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Best Air Coolers Under 10,000 (INR) in India – 2022 [Reviews]

The summers are here and no wonder ceiling fans or the wall-mounted fans are not sufficient enough for room cooling. Hence, we want you to escape that scorching heat. There is no denying that you can work with complete potential and relax only when you can do away with all the heat. There are a great number of cooling systems available in the market but today we are going to review and state out the best options available.

It can be seen that the trend of air cooler has been increased a lot as it consumes less energy and provides a better air-flow and that makes it popular. The best air coolers under 10000 in India listed below are an apt choice for small/medium setups and home space where you don’t have to worry much about the maintenance. So, choose the one closest to your requirement and order today!

Best Air Coolers Under 10000 INR – 2022

Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler 31-litres, with Remote, Honeycomb Pad, Multi-Stage Air Purification & Low Power Consumption (White)
Capacity31 litres
Coverage Area50 cubic meters
Warranty1 year

Everyone wants to live in a pleasant environment. With the summer kicking in it becomes extremely difficult to stay in one place. In order to beat the heat, having Air Coolers (AC) becomes important. Symphony HiCool-i Modern air cooler is the best air cooler under 10000 in India in the personal category. With its lovely design and capacity of 31litres, this air cooler is easy to install especially for personal use. It is also the best small air cooler in India on this list.

This is an apt AC for a room size of 50 cubic meters. The cooling technology used in this air cooler is the honeycomb-cooling pad, which is highly efficient. One of the best things is the adjustment of the cooler. You can adjust it to your bed size, unlike the traditional Air Conditioners.

This technology ensures to circulate to cool air around the room without any glitches. Also, the filters used in the Symphony Hi Cool air cooler are extremely efficient. The technology is powered by i-pure technology and this technology is one of the best ones to have in the air coolers.

The cooler comes with the allergy, bacteria, and smell filters. This ensures the circulation and pure air around the room. The cooler with the help of effective dust and wash filters gives out the fresh air. Also, the dura-pump used in the air cooler is considered to be one of the powerful pumps and it increases the longevity of the cooler. There are a lot of advanced features integrated with the cooler and one of them is the sleep-timer.

  • The filtration process is rigorous as there are five stages of filtration
  • Has a strong body and also gives out fresh and cool air
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Advanced technology and features
  • Pretty compact and it can be installed anywhere
  • Not adequate for huge rooms
  • Windows should always be open for ventilation
Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pads(White/Turquoise)
Capacity75 litres
Coverage Area550 Sq. Ft.
Warranty1 year

Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Air cooler with the wood-wool cooling pad is one of the best desert air coolers in India on this list that is made to suit the needs of this generation.

With an air delivery of 4200m3/hr, this cooler is one of the best options available in the market. The cooler also has a separate ice chamber where you can store the ice cubes to get real cool air. With the ice cubes in the container, the air released by the cooler would be even cooler and pleasant and this feature is well suited for the summer season.

Also, with the 75 liters water tank one does not have to worry about refilling the tanks multiple times. One can just store the water at once and keep enjoying the cool breeze throughout the day. The air cooler is suitable for a room that is approximately 500 sq. ft. and it ensures to give out fresh and pure air.

The air deflection is 4-way and this is because of the motorized louvers. The cooler can also be connected to an inverter and this makes it easy for you to get cool air even when there is no power. Users can use 4 castor wheels to move the air cooler between rooms or spaces.

  • Rust-free body
  • Compact and advanced design
  • Dedicated ice storage compartment
  • Compatible with inverters
  • Portable due to castor wheels
  • Cross-ventilation needed
  • Not effective for large rooms
Symphony Diet 35T Sleek & Powerful Personal Tower Air Cooler 35-litres, Multi-Stage Air Purification, Honeycomb Pad, Cool Flow Dispenser & Low Power Consumption (White)
Capacity35 litres
Coverage Area50 cubic meters
Warranty1 year

Symphony Diet 35T Sleek & Powerful Personal Tower Air Cooler uses one of the advanced technologies for cooling the air. The honeycomb cooling pads used in the cooler are Diet 35T and it has the ability to retain a lot of water.

