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14 Best Bluetooth Earphones in India – 2022 [Reviews & FAQs]

Whether you have to listen to your favorite music or a podcast show, Bluetooth earphones can give you a phenomenal experience.

They have gained popularity over the years because of their compact design efficiency and the comfort they offer to the users. The advanced versions of wireless earphones in India are in the limelight because they have a great battery life, a commendable range, and offer different controls to enhance the user experience.

Moreover, they’re pretty reliable too!

Don’t you feel weird while untangling your tangled wires? Well, everyone does, but not anymore! Want to listen to music while you’re in a gym or working at your home/office? These earphones come handy. All you need to do is connect it to the Bluetooth technology and it should start functioning with ease! To make it easy for you to pick the right one, our team invested two weeks of in-depth research and prepared the list of most popular products across renowned brands.

So, are you ready to experience the best sound quality? Le’ts begin with our list.

Best Bluetooth Earphones in India (2021)

Xmate Gusto Lite in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (TWS) - (Black)
Battery Life180 hours standby
Weight9.07 grams
Warranty1 year limited

Xmate Gusto is the cost-effective yet stylish wireless Bluetooth Headphones that allows you to listen to the music and attend phone calls on the go. The lightweight headphones provide you with HD quality sound to let you immerse and enjoy an excellent musical experience.

The headphones are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 chipset that ensures that you maintain strong connectivity up to 10 meters from the device through which you are playing the music.

You can connect the earphones to Smartphones or tablets without any wires. You cannot connect the earphones to two different devices at the same time. However, the Bluetooth technology enables you to take a dual stereo call without any kind of interruption or noise.

These best wireless Bluetooth earphones in India are equipped with touch-sensitive buttons that let the user play the music, pause the music, answer or reject the call and enable the voice assistants in your mobile devices. With the buttons, the user can play the next or previous songs with ease.

The headphones are charged by placing them in the 4000mAH magnetic charging case. The LCD will show the battery level. It is portable, and the case allows you to safely carry the earphones along with you while traveling without worrying about losing or misplacing them.

The battery life of Xmate Gusto Lite is excellent. Each earbud has a 50mAH battery that can be charged two to three times in a day to listen to the music uninterruptedly throughout the day. The charging case can charge the earbuds in just an hour to make sure that you enjoy talking time and playtime for three hours.

The earphones are made using plastic material and come with impressive design. It lasts longer. Even if the earphones are dropped, it can resist without getting damaged. The earphones block the outside noise. It allows users to enjoy music even in a noisy environment.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Produce superior quality sound with an immersive experience
  • 3 hours of talk and playtime
  • Travel friendly
  • Not resistant to sweat
  • Not resistant to water
Samsung Original Level U Bluetooth Wireless in-Ear Headphones (Black and Sapphire)
RangeNot mentioned
Battery Life500 hours standby
Weight104 grams
Warranty6 months limited

Samsung Original Level U in-Ear Headphones is elegant in design, excellent in connective, rich in sound quality, and has good battery life. This pair of headphones is powered by the 4.1 Bluetooth technology that lets users enjoy music and take calls on the move. The 4.1 version promotes the better transmission of data without any kind of interruption.

The noise cancellation feature makes these headphones unique compared to the others. By plugging the headphones, users can enjoy the music and take calls without any kind of disturbance interrupts their actions. The headphones can be used even in a crowded and noisy environment comfortably. The external noise is canceled and assures you with clear sound.

The headphones run with the lithium oil battery that can be recharged. The battery with a single charge will last up to 11 hours despite you using it continuously to listen to the songs or for talk time. The standby time of the headphones is 500 hours.

The USB port equipped on the headphones allows you to charge with ease. You can use the Samsung mobile charger or power bank to recharge the battery of the device. The ergonomically designed headphones will snugly fit the ears without slipping time and again. The sound quality produced by the earphones is crisp. The voice calls are quite audible. 

The 12 mm diameter would perfect fit to everyone’s ears. The headphones have buttons to play, stop, forward, and backward the music and to answer the calls. Using the headphones, the user can have control over the music player and can answer the call without touching their devices. You can use these headphones during the travel or while doing the workout. The necklace design of the headphone offers ample comfort while you listen to the songs. You can make your style statement by wearing these headphones when you step out of the home.

