Best English Grammar Books in India
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There are so many books about English grammar. But how do you know the one which will help you improve your English grammar? Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner who wants to learn the language basics or a professional who wants to improve the command over English, this list includes the best English grammar books in the Indian market.

The English language is widely accepted and used as a primary language in many countries including India. Though it is not the native language of our country, we still use it on a regular basis. From bank forms to currency notes, you can see things written in English everywhere (even this article is written in English.)

Since it is used so much, it is important to know the basics of the language, Grammar is one of basics, you should have a good hold on it. Besides, Every competitive exam these days ask English as a fundamental parameter for qualification. To get you to strong roots, here is a list of best grammar books from very prominent writers available in India.

1. High School English Grammar and Composition Book

High School English Grammar and Composition Book
High School English Grammar and Composition Book
  • Author: Wren and Martin
  • Language: Easily accessible
  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Analysis: Decent analysis and research
  • Worth: Good value for money

The High School English Grammar and Composition Book has been in the market for years now and has been proving its worth. Wren and Martin’s book is one of the widely demanded and accepted among the students.

Apart from teaching how to use the English language, this book is a perfect guide for detailed knowledge. Published in 2 different editions as multi-colored and colorless, it is designed for students to have a greater understanding.

This book is not specific to children. It also aids to the needs of adults as well who are just starting off with this language. Along with grammar, it also comes with additive information which is very helpful from an exam point of view. With the larger format of their regular edition, the content now is even more convenient to go through. A separate writing space is also provided to take notes.

The book is not just confined to the grammatical part of the English language but expands its horizon to other aspects as well. The correct usage of different words, comprehension, and composition, sentence formation are some other useful aspects of the book, which makes it one of the best sellers in the market. The excellent paper quality adds to the texture of the book.

Also, it is a self-practice book. Once you understand the concepts and get a clear idea of the context, you can solve the exercises given in the book. For convenience, it also comes with an answer key so that you can evaluate yourself and rectify the errors. This method of self-evaluation adopted by the writer is an excellent path towards an understanding of the language. You can definitely improve your writing and speaking skills with High School English Grammar and Composition Book.

  • Good quality of paper
  • Paperback makes it lighter and easy to carry
  • Writing space is provided
  • Self-practice book
  • Easy to understand
  • The answer key is not in the book
  • Beginners level; not high level

2. English Grammar & Composition – Very Useful for All Competitive Examinations

English Grammar & Composition Very Useful for All Competitive Examinations
English Grammar & Composition Very Useful for All Competitive Examinations
  • Author: S.C Gupta
  • Level: Moderate
  • Suitable for Job Seekers
  • Analysis: Detailed analysis and Massive research
  • Worth: Great value for money

From the desk of S.C Gupta, this book by Arihant Publications is a great deal for the people seeking grammar fundamental book for any competitive exam.

This book covers all the significant parts of the English language composition along with the grammar. This again is a plus point for the people who are new to this language and wish to learn more about it. Specially designed from an exam point of view, it covers everything that you require to clear your exam and even more.

The essential topics that are confined in this book with 69 different chapters include idioms and phrases, the formation of words, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, heteronyms, sentence, and phrasal verb formation, spelling rules and many other things. Along with these topics, this book also covers other major writing topics such as essay writing, report writing, letter writing, email writing and reading comprehension which is pretty much required everywhere

The book comes with a basic concept of understanding. The content of the book is written in a very easy to understand form. All the details given for each topic make it easy to follow along. The implementations of the topic are also very accurate and precise. This book exhibits about 7000 solved and unsolved questions for better understanding and self-learning.

Apart from the grammar and composition, this book also briefs about the different kinds of questions that can be asked in various examinations. The tips and tricks to solve multiple questions in lesser time also come handy in this book.

  • Variety of questions for practice and understanding
  • In-depth knowledge
  • Solutions of unsolved questions are included
  • Both grammar and composition
  • A good amount of solved questions
  • Witten in Hindi
  • Too many rules to learn maybe confusing at times

3. Word Power Made Easy

Word Power Made Easy
Word Power Made Easy
  • Author: Norman Lewis
  • Language: Sophisticated yet easy to follow
  • Suitable for professionals (who want to improve their command over the language)
  • Analysis: Elaborate analysis and refined research
  • Worth: Good value for money

Created by the legendary grammarian Norman Lewis, is your step-by-step guide to the English language and its composition. As the name itself suggests, this book is house to many words along with the meaning, antonyms, synonyms, formation in a sentence and many more.

For people with poor vocabulary, this book is a blessing. It is also an excellent option for people who are aspiring for competitive exams like GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, CAT, XAT and other popular banking exams.