The pads pull the hot air in the surroundings and the water retained in the cooling media of the cooler absorbs the hot air by releasing the cooler air into the surroundings. This model has a pretty sleek design and can fit any space. The castor wheels attached to the cooler moves the cooler easily. Apart from these, this is a highly efficient cooler as it consumes only 170 watts power and an operating voltage of 230 V/50 Hz.

Symphony Diet 35T Sleek & Powerful Tower Air Cooler also comes with different filters that are dedicated to removing the dust particles including the minute dust particles, pollen, germs, and bacteria that are found in the surroundings.

It gives out fresh air after multi-stages of the filtration process and the cooler has a wash filter, dust filter, allergy filter, bacteria filter, and smell filter. These filters purify the air and release fresh and pure air into the surroundings. The user can also control the speed of the fan using the simple control panel and this facility also helps you to regulate the flow of air according to your requirement.

Smell filters are specially designed to absorb the bad odors from the environment and give out fragrant air. The disinfectant and the chemicals used in the filters ensure to keep the air clean and pure. The cooling technology used in the cooler is i-pure and this makes the cooler one of the advanced ones.

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Has multi-stage filtration process
  • The smell filters remove the bad odor from the environment
  • Easy to move and transport
  • Cost-effective option
  • The chemical used may give out a pungent smell
  • Requires cross-ventilation
Usha Buddy 45 BD1 45-Litre Desert Cooler (White)
Capacity45 litres
Coverage AreaNot specified
Warranty1 year

This Usha Buddy BD1 uses the latest technology to generate cool air all the time during the scorching summer season. It is the right companion for everyone who wants to stay cool this summer. The 3-side honeycomb medium absorbs the hot air in the surroundings and releases fresh air to help you stay relaxed at home.

The cooler is sleek and allows you to keep it anywhere with the foldable trolley. Users can easily move it from one room to another with ease. Apart from this, the desert cooler is energy efficiency as it consumes only 180 w of power with an operating voltage of 230/50.

Users can place the cooler in the living room during the daytime and move it to the bedroom during nighttime to enjoy the experience of staying in a hill station right in the comfort of their home. When there is no power in the home, you can make the cooler work with the inverter. So power outages will no longer be a concern anymore with this model. The foldable trolley gives a better height to the cooler and makes it portable.

The auto water fill feature uses float valve technology that makes sure that the cooler has enough water in the tank besides reducing the water wastage. Every drop of water is precious for the environment. This cooler will let you save a lot of water without compromising on enjoying the cool breeze inside the home. Additionally, the castor wheels make it the best portable air cooler in India.

The water level indicator will alert you when the water level in the cooler goes down. Users can refill the tank to enjoy cool air throughout the night. The speed of the fan can be regulated using the knob equipped on the cooler. Users can adjust the speed to high, medium and low based on the requirements.

  • Easy to maintain as trolley is foldable
  • Durable & Energy efficient
  • Automatic tank fill
  • Easy portability
  • Affordable
  • No dust filter to remove fine dust
Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room Air Cooler 27-litres with Powerful Fan, 3-Side Honeycomb Pads, Multistage Air Purification & Low Power Consumption (White)
Capacity27 litres
Coverage Area46 cubic meters
Warranty1 year

The Symphony Ice Cube Air Cooler uses advanced i-pure technology to produce cool breeze in your office and home. This helps you beat the summer heat and sultriness in a few minutes. It is ideal to set up in a small room to enjoy a cool breeze throughout the day.

You must keep the door and windows open to have proper ventilation. The highly effective honeycomb cooling pads will absorb hot air from the surroundings and release fresh air that makes you feel stress-free after coming inside the home from outside.

It’s one of the most silent air coolers in India that can be placed anywhere. The equipped castor wheels make it easy for you to move the cooler from one room to another. This model is energy efficient as it consumes low power. Symphony air coolers come with different filters that remove bacteria, dust, and allergens in the air.