  • Noise cancellation feature allows you to take calls with zero disturbance
  • Easy to control buttons
  • Impressive design
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Sound quality is not great
  • The battery does not last longer
Bose SoundSport Free, True Wireless Earbuds, (Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones for Workouts and Sports), Bright Orange
Battery LifeUp to 5 hours
Weight80 grams
Warranty1 year limited

Bose Sound Sport Free is a wireless device that immerses you in the great musical experience. These are perfect to wear during workouts to enjoy the exercises while listening to their favorite music. The headphones are free from wires so you can enjoy the freedom of moving from one place to another without worrying about getting entangled with the wire.

The earbuds are made using the latest technology will deliver a clear and crisp sound that has a lot of life. There is no chance of hiss, crack, or pops when a user wears this headphone. It produces a reliable signal, be it you hold the phone in hand or the gym bag. Users can wear the headphones to the ears snugly so that they can jump, twist, or climb without letting the headphones slip from the ears. The angled nozzle offers a comfortable and good fit to the ears.

This pair of headphones is equipped with water-repellent mesh. No sweat and water can reach the headphones that can damage it. Users can happily wear the headphones while doing the workouts without worrying about it getting mixed with sweat. The earbuds produce reliable and strong signal so you can hear clear music while you are at your home or gym.

The control buttons on the earphones allow the user to have complete command over the calls or musical tracks the person listens to. It allows the user to take a call, pause the musical tracks, control the volume or access the virtual assistant right from the earbuds. The unique part of the headphone is the voice prompts. It makes Bluetooth pairing a piece of cake.

The find my buds feature in the Bose connect app can help the user to track where and when precisely the user has connected the headphones to the device the last time. The audio signal produced from the headphones can alert the user with the location.

The magnetized case will safeguard the earbuds from getting lost and dust. This case holds the earbuds when you are traveling or going for a workout. While holding the earbuds, it also charges and gives 5 hours of playtime.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Water-resistant
  • Solid connection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Highly durable
  • Struggle to listen to the sound in the noisy environment
  • Doesn’t properly sync with the video & is pricey
JBL T205BT by Harman Wireless Bluetooth in Ear Neckband Headphones with Mic (Black)
RangeNot mentioned
Battery LifeUp to 6 hours
Weight54.6 grams
Warranty1 year limited

JBL T205BT Pure Bass Metal Earbuds produces a powerful, crisp, and clear sound. It is perfect to wear around the ears to listen to the music or take calls on the move. It can be used every day to make calls hands-free while driving or working out in the gym.

This JBL T205BT device is engineered to produce superior quality sound that is full of life. The sound gives a theatre-like experience right at your place when you plug-in this pair of headphones to your ears. The bass, which is a hallmark of JBL, can be found in this model too. The bass is deep, powerful and is the best bass Bluetooth earphones in India.

The battery life of the headphones is excellent. With a single charge, the user can use the headphones for 6 hours without any interruption. The person can listen to the songs or talk until the charge is drained. The headphones need two hours of a charge to use it optimally.

The three-button remote with the microphone gives ample control to the users who plugged in the headphones. It also controls the sound of the musical track and manages calls on the go. The user does not need to access the device to which the headphones are paired.

The tangle-free flat cable allows you to climb, twist, or lift without getting entangled between the wires. The flat cable is highly durable and won’t form knots so easily. The headphones offer a secure and snug fit to the ears without falling out time and again.

When you plug in the earphones, the user rest assured that it is stick to the ear with its ergonomic design. The user can enjoy the music with all comfort. The music you listen through the headphones gives an immersive and excellent musical experience like never before. It maintains a strong signal with the wirelessly connected device and produces high-quality sound.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Durable
  • Comfort fit to the ears
  • Enjoy 100% pure bass sound
  • Tangle free
  • There is no noise cancellation feature & is highly-priced
  • Not easy to use
Skullcandy Ink'd Wireless In-Earphone with Mic (Gray/Miami)
Range30 feet
Battery LifeUp to 8 hours
Weight77 grams
Warranty2 years limited

Skull candy Ink’d is a lightweight yet cost-effective earphones that offer a rich sound when you plug in the earphones. It is best for everyday use. The user can wear this to the gym or while traveling to immerse in the music and take the calls hands-free.

