choice of the top rankers before we sign off.

Keeping in mind that different families need gas stoves with different numbers of burners, we name three products here: a two-burner one, one with three burners and the last one with four burners.

Alright, so – we have two recommendations in the two-burner section. If you want a really jazzy looking kitchen and have a penchant for designer wares, go for the Pigeon Spark Series Oval Glitter Full Size 2 Burner Gas Stove by Stovekraft. 

If you are looking more for sturdiness, choose the Prestige Edge Schott Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove. You can choose the peach coloured pastel shade if you want a dash of brightness in your kitchen. Or else you can choose the black version of the same model.

Both the products are comparable in most aspects that count. Both companies have ISO certification. But the Pigeon piece beats the Prestige product hands down in terms of looks. The Prestige product comes with a lifetime warranty for the Schott glass top.

In the three burner category, we recommend the Prestige Marvel 3 Brass Burners Gas Table with Glass Top. We have kept everything including the pocket pinch in choosing this as the best choice. 

You do not have to worry about the quality as this product has a BIS (ISI) certification over and above the ISO certification of Prestige as a company. It offers nearly all the features that other similar products do. But it is much less expensive.

It is also far less expensive. Only thing is that it is not an auto ignition. So, you have to be careful about shutting all the knobs when your cooking is over.

In the 4 burner category, we recommend the Elica Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove (PATIO ICT 460 BLK). It is somewhat expensive, true. But if you are going for a 4 burner gas stove, you either have a large family, or you love cooking or both. You can pamper yourself a little.

This auto-ignition 4 burner product from Elica adds to the taste of cooking. That’s what users say. So, go for it and enjoy it.

Happy buying and cooking!


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