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11 Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 (INR) in India [Expert Reviews]

Getting a budget-friendly, specs-packed fitness band is a golden ticket to a healthier lifestyle. No wonder fitness bands are the most sought after electronic gadgets!

The main upside of getting a fitness band rather than a smartwatch is the massive price difference. Smartwatches start from 10,000 (INR) and they’re themed around fitness too. However, getting a fitness band is like availing almost all the fitness-related functionalities in half the price.

Moreover, fitness bands are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for everyday use. Some even come with additional app functionalities and multiple form factors! What’s more, they also have a better battery life than smartwatches. If you want an accurate tracker for your day to day physical activities, getting a fitness band is an affordable solution.

Our list covers the best fitness bands among the most popular brands that cost below 3000 rupees. They perform all the basic functions, such as calculate steps, distance covered, calories burned, and display notifications.

In addition, a few on our list even come with heart rate monitors and sleep trackers. We have also listed ones with multiple activity modes, that are equipped with an array of sensors while being swim-proof. All this, under 3000 rupees, interesting, isn’t it?

Before we dive in, here are some factors you need to consider when buying one. Know everything about fitness bands already? ➝ Jump straight to the list!

  • Display: The display should be large and clear enough to help you read the information displayed in a jiffy. You shouldn’t have to struggle to try to decipher what’s displayed.
  • Smartphone Integration: Check the smartphone software versions the band is compatible with before buying. Also, check whether it has Bluetooth connectivity or not. Make sure that it supports the latest Bluetooth version, else the connection might not be that great. Also, it might take ages to pair!
  • Water resistance: Atleast get a band with an IP67 rating, if not a fully-waterproof IP68 rating. As you’re bound to wear it every day, accidental splashes or sprays are unavoidable. Your band should not be affected by them.
  • Battery life: Invest in a fitness band that has a battery life of at least 5 days, if not more. You would not want to spend every other day putting it on a charge.

Let’s get started!

Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rupees (2021)

  • Display: 0.95-inch AMOLED Touch
  • Battery Life: Up to 14 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes (version 4.2)
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or above
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year

Hailing from the popular Honor Band series, HONOR Band 5 tops on our list. It’s probably the best budget-friendly fitness band one can own.

The band is compatible with Bluetooth version 4.2 and works with Android and iOS devices. However, you need to install the Huawei Health app on your smartphone for your fitness band to function.

With on-board storage of 1MB, you won’t be able to store music on this fitness tracker. Even though it can’t store music, it does have music controls. They allow you to regulate the music playing on your smartphone.

The band is capable of functioning without any lags, thanks to its 384Kb RAM. It’s more than what most fitness bands offer at this price range.

It also has 9 workout options. Meaning, it can track your activity level while running, walking, cycling, rowing, swimming, and so forth! This band is surely going to push you around to get fitter with its idle alert feature. It notifies you if you’ve been inactive for a while.

Equipped with blood oxygen level tracking, it keeps a tab on the oxygen saturation in your blood. It also has a heart rate tracking monitor that checks your pulse from time to time. The in-built sleep tracker analyzes your sleep pattern to determine whether you sleep restfully or restlessly.

Honor Band 5 has a vibrant and colourful screen, thanks to its AMOLED colour display. Deciphering the displayed information on this band under direct sunlight will not be a hassle at all. You can read long notifications and messages without them being truncated, due to its 0.96 inches screen. With a 240 x 120 pixels resolution and 282 pi pixel density, the displayed information is sure to be crisp, clear and of high-quality.

Although the band tends to automatically brighten up when you’re outdoors, you can control the band’s brightness manually. It offers five levels of brightness for you to choose from as per your requirement.

The strap is made of high-quality silicone, and the band weighs only 22 grams. Thus, it’s lightweight enough for everyday use. Being waterproof up to 50m underwater, it’s not only spill-proof but swim-proof too. You don’t have to open your band every time you hit the shower; you can wear it 24/7.