The sound that is produced by the earphones is powerful, crisp, and clear. It is full of life. The user can maintain a strong signal with the device with which you have sync the earphones. The Bluetooth supports the signal properly up to 30 feet. You can stay cord-free up to this distance and manage the calls without touching the phone.

The battery life of the earphones is excellent that with a single charge, the user can enjoy seamless music and talk time for 8 hours. The batteries are easy to recharge. The built-in mic allows the user to manage calls and music right from the Bluetooth earbuds.

The user can control the call, change the music track, and control the volume using the earphones without touching the phone. The controls are easy to operate and feel. The volume up button will take a track forward, and the volume down button will skip back a track. 

With this pair of earphones, the user can stay hands-free. The earphones provide a snug and comfortable fit to the ears without dropping off time and again. Users can enjoy music comfortably for hours together. The noise isolated fit will produce clear and rich audio for all types of music while you are in a noisy or crowded environment.

The flexible collar gives a lot of conveniences to keep the earphones safely in the pocket or bag without misplacing, losing or getting it prone to damages. The flex collar has 1/3 of earphone size and barely feels that it is around the neck. The buds made of plastic are lightweight.

  • Excellent and rich sound
  • A comfortable fit to the ears
  • Make phone calls hands free
  • Good battery life
  • Durable
  • Looks cheap & have poor Bluetooth reception
  • Bass performance is not great
TAGG Inferno Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Headphone with Mic
RangeAround 20 feet
Battery LifeUp to 7 hours
Weight25 grams
Warranty1 year limited

The TAGG Inferno is the earphone that produces a rich sound that makes one feels like they are listening to the live guitar show with a lot of bass. It uses 4.1 Bluetooth Technology to deliver superior quality sound on the move.

A strong signal is established between the earphones and the device to transfer clear sound by consuming low power. The users while traveling can enjoy the rich sound or doing other sports activities. The CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology will filter out the background noise and produce quality and clear sounds in the class. There is no sound that you hear despite you are taking calls or listening to music in the noisy and crowded environment wearing these earphones.

The advanced noise reduction will keep cabin noise, city traffic, and busy office noise at bay. It allows users to pay complete attention to the music, videos, or calls. The ergonomically designed earphones provide a comfortable and secure fit to the ears without falling off. The earphones stay in one place when the user is jumping, twisting, turning, or jogging. The earbuds fit every ear.

The inbuilt 100 mAH rechargeable battery offers 7 hours of battery life with a single charge. Users can enjoy uninterrupted music and call for 7 hours in a day. It provides 180 hours of standby. Be it you run to the shop or a marathon wearing the earphones; still, there would be enough charge to use. The charging of the earphone battery can be done with the USB port.

The hands-free calling facility allows users to answer and reject calls even when they are middle of some work or workout. It is also possible to attend Skype and video conferencing with the clarity of sound produced by the earphones.

The Nano-coating technology offers ample protection to the earbuds against the sweat when you are doing arduous workouts.

  • Excellent music experience
  • Lightweight
  • No issues with Bluetooth pairing
  • Excellent battery backup
  • Noise cancellation
  • Feel uncomfortable to take long-distance calls
  • Padding on the Earbuds could have been better
Noise Shots X5 Charge True Wireless Earphones with 2200mah Charging Case (Candy White)
Battery LifeUp to 5 hours
Weight299 grams
Warranty1 year limited

The Noise Shots X5 allows users to enjoy rich music on the move. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to enable lag-free audio up to 10 meters range. It quickly pairs up with the devices and maintains a stable connection.

The users can have complete control over the device through earbuds. From the earbuds, users can play, pause, skip the musical track, and even answer/reject the calls. These all can be performed without having to take out the mobile from the pocket or purse.

The charge for the earbuds will be up to 5 hours with a single charge. The charging case protects the earbuds from dust and grime. It is safe to keep the earbuds in the case to avoid them misplacing or losing when you are traveling or carrying with you while going for the gym.

