8 Best Ball Pens in India (Expert Recommendations)

In search of a good-quality ball pen for your writing needs? Whether you need one for writing assignments or for writing exams or for just business purposes, this list includes the best ones available in the Indian market, that’ll surely take care of your writing needs!

Exams are an essential part of student life. They test the knowledge of the child and help him/her in improving in various areas. During exams, having a good ball pen to write is essential. Nobody would like to have a pen which will stop halfway during the exam; it would not only waste your time in the exam but will even make you worried.

Fortunately, we have examined and tested a lot of products and prepared the top-rated ball pens that will run smoothly and provide you a better handgrip as well.

Remember that episode of Mr. Bean, where the protagonist went to give an exam and had many pens, but at the time of writing the exam, none of them worked? Well, we don’t want you to face a similar situation, so we bring you some of the best ball pens for exams as well as for daily use purposes.

1. Best for Exams: Cello Technotip Ball Pen Jar- 20 Pens with 5 Refills (Blue)

  • Brand: Cello
  • Ink color: Blue
  • Number of pens: 20
  • Tip type: Ballpoint
  • Manufacturer: BIC Cello India Pvt. Ltd

Cello is one of the most renounced companies in the stationery industry, and there are various reasons as to why Cello techno tip bagged the “Best Overall” title in the list. The Cello techno tip is one of the oldest and the best ball pen in India for exams and genera use. You can trust Cello blindly during your exams, as it won’t dry out or stop working and leave you in a state of disaster.

The Cello techno tip is not only pocket-friendly but even has the smoothest ink. It has an elastic grip, called elasto grip, to give you a perfect grip for writing. Along with that, the color of the ink is vibrant and assures long-time durability. The pen is light in weight so that you won’t feel any pressure on your hand while writing with this pen. It has a ballpoint that would glide smoothly in the paper, sparing you from any rough writing.

This particular pen from Cello is the most comfortable and lasts for a long time, which clearly states as to why this pen used to rule the pen industry before “use and throw” came into the market. Even now, people prefer Cello techno tip for exams and other relevant work as it is trustworthy.

Usually, when we start writing with a new pen, we see that the color of the ink is light in the beginning, and only after a few pages, it gives off a vibrant blue color. With Cello Technotip, you will not experience this situation as the pen provides a beautiful ink color from the beginning itself. The Lubriflow ink system makes the ink flow from the pen smoothly without giving any stains on the paper or your hand, unlike “use and throw” pens, which leaves the paper as well as your hand full of ink marks. But, with the Cello Technotip, you will surely experience a smooth and stain free writing. These pens are not only perfect for exam purposes but can even be used for daily use, and are an excellent choice for kids who have just started writing with pens.

  • It has an excellent grip for writing
  • The pen has Lubriflow ink system
  • It does not give any ink marks on the paper or hands
  • The pen is light in weight
  • This pen has a long life span
  • The pack offers only five refills along with 20 pens

2. Best for School Students: Pentonic Linc Ball Point Pen- Pack of 10 (Blue)

Pentonic Linc Ball Point Pen
  • Brand: Pentonic
  • Ink color: Blue
  • Number of pens: ten
  • Tip type: ballpoint
  • Manufacturer: Linc

Whether you are looking for a pen for writing in exams, writing in journals, or for scribbling in your diary, the Linc Pentonic is the best choice for such purposes. The Pentonic comes in a variety of colors, and each of the colored pens has the same cost. With a 0.7mm ballpoint tip, Pentonic gives smooth writing on the paper.

Furthermore, Pentonic comes in a matte black finish, which looks extremely great and is very light in weight. The ink is waterproof, thus assuring that the ink won’t spill when waterfalls on the paper accidentally.

Moreover, pentonic has ultra-low viscosity ink with German ink flow technology, which spares the pen from spilling ink on the paper. Though Pentonic does not have an elastic grip, which most of the pens in this list have, this particular pen has a unique grip design in pen, which will provide you with an excellent grip.

As the pen does not have an elastic grip, your fingers will not get sweaty by writing with this pen. The color of the ink is excellent, and the pen will last for a long time. This pen is new in the market, but it is quite useful for writing purposes.

Linc is known for bringing stylish yet durable pens, and the latest Pentonic is a great example. The Linc Pentonic comes in blue, black, red, green, light blue, orange, green and pink colors. Though the blue, black, and red ink pens have better writing, the other variants do not have a smooth ink flow system, which gives off thick writing on the paper. However, the blue ink Pentonic is a great option to go for if you are looking for ballpoint pens for writing purposes or in exams.

