Best Atta Chakki / Flour Mill in India – 2021 (Reviews)

We eat what we grow, but from the time grains are harvested on the field, to the time they reach us in packets, no one knows what happens. This is where most of our food is altered by producers and what we receive isn’t as fresh and pure. With the help of an Atta Chakki at home, one can get fresh flour anytime they want. Eating healthy is the biggest benefit of having a domestic flour mill.

Home-made flour is a lot healthier than ready-made flour. That’s why people nowadays are moving towards the traditional system of making flour at home. If you are not making flour at home, you are losing essential vitamins & proteins that can strengthen your body.

You can grind various grains and make your flour of varied fineness. So, here is the list of the best Atta chakki in India.

Best Atta Chakki in India (2021)

1. Best overall: Natraj Domestic Flour Mill

  • Dimension: 41.5 x 54 x 91.5 cm
  • Grinding Capacity: 7 to 10 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 year

Natraj is a well-known brand that manufactures domestic flour mills, and this is the best atta chakki in India, given it has a reasonable price which justifies all the features that come with it. You won’t think of this flour mill as an add on, and rather it is easy to operate, maintain and even clean after use.

The key feature of Natraj domestic flour mill is that the grinding chamber inside it is made from cold-forged steel which ensures iron particle-free grinding. The results that you will get after use will be only fresh and clean flour from the grains. There would be no preservatives in it, and none of it would be adulterated, like the stuff you get from the market usually.

With a grinding capacity of almost ten kgs, you will be able to use its hopper for all kinds of grains like wheat, rice, maize, bajra and so many more of your choice. Additionally, it won’t cost much on your energy bills because of the low power consumption feature it comes with.

The biggest benefit of having this Natraj domestic flour mill in your home is that it has brass perforated jaalis which are capable of churning out flour of varied fineness. The cleaning kit that comes with the chakki helps you clean up as well afterwards, no matter what kind of grain you have put in it. The 1 HP motor is quite powerful to manage to crush grains like jowar, Rava, urad and even some finer ingredients like Dhaniya.

  • Retains all nutrients
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Grinds all kinds of grains
  • Fully assembled product is delivered
  • Grinding capacity could have been better
  • Hopper size is less, given the price

2. Best for durability: Haystar Domestic Flour Mill

  • Dimension: 31 x 14 x 18.5 inches
  • Grinding Capacity: 7 to 20 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 year

Made with heavy-duty die-cast iron, the Haystar domestic flour mill is known to have durability unlike any other in the same range. The brand takes pride in the durability with a claim that the chakki will easily last for twenty years from the purchase date.

As you use the domestic flour mill, you will come across its very useful features like the low maintenance plastic chamber. Child safety features have also been included, like automatic shut off, along with a few auto-detection features. Certain grains will be detected by the chakki on its own, and the mechanism will run accordingly.

The chamber in the mill is self-cleaning, and there is no need for a vacuum cleaner after use which saves you a lot of time. The multi-channel air-flow is also responsible for increasing the life of the mill and making it easier for you to use. All the non-oily grains can be fed into the chamber with precision feed control, which again is a very useful feature.

One of the most appreciated qualities of the flour mill, by many reviewers, has been its low noise operation. The sound that it makes is lesser than what you would hear from a running mixer grinder. This is surprising but is actually true here, along with the fact that it consumes much less electricity and still performs very well. All commercial mills remove the nutritious part of wheat, whereas this one doesn’t so it is a win-win situation for all.

  • Automatic turn off with no grain inside
  • Low noise operation
  • Zero wastage of flour
  • Delivers nutritional flour instantly
  • Self-cleaning milling chamber
  • Has 6 nets jaali, when there should have been more
  • Poor hopper inserting mechanism

3. Best runner up: Natraj Florence Atta Chakki

  • Dimension: 41.5 x 54 x 91.5 cm
  • Grinding Capacity: 7 to 10 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Natraj Florence atta chakki is another great product from the brand, and it comes with a vacuum cleaner as well, so that’s a bonus. The price definitely goes up because of that but it is a great purchase if you have a flexible budget, which makes it one of the best flour mill in India.

Housing the cold-forged steel grinding chamber, like many other Natraj flour mills, this one is packed with performance and is extremely easy to use. There is an in-built cleaning system that takes care of the mess after use if there is. hence, your effort is reduced in the entire task here.