The charging case can charge the earphones up to 10 times. Even if the phone is draining out the battery, by connecting the phone using the USB port to the charging case, the user can improve the battery level in no time.

The balanced sound and distraction-free audio allow the users to enjoy music throughout the day despite the crowded or noisy environment. The flat sound profile makes one enjoy all genre music for a long time without feeling the fatigue.

The waterproof earphones protect the device while you sweat out during the workouts or caught up in the rain. The earphones meet the IPX5 standards. The ergonomically designed earbuds will snugly fit the ears and stay secure without falling down time and again.

It fits to all the active lifestyles. The silicone ear tips allow the users to fit the earbuds perfectly to the ears. By taping on the earbuds, you can start using the voice assistant.

  • Ergonomic design offers comfort and sticks to the ear
  • Use voice to pass commands to the voice assistance such as Siri & Google assistant
  • Workout peacefully without worrying about the sweat
  • Enjoy rich music
  • Tangle free
  • Sound distortion when listening to the music with high volume
  • Padding should have been better
Sony WI-C400 Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Neck Band Headphones with 20 Hours Battery Life, Light Weight, Headset with mic for Phone Calls, Vibration Notification, Tangle Free Cable – (Black)
RangeNot mentioned
Battery LifeUp to 20 hours
Weight36 grams
Warranty1 year limited

Sony WI-C400 comes with impressive design and produces high-quality sound. The sleek one is capable enough to deliver the best acoustic performance. The Bluetooth earphones operate with Bluetooth 4.2. Near field communications and Bluetooth technology will use one-touch to gain quick connectivity. It also helps to get rid of the need for wires. The user can start listening to the music or take calls with a tap on the device.

The excellent battery life allows the users to listen to songs and attend calls up to 20 hours with a single charge. The time it takes to charge the battery in the headphones is 4.5 hours.

The tangle-free cable management will clip the cable to the neckband that comes with an adjuster and stopper. When the neckband is worn around the neck, you never feel the burnt. The neckband will keep the earbuds in place without falling out time and again. It will vibrate when you get a phone call. It is a kind of alert that is produced to make sure that you do not miss any call from your family and friend. The 9mm drivers that are used to create a powerful and clear sound. The user can enjoy the music with a loud sound like in theatre.

With all these features, these Sony headphones in the best Bluetooth neckband earphones in India on this list. The user-friendly buttons on the headphones allow you to play, stop, and skip the musical tracks and control the volume. The user can push the button to activate the voice assistant feature and to take the calls hands-free.

You no more have to remove the phone from the bag or pocket with the hands-free calling facility. The power button on the headphones must be pressed until you see a red or blue light to blink. It indicates that the pairing mode has been started with the Smartphone device.

  • The comfortable and lightweight design allow you to wear the headphones throughout the day keeping earbuds in place
  • Vibrating feature of neckband notifies when you get a call
  • Hands-free calling
  • Avoid tangles using the adjuster
  • Durable
  • Connectivity is poor
  • Not water and sweat resistant
CrossBeats Wave Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Earphones For Mobile With Mic And Carry Case ( Black )
Battery LifeUp to 9 hours
Weight159 grams
Warranty1 year limited

CrossBeats Wave Waterproof is a great option to enjoy calls/music while running. The earphones snugly fit the ears and offer excellent wear. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology in the CrossBeats Wave earphones will make sure to establish a secure connection with the smartphone or tablet and give high-quality stereo music and speech up to 10 meters. You can stay hands-free and listen to music by keeping the device 10 meters away.

The Nano-coating technology will give ample protection to the earbuds from the sweat during workouts, jogging, and running. The secure fit makes it perfect to avoid it from slipping and falling despite you jumping, turning, or lifting something. It offers a comfortable fit to the ears and allows you to wear it throughout the day without hurting the ears.

The expandable foam ear tips will block the outside noise and allow you to enjoy music even when you are in a busy office or crowded environment. The foam tips protect the eardrums despite you keep the earphones stick to the ears.

The rechargeable battery will give 9 hours of talk time and playtime with a single charge for 2 hours. The built-in control buttons on the earphones give control to the users for answering the calls, rejecting the calls, forwarding/pausing/playing the musical tracks.