There is an in-built USB port in the band for charging purposes. The company claims that the band has a pretty good battery life of up to 14 days when on standby. However, the band usually manages to survive 4-5 days only with moderate usage. Fitness trackers usually have a long battery life as they are for everyday use, and charging them frequently is a hassle. Compared to other models within this price range, the band’s battery life is not so great.

Coming with a 1-year warranty, Honor Band 5 has a similar price as the initial price of Honor Band 4. The difference is that the former has a ton of upgrades and better specs than what the latter has. So, you should definitely go for this one!

  • Features heart rate and sleep tracker
  • Budget-friendly yet same qualities and functions as other noble devices
  • Waterproof; allows swim tracking
  • Large and clear screen
  • Allows regulation of music
  • No major cons
  • Display: 0.95-inch AMOLED Touch
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes (version 5.0)
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or above
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Mi Smart Band 4 connects via Bluetooth v5.0 and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You need to install the app Mi Fit to integrate the band with your smartphone.

The 512 KB RAM that this band comes with is probably one of its strongest suits. This much RAM is way more than what most bands offer under 3000. It makes this band super fast, and it’s sure not to lag. With a 16MB ROM, it can save a lot of your health data – such as heart rate, steps, etc for over 2 weeks.

Mi Band 4 comes with a music player, which has quick, responsive music controls. You can control the volume, pause, or play your music from your band itself. This eliminates the need to fish out your phone from your pocket every time you want to regulate the music.

A cool feature that this band has is that it activates whenever you lift your wrist. This is because of the capacitive proximity sensor. It wakes the band up whenever it senses any kind of movement. Whenever your sleep breaks and there’s movement, it records the time. Depending on it, the band decides whether your sleep was shallow or deep.

The fitness tracker is also equipped with a PPG heart rate sensor that keeps monitoring your pulse. This helps in diagnosing whether you have irregular heartbeats or not.

With an accurate step counter, the band records the number of steps you take on a daily basis. As it is equipped with a triple-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, it not only counts your steps but also measures your performance and orientation.

Mi Band 4 has a capsule-shaped display that fits snugly into the band’s cavity. It features a 0.95 inches screen, which is large enough to read longer messages and notifications. Thanks to its AMOLED display, the colors displayed on the screen are bright and vivid. The display has 120 x 240 pi density and 400-nit brightness, so it’s super easy to see in direct sunlight.

Another feature of this band is that it’s waterproof and can survive up to 50m underwater, for at least 10 minutes. So if you’re out at the beach for a swim, you don’t have to worry about taking it off. Not only that, but it also recognizes each swimming stroke, thus helping you analyze your performance better.

The band takes hardly 2 hours to be charged fully, and the battery lasts up to 20 days when on standby. Enabling the wake function or other options such as the precise sleep tracking drains the battery faster. After a week of moderate usage, the battery still manages to stand at 63%. So, it offers quite a good battery within this price range. The band comes with a year-long warranty.

  • Amazing battery life
  • Clear, bright display
  • Accurate activity tracker
  • Waterproof; you can wear it while swimming
  • Special exercise tracking mode
  • The charger might not fit snug
  • Display: 1.3-inch OLED Touch
  • Battery Life: Up to 10-12 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes (version 4.3)
  • Compatibility: Android 4.3 / iOS 8.0 or above
  • Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year

The GOQii VITAL 2.0 is great for fitness freaks who are looking for an able fitness band. The band sports multiple exercise modes and a great design, all at an unbeatable price!

The band is compatible with Android devices as well as iOS devices. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth as well. Although, you need to download the app GOQii for the band to function. The app records all your data into a dedicated dashboard. Thus, you can produce your detailed health activity data whenever you visit your coach or physician.

One of the features that make this band stand out is that it can display your blood pressure. It has in-built blood pressure measuring sensors that generate results under a minute. It also has a heart rate tracker that checks your pulse from time to time.

The band’s Track Exercise feature not only tracks your activity during walks but also while running, cycling, and swimming. The downside of this feature is that it has a tendency to record false steps. However, the errors are fewer in number compared to the previous models.