It gives you a fresh breeze of air after going through multiple filtration processes. The cooler has a smell filter, bacteria filter, dust filter, allergy filter, and PM 2.5 Wash filter. These filters purify the impurities in the air and promote sound health for your family by allowing them to inhale fresh air. Overall, the best air cooler under 6000 rupees budget.

You can control the speed of the fan using the control panel. The air can also be regulated as per your preferences using the cooling settings. The swing settings allow the air to flow in all directions. The smell filter is designed to absorb unpleasant odor from the surroundings and keep your room pleasant. The dust filter will filter out minuscule air particles and deliver you with fresh air. The powerful pump equipped in the cooler will work for a long duration. The cooler produces less noise and puts you to sleep in no time.

  • Easy to maintain & highly durable
  • Improve the longevity of the cooler
  • Low levels of noise
  • Compact & affordable model
  • Portable due to in-built wheels
  • Apt for small rooms only
  • Chemical produces an unpleasant smell
Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler 12-litres, Multistage Air Purification, Honeycomb Cooling Pads, Powerful Air Throw & Low Power Consumption (White)
Capacity12 litres
Coverage Area28 cubic meters
Warranty1 year

Users always prefer slim and compact designs. Especially when it comes to appliances, it is always recommended to have something that fits in a small space. Symphony Diet 12T air cooler can fit into the smallest space of your rooms. It fits your budget as well. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

Driven by i-Pure Technology this air cooler can be pulled and dragged into places of your choice. This is a 12-liter air cooler, which can be easily installed in a room size of 28 cubic meters. The air cooler uses the honeycomb technology and 4 cooling pads are used to produce fresh and pure air.

The air cooler offers the user different stages of rigorous cooling by filtering the air at different levels. This multi-stage filtration process allows cool and fresh air circulation within the room. The cooler also comes with a sophisticated control panel, which offers the regulation of temperature, swinging and fan control.

So, with this cooler, it becomes easy for you to work peacefully from your home. The air cooler also has filters that can keep the harmful bacteria away from the surroundings. It has specially designed bacteria filters and dust filters that purify the air by removing the dust and other bacteria from the room. It also has the allergy filter, smell filter, and wash the filter, which ensures the cleanliness of the honeycomb pads. And can thus we said that it is the best tower air cooler in India as of now.

It has a good life because of the technology of the pump. It uses the dura-pump and this keeps the cooler in working condition for a longer time. The cooler also has four castor wheels that allow you to drag the cooler to various rooms without any issues.

  • Mobility is excellent
  • Stages of filtration
  • Compact design
  • Does not occupy a lot of space
  • Cost-effective option
  • Cross-ventilation required
  • Capacity is too less
Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Cooler (White)- for Medium Room
Capacity36 litres
Coverage Area150 Sq Ft.
Warranty1 year

For all those who cannot bear the heat of the sun and are looking for a cooler that is both compact and effective, invest in the Bajaj Platini PX97 36 litres Room Air Cooler.

This is one of the compact air coolers for small rooms. The capacity of the air cooler is 36 litres and it is apt for small spaces. This air cooler can be easily installed in a room size of 150 Sq Ft and this cooler is made to suit the needs of people in coastal regions.

The honeycomb technology used in the air cooler makes the cooling better and effective. The cooler has 3 side cooling pads and all these pads together enhance the performance. The cooler also comes with a castor wheel that makes it mobile and one can install them wherever they want to.

You could simply choose to drag them between the rooms to enjoy the fresh and cool air. The cooler also has a three-way speed control and four-way air deflection. The cooler also saves a lot of money on electricity bills and thus, it is gaining a lot of popularity. The 100-Watts Power with the operating voltage of 230 V makes this cooler the best choice for personal use.

The cooler also has a disinfectant that is used to clean the honeycomb pads. So with all these built-in technologies, the Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque is one of the best coolers manufactured for personal use.