The Cross Beats Wave Waterproof Bluetooth earphones are compatible to use with all the devices that support Bluetooth technology. The carry case will keep the earphones protected from dust and grime and allows keeping them in place without losing or misplacing when traveling or carrying with you to the gym.

The rich bass produces theatre-like sound right at your home. The ergonomic design with silicone hook is comfortable to wear to the ears. It promotes dual pairing. The secure fit features ensure that it fits for every wearer.

  • Impressive design
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Excellent battery life
  • Cord clip reduces the wire to fit the back neck or to the head
  • The built-in microphone gives control over the volume, answering calls and soundtracks.
  • Noise reduction feature could have been much better
  • Interruption in the connectivity & rubber sticks to the ear due to sweat
Skullcandy Indy True Wireless Earbuds (Black)
Range33 feet
Battery Life16 hours
Weight11 grams
Warranty2 years limited

Skull candy Indy Earbuds are ideal for music lovers to enjoy vibrant music with good bass on the go. The users can immerse themselves in the musical world and can talk calls hands-free without breaking the bank.

When the earphones are connected to the Bluetooth devices, it establishes a strong signal. The sleek and impressive wireless design helps you stay connected to the music and videos without any wires. There are no issues with entangled cables.

The rich sound produced by the earbuds will deliver you with high and warm sounds with no distortion. Skull candy Indy True Wireless Earbuds are free from sweat, dust, and water. It allows you to wear earphones while doing workouts in the gym, running, or jogging to enjoy music that is full of life.

The earphones offer a secure and comfortable fit to the ears without slipping and falling when you are jumping, lifting, or turning around. The touch control on the earphones will let you adjust the volume, change songs, and manage calls with a few taps on the earbuds. It promotes quick pairing with Bluetooth devices.

The battery equipped inside the earbuds will last up to 16 hours despite you listening to the songs or talking continuously over the phone using the earbuds with a single charge. The pocket-sized carrying case will keep the earphones stay dust and grime free. There is no chance of losing or misplacing the earbuds when you place inside the case while traveling or going to the gym.

The hands-free calling facility will let you attend the call without having to remove the smartphone or tablet from your pocket or purse. The noise reduction feature will prevent the noise and other disturbances from the surroundings to distract your musical or call experience. The earbuds offer easy to remove stability to the earbuds.

Users can now enjoy the soundtrack with ample freedom like never before using these earphones.

  • Charging case to keep the earbuds for the charge
  • Produce clear and powerful sound
  • Excellent battery life
  • Bluetooth range is up to 33 feet
  • Easy pairing
  • Build using cheap plastic material
  • It becomes challenging to re-pair up with another device
Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Sports Earbuds, 15 Hours Battery, Copper Blue, Designed in Denmark
RangeNot mentioned
Battery LifeUp to 5 hours
Weight13.6 grams
Warranty2 years limited

How about having one of the most sophisticated Earbuds as you walk and workout at your gyms or even while you are working under a stressful condition?

Yes, Jabra Elite Active 65t is made for people who are in search of sophisticated Earbuds. These wireless Earbuds will help you to blast your favorite music all-time. Pick up the calls without having to use your hands at all using the advanced Jabra Elite Active Earbuds. This best budget Bluetooth earphones became quite popular because of the aesthetic appearance it carries. The design, the color, and the specifications of these Earbuds make it one of the outstanding ones compared to the others.

The secure-fitting design is known to increase ear stability especially when you are on the move. The Earbuds do not fall off like the others while you are active and this is one of the key aspects as to why a lot of people prefer buying these Earbuds.

With the battery life of 15 hours, the Earbuds come with a motion sensor that is integrated and also has a customizable equalizer. There is a pocket-friendly charging case that comes along with the Earbuds and that helps you to keep your Earbuds charged all the time.

Also, you need not have to stop the music manually. Remove the Earbuds and the music pauses automatically and if you place the Earbuds back within 60 seconds, the music would automatically turn on. Both the Earbuds would turn off automatically when they are not kept in the charging case for a certain duration.

Also, when the smartphone is out of range, the right Earbuds would turn off automatically. This is made to conserve energy efficiently. USB connectivity and silicon ear gels are also given with the Earbuds.