The GOQ Vital 2.0 features a sleep detector that monitors your sleep patterns without the need for any external input. Basically, some fitness bands come with ‘passive sleep trackers’. In such bands, you have to manually input the time when you’re going to sleep. This band automatically detects when you’re sleeping without any manual input.

Featuring a colour OLED screen, the display is vibrant and bright. However, reading notifications and messages under bright sunlight can be a bit difficult. The display is touch-enabled, so checking the step count, heart rate and other such data is just a tap away.

Bid goodbye to frequent charging, as the band’s battery lasts 10-15 days even after normal usage. You don’t need a separate charger for this band, as it has an in-built USB port. Just untie the band, pull the core out, and plug it into the adapter or power bank. It also has a one-year warranty.

  • In-built BP sensor
  • Tracks walking, running, and even cycling
  • Does not need a separate charger
  • Records all your data iin single dashboard
  • Long battery life
  • Out of budget
  • Step count may not be so accurate sometimes
  • Display: 0.96-inch LCD Touch
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes (version 4.2)
  • Compatibility: Android 4.2 or above
  • Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year

Flaunting a minimalistic design and just the right amount of features, the Realme Band is bound to give you a great fitness experience.

It does not connect to iOS devices and is only compatible with Android devices. The fitness tracker connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. You will have to install the Realme Link app for the band to function.

The band has three in-built sensors, which are Accelerometer, an Optical Heart Rate Sensor, and a Vibration motor. The Accelerometer makes sure that it counts your steps accurately, while the Optical Heart Rate Sensor keeps a tab on your pulse rate. The vibrator automatically buzzes during incoming notifications to alert you.

Packed with nine modes of physical activities – biking, hiking, climbing, spinning, yoga, run, walk, cricket and fitness, this band is a catch. Just set the mode before performing any physical activity to get an accurate count of the calories you burned.

The decently large display of 0.96 inches is another plus point of this band. It has a colour LCD display which is not as vivid as OLED or AMOLED. The screen is not bright enough compared to the bands mentioned above. With a pixel resolution of 160×180, the colour doesn’t exactly ‘pop’. It fails to provide a clear, vibrant display under direct sunlight, so it might be a challenge to use it outdoors.

There is a button at the bottom of the display which you need to tap to operate the band, as its display is not touch-enabled. Where other bands within the same price range offer touch-enabled display, this is a major drawback.

The design of the band is such that it isn’t too over the board but neither too basic. Wearing it, you will get a superior premium feel at an affordable price. Weighing only 20 grams, it’s super lightweight and compact, so your wrist won’t weigh down either.

Plus, it comes in a plastic body and a replaceable silicone strap. There is a wide array of colours, such as green, yellow, and black for you to choose from. It has a waterproof rating of IP68. Meaning, the band can withstand dirt, dust, sand, and occasional dips in the water.

The battery of this band lasts around 10 days, which is decent enough within this price range. It also has a USB plug-and-charge design, so you can charge the band without the need for any wire. Just plug the in-built USB connector to an adapter or USB power source to charge it. With a year-long warranty and just the right amount of basic features, a band at this price is surely a catch.

  • Waterproof
  • Has 9 activity modes
  • Super lightweight
  • Strap comes in multiple colours
  • Shows calls and social notifications apart from just fitness tracking
  • LCD display
  • Not iPhone friendly
  • Display: 0.74-inch PMOLED Touch
  • Battery Life: Up to 2.5 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes (version 5.0)
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or above
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: Not mentioned

The ‘E’ in Samsung Galaxy Fit E stands for ‘essentials’. And it’s rightly justified, as it offers just the ‘essential’ features.

The fitness band works with both iOS and Android devices. It connects via Bluetooth v5.0. You have to install three apps – Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear), Galaxy Fit Plugin and Samsung Accessory Service for the band to function.

The Galaxy Wearable app allows you to add or remove widgets, set alarms and reminders, and also change the style of the default screen. To utilize its additional features such as activity and sleep tracking, you will have to install the Galaxy Health app too.