Word power made easy is divided into different sections. It starts with the vocabulary part of the English language. Different words and their usage are explained, enlisting their meaning as well. After the meaning and usage is completed, Norman explains how the similar-sounding words or the words with the same spelling and different names often tend to confuse with each other. This is explained by citing various examples to give a better command over the language.

The book also comes with the etymology of every word so that you get a better understanding of the roots of different words which will further help you learn words and their meaning. From the day of the launch of this book, the vitality and vast vocabulary have kept it growing. This book has helped over thousands of students to get a good hold over the language, specifically the grammar and vocabulary part.

The book comes with a set of do-it-yourself questions which are for the evaluation of the student. This review exercise given at the end of every chapter is a good chance for you to evaluate yourself and get to know the areas where you lack and require improvement. The trivia section in this book keeps the reader motivated.

  • Review exercise at the end of every chapter
  • Filled with vocabulary
  • Trivia to break the monotony
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Explains etymology of every word
  • Difficult to understand
  • Letters are tiny, and the reader might find it difficult to read

4. Descriptive English

Descriptive English
Descriptive English
  • Author: SPBakshi
  • Language: Easily accessible
  • Suitability: For Beginners
  • Analysis: Decent analysis and research

One of the best in the market, this descriptive English book is written precisely for all the competitive exams and is a one-stop-shop to cater to all your English language requirements. The language used is straightforward and good for students with a basic understanding.

English has become a necessity these days, and with this book in hand, you are ready to step up your game. This book is divided into four sections. The first section, named Part A is the section of writing. It comprises of the topics like essay writing, expansion writing, and other writing skills. Part B of the book, deals with the comprehension skills of the English language.

Part C encompasses grammatical skills and other grammar-related topics. The last and fourth past is Section D which comprises all the verbal skills. Thus, this book covers all the significant aspects of the language from a competitive examination point of view as well. It also comes with practice tests for you to enhance your skills and review your progress

Besides, it covers all the topics of current affairs along with the general topics for the writing part. It also does not miss on the previous year’s pattern and exhibits all the major topics which have a high probability of being asked in the exam. The significant exams that this book covers are IFS, CDS, NDS, SSC, and Railways exams along with different union and state-level civil services examinations.

  • A good option for the price range
  • A must-have for all the competitive examinations
  • Descriptive sections for exams are covered
  • Practice questions for self-review
  • Includes previous years questions
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Poor print quality tends to fade the ink in 2-3 month of regular use

5. Objective General English

Objective General English
Objective General English
  • Author: R.S Aggarwal
  • Language: Complex and informative
  • Suitability: Popular among all the aspirant for competitive Exams
  • Analysis: Vast analysis and Impeccable research

One of the very renowned authors, who has written several books ranging from the kindergarten to post-graduation to all the competitive level exams, has now come up with the Objective General English book to cater to your English language needs.

The book has earned the title of being one of the bests in the market on this subject. This book has helped thousands of students to score good and remove the barrier of the English language in the path of their success.

It is sectioned in 8 different units, each holding one important topic. Unit one comprises of the building blocks of the language which are vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitution, and homonyms.

Moving to part two of this book, you get to know the comprehension ability of the language. This is inclusive of how to go through the passage and its understanding, detecting the theme of the passage and deriving its conclusions.

The next part deals with phrases and words. Selecting the appropriate filler, how to phrase and complete a proper sentence is all dealt with in this unit of the book.

The fourth unit consists of errors and mistakes section. The method of spotting the error and improving them is taught in this unit. The fifth unit is about a rearrangement. Assembling the letters to form a word and combining these words to create a meaningful sentence is covered in this unit. It also tells how to reconstruct any word or sentence to form a paragraph.

The sixth section deals with the general usage of things of the language like active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech along with the spellings and idioms and phrases. The last two units of this book are the practice parts comprising of the latest questions and the paper pattern followed by different examinations. In addition to all the detailed knowledge of the language-related topics, this book comes with an extra set of questions.

These questions are to review your knowledge and ability to solve different kinds of problems. An answer key is provided so that you can match and cross-check your answers with the key and get a chance to improve the command over the language. It is best suited for the preparation of exams like banking, SSC-CGL, NTSE, hotel management and several other examinations.