The electric motor used in the flour mill is based on German technology, which is the reason behind its efficient and powerful functioning. All of it is under warranty as well, as long it is a manufacturing defect. The grinding is done iron particle-free entirely so that all you get is clean and fresh flour filled with nutrients. All the fuss you have to go through otherwise with any chakki outside will be eliminated once you have this beautifully designed domestic flour mill.

The simple benefit of making the investment of buying an atta chakki is that you will save up on the money you would spend on costly packaged food. Also, all the nutrients from the grains will be directly transferred to the flour and to the food you eat. The microprocessor-based controlling unit works perfectly with all kinds of grains and ensures grinding is done in time without the machine getting overheated.

  • Beautiful modular cabinet
  • Unique filter for dust-free collection
  • A powerful vacuum cleaning system
  • Full automatic design
  • Not as budget-friendly
  • Metal and plastic construction

4. Best oil extractor: EPS Oil Maker Machine

  • Dimension: 460*240*190 mm
  • Grinding Capacity: 3 to 6 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Year

The EPS oil maker machine is different than your regular flour mills and has a different function altogether but can prove to be extremely useful. All kinds of seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, soybean, etc. can be put into this machine and their oil can be extracted afterwards for use. The motor used in it, which powers up the entire system, is extremely powerful and can run for longer hours to give you efficiency.

The quality of the oil which you would be able to extract will surely be different from what you usually get from the market. Although the quality of extracted oil also depends on the seed you have put in. It is still a very unique product which can easily make space in your home and kitchen.

One would think that extracting oil would be a difficult task, but it is actually not. You simply have to feed the dry ingredients into the feeder chamber. Rest will be done by the machine itself, and once you are done using it, simply press the clean up button for the task to be complete. Once in a while, you can also clean up the pressing chamber with detergent and some water. Make sure you dry out the parts before using the machine again.

Anyone would find this oil extractor to be very different than any other machine we have on the list, but it has a very specific use which is what makes it unique. Pure oil extraction is the clear benefit you get out of it.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Can process over 100 types of seeds
  • Motor works for more than four hours
  • Self-cleaning system installed
  • Weighs quite a lot so, not portable
  • Needs heat up time at the start

5. Best flour mill for home use in india: MICROACTIVE (Fully Automatic)

  • Dimension: 33 x 48.3 x 78.7 cm
  • Grinding Capacity:  8 to 10 kgs
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

Rated as one of the best fully automatic flour mills, the Micro active atta chakki has some astounding features to look at. It is one of the most affordable ones as well because you get just enough features, nothing less, in the right amount which you are paying for it.

The construction of the flour mill seems to be pretty simple but actually counts for a very product. There is a stainless steel container inside where you would put in the grains, and a plastic ring holds the container in place. High-quality plastic has been used outside, and high-quality, sturdy steel has been used inside. It even looks good in your kitchen, with the wooden matte finish.

With 6 types of jaali set provided with perforated sleeves. One can very easily use the flour mill to grind the grains to a thickness of their own choice. Various thicknesses are possible, which shows how versatile the machine is in its functioning. Since it is not just basic wheat you will be grinding in this chakki, it is a great deal for under $200 because you will be saving on cost.

All manufacturing defects are covered in the warranty attached to the product, so you are assured that you have bought a safe product. Although it is made from materials of the highest grade so it will be a rare occurrence that you will find a default in the functioning of the flour mill. Hence, we consider it as the best flour mill for home use in India.

  • Has caster wheels for easy movement
  • Equipped with safety features for kids
  • Doesn’t make much of a mess after use
  • Quick plug and use mechanism
  • The grinding sound is quite loud
  • Lacks the main switch for on/off

6. Best performance motor: Haystar Flour Mill

  • Dimension: 40.6 x 50.8 x 76.2 cm
  • Grinding Capacity: 8 to 10 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 year

Built with the best-performing motor, which can easily churn up-to ten kgs of flour in one go, Haystar flour mill is the perfect compact atta chakki for homes. It has been designed accordingly to ensure children are safe around it, and you can get the job done quickly.

The fully automatic machine has been made to be durable and last you for years to come. It would like having your chakki at home, which will help you grind 100% fresh flour which is full of nutrients. Hardly any nutrients are lost while grinding, unlike in commercial chakkis which are for large scale production. All kinds of grains from wheat to millets etc. are easily done in the flour mill, thanks to the high-performance motor which powers it up.