  • The pen is stylish in appearance
  • This pen is light weighted
  • The pen does not spills out ink on paper
  • It does not have an elastic grip; thus your hands will not get sweaty while writing
  • The 0.7mm ballpoint tip provides smooth writing
  • You may have to apply pressure while writing with this pen

3. Best Grip: Cello Pinpoint Ball Pen Set- Pack of 10 (Blue)

  • Brand: Cello
  • Ink color: Blue
  • Number of pens: ten
  • Tip type: ballpoint
  • Manufacturer: BIC Cello (India) Private Limited

Cello makes it again in the Best pens for exams and this time with the “best features” tag. The Cello Pinpoint pen is made explicitly for exam purposes and is highly preferred by students. This pack of ten pinpoint pens is also perfect for daily use purpose, and they do have some excellent features which none of the other ballpoint pens have.

Firstly, the Cello pinpoint pen is light in weight, and you will not feel any pressure while writing with it. Secondly, the 0.5mm ballpoint tip is perfect or smooth writing, thus sparing you from rough writing. The Lubriflow ink system prevents the ink from drying out. Due to this unique ink flow system, the ink will not spill out from the pen, and neither will you get any ink stains in the paper. The pen is available in blue, black, and red color. 

The Cello Pinpoint pen packet arrives with ten pens, with each pen having a tiny red covering at the tip, which ensures that the ink is not dried out, and neither any used pen has arrived in the packet. The Elasto grip of the Cello Pinpoint is excellent and helps in getting the perfect hold for writing. If you are wondering that this pen might be expensive, then you are wrong. The cost of the pen is similar to that of Cello Technotip and can be bought from online stores too.

Apart from that, the Cello Pinpoint pen is stylish in appearance, thanks to the redesigned cap of the pen, which makes the pen look outstanding. One noticeable difference between Cello Technotip and Cello Pinpoint pens is that the later has a lighter ink color as compared to Cello Technotip.

  • It has 0.5mm ballpoint tip
  • The Cello Pinpoint pen comes with a tiny red covering so that the ink doesn’t dry out
  • The pen is long-lasting
  • It is refillable
  • The pens are affordable and are available in every stationary shop
  • The ink color of Cello Pinpoint is lighter as compared to Cello Technotip

4. Best for Professionals: Uniball Air Micro 188M (Set of 4 Blue Pens)

  • Brand: Uniball
  • Ink color: Blue
  • Number of pens: four
  • Tip type: fine
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

One needs to have a perfect pen to write, and a bad pen can hamper or slow down your flow of writing. To rescue you from this situation, the Uniball Air Micro is here. From the house of Mitsubishi, the Uniball Air micro pen is currently one of the finest pens in the market. Though it is costlier than most of the pens on the list, it is worth every penny.

The pen has a 0.5mm Tungsten carbide ball and has a covering of stainless steel tip. The Japanese ink flow system makes it smooth to write on a paper. As it has UBA 188-M thickness, thus the ink feels thick while writing. This pen is excellent for writers, students and also for artists. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a pen to improve your handwriting, then this pen is a must. While the color of the ink is similar to those of gel pens, but it does not leave any stain marks on the paper. You will experience a smooth flow once you start writing with this pen.

Japanese technology is famous for producing futuristic products, and the Uniball Air Micro is an example of it. The quality of the pen is inexplicable, and as it is from the house of Mitsubishi, one can assure that it is indeed the right product. It is a myth that pens which are highly-priced, are usually heavy and one might feel pressure while writing with the pen.

With Uniball Air Micro, this myth is removed as it is light in weight, and as the name suggests, it feels like air while writing on a paper. Moreover, the pen is stylish in appearance, and the nib of this pen is quite different from standard nibs, this pen has a nib similar to nibs that we find in stylus pens. The Uniball Air Micro is a perfect pen for exams as it won’t hamper your handwriting and will not dry out in the middle of the exam.

  • The pen has a 188-M thickness, which helps you in having a good handwriting
  • The ball is 0.5mm and consists of Tungsten carbide
  • The nib style is unique
  • The pen uses Japanese ink technology
  • The ink flow is smooth
  • You cannot know the longevity of the pen
  • It is a “use and throw” pen

5. Best in Budget: Nataraj Fluid X Ball Pens- Pack of 10

  • Brand: Nataraj
  • Ink color: Blue
  • Number of pens: ten
  • Tip type: ballpoint
  • Manufacturer: Hppl

If you are looking for a pen at a lower price, then Nataraj Fluid X ball pens can help you there. Nataraj is known as one of the best pencil brands. It has been a decade since Nataraj started experimenting in the pen industry and has achieved remarkable success. The reason for the success is providing a good quality pen at a lower cost, the same tactic that the company uses while selling pencils.