With a 4MB storage, the band can store your health data for days on end. However, it’s too low for you to carry music on the go. It also has a 128Kb RAM, which is average compared to other bands within the same price range. With this much RAM, the band might start lagging eventually.

It is loaded with three sensors – accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, and vibrator. They have exactly similar functions as the RealMe Band mentioned above. It also has an in-built Blood Pressure monitor that detects your BP fluctuations and alerts you for the same.

What makes this band stand out is that it displays a motivational message which says “Keep Going”. Whenever it detects that you’ve been walking for quite a while, it displays the message automatically! Apart from this, the band also displays incoming WhatsApp messages, SMS, and calls.

It has an in-built real-time OS as well. Real-time OS helps the band utilize less memory without compromising on its multitasking abilities. It is simple to use as well.

The band has a scrollable interface, which is a bit outdated. So, if traditional UI is not a major turn-off for you, this fitness tracker would be a great choice.

The 0.74 inches screen is a bit small compared to most others within this price range. So, long notifications might be hard to read. As it has a PMOLED display, it’s not bright or vibrant enough. The reason being, it’s only a cheaper alternative to an AMOLED display.

So if a large screen with a vivid display is what you want, might want to check out the top three products above. Also, reading the information displayed in direct sunlight can be a challenge, owing to its 64 x 128 pixels resolution.

The fitness band doesn’t look extraordinary, but rather has a basic, budgetary appearance. The band has a complex clasp, so wearing it might be a tad difficult. The plus point of the same is that it won’t have any accidental pull-offs.

Also, as it is compact, sleek, and lightweight, you might wear it all day long. It won’t weigh down your wrist. Note that even though this band is waterproof up to 50m underwater, it isn’t ideal for diving or high-pressure water activities. Although, you can keep it on while showering or washing your hands.

The battery life is below-par, as it lasts only two and a half days after moderate usage. When you remove the fitness band from your wrist, it automatically turns off the heart rate tracker to preserve the battery. So if you don’t mind charging your band often – this band would work just fine for you.

  • Displays a motivational message to keep you going
  • Waterproof
  • Couple of sensors to track your health
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • Light and compact design
  • Battery life of only up to 3 days
  • Display: 0.96-inch LCD
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes (version 4.0)
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 or above
  • Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year

Noise is mainly known for its Bluetooth wireless earbuds, but with the launch of this affordable fitness band packed with 14 activity modes and numerous features, we can’t help but term Noise as ‘versatile’.

The Noise ColorFit 2 fitness band can be paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You have to install the NoiseFit Sport app first to kickstart the band’s functioning.

The band is equipped with an accelerator sensor, which calculates the number of steps you take each day. However, it does not have a gyroscope sensor to measure your performance and orientation.

You can set targets for sleep, fitness, and even weight on this band. With fourteen different activity modes, the band can accurately formulate your health data during any physical activity.

Its 24/7 heart rate tracker constantly checks your pulse. You can even set the maximum heart rate limit, so it will alert you whenever your pulse crosses that.

Noise Colorfit 2 also displays notifications such as incoming calls, SMS, messages from WhatsApp and Facebook, even Skype! Not only does it notify you of calls and messages, but also of your menstrual dates. Thanks to its menstrual tracker, women can use this feature to keep a tab on their menstrual phases.

With the band’s in-built remote control, taking pictures from your smartphone is a cakewalk. However, the band does not have music controls, so you can’t regulate the music playing on your smartphone from your band.

Its 0.96 inches screen is quite large, especially for long messages or notifications. However, as it is an LCD display, it has an average vibrance and brightness. It doesn’t have an always-on screen so that it can preserve the battery. The display is not touch-enabled either. So, there is a dedicated button below the display.

All you have to do is tap it to switch modes and operate the band. Overall, the display of the band is not at par with others within a similar price range. Where most of them come with touch-enabled, AMOLED or OLED screens, this one falls quite far behind.

Weighing only 23.5 grams, the band is quite lightweight for everyday use. It has a removable silicone strap, which allows you to swap it for a different one if you want. As it has an IP68 waterproof rating, you can wear this band while showering, washing hands, and while doing dishes too.