  • Ample amount of questions
  • Step by step topics starting from basic
  • Good for beginners
  • Basic to advance level
  • The answer key is included
  • Expensive detailed solutions to questions
  • Poor paper quality

6. Key to High School English grammar and Composition

Key to High School English grammar and Composition
Key to High School English grammar and Composition
  • Author: Wren and Martin
  • Language: Easily accessible
  • Suitability: Popular among the beginners
  • Analysis: Decent analysis and research

This key book from the closet of Wren and Martin’s is the solution and practice book of the same name from the esteemed writers. The book is equipped with all the essential traits to enhance the productivity of the kids who have a hard time learning the nuances of complex and sophisticated grammar activities.

This book published way back in 2006 has been the hot favorite among the students who are always intrigued by the challenging and stern grammar oriented test papers. Not only the grammar but comprehension and vocabulary embedded in the book is exceptionally convenient and easy to grasp for even the weaker students.

This S Chand published book is comprised of 140 pages of enthralling experience for the English and grammar enthusiasts. The highly versatile nature of the book makes it one of the best selling books in this segment. The book not only offers assistance but also enables the students to complete the difficult tasks on their own.

The key book is also available with appropriate elaborations of the solutions in the book. The solution is given at the end, to ensure that students make efforts on their own first. The highly efficient use of words ensures that the students don’t get perplexed with the level of language offered in the book.

There are many practice papers which can be solved. Exam-related question papers from the previous years are also given to ensure that no stone is left unturned while students prepare for the crucial exams.

  • Easily available throughout India.
  • A great variety of topics are offered.
  • Exceptionally efficient and easy to understand.
  • Excellent compatibility.
  • Lightweight.
  • Book is for beginners and not for the high-standard aspirants.
  • Bit on the expensive side.

7. Practical English Grammar

Practical English Grammar
Practical English Grammar
  • Author: A.J Thomson
  • Language: Complex not for beginners
  • Suitability: For Professionals
  • Analysis: Detailed and precise

The book from the veteran writers like A.J Thomson and A.V Marrinet has been around for decades now and has been widely acclaimed as one of the complete grammar books. The oxford published book in 1997. And it has created quite a rage in this segment since then. The book stands out because of the detailed analysis of the significant component in the English language.

Not only written English, but the vocabulary is also enriched while going through this masterpiece. The specific chapters of adjectives, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions and other parts of speech presented in the most effective way make it quite easy for the aspirants to get the basics right.

Not only limited for the kids, but the book is also made for various entrance exams on a much higher level. Various aptitude Exams like CAT, GMAT and other government exams which carry considerable weight of grammar portions, and proficiency in the English language often create the difference between the selected and non-selected aspirants. Thus, this book is essential for job seekers.

The inclusion of various unsolved papers and previous year papers also enables the students to score great marks in the exams. The additional assistance in enhancing vocabulary is done through the descriptions of the keywords after the exercises.

  • Covers all the basics for all types of grammar aspirants- students and job seekers.
  • The detailed analysis of the topics makes it easy to crack solutions.
  • Readily available in the market.
  • Highly affordable for the value it offers.
  • Lightweight
  • Complex language not easy for beginners.
  • One needs to buy the key with the additional expense.

8. Cambridge Essential + Intermediate + Advanced English Grammar (Combo)

Cambridge essentials + Intermediate + Advanced English Grammar
Cambridge essentials + Intermediate + Advanced English Grammar
  • Author: Raymond Murphy
  • Language: Complex and sophisticated
  • Suitability: Job seekers, College students
  • Analysis: Detailed and exclusive
  • Worth: Great value for money

Raymond Murphy has pulled off an impeccable collaboration of various books that covers all the basic needs for all types of people interested in learning the complex nuances of the English language. The three-book set is arranged to perform specific functions yet correlate amazingly well to make this trio a must-have for all the students. The books are published in 2018 by Oxford university press.

Various components of English grammar are compiled in the most systematic way for a step by step improvement in comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. The book comprises of high-end practices as well for the students aspiring for the competitive exams at a higher level. The complex problems of the Cambridge essentials are displayed eloquently in the Intermediate key book. The miscellaneous exercises evaluate the overall learning of the language.

The massive range of question papers from all backgrounds ensures that the student is equipped with every armory of the language. The sections like paragraph evaluation, creative writings, features, and articles can easily be assembled with the accurate learning of the Cambridge essentials. The Advanced English grammar completes the grammar learning quotient, which makes this combo a must-have for students from various backgrounds.

The book encourages fluent written and oral language comprehension. A huge range of etymology enhances the vocabulary and overcome all the language barriers. The books are not specified for any section of students and can be accessed by students from all stages of life.

  • Incredibly affordable, and the offered discount price makes the deal even sweeter.
  • The massive variety of topics are offered for impeccable English learning.
  • The solutions to the questions are provided in the key book.
  • The vast range of competitive exam question papers is provided for better productivity.
  • It enhances the written as well as the vocal aspects of the English language.
  • Available on limited platforms.
  • The sophisticated and complex use of words makes it difficult for beginners.