  • Compact and user-friendly cooler
  • Installation is quick and simple
  • Can be used in all seasons
  • Advanced levels of the filtration process
  • Disinfectant or chemical used to keep the pads clean
  • Because of disinfectant, the cooler might produce a bad odor.
  • Cross-ventilation has to be provided for the normal functioning of air coolers.
Bajaj Frio 23-litres Personal Air Cooler (White) - for Medium Room
Capacity23 litres
Coverage Area150 Sq Ft
Warranty1 year

This is one of the recent day’s air cooler that has become extensively popular because of the technology it uses. The Bajaj Coolest Frio is designed like a hexagon and this offers maximum cooling. The cooler uses little water but gives out the maximum cooling effect. 

The cooler is quite powerful; it saves a lot of energy as well. It’s compact and is one of the best ones for home users. The blower technology used in the cooler is Typhoon blower technology and is known to provide quick and efficient cooling.

Bajaj Frio has a dedicated Ice Chamber compartment where the user can store the ice cubes. With these cubes, the cooling effect would be increased and to the maximum. The cooler is built such that it is suitable for all other weather conditions and climate. It also has a powerful air throw and this helps in the long-distance air reach. The cooler is made exclusively for coastal regions and humid areas.

The control panel on the cooler is pretty simple and the airflow can be adjusted according to one’s choice. You can also pull the Air Cooler to any room you want to because it is provided with four castor wheels. The AC operates using the 140-Watts power with a voltage capacity of 220-240 volts. The modern technology used in the air cooler makes it even more user-friendly and popular. It is also the cheapest air cooler in India on this list.

Also, the water cooler has a large tank for high air delivery and this is one of the best features of the Bajaj Frio Air Cooler. Hence, it is the best air cooler under 5000 in India to use in summers.

  • Compatible and apt for home-users
  • Uses less water and gives out more air
  • Has advanced filtration technology
  • Sophisticated control panel
  • Cost-efficient and high-quality design
  • Is not suitable for a large room
  • Not apt for commercial purposes
Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 litres Air Cooler (White and Light Grey)
BrandOrient Electric
Capacity20 litres
Coverage Area11 metre
Warranty1 year

Getting rid of the summer heat at homes or small offices is now possible with the Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 litres Air Cooler. This air cooler uses the dense Honeycomb pads which offer more cooling to the users.

The cooler offers 25% more cooling than the other coolers and it also has 45% more water retention when compared to the other water coolers. The cooler uses advanced cooling technology and also some of the latest features, which are sophisticated and user-friendly.

The Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 litres Air Cooler is known for its better performance because of the high-performance and standard motors that are being used. The air delivery of the cooler is 1300 m3/hr and it also has a 4-way cooling mechanism.

The cooler also comes with speed control technology and this enables the user to control the motor speed between high, medium and low. The design of the cooler is also made to meet the requirements of the current generation. It looks nice, glossy and it is also highly durable.

The body of the Orient Electric Smartcool is made using the ABS and it is pretty strong hence, moving the cooler from one place to another is not an issue. Also, the cooler is provided with 4 castor wheels and this makes the movement of the air cooler pretty simple and easy.

One can also adjust the cooler to the size of the bed so that there is proper airflow in the room and this makes it highly convenient to be used at home. The cooler is highly compatible with the inverters and one can use it during the power-cuts without any hindrance. The horizontal and vertical oscillating louvers help in proper airflow. It is loved for its affordable rates and thus, it is cheap and best air cooler in India.

  • Keep anywhere in the homes or offices
  • The ice chamber helps in extra cooling
  • The filters are powerful and remove the dust in the air
  • The filters also remove the pollen
  • Compact in size
  • Cross-ventilation has to be provided
  • Not apt for very big space
Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50-Litre Air Cooler (White)
BrandOrient Electric
Capacity50 liters
Area of coverage10.7 meters
Warranty1 year

The temperature in the room rises with the temperature of the sun going high during summer. This can be instantly cooled down with the help of Orient Magic Cool Air Cooler.