Noise Colorfit 2 has an inbuilt USB connector. So, you can charge it by directly connecting it to an adapter or power bank. The battery lasts for 5 days between charging and 7 days if you keep it on standby.

The band has the essential features but lacks a good display and battery life. So if you want to buy a fitness band for casual purposes, you can go for this one.

  • 24/7 heart rate tracker
  • 14 activity modes
  • Waterproof
  • Has an always-on screen
  • Monitors menstrual cycles
  • Doesn’t have a touch display
  • Average battery life
  • Display: 0.87-inch OLED
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 / iOS 7.1 or above
  • Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Mevofit Echo Dash connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You have to install the Echoronics app before pairing the band with your smartphone.

The band has in-built optical heart rate sensors that monitor your pulse rate heartbeat 24/7. This feature is especially useful when you’re working out. It also comes equipped with a sleep tracker that analyzes your daily sleep patterns.

Apart from your pulse, the band also records your daily step count, calories lost and distance covered. Its ‘multiple sports modes’ feature helps you analyze your performance whilst various exercises.

Thanks to its idle alert, it won’t let you keep physical activities at bay. You will get a notification on your band whenever it detects that you’ve been immobile for too long. This is sure to help you motivate you to stay physically active!

In addition, it also notifies you of incoming calls, SMS, and messages from apps. You can even set alarms, reminders, and important to-do tasks; it’ll alert you for the same.

The fitness band is quite sleek and has a 0.87-inch OLED touch-enabled screen. The screen is bright and large enough for you to read notifications when you pair it with your smartphone.

Weighing only 26g, the band is lightweight enough for everyday use. You can wear it all day long and not feel anything at all. And if you get tired of wearing the same band everyday, you can swap it for a different coloured strap as well!

Its IP67 waterproof rating makes it immune to rain, occasional splashes, and dust. Being splash-proof and scratch-resistant, it can sustain daily wear and tear without any hassles.

The battery life of the smart band is around 10 days, and it takes 35 minutes to charge fully. There are bands within the same price range which do flaunt better battery lives. However, 10-15 days is what most bands under 3000 Rs offer on an average. So the battery life is good enough. 

You don’t have to carry a charging wire around, thanks to its in-built USB connector. Simply plug it into an adapter or power bank whenever you need to charge it. With a one year warranty and just the essential specifications, this band is a good choice for everyday wear.

  • Splash-proof and scratch-resistant
  • Good battery life
  • Heartbeat tracker is active 24/7
  • Calls, Messages or Reminders notifications
  • Allows you to set fitness goals
  • The screen is a bit small
  • Display: 0.78-inch OLED Touch
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes (version 4.2)
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or above
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Mi Band 3 connects via Bluetooth and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You have to install the Mi Fit app first and then pair it with your smartphone.

It comes with three in-built sensors, namely, Accelerometer, an optical heart rate sensor to, and also a pedometer. The pedometer clocks the distance you cover on a daily basis. Apart from this, the band can also analyze your performance in six activity modes – treadmill, exercise, outdoor dunning, swimming, cycling and walking. This feature comes handy as the amount of fat burned during an activity depends on its intensity. Just choose the desired activity mode and the band will record the lost-calories accordingly!

Sporting a screen size of 0.78 inches, the display is comparatively smaller than most. Although you will be able to read notifications, it might be a challenge to decipher them quickly. It has an OLED screen and a 128 x 80 pixels resolution, so you can check the step count or calories burned in bright daylight with ease. However, reading messages under direct sunlight can be difficult.

The design isn’t anything extraordinary or premium-like. The display is a capsule that fits snug into the cavity of the strap, just like the Mi Band 4. The strap’s design features grooves on its edges that helps it stay firm in place.

The clasp doesn’t suffer from accidental pull-offs either, and is quite lightweight and flexible. Plus, the band is waterproof upto fifty meters, so you can wear it while showering and even swimming! It’s perfect for everyday use.