9. Spoken English & Grammar: A Self Learning Book Made Simple For All

Spoken English & Grammar: A Self Learning Book Made Simple For All
Spoken English & Grammar: A Self Learning Book Made Simple For All
  • Author: NEO
  • Language: Easy to understand and effective for beginners
  • Suitability: Beginners, High School Students
  • Analysis: Adequate research and analysis

This highly claimed book is available at an extremely affordable price. The book is enriched with all the essentials required for proper learning of grammar and English speaking proficiencies.

It is also equipped with a systematic way of teaching the 12 tenses and their appropriate uses. The use of imperatives, phrases, idioms, and analysis of the parts of speech makes it a one-point solution for all sorts of aspirants. The significant improvements in both spoken and written English are experienced after the use.

The self-evaluative exercises of proper use of modals, negative questions, and the construction of an appropriate sequence in writing are provided in this complete package. The use of 5w’s and 1h- Why, what, where, when, whom and how makes the aspirant aware of the complete usage of the distinct words. The limited kindle book is exceptionally essential for those who are not able to avail of the expensive coaching institutes for English speaking. The book is itself a tutorial as all the exercises are arranged for easy understanding and implementation.

The self-evaluation also enables drastic improvements in lesser time. The use of active and passive voice is made convenient with exercises in abundance. The book also encourages the preparation for exams like IELTS and TOEFL, great command over the language would ensure you an upper hand over others.

  • Available at a meager price
  • Enriched with all the essential components for a complete assessment
  • Language of the book is highly refined and easy to understand.
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple purposes like oral and written English.
  • Self-learning purposes, and no solutions are provided.
  • Limited practice papers are given.

10. A Practical Guide to English Grammar

A Practical Guide to English Grammar
A Practical Guide to English Grammar
  • Author: K.P Thakur
  • Language: Easy to understand and implement
  • Suitability: Beginners & Primary Class students
  • Analysis: Average research and analysis

The Practical Guide to English Grammar book is for all those who come from a non-English background as the book is assembled in a very gentle and easy manner for easy understanding. The basics like sentence formation and the use of punctuations are adequately described in the book.

Various grammar exercises also ensure a complete evaluation of the things learned by the aspirant. The appropriate solutions are also detailed after each exercise. The glossary assures the learning of new and distinct words.

K.P Thakur has ensured that the language is kept in the range of the beginners and thus the sentence formation and the use of part of speech are kept general. The general grammatical mistakes are reviewed precisely, and this ensures that the beginners don’t get perplexed due to the abundance of activities. The insertion of articles, the use of adjectives is gradually enhanced as the book progresses.

The book is specifically made for the entry-level exams and aspirants who have hard times in learning the nuances of using the basic grammar elements. As the name suggests, it guides the aspirants rather than depending on the merit. However, students who are not inculcated in the activities of regular solving of the practice paper would not be able to reap the benefits out of the book.

  • Decent use of language.
  • Begins with most basic english usage that is easy to follow through
  • Available all around the country
  • The solutions are elaborated in a convenient manner.
  • Specific to only beginners and lacks the sophisticated content
  • The quality of the pages is not up to the mark.


Are these books available in a decent number of stocks?

Yes, some of these books are available in stocks and would be cost-efficient for you.

Do the buyers need to buy their key books additionally?

Some of these books have the answers to the solutions at the end of the book or exercise. But you will have to buy key books for few books mentioned above.

Are these books helpful for the interview?

Yes, these books would be immensely helpful in preparing and improving your grammar skills. You can clear many interviews if you go through the basics of all the elements of the book.

Are these books available in other different cities as well?

Yes, these books are available in many cities across India. We’ve also added respective links to Amazon, so even if it isn’t available in the local store in your city, you can still shop from there and continue your learning.

Will these books help in preparing for the government exams?

Yes, as many competitive exams have a decent weightage of English comprehension and grammar. These books would play a crucial role in your success.

The Verdict

The set of books mentioned above are critically acclaimed and reviewed throughout the country. Their distinct assets and components in a wide variety of topics make them an ideal choice for all aspiring people from various backgrounds. Be it the beginners, job seekers, older enthusiasts, or anyone else.

The information provided in the books cover all basic criteria for the essential overall growth of an individual in speaking and writing the nuances of English grammar. These are the best value for money options and their vast research and analysis make them stand apart from the other overrated books in the market. Thus, go for these books if you want to enhance your grammar speaking and reading abilities which will reap great benefits for your future endeavors.


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