There are different variants of Nataraj pens, one of which looks similar to that of Nataraj pencil. Though this one does not have a stylish appearance like most of the pens, have in the list, but it writes smoothly. Except for that, the pen does not have any issues regarding ink flow or rough writing. In addition to that, the ink will not dry out if you leave the cap open or if you don’t use the pen for a certain amount of time.

The pens are long-lasting, and you can even refill them. At such a low price, you get a fantastic product which you can use for your exams, for daily use, or regular notes keeping and various other situations. The Fluid X ball pens by Nataraj are light in weight, and you can buy them from any stationary shop.

Moreover, these pens are always on sale in online stores, and you can get them at much lower prices. Amazing, isn’t it? Well yes, it is, and in addition to that, the ink of the pen is rich in color and will give you nice handwriting. Though if you bend the pen and write, the color may come out light, and you would have to apply pressure at certain times, but leaving that aside, this pen is a decent product.

  • This pen is the cheapest among all the pens on the list
  • You can even refill the pen when the ink gets over
  • The pen will not dry out also if it is kept in open
  • Nataraj Fluid X ball pens will help you to improve your handwriting
  • It is comfortable to use
  • The pen does not have a stylish appearance

6. Best Retractable Pen: Reynolds Jetter Aerosoft Original Ball Pen Pack Of 5 Pens

  • Brand: Reynolds
  • Ink color: blue    
  • Number of pens: five
  • Tip type: ballpoint
  • Manufacturer: Reynolds

Reynolds is one of the oldest and renounced companies in the field of stationary. The company has a variety of pens, each with a unique feature that is suitable for everyone. This particular product from Reynolds is the most stylish pen in the list and comes with some excellent features which complement the looks of the pen.

The Reynolds Jetter aerosoft ball pen has a full rubberized body and comes in different body colors, along with matte finish. Whether you use it for writing in exams or tug it in your shirt, the pen will look fantastic in any situation. This particular pen from Reynolds gives off a professional look while using it and will surely give a good impression of your personality to the person in front of you.

Apart from that, this retractable pen is perfect for writing during exams, is lightweight, and will give you a smooth writing experience. As the whole body of the pen is rubberized, you do not have to worry about any issues regarding the grip of the pen. The rubber body provides an excellent grip, and the matte finish is a bonus point to the appearance of the pen. Not only is the Reynolds Jetter aerosoft stylish in appearance, but it even provides a nice smooth flow of writing, thanks to its unique ink flow technology.

The Reynolds Jetter aerosoft comes in blue and black ink color, and you can also refill it once the ink gets over. As the pen is a retractable type of pen, which means it does not have a cap, it is light in weight. You might be thinking that as it is a retractable pen, the ink might dry out soon, but that is not the issue with the Reynolds Jetter aerosoft pen. As the name suggests, the pen provides soft writing and is suitable for all kinds of writing purposes.

  • It is stylish in appearance
  • The pen is a retractable type of pen, so you don’t have to worry about losing the cap
  • The ink will not dry out
  • It gives a smooth writing experience, just like the name suggests
  • The whole body of the pen is rubberized
  • It is a bit costly

7. Perfect for Daily Practice: Flair Ezee Click Blue Ballpen Pack of 30

  • Brand: Flair
  • Ink color: Blue
  • Number of pens: thirty
  • Tip type: ballpoint
  • Manufacturer: Flair

The Flair Ezee Click blue ball pen is perfect for daily writing purposes. This pack of thirty Flair Ezee click ball pens comes in different body colors, thus making it look attractive. It is affordable, light in weight, and is a perfect pen to practice writing. As this pack comes with 30 units of Flair Ezee Click ball pens, you can remain assured that you won’t run out of pens soon.

If you need a bulk amount of pens to store in different places of your home, then do buy this pack. At such a low amount, you get thirty excellent pens from one of the best stationery companies in India. The Flair Ezee click ball pen is retractable and has light blue ink color. It provides smooth writing, and you can use these pens while practicing problems, studying, or improving your writing techniques.

As these are handy, you can put one in your handbag for any situation. You can even change the refill or can buy extra refills along with the pack of thirty pens. As the pen is a retraceable click pen and is made of plastic, it is lighter than all the pens stated in the list. Being made of plastic, also makes the pen easily breakable, if it hits the ground hard, though it is a decent pen to use for daily use.