This fitness tracker comes with a Lithium-ion battery. The company claims that it sustains 20 days on a single charge; however, that is not so. On an average, it manages to sustain only 8 days, that too if the phone’s not connected frequently to the band. Thus, the battery life isn’t that great.

Mi ships a wire that’s specifically designed to charge the band. You can fit it into an adapter, laptop or power bank. Coming with a one-year warranty, the band surely comes at an unbeatable price. So if you’re looking for something cheap and sufficient, this one’s definitely it!

  • 6 activity modes
  • Great battery life
  • Swim-proof
  • Lightweight and compact; great for everyday use
  • Comes with a pedometer
  • Battery life is not exactly as advertised
  • Display: OLED Touch
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes (version 4.2)
  • Compatibility: Android 5.0 / iOS 8.0 or above
  • Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 1 year

Fastrack has always been famous for launching electronic gadgets that make heads turn. The Fastrack Reflex 2.0 provides all – specs, comfort, and style.

You need to download the Fastrack Reflex app on your smart device for the fitness band to function. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, iOS requiring a version 8.0 and above while Android requiring a version 5.0 and above. It also connects via Bluetooth.

It records your steps, distance covered, and calories burned on a daily basis. However, it does not have any activity modes or heart rate tracker. If you’re a fitness freak, you might want to try out the other options in the list. This band is best for people who aren’t bent on getting fit, but want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Equipped with a sleep tracker that monitors your daily sleep cycles, the band is sure to give you accurate data about your daily sleeping patterns.  It also allows you to set reminders and alarms, and notifies you accordingly.

It has been built with the aim to ‘record’ data, instead of providing too many activity features. This seems justified by its capability of maintaining a log that stores your daily activity data for 15 days.

The Fastrack Vital 2.0 has an OLED screen and the reading type is strictly digital in nature, which is unfortunately average. Plus, reading the displayed information is not easy during the day.

The first thing that comes to mind when one lays their eyes upon this band is its style and comfort. The silicone band has a rough, grooved out pattern on its outer layer. Whereas, the inside-layer has been made extremely smooth to provide all-day comfort.

The band has an IPX6 rating, so it can probably withstand a bit of splashes once in a while, but certainly not everyday. So you might have to practise precaution – like opening it while showering, washing hands, etc.

It has a Lithium-ion battery that is capable of lasting around 10 days. It does come with a twelve-month warranty. If all you want are some basic features at an affordable price this one can be a good fit.

  • Sleep tracker
  • Accurately records your step count
  • Allows you to set reminders
  • Has remote controls to take pictures
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Doesn’t have a heart rate tracker
  • Display quality is medicore
  • Display: 0.96-inch HD colour
  • Battery Life: Up to 3-5 days
  • Bluetooth: Not mentioned
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 6 months

The Hammer Activity Tracker connects to both iOS and Android devices. You have to download the H Bond app on your smartphone to utilize the band’s functionalities. The app also allows you to personalize your band’s screen.

Integrated with a Blood Pressure monitor and a heart rate tracker, the band keeps your pressure and pulse in check, and alerts you if either of it seems awry. It also has a sleep monitor to detect when you’re sleeping shallowly or deeply, every night.

You will get alerts for any incoming messages or calls on this band. It also allows you to set reminders and alarms. With its in-built remote controls, you can take photographs on your smartphone too.

The band comes with a ‘Sports Mode’. You can switch to sports mode by long-pressing the touch key button. It will then display the number of calories you’ve burned that day.

The fitness band has a 0.96 inch HD color display, which is probably not the best among the lot. It won’t be clear or bright enough. However, the screen size is similar to the other high-end models within this range. That’s the only upside of its display.

The Hammer Activity Pro sports an extremely lightweight silicone band, rendering it perfect for everyday use. It can withstand occasional dips and splashes, thanks to its IP67 waterproof rating.

The band is said to last 3-5 days with normal usage, and 10 days when on standby. However, in reality, the band only manages to last up to 36 hours on a single charge. Unfortunately, it has a below-par battery life than all others within the same price range.