The isafe features in the flour mill are one of its best features because they usually worry about kids roaming around the machine and getting hurt. The functioning is immediately halted if the door is opened and all accidents are prevented at any cost with the isafe features in it.

You won’t find a more convenient and easier to use flour mill for your home, the caster wheels under it are another add on. Any corner you wish to place it in, you can just move it around, and it is not too heavy as well, despite the heavy-duty construction. No-load will also be put on your energy bills since it consumes very little electricity.

  • Child safety features are very useful 
  • Automatic off on door opening
  • Durable to last almost 20 years
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Has only 6 mesh nets
  • Finishes could have been better

7. Best value for money: Sonar Stone Grinder Flour Mill

  • Dimension: 45 x 45 x 42 cm
  • Grinding Capacity: 10-12 kgs
  • Warranty: N/A
The sonar stone grinder isn’t like your electric flour mills, rather it is designed like the traditional stone grinders but with more efficiency and reliability. The entire stainless steel body is extremely durable, and the price at which you are getting it right now is worth paying for something like this.

It is smaller in size if you were to compare it to a regular domestic atta chakki, but it has equivalent efficiency. Within one continuous use, more than ten kgs of flour can be produced in it, with no overheating or the machine stopping for anything at all. The mechanism for grinding in it is stone which is 125 mm in size and that shouldn’t stop you from using it for varied types of grains.

One can easily grind nutritious flour with the help of this stone grinder, and the biggest benefit you have with this is that the hopper can hold up to 5 kgs at once. This amount is more than any other flour mill is able to hold. So, you won’t have to put in grains as many times as you would otherwise. Hence, a lot of time is saved here.

As tricky as it seems for use, the sonar stone grinder is better is than your basic flour mills because of its different use. It doesn’t need time to warm up, as soon as the machine starts, you can start filling up the hopper. Always ensure the required areas are well covered, and all knobs are in places they should be. Safety is really important with this one because it is a heavy-duty machine.

  • Bigger hopper size
  • Grinds all types of grains
  • Very durable stainless steel built
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Very heavy, not easy to move around
  • Doesn’t have wheels underneath

8. Best for child safety: Milcent Neo Automatic Flour Mill

  • Dimension: 55 x 35.5 x 83 cm
  • Grinding Capacity: 5 kgs
  • Warranty:  1 year

Milcent is a 70 years old company which is into manufacturing flour mills for homes and commercial ones as well. They definitely know how to deliver a good product which is full of useful features, at an optimum price to the customers. It is almost surprising to find such an efficient atta chakki for domestic use at such an affordable price.

Designed with child safety features, Milcent has really taken using flour mills to another level with this neo automatic atta chakki. The electric motor with one horsepower is efficient enough to run the system of the machine quite smoothly for hours. It is entirely built for more capacity and more production. The hopper can take in 5 kgs of grain, while it holds a capacity to churn out almost ten kgs of flour at once.

Most people worry about electricity consumption and bills they would have to deal with after the use of an appliance like this. The truth is, you won’t be spending as much on electricity, as you would be saving through not spending on a mill outside your home. Above all, what you are grinding in your home is much more nutritious and cleaner.

With seven mesh types, made from stainless steel itself, one can also grind flour of various fineness. Even for smaller things like dhaniya, Haldi etc. you won’t have to go to a professional to get the task done. All of it can be done with the help of a milcent domestic flour mill. It is the best one you will get in this price range, with very good safety features.

  • Powerful 1 HP motor
  • Stainless steel durable jaalis
  • Has caster wheels for easy movement
  • Hopper capacity is 5 kgs, which is great
  • Weighs a lot
  • Finishing isn’t the best

9. Cheapest amongst all: Cookwell Instagrind Mini Flour Mill

  • Dimension: N/A
  • Grinding Capacity: 300 ml
  • Warranty:  1 year

Cookwell has come up with an entirely different flour mill for domestic use, like this one, which grinds grain instantly and quickly. It comes with attachments that you hardly see in domestic flour mills. With lesser amount attached to it, cookwell has still been able to give out a great product with very useful features that help a lot in the kitchen.