This is the best portable air cooler in India. One can easily save on utility bills. The majority of the people these days do not use coolers because of the fear of paying hefty bills. However, this Magic Cool CW5002B air cooler is known to save a lot on the electric bills easily.

This air cooler is known to remove the unpleasant odor from the surroundings with its special fragrance chamber. This air cooler comes with a lot of advanced features. The fragrance chamber is one of the best amongst the others as it not only removes the bad odor but it fills the space with complete freshness. This cooler can also be installed like the normal AC and the tank capacity is 50 liters.

With the 3-speed motor, the cooler has the capacity of air throw of up to 10.7 meters with the air delivery of 2000 m3/hour. So, this is another best feature of this air cooler. With the advanced technology, this cooler has turned out to be one of the highly efficient and energy-saving products of these times.

The cooler is also known to repel the mosquitoes and also removes the dust by filtering the surrounding air with its specially designed inverter. The freshness of the air generated by the DX – CW5002B Air Cooler is much better when compared to the other coolers within the same range. So, if you are looking for an economical and efficient cooler, this has to be your choice.

  • It is rustproof and has a strong body
  • Durable and available at an affordable price
  • Removes unpleasant odors from the surroundings
  • Has an amazing design and looks good
  • Is compact and can be installed anywhere
  • Cannot be installed in a huge room as the capacity is just 50 liters
  • The ticking noise from the fan can be a little annoying
  • Bad reviews by users on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Air Coolers

How much maintenance does the air cooler need?

There are only a few things that you need to take care of such as cleaning the pads of the cooler, using the motor only when the water level is achieved, etc. No external maintenance is necessary much.

Why do air coolers have ice chambers in them?

Ice chambers are found in some of the models. These allow you to put ice inside the small chamber. It is used to enhance the cooling effect overall and reduce the temperature of the room.

Which is better: Plastic body Or Iron body?

Iron has few drawbacks, which doesn’t make it a preferred choice. Firstly, iron can rust and secondly, it’s not shockproof. Thus, most brands have plastic body air coolers.

What is the process that works behind coolers?

Coolers are designed to take all the warm air in and pass it through the wet cooling pads. The cool air that comes out from there is then thrown into the direction of the room. It lowers the temperature and humidity inside the room when supported with cross ventilation.

Should I keep the window open for ventilation even if the temperature outside is high?

Ventilation is very important for air coolers to work. With open windows, the air can circulate better. The cooler can suck all the hot air and give out cool air in the room. If windows are closed you will start feeling humidity inside the room.

What should I Go for: Fan Air Cooler or Blower Air Cooler?

If you are living in humid conditions especially in a tropical climate you can go for a fan air cooler. For other dry conditions or normal climate blower air cooler will also work.

Which brand makes the best air coolers?

Several good brands have been dominating the market for quite some time such as Bajaj, Symphony, Orient, Crompton and Usha and all have offered great products. They have different models and technologies and therefore you can choose the brand that is offering a product closest to your requirement. You can also check for the warranty of the air cooler in case you are confused between two of your favorite brands.

What is the best place to keep an air cooler in the room?

The air coolers work on a certain mechanism where the hot air is pulled in and fresh air is generated by the cooling pads and spread through the fan. Thus, good ventilation in the room can make this process more efficient. The best place to keep your air cooler is near or in front of a window. All the hot air will be sucked in and evaporated, the humidity will decrease and cool & fresh air will lower the room temperature quickly.

Note: If the budget is not a constraint, we suggest investing in air conditioner over air coolers. Go for room coolers only if your budget is limited.


Air cooler is a cost-effective option for summers when compared to inverter ACs. Depending upon the space or usage, you can choose the air cooler model. Some of the factors to watch out before buying is the cooling technology it uses, power consumption, the process of cleaning pads, regulation of fan speed, water capacity, the area it covers or air delivery, etc.

Again costing is going to play a role. All the options listed above are under 10,000 INR and have advanced technology and features in them. Also, portability and compact designs of these coolers make them a convenient option for the users to buy.