As the whole body of the pen is made of plastic, so there might be issues regarding a perfect grip. As these pens are made of plastic and do not come with a gentle grip, you cannot give them to kids who have just started writing with pens. Once you get a hand in writing with pens, the Flair Ezee Click ball pens can come in use for daily purposes.

  • It comes in various body colors
  • The whole body is made of plastic, so it is lighter than other pens
  • The pen has a bright ink color
  • It is perfect for improving writingThe ink lasts for a long time
  • As the whole body is made of plastic, it can easily break

8. Most Reliable: Classmate Octane Ball Pen (Blue)- Pack of 5

  • Brand: Classmate
  • Ink color: Blue
  • Number of pens: five
  • Tip type: ballpoint
  • Manufacturer: ITC

One of the most trusted companies in the field of notebooks and diaries, Classmate entered the field of producing pens through Octane. The company is known to be eco-friendly as it provides journals with papers made of bamboo waste and is preferred over other notebook companies. Classmates started producing Octane nearly a decade ago, and it instantly became a favorite of the people.

The first Octane pen was a gel pen, but gradually with time, Classmate started experimenting and came up with an Octane ball pen, which is one of the most reliable pens in the industry. This ballpoint pen by Classmate looks fabulous with a matte finish blue body color and excellent design.

Though the Octane gel looks better with black matte body color, the ballpoint pen lasts longer than the former one. With an Octane ballpoint pen, you can get smooth writing and remain assured that this pen won’t leave your back in situations like writing exams, applications, or signing a document.

The Classmate Octane ballpoint pen lasts longer than the Octane gel pen, and you can rely on this pen blindly. With an excellent ink flow system, the pen does not let the ink spill out of the pen and stain your clothes or papers. Apart from that, the self-sealing cap ensures that the ink does not dry out, hence adding more time to the life span of the pen.

The color of the ink is vibrant and will not give light color ink even when the ink is about to get over. As it is a refillable pen, you can always add a refill and use the pen again. Octane even has an elastic grip to give you the perfect hold of the pen while writing.

  • The longevity of the pen is higher than most of the pens stated in the list
  • The color of the ink is dark
  • The ink flow system used in pen does not let any ink spill out of the pen
  • It comes with the perfect elastic grip
  • You can add a refill and reuse the pen
  • You have to give some pressure at the time when the ink does not come out of the nib

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Ball Pen in India for Exams:

1. Are ballpoint pens better than gel pens?

Yes, ballpoint pens are better than gel pens in many areas. Firstly, ballpoint pens last longer than gel pens. Secondly, ballpoint pens are waterproof while gel pens can quickly spread when a drop of waterfalls on the ink, and lastly, ballpoint pens provide a smooth writing experience than gel pens.

2. Are these ballpoint pens suitable for kids?

Yes, the ballpoint pens in the list are best for kids as they light in weight, provide smooth writing, and will not give any pressure on the hands of the kids while writing. Ballpoint pens have always been made with a purpose that it will not only suit adults, but even kids will be able to use it.

3. Why are ballpoint pens costlier than “use and throw” pens?

The above-stated ballpoint pens are costlier than “use and throw” pens due to various reasons. These ballpoint pens are refillable; they provide you smooth writing, which you cannot find in “use and throw” pens, and these ballpoint pens have excellent grip.

4. Do ballpoint pens have ink leakage issues?

Unlike “use and throw” pens, ballpoint pens rarely experience ink leakage issues, when the ballpoint breaks. Except that, there are no situations that would cause any ink leakage from ballpoint pens.

5. What is the life span of a ballpoint pen?

The life span of a ballpoint pen depends upon the brand of the pen and the usage of the pen. Approximately a ballpoint pen can last up to 12 days if used regularly, after which one has to change the refill.

6. Do the refills cost more than the ballpoint pen?

No, the refills for a ballpoint pen costs around half the price of the pen. Most of the companies sell combo packets of pens along with refills or a pack of refills at lower costs too.

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The above mentioned pens are the best ballpoint pens that you can use for your exams, for general writing, for doodling and or various purposes. No doubt, “use and throw” pens are cheaper, but they do not have any quality. Once you start using a ballpoint pen, you would get to know that these pens are far better than “use and throw” pens, and the quality of the ink, the vibrant color, and smooth ink flow were some of the reasons why people used to love them so much.

Even now, parents give their kids these ballpoint pens, when they start writing with pens so that they will experience smooth writing and won’t have any issues regarding ink stain or ink leakage, which is mostly found in cases of “use and throw” pens.

We hope, you would be able to make informed decision of the best ball pen in India for exams or even general use. Happy Buying!

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