Unlike regular flour mills, that have only one container where you can put in the grain, cookwell flour mill has three containers or attachments that come in the box itself. These jars are of different sizes and are for different purposes as well. One of them is for wet ingredients, while the other is for dry ingredients and the third is for chutneys and is smaller in size as well. Their locking mechanisms are also based on the same difference.

This cookwell flour mill is a versatile product designed to cater to many uses in one go, which is the best quality in it. It will function as a mixer grinder as well as a flour mill, so you can eliminate buying at least one of those to save money.

If this product were known for something, it would definitely be for its attachments and accessories. The three jaalis that it comes with let you grind flour of different thicknesses. You can choose to have a coarse texture or a very fine texture as well. There is a spatula in the package, which is great for measuring things, while the floor brush facilitates cleaning.

  • Government-approved design
  • 100% pure DC copper motor
  • Powerful 750-watt motor is efficient
  • Three jars for varied purposes
  • Has only three jaali attachments
  • Doesn’t have child safety features

10. Best for no wastage: Haystar Domestic Flour Mill

  • Dimension: 31 x 14 x 18.5 inches
  • Grinding Capacity: 8 to 10 kgs
  • Warranty:  1 year

This is definitely the second-best Haystar domestic flour mill on our list, and it is popular because of its no-waste design. Most flour mills spread the floor around themselves and have attached cleaning systems to take care of that mess. As for this one. It doesn’t make much of a mess, thanks to its no waste mechanism.

Hardly any amount of flour goes waste while using this atta chakki at home. The lack of an automatic cleaning system is not really felt here because of the easy-clean surfaces, inside and outside. The chamber is designed in a way that almost no maintenance is needed on the flour mill on a regular basis. You can just wipe it up after use, and you will be good to go.

Another great feature that this flour comes with is that it can auto-detect grains which is a huge benefit, given these machines have close to no controls. One can only use them until the required fineness is achieved. Hence, it is good to have auto-detection features in this deluxe atta chakki.

Haystar has made the perfect home appliance which is affordable and can be kept in any corner of the house, without worrying about kids. The child safety features make you worry less about your kids running around it and get more work done. There really couldn’t be a better product than this from the brand, which its 4-star rating shows.

  • Comes with a body cover
  • Caster wheels are attached for movement
  • Cleaning brush is included in the package
  • Looks good from the outside as well
  • Has six nets mesh only
  • Basic construction materials

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1. Can a domestic flour mill be used for business purposes?

It is best to buy a commercial flour mill for business purposes because it will be able to grind more grains which will add to the efficiency. Domestic flour mills are better for homes because there isn’t much that is needed on a daily basis, in comparison to a commercial mill.

2. Are spare parts of the flour mill available separately?

Any spare part of the flour mill you have at home can be purchased from the dealer of that particular brand or if the bran has it on their website, well and good. You will always be able to find spare parts in case any one of them isn’t working properly.

3. Is it okay to grind less than the capacity states?

No, it is not the best decision to grind lesser than the stated capacity because the flour mills function properly only on that given capacity. The mechanism would not function well when there are fewer grains inside the machine, so it is always best to do as stated.

4. Would I be able to grind masalas in a flour mill?

Technically, flour mills are for dry grains of all kinds, but it is always best to check the manual of the flour mill you have, to see if it allows you to grind masalas. Some of them only work on certain thicknesses of grains and don’t work as well on finer ingredients. So, always check beforehand.

5. Do I need to buy a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the flour mill?

No, you don’t need a separate cleaner for your flour mill. You can either use a broom for cleaning around it or your regular mops. Some mills have an in-built cleaning system, and in that case, you don’t have to do anything at all. Most of them can be just wiped up from the inside after use.

6. Do flour mills consume a lot of electricity?

The electricity consumption of the particular flour mill will be mentioned in the manual so you can see what would be the average requirement per us. Although, they don’t consume a lot of electricity to ensure energy bills don’t rack upon you.

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Flour mills from the above list of top 10 atta chakki in India which can be used in homes really help you raise the standard of food we consume each day. We usually prefer buying packaged and processed food from the market, but with such equipment at home, grinding grains can be quick and really efficient. It might seem like a task at first, but as you get the hang of it, you will realize how convenient and better it is than getting your atta from a commercial mill. The clear taste difference will be there between the two flours. So, get the best atta chakki in India as soon as possible.

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