Best Decorative Lights For Diwali

Diwali, the Indian Festival which is known for Lights is finally just a few weeks away. Aren’t you looking for the decorative lights for this Diwali? Well, we just got you the best ones in this post. Thank us later, but visit the list first!

When we think of Diwali, the first image that comes to our mind is that of lights. Bright and colorful lights brighten up our homes on festive days. With people decluttering every last spot at their home and straightening up their living space, lights are added ornaments to accentuate the appeal of your home.

It is considered to be auspicious for a home to be lit well during Diwali since it is the ‘festival of lights.‘ This is why most people believe in achieving prosperity in their life by decorating their entire home with fairy lights, lamps, and candles.

These lights make people feel a different level of excitement for the festival. It gives a sense of happiness and distinction from other houses when it comes to beauty and decorations.

Best Decorative Lights for Diwali in 2020

Lights help in bringing out the best of the festive spirit hidden in people all year round. These lights are a sure way to awaken that spirit. They brighten up your home and give it a boost of energy it needs for Diwali.

Whether you want to go for a traditional decor for your home or opt the modern way out with contemporary lights and decorations, there is an ample number of choices in the Indian market for each category and need. Together, the lights form an undeniable bond whose appeal cannot be ignored. Let’s begin with pocket-friendly options for Diwali lights.

1. Standard Puny Bulbs

The beauty of the tiny bulbs, the charm of earthen lamps, and decorative candles during Diwali never fail to make your place look homely and jolly.

2. Decorative and Designer Lights

Why go for the same old design of puny bulbs over and over again?

Are you conflicted between simple small bulbs of light and star designed lights to buy for your home this Diwali? Don’t worry, a lot of people go through it. Here are the set of big star-shaped lights and small star-shaped lights. It goes easy on your pocket as it not only gives the best of both types of designs of light but also saves a lot of energy.

3. Plastic Colour Changing Light Candles

The candle lights are not mere decorations for people. It is a deep-rooted emotion that signifies the victory of good over evil and the persistence of truth, strength, and courage. These lights have become an integral part of Diwali and people celebrate it with these lights, love, and purity.

Some people think lights are just shining bulbs which twinkle and make our homes look pretty. In reality, these lights are a celebration of our culture and heritage which we have inherited from our ancestors. The deep-seated respect and joy for our traditions and beliefs are what make Diwali so special.

4. Lighting Lamps for Rooms

A light in room might seem like a trivial thing to have, which can be bought without much thought. There are some lights which you can use only in home. They light up the entire room for that one particular festival, but it does not go with the theme of other festivals as well.

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Discounts & Offers on Diwali lights?

The festive season has begun and Diwali is just around the corner. This is the perfect time of the year to stock up on lights which will brighten up your life. The best quality and the most innovative designed lights are displayed in the market during this season. This is why people prefer getting lights sometime before the festival of lights.

The best part about it is that there are multiple offers running on the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale ranging from flat discounts on the retail price of these lights to a percentage of discount on them, they are certainly cheaper at this time of the year in comparison to others.

The lightning sale on Amazon, the biggest online e-commerce site, has some of the best choices of products if you want Diwali lights. Their prices are reduced by quite a considerable margin to facilitate sales. These massive discounts and price reductions directly induce the customers to buy these lights. It also gives people who do not plan to buy Diwali lights to buy it in the present and stock it up for future use. Such low are the prices on The Lightning Deal!

Some other sites like Flipkart and Snapdeal also have special prices featured as a result of upcoming festivities. It has already started and is expected to go on till Diwali. Either way, you should not miss the chance of getting your hands on the lights, which can change the look of your home interiors at a nominal price. This is the time to get all the lights and decorative items for a better-lit home.

There are a number of shops as well which carry these lights and offer a handsome discount as well. Trust of the people on the local stores and store-owners makes it a good purchase option for them. They might even offer additional discounts and rebates for their loyal and long-standing customers. If you are one of these people, get your fill of illuminating peace in the form of lights as soon as possible.

What to Look For in These Lights?

Light has so many different features to suit the needs of different people and what you want to do with those lights an how you want to decorate your home depends primarily on what you are looking for in these lights.

There is an ocean of fairy lights, tiny bulbs, decorations with lights and lamps out there. There are some things you have to look out for before buying these lights. Some features which essentially help these lights in sustaining through time and ensuring its durability.

They should be straightforward to install. You should need to have a degree in electrical engineering to know how to make them work. The best ways are plugged lights which can be joined to the socket and the switch can be tapped for lighting it up. Otherwise, there can be batteries used for powering them. Some lights come with batteries in the pack itself and some require to be bought separately. The lights may need 2 or 3 AA or AAA batteries as per the instructions are given in the product.