  • It is developed using advanced technology
  • The Earbuds are Cost-effective
  • Have a lot of advanced features
  • Auto-power off to save the energy
  • Unique design and color
  • The Earbuds are OS-dependent
  • One has to register on the Jabra+ app for high-quality sound
OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 (Black)
RangeNot mentioned
Battery LifeUp to 14 hours
Weight310 grams
Warranty1 year limited

Gone are the days where people used the wired in-earphones. This is the generation of wireless earphones and Earbuds. One such Earbud is from OnePlus and they are called OnePlus Bullets 2.

Known for their amazing sound quality, these wireless bullets have won the hearts of millions of music lovers. The OnePlus Bullets 2 is designed to meet the requirement of the new-gen folks and it gives ultimate freedom from wires.

Also, one does not have to worry about carrying a separate box to contain these bullets. They can fit anywhere and they are extremely effective in delivering high-quality sound. One does not have to worry about losing the grip while you are on the move as well. The bullets are so secured that they would not fall-off from your ears unless and until you take them off.

The OnePlus Bullets 2 is designed keeping in the mind the latest technological trends. The music can be controlled using the magnetic control feature, which is probably not present in the other Earbuds so far. The earphones are highly durable and also the design uses aluminum alloy construction making it strong and rigid. These Earbuds are considered to be one of the best Earbuds because of the comfort level it offers.

The Earbuds are known to give away solid sound effects when they are paired with the OnePlus 7 device. With the OnePlus 7 phone, the performance was known to be optimum.

So, for all those music-lovers and health-freaks the OnePlus Bullets 2 are the best ones to have because you need not have to worry about adjusting them all the time. With these Earbuds, playing music anywhere at any time is possible.

  • Easy to be carried and does not need more space
  • Fast charging and insane battery backup
  • High-quality sound (especially with the OnePlus 7 phone)
  • Ideal for music & movie lovers
  • Built using the latest technology
  • Magnetic control panel feature to control the music
  • Not so great bass
  • Not so great for if you don’t own OnePlus 7
Chevron C163 True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic (Black)
Range33 feet
Battery LifeUp to 7 hours
Weight209 grams
Warranty1 year limited

Well, are you tired of haggling around with your never compromising wired earphones, and are you on the lookout for a pair of sophisticated earphones? Well, then you must try the Chevron C163 earphones with Mic.

This earphone is considered to be one of the classiest because of the design and the features it has. The cord-free earphones not only go with your favorite music but it is made to suit your lifestyle as well. The designer has taken the requirement of the New Gen folks so seriously and that has made him come up with something as classy as the Chevron C163 True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic.

The aesthetically designed charging case protects your earphones from draining off. Also, you can take calls without having to use your hands anymore. Wear them all day wherever you go and make these pair of earphones your friend for life. These earphones have a capacity of 7 hours of playtime.

The sound quality from these earphones can make you go gaga because it comes with the high-quality Bluetooth earbuds. Also, with the wireless Bluetooth technology, you could simply work and let the Earbuds do its work for you in controlling the music.

These best Bluetooth wireless earphones in India are designed using advanced sound technology and this gives the user an out-of-the-world experience while listening to music or even during the calls. The materials used are premium thus; one does not have to worry about the sound quality at all. The battery life on these earphones is another thing to be appreciated.

You charge them once and you can play music and attend to calls for 7 long hours and this is truly an exceptional thing about these earphones. Due to this feature, the earphones can save a lot on energy consumption. It is compatible with your mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks that have Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Classy and attractive design
  • Advanced features
  • Latest technology
  • If there is no charging case then after 7 hours you might end up struggling
  • High-demand product, less availability
Xmate Gusto Lite in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (TWS) - (Black)
Battery LifeUp to 3 hours
Weight8 grams
Warranty1 year limited

Who would not be interested in listening to music while they are commuting to their workplace? Hardly any of them, isn’t it? Well, with the growing trend towards music there are a lot of earphones and Earbuds that are being designed to meet the need of the end-user and one such product is Xmate Gusto Lite.

Known for its tremendous and powerful output this is one of those Earbuds that have become quite popular amongst all of them. The wireless technology gives you a fantastic stereo experience and the earphones come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset. This chipset is known for its advanced connectivity.