The warranty period of this band is 6 months. If you’re willing to use this band more like a watch, and to check your health data occasionally, you should go for it. However, if you want a band that can function, this band might not be the best choice.

  • Allows you to set reminders
  • Notifies about calls and messages
  • Comes with a dedicated ‘Sports Mode’ 
  • Has a Blood Pressure monitor
  • Has a sleep and heart rate tracker
  • Waterproof
  • Sub-par display
  • Less warranty period than usual
  • Display: 0.96-inch OLED Non-Touch
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 days
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty: 30 days

The Muzili Smart Fitness Band flaunts functionalities and features at an extremely affordable price. If you have a super tight budget, this might be just what you need.

It is compatible with smartphones. All you need to do is download the “VeryFitPro” app on your device and you’re good to go.

The band keeps a tab on the number of steps, calories burned and distance covered on a daily basis too. Equipped with 14 activity modes, it can analyze your performance while hiking, badminton, fitness, yoga, mountaineering and so forth!

There are in-built remote controls in the band to help you click pictures with your smartphone, merely by tapping its display.

You will find both heart rate and sleep tracker embedded into this band. It has a Humanized Silent Vibration technology, that makes sure to wake you up without waking others near you.

The band also displays notifications of incoming calls and messages. It has the anti-lost and find phone feature. Whenever it gets disconnected from Bluetooth, it immediately alerts you to prevent your smartphone from being lost or stolen.

The smart fitness band has a multi-touch, 0.96 inches OLED screen. The display is large enough to read long messages, and you can operate it with two fingers as well. It lights up whenever it senses any kind of movement – such as if you pick it up, move your wrist, etc.

This band from Muzili has a silicone strap and weighs around 90g, which is pretty heavy compared to others mentioned above. Wearing it all day long might be a bit uncomfortable.

Like most other bands in this list, this too has a year-long warranty. The band has a decent battery life of up to 7-10 days. It has a built-in USB connector, so you don’t need to carry around a wire with you to charge it. You can just plug it into an adapter, computer or power bank. It has all the basic features every other fitness band can provide, at a really affordable price!

  • Waterproof IPX7 certified
  • Has heart rate and sleep tracker
  • Has 14 activity modes
  • Decent battery life
  • Has Find My Phone feature
  • Humanized silent vibration so that it wakes you and not others up
  • Too short warranty period

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best overall fitness band that performs like a smartwatch?

If you want something totally specs packed under 3000 Rs, the Honor Band 5 is probably your best bet. It has multiple sports modes, blood oxygen level tracking, is completely waterproof, amazing display, and has a great battery life too! It’s basically a complete package within this price range.

How do I connect a fitness band to my phone?

Most fitness bands connect via Bluetooth. Just turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth, pair the fitness band. Don’t forget to install the required app (shall be mentioned by the company itself) before pairing the band with your smartphone.

Is it safe to wear a fitness band all the time?

Fitness bands pose no major harm whatsoever. However, you might want to open it and keep it aside while sleeping, as it emits low-frequency waves which can be harmful to your brain.

What are the most important metrics to track in a fitness band?

First and foremost should be your sleep cycles. Getting enough sleep is crucial to leading a fit and happy lifestyle. Next, you should check your heart rate because regardless of your fitness goals, you need a healthy heart. And last but not the least, you should check your activity level, how much calories you’ve lost (if you’re too particular about numbers!) and your step count.

Final Verdict

With so many features and specifications mentioned, it’s only natural to find wrapping your head around it all a bit challenging. However, this goes without saying that if you want something that sports great features under 3000 INR, the HONOR Band 5 or Mi Smart Band 4 are the best choices.

If you don’t really care much about your band being able to perform all the high-end, advanced services, you can go with Samsung Galaxy Fit E. The Mi Band 3 is also a great option if basic functions are all that you desire. If you want a band that manages to make a style statement but is also comfortable, the Fastrack Reflex 2.0 is all you need.

However, preferences are subjective and you should go with the band you feel speaks to you. So, go with whichever you want to from the list. Stay fit, stay healthy!