Some lights give out harsh glares that end up looking tacky and hard on the eyes. Subtle light gives a nice gleam to the surroundings of your house. This is why harsh lights should be avoided as much as possible and LED bulbs should be the best bet.

Lights are attractive without a doubt but why to go for the same generic lights which most people use as well? What will make your home look different and edgier than the others? These Star-shaped lights are the perfect solution to this. They are a combination of traditional and ethnic vibe which brightens up your entire home.

A festival cannot be successfully enjoyed if it does not come with the guarantee of the safety of your loved ones. The lights should be safe for use and they should be made of copper to keep beating issues at bay. Copper, as a manufacturing material of the wires, is the reason why the heat tolerance capacity of the lights is quite high and they avoid accidents.

We should make sure that the lights we are going to do not emit harmful radiation. This makes it safe for the environment as well as for the health of the people in and around your home. The minimalist look provided by these lights does not light up your house like a Christmas tree. It is more on the classier side of the ornaments.

Diwali is the festival of lights but why to pick just one colour? There are a wide number of colours to choose from in the Indian market. We love a mix and match of bright colours during Diwali, which is why there are options of single coloured lights and multicolored options as well.

Last but not least, it is imperative to make sure that these lights are made in accordance with the Indian weather. With the way things are going this year, it is highly likely to rain this Diwali. This is it is important to make sure that your lights are at least water-resistant if not waterproof. It should protect wet weather conditions, humidity and liquid spill again.

There are some lights which you can use only for Diwali. They light up the entire house for that one particular festival, but it does not go with the theme of other festivals as well. Say goodbye to this problem forever. The Citra Battery Operated Silver String Fairy Light is 3 meters long and there are 30 LED fairy light bulbs attached to it.

Lights highlight the parts of your home which you want to showcase. They play a significant role in how a room presents itself in terms of attraction. The USB design of MANSAA USB String Lights for Decoration 3M 30 LED is a useful feature to have as the lights can be used to connect with a USB adapter or any otherwise power source for beautiful lights even outdoors.

The Homesake 50-LED Fairy Copper String Diwali Light is one string of light that goes a ‘long’ way. It has a length of 9 feet which is longer than most the strings of lights. Plus the density of bulbs in these lights exceeds all others. The LED bulbs give out crisp glow which does not compromise with the quality of lights.

The Lexton C5M-B-WWH 5m Copper Light with Battery is a top-notch Diwali light product. These string lights can be hung all over your place for an elegant yet festive look.

Another great product from the same brand is the Lexton C10M-A-WWH 10 Meter Copper Light which is sure to brighten up your home and give it a boost of energy it needs for Diwali. Heating issues are kept at bay with this model and it saves energy while doing its job of lighting up your home.

Give your traditional Diwali a modern-day spin with the Miradh String Lights Moroccan Ball Multicolor Globe Fairy String Light Orb Lantern. This light chain with ball-shaped decorations is carved beautifully with eye-pleasing lights oozing out of it. The surface of the ball is silver which does not interfere with the natural colour of these contrasting lights.

Religiously follow the traditional route of decorations by adding the auspicious Kalash shaped lights to your home with Tucasa DW-41 Golden Kalash String Light. The holy Kalash is an attraction for prosperity in itself and the lights integrated into it, making it a perfect fit for Diwali.

The VRCT Plastic Colour Changing Flickering Flameless LED Candle Tea light is a combination of candles and artificial lights fused to perfection. These are multicolored and thus you don’t need to pick just one type of light.

The Satyam Kraft Battery Powered 10 Clip Indoor Outdoor Decoration Light is a beautiful upgrade of normal tiny bulb lights. It has clips that can hold photographs to brighten up the memories during Diwali. It adds a feeling of nostalgia and rekindles memories with a soft gleam of light falling on them.

The rosy pattern of the Citra Led Rose Flower Waterproof Fairy String Light 20 LEDs Battery Operated Light gives out a floral appeal to your homely decorations.


Choosing any of these fairy light sets is sure to set your home apart from the other and make it a center of attraction this Diwali. With so many colors, patterns and options to choose from, you can’t resist but buy a couple of them this Diwali. Since they are on massive discounts, all the more reason to get your hands on as many of them as you want.

These options are also eco-friendly keeping in mind the environmental issues we are facing. So this Diwali, let us all choose the lights which light up our world and do our part for the environment at the same time.


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