Any device within the range of 10 meters can be easily connected using these Earbuds. Also, the Mic provided with these Earbuds offers crystal clear voice clarity during the telephonic conversations.

The weight of the Earbuds is just 4g each and this make it very lightweight. The advanced control panel allows you to control the music and also the Earbuds are known to offer HD sound quality. The premium quality used in the make of Earbuds keeps you away from the air pressure and they are one of the most comfortable Earbuds available in the market.

The ergonomic technology involved in the design of the Xmate Gusto Lite in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (TWS) makes it highly comfortable when you put them on your ears. Developing ear pain due to long usage of earphones can be easily combated with these pair of Earbuds.

The music playtime supported by these Earbuds is 3 hours when they are fully charged. So, taking a walk in your gardens or commuting to your office would be pretty easy with the help of these earphones. The power levels can be easily monitored using the 400mAh LCD portable charging case.

  • Amazing voice quality
  • Supports all the gadgets with Bluetooth technology
  • Advanced technology
  • Great features
  • User-friendly design
  • Power case should always be carried with the Earbuds
  • 3 hours playtime

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FAQs Regarding Bluetooth Earphones in India

How long does it take to charge Bluetooth earphones?

The charging of Bluetooth earphones depends on its battery. Every model is different and has various functionalities and battery size. The more the size of the battery, the more is the time required to charge it.

What are the best wireless earphones in India?

Choosing the best earphones is very subjective because every user has a different requirement. We can consider various features like battery life, range, sound quality, etc. to choose which earphones are best in the market. The 14 earphones we have mentioned, they are great and are performing well in the market. All these are renowned brands and are popular among users. Depending upon your budget and goal you choose one among them.

How much does Bluetooth earphone costs?

Since there are hundreds of options in the market there is a huge range to buy from. Starting from a few hundred, some earphones can go up to thousands. The difference in pricing is due to different features it has to offer such as technology, sound quality, range, etc. You can choose and purchase an earphone from the 14 mentioned above based on your budget. The list above has great price variation but currently the best in the market.

How do Bluetooth earphones work?

Bluetooth earphones as the name suggest uses Bluetooth as a medium to connect with devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, or any other device that supports the Bluetooth feature. They use radio waves that travel a short-range and help in making a connection or clear communication. Using these earphones you can play any kind of music, podcast, or audio file that’s connected within a certain range.

How long do wireless earphones last?

Again it’s difficult to predict exact shelf life because every user is different in terms of usability. If you have a daily usage for many hours then you can assume it to run smoothly for a year or so. If the user keeps it carefully and has an average usage then it may go on for 2-3 years.

What are the advantages of using true wireless earbuds?

There are ample reasons to buy the best wireless earphones in India:

1. They are wireless thus you don’t have to spend time to detangling them
2. Most Bluetooth earphones give a good range of connectivity so that you don’t have to carry out your device all the time.
3. It offers great convenience during workout, travel, exercise, walking, etc.
4. Their compact designs make them look cool and trendy.

What factors should you consider before buying earphones?

There are some factors that you must look for while buying wireless earphones:

1. Look for AptX coding technology in your earphones to ensure good sound quality.
2. Choose durable batteries that stay at least 8-10 hours.
3. Check for the bass quality. (Bose & Sony are great options for bass)
3. Noise cancellation feature.
4. Compatibility with the devices you wish to connect with.
5. Comfort and convenience as you may have to use it for a long time during workout, travel, or casual use.

What are the disadvantages of using Bluetooth earphones?

Though not many there are still two three-pointers, which might bother a user such as:
1. The costing can be higher when compared to wired earphones.
2. Even though the technology has taken over and improved the quality of acoustics, users still prefer wired earphones.
3. It needs frequent charging and depends on connectivity to a device.


We have reviewed 14 best Bluetooth earphones in India with complete details of each so that you can go ahead and choose one based on your requirements. Three things which you must remember before purchasing it are the range it offers, the battery life that comes with it, and how flexible or comfortable, and modern the design it has.

Of course, pricing will always be a factor for consideration but keep in mind that you must purchase the one that solves all your existing issues such as clarity in audio, sharpness in sound, etc. So go ahead and order one for yourself.